After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Goon Blog Alert

√ Alert!
Internet Goon blog  Ο Εκκλησιαστικός
-these goons are now parading their ill-will and on Euphrosynos Cafe and NFTU.  Suaiden privately made a threat tone of our team members to "remain silent".  

Comfrey Seeds

My comfrey plants are dropping seeds.  The seeds need to "winter" over to break dormancy.
I always have roots to share, too.

Which Archbishop Anthony?

Anthony (Khrapovitsky), Metropolitan of Kiev & Galicia (28 July/10 August 1936)

Anthony (Bartoshevich), Archbishop of Geneva & Western Europe (25 August/7 September 1993)
Anthony (Sinkevich), Archbishop of Los Angeles & Southern California (18/31 July 1996)
Anthony (Medvedev), Archbishop of West America and San-Francisco (23 September 2000)

Anthony (Dashkevich), ret. Bishop of Alaska & the Aleutians (15 March 1934)
Anthony, (Grabbe) Bishop of        (   )

Bishop Anthony Bloom MP
Archbishop Anthony [Orlov] [Rocie metropolitan]

----- ∞ ∞ ∞ -----

Dear Brother Daniel:
 I agree with your comments about Archb. Anthony M.
 Was he the same person as Archbishop Anthony of Los Angelos whom I met in the '70's?


"Archbishop Anthony (Sinkevich) of Los Angeles" was the one you knew. At that time, in the 70's, the Southern California/Los Angeles Diocese, of ROCOR, was a separate diocese. (which LA diocese after his death, was absorbed into the SF diocese, under Archb. Kyrill-Dmitrieff, Kyrill himself, being the successor to San Francisco, Archb. Anthony Medvedev).

My former S.F. Bishop, Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev) of San Francisco, and Western America, was the Anthony who reposed September 23, 2000.

From all that I personally knew about Anthony (Medvedev), he was indeed , very much into preserving pro-Russian culture....that part is true.  BUT, he was not pro-Kremlin/KGB/MP!!!

He awaited the day, when Russia and it's religion and it's people, would be FREE of the communist's control. That is the Russia he was working for....restoring. And too, he was not a blind fool!

IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE, that had he been alive in 2006-2007, that he would have agreed to that 'union' with the MP!!!!!

I have read various lying propaganda comments on the internet, from pro-'union' mouth pieces, which claim that he was one who wanted union with the MP, etc. They also make such ridiculous claims about many other reposed past ROCOR metropolitans and bishops and priests!

The Archb. Anthony (Medvedev) that I knew,...my bishop for many years,  was always looking for KGB agents, under every bush, - when there was any disturbance in his diocese, as for instance, the first reports about the wrong doings of Abbot Herman at Platina monastery, which the Archbishop thought were KGB manufactured slanders (which later on, he found out, that Herman was guilty!) - and he distrusted Moscow, profoundly!

Regarding your Archb. Anthony (Sinkevich) of LA: he was VERY vocal, against the MP, stating that the MP had no grace, etc. all his life, and even before his death.  His, 'Last Will and Testament' BLASTED the MP!

Dear Brother, ...we are now surrounded by such a storm of liars and lies and exaggerated-distortions of history and facts, that we need to be very careful to separate the lies from the truth.

But, in the entire history of the Russian Church Abroad, there was, truly, one big achilles-heel/weak spot: it was the ambiguous/varied stances/CONFUSIONS  of the hierarchs and some other clergy, and even among the laity, as to: precisely, what was/is the MP, and it's 'patriarch', etc.

This 'union' was engineered, partly, BECAUSE, the Moscow people, can show various ROCOR historical documents/statements, which PROVE that ROCOR's leadership, was, somewhat, divided on it's stance to that MP, and in their degree of respect or not, of it's  'Patriarch', etc.

Regarding Archb. Anthony (Medvedev): my knowledge of his personal beliefs, is that he may have been, a bit, wishy-washy/ambivalent/overly optimistic, about the FUTURE repentance/change possibilities of the MP.  Though, there is no real evidence to that, only speculation.  But! he was by no means, loyal to the KGB masters of Russia or the MP!!!

As to the beautiful LA Holy Transfiguration Cathedral which Archb. Anthony (Sinkevich) spent so many LONG years in building: it is now the virtual property of the Kremlin Apostates!  The Moscow priest, Alexander Lebedeff, is the lord of the manor there.

