After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


What A Revolting Development This Is!

RE:  Episcopal Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs in North and Central America 
       May 2010     New York

-from Reader Daniel:
According to the one concluding official report on this meeting, SCOBA...now...is defunct, and no longer exists. It has been replaced by this new bishop's assembly, somehow under the auspices of the EP. So it is not simply changing it's name, but is being 100% ended and now...replaced.
The full meaning of this new bishops' assembly: this is THE end of SCOBA as an organization, and of all it's limited disorganized functions. This Bishops' Assembly will totally replace all of SCOBA's former (limited) functions, and it will be a steady/constant ruling SITTING body of bishops, who will meet regularly. This new entity will have REAL powers, including to PUNISH dissenters! (us), which SCOBA never had. This Bishop's Assembly is to lead up to a One United American Orthodox Church...uniting ALL ethnic 'canonical' jurisdictions.  SCOBA never had that as it's goal.  SCOBA only tried to regulate certain relationships and functions, & some charitable activities. (SCOBA meant: "Standing Conference of Orthodox Bishops in America").
This new revolting development, is clearly a MAJOR power grab by the EP and it's New Calendar Greeks, and by the Ecumenists, among it's other unsavory effects. And also, it is to the benefit of the MP...or so they seem to see it as.
ROCOR-MP was only permitted to be present there, (as also ironically the OCA too), because they are seen as PART of, i.e. belonging to , the MP!
Here is an explanation from Fr. Anastasios Hudson's forum posted by "Arimethea"
SCOBA was dissolved so that the Episcopal Assembly, which is recognized as having actual power by the "non-diaspora" church bodies, could take on the ministries and departments of SCOBA. It had come to a point were SCOBA was no longer effective, even Metropolitan Philip recognized this several years ago when he was trying to found a new group that would include more participation by the Bishops in America. Remember that SCOBA membership was limited to the First Bishops. This new group encompasses all the Bishops so there will be better communication about these ministries, and it is now easier for new ministries to be formed. Also anything that the Episcopal Assembly decides is enforceable, unlike with SCOBA where everything was just a suggestion. The Episcopal Assembly functions much like a Synod would and because of that it has more ability then SCOBA ever did. It would have been unfruitful for SCOBA to try and exist parallel to the Episcopal Assembly. www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php?topic=27953.0 
This is an excellent descriptive statement, it does hit one major nail square on the head: this new monster super-synod, will have MUCH more REAL & STEADY power/control ...over us all, (well, at least over all the worldly-Orthodox), than the old disorganized weak SCOBA did. SCOBA was more of a joke, than anything serious.

This entity can ENFORCE it's decisions, and PUNISH those who won't submit to them!

In short, this 'Bishops Assembly' development is no good for us.  It is in essence, a malignant aligning of our 'Orthodox' modernist/ecumenist/sell-out enemies, against....US.

It is but one more step, at selling out genuine Orthodoxy, to please the powers of this fallen world, and of it's princes.

Will there soon be an 'icon' of the current ruling Pope, placed in the narthex of every Orthodox parish church, for the faithful to kiss? (as Catholics have done, in their cathedrals, as in St. Patrick's in New York City, where a life-sized plaster statute, in his papal chair, of their sitting/enthroned current ruling Pope, used to be placed, for them to kiss as they entered for mass)--

These are scary days!

I guess the operative phrase is: "Can't we all just get along!?"...i.e. can't we all just, BE NICE? Didn't Our Saviour warn, "But I have come to bring a sword...."? (Jesus was NOT 'nice'! not at all).

ROCOR-MP Joins Ecumenist Assembly

Episcopal Assembly May 2010 New York
ROCOR-MP has joined the EACOHNCA [Episcopal Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs in North and Central America] which replaces SCOBA.

At the first Episcopal Assembly, 57 of the 65 "canonical" hierarchs in North America were present.  Who was not there?  Possibly among those missing were Abp. Kyrill of SF, Bp. Benjamin of SF, and Abp. Alypy.  These we know were there:

Metropolitan Hilarion [ROCOR-MP]
Bishop Iov [MP]
Bishop Gabriel [ROCOR-MP]
Bishop Peter [ROCOR-MP]
Bishop Theodosius [ROCOR-MP]
Bishop George [ROCOR-MP]
Bishop Ieronim [ROCOR-MP]

The meeting concluded with an ecumenical concelebration of the liturgy, so ROCOR-MP is now officially in communion with all these world Orthodox jurisdictions.

This assembly is a major step towards the future 8th Ecumenical Council in preparation for the Antichrist.  Regarding the true essence of such a Council, here is what Fr. Seraphim Rose wrote in his essay, The Royal Path:

“Probably, indeed, it is already too late to prevent the renovationist "Eighth Ecumenical Council" and the "ecumenical" Union which lies beyond it; but perhaps one or more of the Local Churches may yet be persuaded to step back from this ruinous path which will lead to the final liquidation (as Orthodox) of those jurisdictions that follow it to the end; and in any case, individuals and whole communities can certainly be saved from this path, not to mention those of the heterodox who may still find their way into the saving enclosure of the true Church of Christ.”

Letter From SIR


Fili, Attica, Greece
May 11, 2010 (O.C.)
Trinity Sunday
Sts. Cyril & Methodius

To His Eminence
Most Reverend Agafangel
First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad
Odessa, Ukraine
Your Eminence
Most Reverend Agafangel
Dear Brother and Concelebrant in Christ,

Christ is among us!

 At the last Meeting of our Holy Synod of Resistance on April 10\28, 2010, we learned of the positive developments in the Holy Synod headed by Your Eminence in answer to the overt attacks on it from the local metropolitanate of the Moscow Patriarchate in Odessa, and we feel the need draw together as brothers in Christ in prayer and address You with this letter.

