After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



√ Note from Fr. Gregory:  If you're not well acquainted with the life of St. Anthony, please be sure to ferret out one of the several excellent books (of which the "premiere" is his Life by St. Athanasius the Great of Alexandria, who knew him -- recently republished by SJKP).

St. Anthony the Great: Life and Teachings
St. Athanasios the Great
Written only a year after St. Anthony's repose by his fellow ascetic, this is certainly the definitive account of his life and struggles. Newly revised and typeset classic translation.
Item# 2819. (DC: D) Saddle-stitched. $7.00 

Work Party at Mountain View next weekend Feb 5/6 with Yura. Thank you for your help!  sok1@optonline.net

√ France Uncomfortable With MP Aggressive Entryism

√ It's nearing time to start comfrey seed indoors.  I still have some seed left, if anyone would like some seeds send me an s.a.s.e. -jh

√ English Service
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Saturday February 12th  starting at 10 a.m.  
Father Macarius will be serving.
Someone to lead a choir would be very welcome!! Singers are needed!!
If you can help, please contact me:
Sub-deacon Ilarion Maharadze Marr
Home fone:  203.312.9595 
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Many Thanks!!

Service for The Meeting of Our Lord

February 15

printed on mylar-reinforced 3-hole punch bond paper

The service can be ordered from SJKP, type Meeting in the search box.  Since the minimum shipping is $5, you might want to look through the catalog for something to add to your order.

It's Official

No more hemming & hawing

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah 
concelebrate at the Epiphany Cathedral on the Epiphany

January 24

Day #40
Fr. Vladimir Anderson
buried at Ft. Bragg

Happy Birthday

to Remnant Rocor/Rocor Refugees blog
started 1/23/08

Poems by Saint Philaret

"I will chant unto my God for as long as I have my being."
Poems written by Saint Philaret (Voznesenskiy).

Love righteousness, ye that be judges of the earth: think of the Lord with a good (heart,) and in simplicity of heart seek him.
Wisdom of Solomon 1:1

King of Heaven
O, King of Heaven, Father of the poor,
Defender of the weak and orphaned,
Have mercy on us and in days of gloom
Deprive us not of Thy bounty!
So hard to live! And so much pain
Around us... And our spirit fails -
Dog-tired of suffering in worldly tribulations
Among temptations and alarms...
You came into this world... The world You gave the word -
the Holy Gospel action word [verb];
But the world searched for a "leader" of another type,
And it failed to follow Thee...
No shine, no pomp, no purple
Didst Thou chose, no royal throne.
Such as Thee the world needs not,
Thou art too meek and humble.
Another will come - with his arrogance,
With treachery and falsehood, evil impudent,
With vicious sneering over holy high,
And over God's truth and goodness.

On the death of a friend
(In memory of hieromonk Methodius)
"With the saints give rest, O Christ, to the soul of thy servant..."
Life was cut... Long since that was
That he lived with us - and he died...
The tumulus took him to in,
And all is grief: "He’s gone from us”...
"He’s gone in full" ... In full ... True,
He is no longer in the bustle,
Amid a world full of injustice...
My friend, my brother – my co-pastor – where are you?
The grave keeps silent... O, silent tumulus...
The flowers only smell sweet.
O Lord! To the bereaved grant power
To endure the grief of loss!
Thou, in Whose hands the breath of life is,
Thou God of peace, of truth and love,
Thou King of the upper, sweetest homeland,
Doth hope revive in us!
Thou knewest the pursuits of his spirit -
To Thee he rushed with all his heart;
Doth accept him in Thine dwellings
And repose him with the saints.
(War of 1940-1945)
A time terrific! A time of test
Has come – as willed by the Creator;
Years pass – but the cup of suffering
We have not drunk up to the end.
In some strange form of sinister nightmare
People are dashing - but there’s no escape;
Kingdoms, and nations in bloody fallow
Are fighting to death, in search of "victories".
Words, doubts trouble the heart:
What happens next? What shall we live on?
In this grief and anguish who shall help
To soothe the soul and to strengthen the spirit?
So in these years of suffering and grief
The lighting lamp is shifted, and the torch is down;
Fiercely rages the sea of life,
All terribly rages - hour on hour.
God’s Truth – always unchanged,
All have forgotten, an idol erected
Peoples are dying, the universe trembles,
In its very foundations the World vacilates...
God Almighty! To Thee we lift up
Our mournful call: have mercy! Forgive!
In Thee Alone we put our trust
To find peace and joy for the soul...
Thy Word - unchanged for ever [and ever],
Thy truth and grace - know no boundaries,
Even in sufferings Thou nurture and save us,
And before Thee we prostrate flat.
Grant us Thy peace! Give us faith of the heart,
So that free from the heavy shackles
We may glorify Thy sweetness unending
Through generations - to generations to come.
For Thine is a state holy,
Thy mercy is a shrine for oppressed
And Thy kingdom, Thy power, Thy glory
Are now and forever and ever and ever! 