But, your Archb. Anthony (Sinkevich) of LA, was all his life, VERY clear and very outspoken, and always 100% against the MP. And Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev) also, was not loyal to the MP, or the Kremlin, nor would he have gone along with the 2007 'union' betrayal, - NO WAY!!!

Rd. Daniel Everiss

Tricky tricky Milan synod

bogus "Royal Path" website concocted by Milan synod monk

Notice how the website, using the sidebar, tries to make it appear like our ROCA is cozy with the Milan synod.  

The owner, Milan synod monk Simon Salos, deleted the blog after a website review of it was published on the Starting On The Royal Path blogspot.  Question: where did "Papa Symeon" get the idea for something like this and that it would even be welcomed by his synod?  It seems maybe that he was somehow privy to the Milan secret agenda and tried to help, but he kinda pulled a 'Lennie Small' and instead of helping he was just an embarrassment – being too obvious about what the Milan synod was really up to.

related posts:

Article on Ecumenism

by SIR Bishop Cyprian

...The New Calendarist anti-ecumenists are waiting in vain for a reaction from their Synod against ecumenism... 

Internal Unhappiness Within MP


Note: Unfortunately, this is not also in English. However, from what I can decipher of it's meaning: this is a pious uprising, within the Moldovan-MP local church, against the Moscow-MP and it's pro-ecumenist, Pat. Kyrill's  leadership. Clearly, the Moldovans are declaring their love of Orthodoxy, their fear of it's betrayal to the overt ecumenism of Moscow, and their determination to SHOW their disapproval.
This massive public demonstration is lead by their Moldovan MP-Metropolitan and his clergy.
Since it is on Portal-Credo.ru, I imagine that one could put that site thru google, and get a rough English translation of this text.  -R.D.

 COMMENTARY ON THE AGENDA: In anticipation of good news. There would be a Moldovan clergy-zealots "in the way of all the land"?  PHOTOS: Moldova - against ecumenism! Shares clergy and laity of the Archdiocese Chisinau ROC MP in 2010  DOCUMENT: "We learned about the confession of faith of Moldovan fathers, and their immediate support." Speech shiarhimandrita Raphael (Berestov) at a meeting of the Orthodox community in Moscow on Sept. 5, 2010  VOX POPULI: Where will antiekumenicheskaya campaign launched by the clergy, monastics and laity Chisinau metropolitan ROC MP?  Chairman of the Union of Holy Russia responded to the accusation. Vsevolod Chaplin to the opponents of ecumenism  Discourse of many adherents of Orthodoxy is not theological, and psychological and even political in nature, the chairman of DECR 

Blessed Theophylact's New Testament

Book Review

Blessed Theophylact's Explanation of the New Testament
A Series of Four Volumes

This is not a real Book Review since I have not read the whole series, but I've read all I'm going to readLast night I pulled Volume II off of a shelf in my own library, and I got a  shock.  -jh  September 18, 2010

St. Matthew Volume I
St. Mark Volume II, 1993
St. Luke Volume III, 1997
St. John Volume IV

Chrysostom Press
House Springs, Missouri

Printed with the blessing of Abp. Alypy of Chicago  RocorMP

my notes taken from the Introduction, Vol II:
√ Bl. Theophylact - 11th c. Byzantine churchman
√ served in Constantinople as a royal tutor
√ archdeacon
√ renowned preacher
√ assistant to the Patriarch 
√ in 1090 became Abp. and chief hierarch of Bulgarian Church
√ A year after Vol. I was published, Hieromonk Kallistos reposed, who from the start had encouraged the undertaking of translating and publishing these works in English.

Excepts from Vol. II and Vol. III
Blessed Theophylact's words are in asparagus green:

St. Mark 3:31-35
There came then His brethren and His mother, and standing without, sent unto Him calling Him.  And the multitude sat about Him, and they said unto Him, Behold, Thy mother and Thy brethren without seek for Thee.  And He answered them saying Who is My mother, or My brethren?  And He looked round about on them which sat about Him and said, Behold My mother and My brethren!   For whosoever shall do the will of God , the same is My brother, and My sister, and mother.
The brothers of the Lord out of envy approached to lay hold of Him as one who was "beside himself" and demon-possessed.   Vainglory perhaps had taken hold of His mother, and she came to draw Him away from His teaching, thus showing the multitude that she could lead around the One at Whom they marveled, and even make Him leave His teachingThe Lord therefore replies, "My mother will derive no benefit from being my mother unless she has the other virtues as well; likewise, neither will kinship of the flesh benefit My brothers."  For Christ's true kin are they who do the will of GodBy saying these things, the Lord is not thereby denying His mother, but He is showing that she will not be worthy of honor only because she gave Him birth, but because she also possesses every other virtueAnd if she does not have these virtues, others will be shown greater honor for their true kinship to Him.