 We congratulate You for the sincere effort begun by You to unite the divided Russian Church Abroad, for Your kind desire for further development and strengthening of brotherly relations with us in the Resistance and with the Orthodox old-calendar brethren in Romania and Bulgaria, and also for the correct guidance which You provide Your flock as relates to firmness in Faith and Confession in response to the challenges of today and the absence of malice and prayers for the repentance of the former brothers in Christ, who have now become the persecutors of Your flock and You.

 Likewise, the approval of the request to accept Bishop Dionisiy (Alferov) into the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad headed by You, and the ordination of the new Bishop for Siberia, are events that bring comfort and give hope, for which we celebrate with You and praise the Lord!

 May the Grace of the Holy Spirit lead all faithful Orthodox throughout the world to unite in the Truth and strengthen them for the vicious battle against evil and for good.  May the hostile and profane attacks of your enemies not cause You alarm, dear Bishop, rather may they strengthen You and us on the path to the Confession of faith, in Love and Truth, and confirm even more our association with You, blessed by God!

We embrace You  in the Holy Spirit and the embrace of love, peace and unity in Christ, and close,
   With respect and brotherly prayer,
      On behalf of the Holy Synod

+ Cyprian, Bishop of Oreoi 
Acting First Hierarch
+ Klemes, Bishop of Gardikion
(the signatures and seal are on the original in Greek)

MP Spy Center In France

28.05.2010 19:49 -

France suspects Russia in the construction of the center for spies in Paris

The French secret services are concerned about increasing the activity of Russian spies, according to British newspaper The Daily telegraph. The publication relates the news to the construction in the heart of Paris, the Russian church, hinting that this in fact be a Russian spy ring.
The British refer to the French weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. The reason for discussion was the construction in the center of the Russian Church.The newspaper claims that the land bought administrator of Russian President Vladimir Kozhin. It is reported that over this part of other countries, including Saudi Araviyai Canada, offered 70 million euros.
The publication argues that Kozhin - a former KGB officer, and adds that in France there is a growing activity of Russian spy network. "Fears of French intelligence services are supported by the fact that there had been a significant increase in activity of Russian spies in France since the election of president in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy" - the article says. Thus, certain journalists, the church could become a base for spies from Russia.
The site for this center is very well chosen: a number is a complex of government buildings, which, in particular, are home to many assistants Sarkozy.
Sam Kozhin has denied the charges. In turn, the press secretary manager of the Russian President Viktor Khrekov fears the French called baseless, reports "Echo of Moscow".  "Times"

Daniel's News Selections

Re:  National Assembly
Sharing of what the Ecumenist World-Orthodox,(of which ROCOR-MP is now a total part of), are currently up to, especially as it is connected to the New World......
According to ROCOR-MP's Archbishop Kyrill-Dmitieff's Western Diocese web, he...is also attending this, representing his ROCOR-MP, as very likely so is Met. Hilarion-Kapral too (one would have to surmise)- first 'SCOBA', and now this 'Assembly', what's next?

See: < http://www.ocanews.org>  The top article: An.... OCA slant's prologue, and then the speech to the assembly by Antiochean Met. Phillip (Saliba)-

Note: Among Met. Phillips's surprising ideas: that the EP Bartholomew....relocate to...America (!)....YOY!
However, I do not totally disagree with all his various observations, though POLITICS and power, seem to be his main preoccupations, not preserving genuine Orthodoxy. His own American Antiochean Archdiocese, is a  proof of that.

Added note: Although ROCOR-MP Archb. Kyrill-Dmitrieff of San Francisco, had planned on attending this meeting,  it would seem that he did not, as his face and name are missing. But, his vicar, Bp. Feodosy of Seattle was there., with most of the ROCOR-MP bishops, all, apparently, as 'with the MP'. So much for 'autonomy'!

1) Read: on: << http://news-nftu.blogspot.com   The new article: 'No surprises as the First Episcopal Assembly of Orthodox Bishops' Concludes...... '
This explanation of that event, is PRICELESS!

2) AND, see the concluding group photo: See photo:

3) AND, one can also read the address there, of Antiochean Met. Philip (Saliba): http://ocanews.org 

4) AND, read on this ocanews.org site, the various slants on all this............. 

Archpriest Paul Adelheim of Pskov
Reading about this righteous priest's on-going persecutions of his own MP against him, gives us a clearer picture of just HOW the MP deals with their internal critics........
And by the way, his German last name, is because he is a remnant of the long-ago, invited German colonists, to Russia, under the Czar & Czarina. But, he is a Russified/Orthodox person, by his culture and self-identity.....who barely survived Stalin...

One can see this via different ways, in Russian or in English ( this site, allows you a choice), or via google-translation:
The basic site is: http://www.sfi.ru 
However, one has to do searching to find the pages on Fr. Paul---(it is confusing, as he is listed as among their faculty....)
Otherwise, see: <http://daily-courier.livejournal.com ........and read the top article about his current persecutions.......
(which I read thru google translation)-

"Archpriest Paul Adelheim of Pskov", (born 1/8/1938), was one of the few & outspoken voices of conscience within the MP, before the signing of that foul 'Act' to try and warn the diaspora ROCOR Russians, to NOT submit to his MP, to not join in union with the MP. 'You are free now, unlike us here, so why should you desire to not stay free?".


'Herald' of Bp. George of Bolgorod's Diocese- News About Diocesan Meeting-

If you cannot read Russian, then first punch in: http://google.com, and then on the google page, punch in this link:

http://igym-n.livejournal.com/135811.html#cutid1 ... and order google to translate this page, from Russian into English.....
Here is an interesting report on a recent diocesan meeting and some news........ 