Source: "Pillar of Fire. Metropolitan of New York and of Eastern America Philaret (Voznesenskiy) and the Russian Orthodox Church (1964-1985)", - Sankt Petersburg, 2007. Compilation and commentary by nun Kassia (T.A. Senina) 
translated by Vladimir Djambov  2011/1/20

Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting

The trial in Barnaul has ended

On 21 JAN 11, the court in the city of Barnaul heard the case against the Ascension Church and Fr. George Titov and decided in favor of the claimant Fr. Sergey Belyayev.  Fr. George Titov is ordered to hand over the keys to the claimant and not hinder his access to the church premises. 

The claimant declined the court’s decision to accept the keys.
The court considers the matter closed and reiterated its decision forcing Fr. George Titov to allow complete access of the church to the claimant.

The court did not accept any of Fr. George Titov’s claims or evidence.  It should be noted that a young man was present at the first hearing.  When he appeared at the second hearing, inquiries were made and it is possible that he is Denis Klishin, a representative of the FSB office of the Altay region. 

The court’s decision only reaffirmed the decision of Fr. George Titov and his parishioners to leave the MP.  The level of government support of the interests of the Moscow Patriarchate is a testimony to their kinship.

Fr. George Titov

Copyright © 2011 ROCA News. Reprinted with permission from the portal "News ROCA"
reserves the right to revoke permission to use the content of the material at any time.
Note: The priest and his people expected this verdict, and already have their plans to relocate their parish, closer to where most of them live, which is closer to the larger city area. This church building, is actually far away from where they live, and inconvenient anyway. They will build a new church building. Their attitude is very positive. They do not feel, defeated, not at all.
But, such is 'freedom of religion', in  Putin's Russian Federation.

True Story of Ecuadorian Milan “Archbishop”

The True Story of Ecuadorian “Archbishop” who joined the Milan synod last November.  This is of interest to us since ROCA had been considering receiving him before he chose Milan.
The True Story of Ecuadorian “Archbishop” Chrysostomos
By a Clergyman from the Orthodox Church 

I want to comment on several things on the Ecuadorian “Archbishop” Chrysostomos, clarifying that it saddens me to address these issues by email, and it's nothing uplifting to bring out the personal failings of others.  

However this case is certainly painful, but necessary. Certainly, we must not forget that the Church is a Divine institution, the immaculate wife of Christ, the Ark of Salvation, but at the same time it is made and works through human beings, poor sinners. 

Lets’ go in parts. Although painful the story of such "Archbishop" Chrysostomos, with which after all you came across with it. I will tell you as it was in fact, since I have discussed this with Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui, with the American priest who led Xavier Celi to Archbishop Chedraoui, and another Mexican priest who heard the case at first hand: 

His civil name is Gonzalo Xavier Celi Almeida, was born on September 20, 1972 in Quito, Ecuador, from a wealthy family. He is a charismatic person, highly educated, who has had the opportunity to travel throughout most of the world. He joined the Opus Dei, and at 22 years old was a Deacon. He wrote some Lefevre-oriented books on Liturgy, completely filled with images of the liturgy before the Second Vatican Council. He also became famous because he said to “receive messages from the Virgin Mary", etc., for which he asked for huge money donations.  

While being in Ecuador, and as the head of any school or youth group, he was accused of sexual abuse or at least “misconduct” by the children’s parents. 

Later in situations involving shady dealings in financial matters, plus sexual abuses, more hidden work as a "seer" through which he was given large sums of money for alleged divine works, he was defrocked by the Roman Catholic Church with the most severe clerical degradation existing in the Vatican institution.  

To this Xavier Celi fled to Europe, after which he returned disguised as an Orthodox monk, and introduced himself as a "Delegate of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Ecuador and South America." He also said he was ordained a deacon in a Romanian Orthodox monastery in Holland.

This membership in the Romanian Orthodox Church was immediately denied in a document written by His Eminence Nicholas Kondrea, Romanian bishop across America based in the USA. 

Given this ignorance, Xavier Celi Almeida, alias Chrysostomos, deceived the American Antiochian Orthodox priest Stephen  Vanbronkshorst of Michigan, arguing that he still belonged to Romania, but he wanted to become Antiochian, for which he even presented him with a supposed (false) letter signed by bishop Nicholas Kondrea.  

This Father Stephen was the one who sent him to Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui, Xavier Celi arrived with his friend, Nicholas (whose civil name is Christian Camilo Sarabia Carreño, also Ecuadorian), as this is the Archbishop with jurisdiction over Ecuador (although he has no church and no clergy in that country.) Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui made the huge mistake (since he did not know the whole issue of his departure from the Roman Catholic Church and his ignorance of the Romanian Orthodox Church) ordaining him a priest on April 11, 2004 at St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Mexico City, and sent him under his authority to Ecuador to attend the Orthodox community of Arab origin who resides there, by the urgent need to have a priest.  