St. Mark 4:1-2
And He began again to teach by the sea side: and there.  And there was gathered unto Him a great multitude, so that He entered into a boat and sat in it on the sea; and the whole multitude was by the sea on the land. And He taught them many things by parables, and said unto them in His doctrine.
Although He seemed to have dismissed His mother, He is again obedient to herFor it is for her sake that He left the house and went out along the seaHe sat in the boat so that, facing everyone, He could speak and all could hear, and no one would be behind His back.

In Volume III, Explanation of St. Luke, Blessed Theophylact contradicts himself commenting on Luke 1:46-50:
...And from henceforth, not only Elizabeth, but all generations of believers shall bless meWhy shall they bless me? Because of my virtueNo, but rather because God hath done to me great things...

Another place in Volume III commentary on Luke 11:27-32 Blessed Theophylact comments on the woman who raised up her voice and said "blessed are the paps that gave Thee suck":
...Where are those who say that Christ appeared on earth in imagination only?  Behold, even the breasts which he suckled as an infant bear witness.  He blesses those who keep the word of God, not excluding His mother from that blessing -- far from it ! -- but showing that even she would have received no benefit from giving birth to Him and suckling Him if she did not also possess every virtue...

In this comment on the blessed paps there is a gross understating of the worthiness of Theotokos.  She was not merely included in with the ones who hear the word and keep it.  She was and is the Prime Example.  Through a proper translation and by the Church's teachings, here's how I would understand Christ's answer to the woman of the company who lifted up her voice: 

Yes, indeed blessed is My Mother's womb and Her paps.   Furthermore, She is even further blessed as the Archangel Gabriel announced.   She had always kept God's word.  Already she had found favor with God even before She heard the word from My angel and kept it by responding, "be it unto me according to thy word."  Anyone who hears the word of God and keeps it is My kin, and I give you My Mother as the perfect example of how to do this perfectly, without any errors.  With Her humility and obedience She annulled the curse of Eve.  She is My Mother, My Bride, and My Church, the Queen of Heaven higher than the angels.  Through Her I came to you today, and through Her I come to all future generations.  This is both a physical mystery [My Incarnation] and spiritual mystery [My Bride, the Church].  This is My Body, flesh from the Holy Virgin.  This is My Body, the Church, which I establish on earth for all who love Truth, that we may be members of One Body, My Body, of which I am the Head and you are the members, if you so choose to keep My words.  You, too can be my Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters by being obedient to God's word. 

Now I want to go back to the first commentary I cited [on Mark 3:31-35] and make some serious contradictions:

Vainglory perhaps had taken hold of His mother, and she came to draw Him away from His teaching, thus showing the multitude that she could lead around the One at Whom they marveled, and even make Him leave His teaching.  

This is unthinkable.  What mind could imagine this?

I can't consider anyone to be enlightened who would imagine that the Theotokos would even HAVE a vainglorious thought, let alone ACT on it!

How can B.T. think Christ really could have incarnated via the womb of one capable of such betrayal?  This would betray not just Christ, but the people He came to save, as well.  What, our Mother the show-off?  How can a show-off help us and save us?  This commentary alone causes me to reject B.T.  I trust nothing else he writes after seeing this.

But let me go back one more sentence in this same commentary, before I stop:

And if she does not have these virtues, others will be shown greater honor for their true kinship to HimOf course, this did not happen.  It could not happen.  Theotokos was born of a miracle conception, raised in the inner temple from age 3, and fed manna by an angel.  The only life that might be similar to this is St. John the Baptist.  Does Blessed Theophylact teach that She only obtained virtue AFTER a giving a virgin birth?  That's what it sounds like he's trying to say. 
And that is absurd.  
She assisted Christ in His ministry, Her virtues were sealed as was Her virginity, Her fruits are the many saved souls - and this continues after the Ascension - after the Ascension the Apostles looked to Her as their guide. Nobody ever out-shines Her in virtue.  She did not sin.  She was not above temptation, but in every temptation She always chose to serve the Word of God.