The Sower Vol. 1 Issue 2



√  NEW! St. Nicholas Convent Website

√ Photo of St. Nicholas' in France
This parish just unanimously voted to join our ROCA.
See short official notice: http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org 

√  -  The Religion of the Future   The participation of the ROC MP in the ecumenical movement over the last year significantly stepped up. Gradually, it has increasingly drawn the ROCOR MP, recently seemed "a bulwark antiekumenizma. The last example - Kirhentag 2010 in Munich

The Contemporary World and the ROCOR

A careful reading of this article unfolds for us an important perspective, and reinforces and strengthens a higher perspective concerning end times.  It is taken from a 1961 issue of Orthodox Life, obviously a translation from Russian.  
The concepts are not easy:  the yin-yang pagan concept of co-existence with evil, Russia as the 3rd Rome and the 2nd Israel, the Tzar-Martyr as the one who restraineth, the future of the world depending on Russia's repentance - all these things tie into with exactly what is happening right now with our Metropolitan calling for a universal condemnation of heresy and the Romanovs calling for an honest investigation of murder.  
A few parts are particularly difficult to conceptualize.  True Orthodoxy does not exist in the one-world government-church of antichrist.  And we do not have a grasp on what it was like to live having a Restraining Power in place, we can only imagine.
If I had not told you this was written 50 years ago, you might think it was written last night.  The Archimandrite even addresses the uncanonicity of the R-splits [see the paragraph in purple text in Part 2].   -jh

The Spiritual State of the Contemporary World and the Russian Church Outside of Russia

by Archimandrite Konstantin 1961


The theory of "co-existence" in its initial primitiveness, in its full youth has come to grow old.  It is now receiving a deeper sense.  This is not a readiness to allow the lordship of Evil with regard to others in the hope that through this it will be drawn away from oneself.  This already is a stooping before Evil, its acceptance, even a denial to regard it as Evil.  This already is capitulation.  According to war and politics it engenders such fear before destruction, that the will to resist is paralyzed and the world turns  out to be surrendered to the mercy of the "aggressor."  The same is being accomplished in a more apparent manner, in its daily occurrence, in culture, in the realm of ideas -- even in churchness:  here most strikingly is manifested the progressive spiritual wildness of contemporary humanity.

It is difficult to believe, but there is arising and entrenching itself, obtaining the right of citizenship throughout the world, a theory which in principle and even in a religious sense is justifying that terrifying thing which evidences itself as the "Soviet Church."  The free world accepts the Moscow Patriarchy as the true Church, closing its eyes to its origin and to its indisputable dependence upon Soviet Government, the dependence of which, incidentally, is equated with the past dependence upon the authority of the Czar - the last being depicted as worse than the Soviet power.  Not an exception in addition to this is the recognition of exalted qualities in the Soviet clergy in comparison with the clergy of the past - not  to the benefit of the latter.  More complex is the question when a heterodox church becomes a "Soviet church" or enters upon a path of becoming such a church - be this the Roman Catholic or Protestant churches.  Here is it not possible to maneuver away on historical analogies, irresponsibly made with regard to something generally unknown.  There was no courage in the Protestants or in the Pope to separate themselves from the enslaved, having entrusted them to the care of God, but to consider as their personal obligation the task of liberating the prisoners from their satanic bondage.  And so we observe, how the free churches of the west are turning out to be collaborators in the sovietization of their subjected brothers who are breaking down under the yoke of the Soviets.  There arises also a corresponding ideology which not only justifies an external "co-existence", but forms an organic, continuous, inseparable tie of Christ with Belial.

We observe two diametrically opposed views of mind.  For some the encounter with communism is a sort of fiery baptism -- be that it does not stand any more before us as a crude exterminating force, but as the same crude power attempting through terror to tame the Church and make it controlled by and obedient to communism.  Here is repeated that which Russia experienced.  The luminous path of open confession of one's faith and of martyrdom opens itself before some.  Those who had the chance to escape convey their bright impressions with enthusiasm.  For others -- there is something else.  And here one must distinguish.  0ne thing it is not to endure and fall:  God is Judge for victims of merciless terror. In any case, always open for them and to a certain degree already accepted by them, is the path of repentance.  That -- is a sin of will.  Another thing -- is to find justification for compromising and capitulation, to raise one's sin of the will to the level of something not only lawful but even approved, almost raised to the pedestal of confessionalism.  This means to make one's action a sin of the mind.  A book was published by an American, Charles C. West, closely related to ecumenism and having the experience of association with communism both in Europe and Asia.  The book bears the title: "Communism and Theologians - Study of an Encounter".  The book considers as a fact that we have to do with an encounter of two phenomena formed definitively and having become a stable part of the existence of humanity -- Christianity and Communism -- which by force of circumstances have in one way or another come to agreement.  The author  denies in principle the very possibility of contraposing Communism with historical Christianity, as Evil fighting against good.  He presents in the introduction two striking illustrating episodes which acted on his psyche in a determining manner.  The Chinese youth, having united with Christianity -- at a certain moment sees itself before the face of communism, as their government -- having been abandoned!  The German student youth -- also, in fact,is abandoned before the face of all-powerful Communism!  The author can not bear this parting, if this actually is a parting that indicates an abandoning of such "one's own" youth to the struggole of two principoles which by their natures can not come to agreement.  The thought that they must be freed -- does not even touch his consciousness:  this perspective does not even occur to him.  This means then, that the issue is to be found only in what?  It is necessary to open to them the possibility of continuing t regard themselves as true Christians even under the new conditions that have been imposed upon them, i.e. beneath the heal of Communism which has been accepted by them.  It is from this point of view that he subjects to investigation the aolready numerous attempts to theologically resolve this problem -- this "encounter", which must give birth to a compatible eistence of historical Christianity with historical Communism.    Another example.  Somebody who did not want to name himself published a leading article in the Niemoeller's organ "Stimme der Gemeinde".  It is sufficient to reproduce the name of this article:  "The Church at the Eve of the End of its Institutional Unity":  A death sentence is given thus to any attempt "to hold on to the Church", as to something institutionally united  -- before the face of communist authority.  And attempt to support christians under the yoke of communism in such a frame of mind is indignantly branded.  Is it possible to go farther?