Well, this man Chrysostomos arrived in Ecuador, far from fulfilling his bishop’s orders he went apparently went to work as the Abbot of a women’s monastery, and in August 2004 he announced to the world that had been "elected" as bishop for Latin America for the Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church (you know the canonical problems there are with all these jurisdictions). This fact prompted Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui to investigate his past, and obtained the evidence of the deception that he had been a victim.  

The alleged "consecration" of Xavier Celi took place in January 2005, although in principle at least one of the bishops who consecrated him did have valid apostolic succession (the other three are doubtful).  Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui upon being informed of his betrayal, evil person, deceit, perversity, etc., defrocked him to the lay state, on February 23, 2005, along with his partner Nicholas (needless to say that it was learned later that they were both gays and were partners).  

Even the edict of excommunication and defrocking is available on the website of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Mexico.  

Therefore, the so-called "Vladika" Chrysostomos IS NOT an Orthodox Bishop for the reason that he was defrocked to the LAY STATE by the bishop who ordained him priest because, in addition to his bad behaviour, he agreed to holy orders by deception and false documents.  

Therefore, he lacks of any authority and power to order subdeacons, deacons, priests, to tonsure monks and nuns, etc.  
Since then he has "established" a community in Ecuador with a view to expanding to other places, fooling many people who allow him.

---∞ ∞ ∞---

An Antiochean Orthodox Church tribunal, in Mexico, 
against 'Archbishop Chrysostom' Xavier Celi, 
(in Spanish original-)

My Spanish is from high school and very limited, but I recognize that this is a disciplinary action.  -jh
February 25, 2005
The Disciplinary Tribunal members have each analyzed the situation of Chrysostomos and Nicholas ... and ... decided to defrock both men of their ecclesiastics and return them to laity.  Their actions are considered illegal, anticanonical, irreconcilable and null.
Signed by 1 Archbishop,  4 Archimandrites and 6 priests.

Here is a Google translation of some text that comes with the Tribunal Decree.  I've highlighted in red a part worth noting.  -jh



As has been previously reported , by the early November 2010 , "The Orthodox Church in Latin America , headed by "Archbishop of Ecuador, Central and South America," Chrysostomos (Objectives) , entered into liturgical communion with "the Holy Synod, Metropolitan paternal PTF Calendar Church of Greece" , which is one of the many branches of the Greek Old Calendar split and headed "Metropolitan Avlonskim and Viotiyskim" Angelos (Anastasia) . For the Orthodox Church in Latin America, "a natural consequence of convergence with the Greek Old Calendarists was the simultaneous establishment of dialogue with "the Holy Synod of Milan" and alternative "Bulgarian Orthodox Church" jurisdiction "Metropolitan" Gervasi , staying in the union with "the Holy Synod, Metropolitan paternal Calendar.

The decision of the meeting "the Holy Synod of paternal Calendar", held November 7, 2010 with the participation of the Primate of the "Holy Synod of Milan" , "Metropolitan" Eulogy (Hessler) , and the Primate of the alternative "Bulgarian Orthodox Church "Metropolitan" Gervasi , "The Orthodox Church in Latin America was adopted in the jurisdiction "of the Holy Synod of paternal Calendar. In this connection, "The Orthodox Church in Latin America" was transformed into the "Orthodox Autonomous Metropolitan Ecuador and Latin America," and "Archbishop" Chrysostomos (Objectives) was granted the title "Metropolitan of Ecuador and Latin America." In addition, the newly established metropolitan included three Latino parish communities, staying until now in the jurisdiction of the "Holy Synod of Milan". The latter allows to judge about the process of forming a new alliance of non-canonical Orthodox Churches, among which is the process of distribution of spheres of influence depending on geographic location.

On the Correct and False Paths for the Church

Orthodox Life 1976

In one emigre monthly journal we read the following:

"Only those in spiritually enslaved Russia may judge the activities of the Moscow Patriarchate.  Here abroad, in the state of religious freedom, we have no right to throw stones at them; we do not have the right to judge..."

The above statement is quite typical.  A certain portion of the emigration, being indoctrinated or even sincerely in ignorance, thinks in such a spirit.  This is almost always said when it wishes to reproach the Russian Church Abroad.

In what does the falsehood of the quotation lie?