------∞ ∞ ∞------

The RocorMP Church in House Springs, associated with the Chrysostom Press, which published this series, went with the RocorMP union.

Who is the hieromonk Kallistos who encouraged this?  Is he that same Timothy Kallistos Ware, the renovationist, who is at the top of world Orthodoxy?

Bishop Alypy also went with the RocorMP union, and some suspect him of being a KGB collaborator.

Blessed Theophylact is "blessed" and not glorified [not canonized as a saint]. 

------∞ ∞ ∞------

See St. Cyril's commentary on St. Luke: 

"...Now let not any one imagine that Christ spurned the honour due to His mother, or contemptuously disregarded the love owed  to His brethren...  In order then that Christ may win us all unto obedience, He promises us surpassing honours, and deigns us the highest love, saying, "My mother and My brethren are those who hear the word of God and do it." For who among men is so obdurate and ungentle, as to refuse to honour, and accord the most complete love to his mother and brethren? For the all-powerful law of nature, even without our will, obliges us to this. When therefore, bowing our neck to the Saviour's commands, we become His followers, and so are in the relation of a mother and brethren to Him, ..."

Return to the Principles of the Orthodox Ethos

Beginning of the Third Year of the Indiction
† Bishop Cyprian of Oreoi, Acting President of the Holy Synod in Resistance
At the Outset of the New Ecclesiastical Year ␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣
A Return to the Principles of the Orthodox Ethos

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ:
May the Paternal blessing of our much-revered Elder, Metropolitan Cyprian, be our strength, guidance, and consolation during the new Ecclesiastical Year, by the intercessions of the Theotokos and
of all the Saints. Amen!

For more than a year, with the eruption of the well-known financial crisis, our Greek homeland, (and indeed many countries), has been on the threshold of a crucial turning- point. By means of this crisis, the Providence of God has helped us, in a loving way, to undertake both personal and collective self-criticism.

The Lord has given all of us who would call ourselves Christians a salutary opportunity, in terms of the theological and ecclesiastical aspect of this crisis, to become conscious of our grave responsibility for the emergence of such a calamity.

We need to be acutely critical of ourselves and to reject self-justification, for if Christians are the soul of the world, then when the world is suffering or ailing, it means that its soul is ailing. In other words, it is Christians who are ailing.

It has been correctly observed that the crisis through which our homeland is passing is “theological, since many Christians live a worldly life, have become detached from practicing their faith, and are behaving in a manner that is contrary to everything that Christ and the Church enjoin.”

In truth, it seems that Christians have succumbed to a chiliastic vision: individual and collective egotism, prosperity, consumerism, and concern for social status have banished the ethos of Orthodoxy,which is centered on the Cross, self-sacrifice, asceticism, and service to others.

We have forgotten that we have been granted the supreme gift of belonging to the “holy nobility of God”; that we are called to holiness; that our goal is to embody God-Manhood (Theanthropismos) which  is genuine and authentic humanism, becoming partakers of the Divine Nature, showing ourselves to be visible signs of the Uncreated Energies of the Holy Trinity, for the peace and salvation of the world.

The recent crisis, therefore, is at a national and an international level, by God’s leave, compelling us, as Christians, to return to the founding principles of the Orthodox ethos. When we reject ambition, acquisitiveness, and hedonism as a way of life, then we become imitators of our Savior, Who exorcised these three demons on the Mount of the Temptations. Hence, “behold, Angels will approach and minister to us” in our endeavor to become peacemakers in Christ.

Our constant return to these principles, in the light of the Most Blessed Theotokos and of all the Saints, will transform us and the world, and this crisis will prove to be a salvific opportunity and a true blessing. Amen!

Beginning of the Third Year of the Indiction
† Bishop Cyprian of Oreoi, Acting President of the Holy Synod in Resistance

Fall Issue of the Missionary Newsletter

The Fall 2010 Issue of the Missionary Newsletter, a periodical publication of the ROCA Mission in California, has been released on September 7, 2010.

How to download this issue in the pdf format:

1. http://www.newmartyrschurch.org
2. Tab "Миссионерский Листок"
3. Click "Миссионерский Листок" No.3 
4. Click either "English" or "Русский" in pdf format

(English interface of the website will be released soon.)

Thank you!