A specific logic supports these and similar tendencies.  For, these is one of two.  Either one must struggle with Communism as with a manifestation of absolute Evil -- and have hope in God, in readiness to suffer for Him.  Or else one must come to terms with Evil,as with a stronghold already recognized to be impregnable.  And it is, namely, this necessity of coming to terms with Communism that the free world has accepted as something not to be doubted.  It is by this that the spiritual state of the world is being now determined.  True, at times somewhat different types of talk resound.  This is either cold reasoning, carrying a note once before already taken in due time, but now continuing it be inertia -- without any active strength.  Or else there are individual voices of sincerely faithful whose mouths are not yet compulsorily shut, partially due to that same just mentioned saving inertia of obsolete reasoning, partially due to the formal freedom which still fortunately, is existing but, alas, sometimes already acting also only by inertia...

The picture is a terrifying one.  How and when Communism will conquer the free world, in its spiritual defenselessness, we do not know.  We do not know -- whether, generally speaking, Communism will conquer it at all!  Not because it itself will be conquered by the free world, but only because Communism will already not have the need of conquering such a world:  remaining such as it is, it will already be in the pocket of Satan.

Let us return to the main theme.  Right now the main issue is not that which up to recently was the only real threat:  the issue is not the spreading of the authority of Red Moscow throughout the world.  The issue now does not have to do with the universal victory of the Communist International.  This threat is already past -- due to the lack of necessity.  This does not mean that Communism as such will not try to attain power of government, territorial attainments, that it will cease being an underground organization, a party, a social power which with its former persistence will conduct, through conspiracy and open means, its seizure of countries of all continents which are yet free.  It means only one thing:  the process of the growth of Evil in the world has far gone ahead of a specifically communistic aggression.

This process is occurring with unbelievable speed and has most varied forms, difficult even to survey, for they include not only the whole free universe -- but also that which is already beneath the heel of the communists.  The regime of Soviet Russia is changing. From the point of view of the orthodox communist line, the regimes of the satellites are being subject to still greater changes.  Not to speak of Asia.  With regard to the communist world it is possible to observe not only different phases of a mortal disease, running its curse in various phases in various places, but even various forms of this disease.  They are the most dangerous in their appearance, as convalescence.  And what of the free world?  Asia?  Africa?  Beneath the semblance of "national" awakening, what is actually taking place?  Beneath the semblance of "religious" rebirth, what in reality do we have?  One thing is clear.  The historical forms of Christianity on the periphery of the western world, the Christian Universe, are dying away.  If not infrequently, Communism is even rejected, this is done in the name of ideals which are far removed from true Christianity.  And as for the historical Christianity itself -- is it necessary to mention what processes are taking place in it openly before all?  A universal leveling of unified christians is occurring at full speed -- basing itself on such a hope of "miracle" in which elementary sobriety of mind and reasonableness is lost.  The Antichrist spirit is victoriously entrenching itself, and it is namely in this new "climate" that "orthodox" communism is growing old and in general all "dark powers" are losing their individual significance.  The antichrist structure is being erected openly -- and this is being done purposely under the customary tokens: it is a substitution, a falsification which is taking place at full speed and in all possible directions.  To this spirit Communism is adjusting itself, purposely concealing its bestial repulsiveness.

One German sociologist just before WWI posed the question -- how does a religious act differ from any other act, and answered thus:  in all non-religious acts a human being has to think, why namely he has to act in this manner and not in any other, but in religious acts one acts so and not otherwise because he can not act in any other way.  The German sociologist is formally in the right.  The voice of faith is incontrovertible.  Is there faith? -- that is the question.  If it is present -- Christ is the same and demands the same and historical Christianity in which we dwell remains infallible Truth.  If we are in the Church, then she continues to maintain that what she always has maintained.  Being that the whole world is openly withdrawing from Christ -- could it be otherwise, being that the Restraining Power is no longer present in the world?  Or should we also deny John of Kronstadt, the Optina elders, the Recluse Theophanes, Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow -- and through them the Holy Fathers, and change the age-old teaching of the Church, coming to agree that the Third Rome is only a beautiful dream by which our ancestors enjoyed themselves, and in its essence, something not far removed from contemporary Moscow?  God forbid!

But let us not think that the course of history is fatalistically determined and that in its plan we are nothing but used up steam -- odd fellows who in their remoteness from humanity, living a common life and making history, find consolation in talking about the Last Judgment.  Historically experience teaches that "improbability" -- neither in the direction of the negative, nor in the direction of the positive -- is not a criterion of possibility and impossibility.  Who could have foreseen Russian bolshevism?  Who could have foreseen Hitler?  The French Revolution was a trifle compared to ours, but the position of those who sided with the Restoration at that time did not go far from us.  And, nevertheless, the Restoration took place.   Here we are approaching another theme which even now is not devoid of optimism.  What takes place in the recesses of human souls?  This is where the fate of humanity will be decided.  Is God alive in the hearts of men?  Is God alive in the hearts of Russian men?  Let us not be tempted by the visible successes of religion legalized by the Soviet authority -- this is rather a menacing vision of the possibility that Russia also is stepping down on to a path of conscious acceptance of coexistence with Evil, in common with the free apostatic world.   Then, actually, the end is unavoidable.  But Russia has not yet said the last word.   If there is still a Russian people worthy of the title of Bearer of God, then not only possible are the most incredible unexpectances -- they are inevitable.  All of Russian history is incredible.  The way of Russia is a way of miracle.  To await miracles of the paths of Apostasy -- is terrible.  May the Lord protect us from this.  To await them on the path of faithfulness to Christ -- is lawful.  Only not in the form of exultant exorcism or diversified reverie, but on the paths of open confession of the true faith, which alone opens the possibility of a miracle.  Only active faith engenders miracle.  Is it present?  We invariably return to this question.  We can solve it only with respect to our own selves.  To affirm ourselves in the undamaged. apostolic, true faith which has conquered the world -- that is the only thing that the Lord expects from us and which is a necessary response to the spiritual state of the contemporary world.  The menace of this state is not to be covered by silence or softened.  We must realize with a sober mind that in such a world we cannot be but alone.  We must more closely unite with our spiritual leaders, which invariably are Father John of Kronstadt and the Czar-Martyr.  The more distinctly and boldly we place ourselves beneath their protection, in full consciousness of the sin of the Revolution and of our repentant debt before God and men, before Russia and before our own selves, and call to all who have lost the thirst for salvation, to come with us beneath this veil of protection -- the better shall we serve our Church, our people, the task of our common salvation.  We are at the threshold of great events.  Can this present state of unstable balance continue for long?  Are not the last terms coming to their end, when the Lord asks the Russian people -- the Second Israel:  are you with Me?  Is the prodigal son really returning from the distant land into his Fatherly home?  A slightest push can now be of fatal significance.  If Moscow burned down from a little wax candle, cannot then repentant cleansing of Russia start up from an insignificant bit of burning coal?  Only that we not sin before God Who lead us out providentially on to freedom.  Will this continue for long -- that we do not know.  But now we are still able to say all that Faith bids us -- to say it openly and loudly to all the corners of the world!


What is our Church outside of Russia?  "The strength of God is made perfect in weakness"  [II Thess. 2:7]  All the economy of God -- takes place in weakness.

Palestine is a crumb and the tiny nation inhabiting it is also a crumb.   And this -- is the center of the structure of the world, the key to the history of the universe.  Our whole earth -- is it not a grain of sand in the hugeness of a universe ever more broadly enfolding itself in its boundlessness?  Here is a gigantic setting of Christian self-confession of frailty, which gives rise to spiritual strength.   On the contrary, a spirit of acknowledgment of one's strength weakens -- and only falls allowed by God are capable of renewing the breath of Spirit.

These thoughts will help us to understand, what the Church Outside of Russia appears to be in the makeup of the contemporary world.  What does She appear to be before its eyes?  She is a small coal burning itself out in a fire already put out by History.  On the map of the church world you can not even find her, and in columns of the world press you will not even read about Her.  She seems to live out her age, putting Her fading existence into the framework of what is allowed.  In the plan of the future we are nonexistent.

The future is being built by "Ecumenism", transforming the dispersed multitude of Protestantism into a universal organization making ready to include all of the Christianity of the world.  Rome is building the future, at present in the form of a Universal Sobor opening its embrace, as a leading power, also towards the whole world.  The Red Kremlin, in the vestments of a Third Rome, is posing as its task the unification of all the "Christians" of the free world in common with the universality of communistic Moscow.  Also a universality outside the Church is about to be engendered, unifying into one the civic authorities of the world.
Where are we in the super-novel History in the making?
We -- do not exist!  [We have been left out of the plan, there is no place for us in Satan's plan for the future. -jh]

Let us now look at all this with eyes of Spirit.  "We -- do not exist!"  --  What does this mean?  What means this "we" who does not exist?

Historic Russia is absent.  She was unconquerably strong, while she lived in acknowledgment of her frailty in Christ -- the world was held up by her.  Having become charmed by the world, she opened herself to the acknowledgment of her own power -- and the Lord left her.  And so -- she does not exist.  What does this mean?  This means that History guided by the Providence of God has ceased being on its blessed segment, when Satan was bound -- by the force of the Restraining Power.  This means that there has begun the graceless self-organization of a humanity which is beginning to be possessed by the liberated Satan, -- in welcome before the coming Antichrist.

Yes! Russia does not exist.  That which has remained of Her in the limits of our Fatherland, is voicelessly fainting away beneath the pressure of a God-hating power.  Only the evil will of world sociality allows a sign of equality to be placed between impious USSR and God Saved Russia of old.  From Historical Russia only the Church has remained.  Driven into the underground, however, She succeeded in placing the brand of anathema upon Soviet Authority -- and irrevocable is this Divine Judgment stated by Patriarch Tikhon and supported by the Moscow Sobor.  The Sobor also succeeded in doing something else.  Understanding that beneath the yoke of bolshevism there was no place for sobor life, it established a particular order of patriarchal succession -- according to a list of Church hierarchs, replacing each other sequentially, in the case that some one of these loses the capacity to realize patriarchal authority.  In such a manner the Church was ruled following the decease of Patriarch Tikhon.  Having betrayed the Church, metropolitan Sergius took advantage of his standing as the one whose turn it was to replace the Patriarch, to "legally" demand from those under his authority to be subservient to Soviet power.   By the mercy of God this "legality" was abolished even formally by the bolsheviks themselves.  Through the mercy of God even visible in its true light turned out to be the picture of the "sobor" which the bolsheviks carried out of the Iron Curtain, at which in the presence of an agent of the Soviet authority, a Patriarch was elected -- heading even in a formal sense the completely new arisen "Soviet Church".

At present is the only true Church in the underground?  No, fortunately through a particular prescript of Patriarch Tikhon the Church Outside of Russia was called forth into life.  Naive are the attempts to make this ruling a legal basis for later attempts of self-willed expediency.  The decree of the Patriarch had in mind some definite and of course, unrepeatable moment to canonically legalize the part of the Russian Church which should turn out to be free from Soviet bondage and providentially separated from the captive Patriarchate, making indisputable the succession of this part of the Church from the Mother-Church.