~ROCA Mission in California

Render To Caesar

Back in 1966, two MP priests issued an Open Letter to their own Soviet Church, the Soviet government, and with special strategy distributed it to the free world.  [No doubt it was a KGB "assignment."]  Archimandrite Konstantine's commentary on this Open Letter is published for us in a 1966 issue of Orthodox Life.  It reveals the ploys of antichrist, and guides our souls passed the snares.  Apparently the present RocorMP union is not the first time the "flowering" trick has been used on us.   And we can see that our own country has long been under a falsified Christ which has helped prepare for the coming of Antichrist.  And now America is showing unmistakable signs of being overtly Godless and God-hating.


Under the sign of this commandment of Christ, an appeal has suddenly sounded from behind the Iron Curtain resounding like some trumpet call, announcing a new era with the brightest perspectives.  In a sense, one had to collect oneself after the first impression so as to objectively evaluate the actual essence of this manifesto, marked by the name of Christ.  For, in turning both to the atheistic world and to the world of believers, what does it offer?  To establish between them [these two worlds] a sound and blessed cohabitation -- in fulfillment of Christ/'s blessed commandment!

The reader will find below an account and evaluation of the Open Letter of two Soviet priests to the Patriarch of Moscow together with their address to the Soviet Government, which documents are in fact nothing other than a thunderous declaration by a group from the so-called Soviet Church, directed not only to the whole Soviet Church and the Soviet government, but also to the free world, insomuch as this declaration is brought especially to its attention.  And the task to be accomplished by this declaration is clearly set: the renewal of Christianity which is already taking place in the world, demands loyal agreement between the Church and the Soviet Power, which Power must be accepted by the Church's consciousness as the contemporary personification of "Caesar"!

Marx-Lenin-Stalin must be acknowledged as the Gospel's "Caesar," while the civil order being built by them must be identified with the things that are "Caesar's" of the Gospel!  The good will is needed on the part of both Christ's Church  and the "irreligious state" [as the Soviet satanocracy is styled] -- and so will the flowering of Christianity be ensured.

The new era has already begun:  1918 marks the date of its birth, when, crushed under "czarism's" oppression and beheaded by it, the Church in Russia finally received independence through the re-establishment  of the patriarchy, while simultaneously, the "irreligious state," having taken on legal forms, officially proclaimed the separation of Church from State.   And so, the blessed co-existence of Christ with Caesar was already coming into being.  But them a calamity arose!  Socialist legality was distorted by Krushchev, while the episcopate and clergy cowardly and passively accepted the "voluntaristic dictates" which paralyzed Church life.  And thus -- is it not a catastrophe?  Socialist legality, in harmony with the ecumenical organization of the world, must be urgently introduced into relations between the Soviet government and the Soviet Church ... And only then -- will be the flowering!

This fantasy of consonance will expose to us with clarity the Lie penetrating the contemporary scene.

This child of fantasy, combined with the obvious distortion of reality, will, of course, find sympathetic response from leading circles of the free Christian world.  But, at the same time, this very consonance will expose to us with especial clarity the Lie penetrating the contemporary scene.  Let us ponder over this.  

"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's"!  This contraposition coming from the lips of Christ in the face of the historical Caesar, could indeed, in some measure, take on the significance of the separation of Church from State.  For the Roman Empire had great providential significance in its civil qualities; it gave to the world a civil society whose foundation was the human personality, freely disposing of himself and his property.  From this angle of vision, pagan Rome was acceptable to Christianity: a Christian could have been a loyal citizen of pagan Rome, so long as homage to gods was not demanded of him.  Let us recall that Christ's parables usually rest squarely upon the principle of man's free disposal of his personal property.

But what talk could there be of separation between Church and State from the time when Caesar himself became a Christian?  The State became the support and protection of the Church, in symphonic union with Her.   Thus did the Christian era begin.   But how did it end?  Precisely with the overthrow of such a State which had come down by succession from a Christian Caesar, placing his authority at the service of the Church.  To what did his overthrow lead?  To the enthronement of a satanocracy which enslaved people through merciless terror and by concentrating in his hands control over all the goods of the earth, while having as its fundamental task -- the liquidation of Christianity!  

So it is!  But what are we told?  We are told that Christ had in mind the inter-relationship of precisely such a State [allegedly merely "irreligious"] and the Church, when He gave His commandment regarding God's and Caesar's.