Does one have to speak of how great the obedience has become of the Church outside of Russia after the terrible transformation of the Moscow Patriarchy.  She is "guarding the post" of the Russian Church, being, together with this, an off-shoot of the "Tikhon" Church, blessed with the halo of new Russian martyrdom.  She is "guarding the post" also of Russia, being in Herself that sole entity that before the whole world indisputably has openly remained in true right of succession linked with Historical Russia.

A temptation not only before the external world, but also before Russian consciousness is impious USSR evilly investing itself in the magnificence of Russia being in reality strangled by USSR and further adorning itself in bright sacerdotal vestments of Orthodoxy that are obligingly spread over it by the Moscow Patriarch.  This temptation is immeasurably reinforced by the atmosphere of Apostasy in which the free world lives.  The world is experiencing something new.

It is now 900 years that Apostasy has entered the world -- with the Latin schism.  In its further development it took on forms of ever-increasing remoteness from true Christianity, and towards the end became even openly inimical towards it.  Thus it went as far as belligerent godlessness which has now been enthroned in Moscow.  Just now Apostasy is entering upon a new phase.  Historical Catholicism and Historical Protestantism preserved in themselves something of true Christianity.  Now the leaders of Catholicism and Protestantism are not thinking of it but of closer approaching their brothers in Apostasy.  Incidentally, they are expanding their numbers at the expense of those who have broken ties with true Christianity, or have even entered into open struggle with it.  In this complex multiplicity now already striving towards organizational unity, Orthodoxy also found its place -- and this in two forms.  This, on the one hand, is our outside of Russia "modernism" [spiritually related to the Church movement for renovation, the "living church" movement which played such an evil role in enyoked Russia].  At the other side this is the Soviet church, having a tendency to adorn itself, in contradiction to its being a Soviet church, in strict forms of church conservatism.  Thus matures the unification of all the component elements of Apostasy, signifying something bordering on something that threatens, with its countenance turned towards the coming Antichrist, not sketching itself in remote perspectives but already prepared to reveal itself in concrete reality.

This what we are stand before, Church Outside of Russia, in our frailty in Christ.

Are we alone?  We dare not say this.  True christians must exists everywhere in Christianity.  There are Protestants who openly are accusing ecumenism as the triumph of Apostasy.  Undoubtedly there are, be that they are silent, Catholics who live with original Latin piety and only due to discipline are enduring the ruinous policy of the Vatican.  There may be bearers of true service to God in the depths of the official Moscow Church, with tears of intense repentance cleansing their presence in it -- these are mysteries known only to God.  There is yet another.  In an intensifying instinct of spiritual self-preservation both Catholics and Protestants are drawing towards Orthodoxy; all who think of salvation and see how the possibility for this is being lost in habitual surroundings are drawn towards Orthodoxy.  Not to speak of how intense must be the longing towards the true Church in the enslaved Russia.

"Invisible!"  If there is hope for putting off the Last Judgment, then it rests on "the invisible".  The real History is effectuated hiddenly -- independent of how triumphantly demonstratively the mobilized forces of Apostasy are destroying it.  In the "invisible" is concealed the possibility of a "saving catastrophe" capable of changing the face of the world.  This possibility we not only may take into account in an abstract sense: we are obliged to work for it, seeing in this the obedience of our freedom, in the name of which God has led us out of Soviet bondage.

The world surrounding us is freely withdrawing from Christ, making us collaborators in Apostasy.  But formal freedom remains, opening to us the possibility of self-affirmation in our undamaged churchness.

Let us not weaken in vigilance.  The Lord approaches everyone -- and asks:  with whom are you -- with him, or with Me?

With him -- answered the Moscow Patriarchy -- and we flee from it, knowing that everything that proceeds from it is an evil and pernicious lie.  This answer - "with him" -- sounds also in the free world on all sides and in the most varied forms, which is why we flee, finding shelter in the holy refuge of our Church Outside of Russia.  But we are not justified to hermetically seal ourselves.  From the depths of our frailty, in acknowledgment of our obedience as inheritors and successors of the "Tikhon" Church, which exists now underground, we are turning to all four corners of the Christian world still breathing in freedom with out appealing cry:

--Where are you lovers of Christ, ready for the question "with whom are you?" -- to answer clearly and firmly:  "With You, Lord!" Where are you, those who are capable in reply to a nearest and most closely related being with regard to all of his rational arguments in support of taking a broad path, of answering with the words of Christ:  "Depart hence from Me, Satan, you are a temptation for Me" --  spoken to the disciple who had just been praised by Him.

Be that this cry reaches very few of you -- this mutual calling will be evidence of a unity of all of us, endeavoring despite our fraity not to betray the high calling of "last Christians".  What can we advise to the "faithful"?  Only one thing:  to wait!  For what?  Let us not force our thoughts, anticipating the future if it should progress along eschatological paths; it will be a realization of the Revelation of St. John the Divine. Let us not dream-wise outline to ourselves also that a saving catastrophe which is capable of extending the life of the world -- be it the St. John's "half hour", in the plan of earthly life meaning a segment of historical life of indefinite length.  Here, in these earthly perspectives only one thing is important for us:  complete faith in that only Russia can say the last word.

Within the depth of Russian conscience -- is the key to the future -- to the earthly future.  Does not the understanding of this by us have to sound as good tidings to ourselves?  For, if this is so, then our maintaining ourselves in Truth is not only a salvation of our souls in faithfulness to our Church, but also a service to our Homeland.  And then the word "wait" takes on its real sense with especial power.  That is not a passive waiting out, but a belligerent firm endurance.

Let us imagine a sacked fortress.  It is surrounded by a compact circle.  There is nowhere from which one can expect salvation.  Strength is fading.  Hopelessness.  And here -- an offer of capitulation, most advantageous and honorable, and at the same time the threats most terrible.  What is one to do?  A sober-minded calculation will say: let us give courageous opposition up to the last reasonable limit -- and then even capitulation will be justified.  The warrior spirit will say nothing.  Those winged by this spirit will die at their posts,preparing in prayer, fasting and repentance for meeting the much desired Christ.  Faithfulness exhausts the military debt of the Christ-oloving army -- not giving way to any calculations of expediency and excluding any possibility of capitulation.

In such a manner we also are called to battle in the ranks of the Church which never before had to such a degree justified its appellation of a Church militant.

Everything  can change at any moment.  The earth is burning beneath our feet.  Where the fire will break forth sooner or later -- only the Lord knows.  But even apart from sharp external changes at any moment and everywhere our loyalty to the Russian Church Outside of Russia can demand sacrifice, open confession of one's faith and in the final account, martyrdom . . .  Let us be ready for everything. Let us be also prepared for one form or another of catacomb existence.  Be it as it may, the Lord is calling us to life and activity on those open places of the free world on to which He has led us out -- with the name of Christ on our lips, to the glory of the true God, in loyalty to the true Church.  If Christ should be revived in the souls of our people -- Bearer of God according to its historical calling -- then yet on this earth, at the peak of the mountain, the Light of Christ will glow.  Only that it not go out in our souls.

"Be faithful unto death and I shall give you a garland of life." -- this holy testament invariably remains for us as a guide.  Let us take on wings through it and in moments of carelessness and despondency -- anew and anew obtaining strength for firm endurance in the bearing of our obedience of freedom; let us endure our life as members of the Russian Church Outside of Russia which is guarding the place of holy Russia in the midst of a humanity freely withdrawing from Christ.  Being that blinded humanity does not see the beacon light which has been incarnated by us in the free universe -- only it designates the path towards salvation.  With is are all the Saints of Russia.  With us are our recent martyrs.  With us are two great torches, two great interceders before that Throne of God: father John of Kronstadt and the Czar-Martyr and his family.  In truth -- God is with us!

Archimandrite Konstantin

New Heresy In the MP?

(taken from Met. Agafangel's blog)

The recent discussion here on this forum, has revealed that the Patriarchate of Moscow holds the view that representatives of some other religions: as Islam-who though they deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, they (according to Pat. Kyrill), ...worship the True God,...'but do not do so, in the spirit and in Truth'.

It seems to me, that such a view detracts from the value of the coming into the world (the Incarnation) of the Saviour and of His Atoning Sacrifice itself. For Orthodox Christians, any worship for us, is impossible, except through the Body of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. To deny this, we would distort the Image of God, and thus we could not worship the True God. This new/false doctrine  (of Pat. Kyrill's) is directed against the dogma of the Most Holy Trinity and against the very Godhead, and  of our faith in the Most Holy Trinity Consubstantial and Undivided.

I believe that in this new doctrine of Pat. Kyrill, we are dealing with ....heresy, over-all, which allows both the primate of the MP and it's other bishops, lower clergy, and it's laity, to participate IN PRAYER, with representatives of Islam, Judaism, and others, the so-called 'Monophysites', as all, 'ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS'

This approach lowers the Orthodox Church to the low level of being an (only) 'Abrahamic-Christian', belief.

This issue is very important and it requires a universal Orthodox Church, CONDEMNATION!

Metropolitan Agafangel

A Move and a Make-over

from Joanna:

Remnant ROCOR is a continuation of ROCOR Refugees blog. Future posts will be here.

Why the change? It seems that we are in a new stage. It has been 3 years now since the shipwreck. The first stage was the initial shock and coming to terms with that. Now everyone seems to have landed somewhere and adjusted. Many were lost, but a remnant remains, and now we are moving forward. This doesn't mean we are through mourning or through with trying to understand what happened, since the stages overlap. It means that moving forward seems to dominate now. Much of our moving forward is appropriately, as Blessed Averky said, a looking back - back to the teachings of our Church Fathers.

The way the rest of the Orthodox World sees us is also different now. MP has realized who we are, and has declared war, and is taking steps to annihilate us. The rest continue to disapprove of us, but they no longer wait and watch to see what we are going to do - as many thought we would join one of the super-correct groups - now it is obvious we will not be joining a super-correct group.

"Remnant" fits us better today than "Refugee". And besides that, I'm tired of the lighthouse. But I'm not ready to completely let go of ROCOR Refugees. Maybe eventually I will import the ROCOR Refugee posts here, making one blog. We will see...

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Definitions of Jurisdictional ecumenism

Some people, in ordinary conversation, have accidentally given definitions for jurisdictional ecumenism.  The names are withheld, but I have them on record:

I, too, want very much for the traditional Orthodox jurisdictions to be united, at least to be in communion with each other, at least acknowledge each other as valid churches, as it is probably too much to hope that all the Russian traditionalist groups would unite or all the Greek OC churches would unite. Can't there be good will between all of us? There is more to unite us than divide us. And frankly, it seems that many of the divisive issues are such a convoluted mish-mash of personality conflicts and human misunderstanding and errors that I cannot make sense of it. 
– ROCA member with shallow thinking, 2009

Our first and present goal is peace & unity, to put a stop to animosity that (sadly) still exists between us - so called 'fragments'...just because the three synods [bishops] in Russia/Ukraine etc. continue to not speak to each other does not mean that we must follow suit. Right now my goal (as I presented it to the rest) is to develop a positive attitude and put away the negative past - "nothing will be gained if we continue to consider that whatever canons  'the others' have broken will always preclude any possibility of unifying our 'anti-new-calendar, anti-ecumenistic, anti-sergianistic' jurisdictions - if not churches (call them what you want...) 
– fragment hierarch suddenly pushing for unconditional unity, 2013


This is a privately owned blog. It is not and has never been an official organ of any ecclesiastical organization.

"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ.  It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do."
Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

On the rules of debate in the public information resources.
Decision of the Council of Bishops of the ROCOR

Since today is made possible the emergence of so-called social networks on the Internet and the creation of public Internet resources, a new form of communication, which previously was not.