Obvious nonsense!  Sacrilegious nonsense!  And this is the more so  since it was precisely the re-established Patriarchy with the lips of the Patriarch himself, bolstered by the Sobor which had re-established the Patriarchy, which pronounced anathema against the Soviet government, and, in the person of all agents of this Government, also to the whole civil order which it had established.  Does not this Anathema pend even now over the entire Soviet system?  And who can remove it, if not he Russian Church alone, freed of every dependence upon the Soviet Satanocracy, but in no way that Church, which acknowledges this Satanocracy to be that "Caesar", allegiance to whom is covered with Christ's blessing.  But can such a "Church" even consider itself as belonging to Christ, so long as it recognizes the Soviet Satanocracy as "Caesar"?

That, which is now being offered in the name of universal Church flowering, was that initial lure by which were tempted many after the death of Patriarch Tikhon and which brought the so-called "Sergianstvo" into being: the thought which held as if it were possible to legaliize the Church in a godless State -- in an aggressively godless State.  This lure now rules triumphant throughout the world.  Warring atheism has been acknowledged by free Christianity to be that "Caesar", to whom must be rendered the things that are Caesar's, in order without hinderance to render to God the things that are God's! 

In Austria, under the leadership of Cardinal Koenig, is concentrated work for the coming to terms of Catholicism with atheism.  Through this gloom, the image of Cardinal Mindzenty shines in a consoling light, personifying holy implacability within Catholicism.  He refuses, despite all attempts to convince him otherwise, to recognize "Caesar" in the communist regime, thereby gaining an opportunity to leave for Rome, shaking from his feet the dust of his own country.  This is the only -- as far as one may judge -- serious obstacle within the Roman Church on the road, taken by Pope VI, in the direction of coming to terms with Soviet Evil, which received such a decisive push in the form of a brilliant  reception by the Pope of an official representative of the Soviet Government.

The free world is already the dominion of a false "Christ"

But Catholicism is no longer a separate monolithic power. It has flown into the current of ecumenism, in which both Protestant and Orthodox elements have merged, and for whom the Soviet "Caesar" is unquestionably represented by the Soviet Church, which under the cunning guise of "the things that are God's", shows nothing other than Soviet "things that are Caesar's".   While that fact that such a "Caesar" is concealed under the name of Christ, does not present anything unusual, for, no matter how terrible this may sound, the free world is already the dominion of a substitute, not true, falsified "Christ", hiding the coming Antichrist.  And preparing to meet him is the whole world -- Soviet and free alike -- in the form of unification which has no other meaning than to be ready for such an end.

Insofar as Faith in Falsehood has not yet completely taken over the consciousness of the free world, that breakthrough from behind the Iron Curtain of Faith in Falsehood, embodied in the Open Letter, could even have a saving effect.  For this, it is sufficient to take into consideration out of all the documentation which has become the property of the free world, together with the concrete information about persecution of the faithful, only one thing:   the competent characteristics of the factual activities of the so-called Soviet Church.  There are, within her membership, atheists disguised in cassocks, "assisting" the Soviet "Caesar"; there are within her spiritually-decayed servants of victorious Evil; and there are in her those who but suffer this Evil, understanding the full power of this Evil, but not having the courage to rise up against it in an act of martyrdom.

The documentation which has broken through to the free world does not speak of this, but true martyrdom is arising, of which are capable even those having bowed down before Baal, by force of circumstances led to witness the true Christ.  And insofar as Faith in Falsehood has not yet taken possession of the freeman's consciousness to a satanic degree, these documents, as a veritable triumph call arising  out of the depths of sovietism, can instill but one thing:  the Russian people must be saved -- from soviet oppression, which bears no analogy to anything that was "Caesar's", but is a satanocracy in the truest sense of this terrible world.  And  if the man of the free world understands this, he will also understand the so-called Soviet Church which is now accepted by him as the true Church of Christ, is a falsification, spiritually akin to that falsification which in the free world, in all creeds has no other meaning than to be a threshold before the coming of the Antichrist.

Something is going on in Russia.  The Open Letter is an echo of this.  We do not know under what forms can occur the saving catastrophe which will free Russia from the yoke of communism.  But we know full well that the saving movement, no matter how, where or under what forms it will arise, must lead to a crushing fall of communist power.  Only in this way can the ground be cleared to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.  Otherwise -- there will be but a further and quickening preparation for the acceptance of Antichrist.  Heaven forbid!
Archimandrite Konstantine