On the one hand, it opened new opportunities for preaching Orthodoxy in the mire, that we should take, and on the other - part in the discussion together with the people of the secular and openly hostile to us for many Christians are offended.

We must always bear in mind their mission of preaching Orthodoxy, and social networks to be unanimous in its very unity indicating the unity of Christ's Church. We should not be inevitable internal church conflicts bear on public display and discussion.

The Lord taught: "If you sin against your brother, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone; if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother; if he will not hear, take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word; if he does not listen to them, tell the church; as if to hear the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector "(Mt 18.15-17). This form of struggle with sin inside the church fence, given to us by the Lord Himself.

We do not have to figure out the social networks of the Internet to the public, if our brother has sinned. Church must preach the mire, as a single entity, and all the faithful of her offspring must always remember this.

He who forgets about his brother in Christ is obliged to point out the error. If he did not let her, perhaps even just denunciations but continues to bring them to the public, the duty of the confessor to do is that of the corresponding instruction. If he and confessor preslushaet, the ruling bishop must do to that last admonition, in the case of persistence of the latter, in relation guided 55 and 56 of the Apostolic Pavilosta, regardless even of whether he is right or wrong on the merits, to use to the tenacity of the appropriate measures rebuke, up to the extreme, if a layman - to separate from Saint. Communion if the priest - to ban from serving. For a similar, if meet a whole group of such "whistleblowers" says the 18 rights. IV Ecumenical Council: "Preparation of collusive or swarms, like a crime, it is forbidden and external laws: how much more shall rebuke to the Church of God, that this was not. If some of the clergy or religious, will commit themselves to each other oath, or the assembly of components, or lie in wait stroyuschimi bishops or their soprichetnikam: let them be cast entirely with his degree."

For all to see can, and even should, be considered general questions of content that do not denigrate the honor and dignity of anyone else of our brethren in Christ. Questions somehow related to the individual, may be made public only in internal communications, without access to outsiders.

Do not forget that the commandment of unity is one of the principal commandments given to us by God: "That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us - the world may believe that you sent me "(Jn 17.21).

The Council of Bishops, 2014
Metropolitan Agafangel (Chairman)
Archbishops of Syracuse and Nicholas Andronicus,
Saint-Petersburg and North-Russian Sophronius,
Chisinau and Moldova Georgi (Secretary);
Bishop of Vologda and Veliky Athanasius,
Of Sao Paulo and the South American Gregory
Voronezh and South-Russia Kirill,
Iver and the Black Sea Nikolai
Mountain View, New York, May 19, 2014

Постановление о правилах ведения дискуссий в общедоступных информационных ресурсах
Поскольку в наши дни стало возможным появление так называемых социальных сетей в интернете и создание общедоступных интернет-ресурсов, возникла новая форма общения, которой до этого не было.
С одной стороны, это новые открывшиеся возможности для проповеди Православия в мiре, которыми мы должны воспользоваться, а с другойучастие в обсуждении совместно с людьми нецерковными и откровенно нам враждебными для многих христиан становятся соблазном.
Мы всегда должны помнить о своей миссии проповеди Православия, и в социальных сетях быть единодушны, самой своей сплоченностью свидетельствуя о единстве Христовой Церкви. Мы не должны неизбежные внутрицерковные противоречия выносить на всеобщее обозрение и обсуждение.
Господь учил: “Если же согрешит против тебя брат твой, пойди и обличи его между тобою и им одним; если послушает тебя, то приобрел ты брата твоего; если же не послушает, возьми с собою еще одного или двух, дабы устами двух или трех свидетелей подтвердилось всякое слово; если же не послушает их, скажи церкви; а если и церкви не послушает, то да будет он тебе, как язычник и мытарь” (Мф 18.15-17). Это форма борьбы с грехом внутри церковной ограды, данная нам Самим Господом.
Мы не должны выяснять в социальных сетях интернета на всеобщем обозрении, согрешил ли наш брат. Церковь в мiре должна проповедовать, будучи единым целым, и все верные ее чада обязаны всегда об этом помнить.
Тому, кто об этом забудет, его во Христе брат обязан указать на эту ошибку. Если тот не унимает своих, возможно, даже справедливых обличений, но продолжает выносить их на всеобщее обозрение, обязанностью духовника является сделать таковому соответствующее наставление. Если же он и духовника преслушает, то Правящему архиерею следует сделать таковому последнее увещание, и в случае упорства последнего, применительно руководствуясь 55 и 56 Апостольским Павилам, независимо даже от того, прав он или не прав по существу, употребить к упорствующему соответствующие меры прещения, вплоть до крайних: если мирянинотлучить от св. Причастия, если священнослужительзапретить в священнослужении. О подобном, в случае, если соберется целая группа таковыхобличителейговорит 18 прав. IV Вселенского Собора: “Составление или соумышление скопища, аки преступление, совершенно воспрещено и внешними законами: кольми паче должно возбранять в Церкви Божией, дабы сего не было. Если некие из клира, или монашествующие, окажутся обязующими друг друга клятвою, или составляющими скопище, или строющими ковы епископам, либо своим сопричетникам: совсем да будут низвержены со своей степени”.
На всеобщем обозрении могут, и даже должны, рассматриваться вопросы общего содержания, в которых не порочится честь и достоинство кого бы то ни было из наших собратий во Христе. Вопросы, так или иначе касающиеся личности, могут оглашаться только во внутренней переписке, без доступа к ней посторонних.
Не будем забывать, что заповедь о единстве одна из основных заповедей, данных нам Господом: “Да будут все едино, как Ты, Отче, во Мне, и Я в Тебе, так и они да будут в Нас едино, – да уверует мир, что Ты послал Меня” (Ин 17.21).

Архиерейский Собор, 2014