Of course, if the matter concerned personal sin of vice we would have no right "to throw stones,"  for we ourselves are not without sin.  But the question concerns the path which the Moscow Patriarchate treads, and we must consciously determine whether such a path is correct or false.  We should do this at least because the existence here abroad of the free part of the Russian Church, i.e. we ourselves, is conditioned to some degree by the enslavement of the official church in the Soviet Union, its false and defiled path, and also by the persecutions on the part of the Moscow Patriarchate of those Russian Orthodox people in our homeland who do not wish to follow the course of that Patriarchate, as well as the harassment -- on every possible occasion -- of our free Russian Church Abroad, now under the leadership of Metropolitan Philaret.

Furthermore the question of judging anyone does not arise.  We must condemn evil and point out why we ourselves do not wish to follow this evil as well as its consequences.  Thus, for example, though we do not judge the drunkard himself, we are obligated to point out the sinfulness of drunkenness even if we ourselves are not enslaved to alcohol.   Many think that the right to judge belongs to a free Church in Russia someday, which will judge it is finds it necessary.  But the emancipation of the Russian Church is a matter of the future.  At the present time it is imperative to adopt a stand regarding the Moscow patriarchate, to know if its path tends towards salvation or not, for this concerns us.

Few know that the history of the Orthodox Church already contains comparable cases, which were judged by the Church.  That which the Moscow Patriarchate does now was definitely condemned then.

"It is impossible to defend the Church by falsehood" -- this is the meaning of the decisions and judgment of the Church in the first centuries of Christianity.

One of the contemporary confessions of the Orthodox Faith in the Soviet Union proclaims precisely the same thing.  Doubtless  its writer was unaware of the decisions of the Christian Church in the first century, yet he arrived at this by observing the practical results of the "Soviet Church."

"Is the accommodation of the Orthodox Church in the Soviet Union salutary?  It is manifestly apparent that it not only is not, but, on the contrary, has furthered the loss of genuine freedom of conscience and the transmutation of the church administration into an obedient tool of the atheistic powers.  It is impossible to defend the Church by falsehood.  Compromise shows lack of faith -- lack of faith in the power and providence of God.  Compromise is not compatible with true Christianity, since its foundation is a lie..."  [Boris Talantov, who died in prison in the city of Kirov, U.S.S.R. January 4, 1971].

When the daily service to one or another saint is served in Church, or that saint is praised and glorified in church hymnography, the Church is indicating, of course, that his life is an example we should imitate.  Yet, on the other hand, it is possible to encounter in church hymnology the condemnation of persons whose evil path we ought not to tread.  [For example, Judas and his evil, the self-praising Pharisee, Herod who murdered the Forerunner because of his oath, etc.]  They are all condemned by the texts of the divine services.  St. Andrew of Crete expresses this well in the conclusion of his Great Canon:  "I have reviewed Moses' account of the creation of the world, O my soul, and then all the scriptures of the covenant which tell you the story of the righteous and the unrighteous.  But you, O my soul, have imitated the latter and not the former, and have sinned against God" [Ode IX, tr. 2].  "I bring before you examples from the New Scriptures, O my soul, to call you to compunction.  So emulate the righteous and avoid following the sinners, and regain Christ's grace by prayers, fasts, purity and reverence" [Ode IX, tr.4].

Then, too there is the account of the suffering of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste.  Church hymnology glorifies the struggle of these saints and condemns in the same service the soldier who chose to escape martyrdom.  And when we perform this service we repeat the Church's condemnation.  We know then how we must act in the case of the Moscow Patriarchate, though perhaps standing in church at the present time we are not suffering from cold as was the soldier.  In extreme situations we ourselves might exhibit weakness and might be afraid of martyrdom.  But, nevertheless, the correct way and the false way must be clear to all.  We are obliged to speak out and must know where the truth is and where is falsehood, regardless of the state in which we are living.  For this is not a pointless issue, but one which is essential for us all to decide correctly.

Translated from Orthodox Russia, 1967, No. 7.
Original source:  The Messenger of the Western
European Diocese of the Russian Church Abroad,
March 1976


√ Nativity photo of our Moscow parish & Nativity video from our Brotherhood in Pskov.  Scroll to 19/01/1911. Yuletide in the Moscow parish in honor of Novosvyaschennomuchenika Joseph of Petrograd (okormljaet Priest Valery Leonichev
To learn more about the Brotherhood visit Archbishop Sofrony's website, link is in the sidebar under ROCA Websites

√  St. Philaret's poems

Panihida Eugene

A Panihida will take place to commemorate
 the 2nd anniversary of
Dr. Eugene Magyrovsky
Colonel General Staff Army Intelligence USA
Sunday, January 23
12:00 PM
Held on behalf of the widow, daughter and friends
and by
Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
The Association of Russian-American Scholars in the USA
The Russian Expert Commission Abroad

MEMORY ETERNAL!  VECHNAYA PAMYAT! to Eugene Magerovsky, a great fighter for the truth, and against that false 'union' of the Church Abroad, with the KGB controlled/enslaved , 'Moscow Patriarchy'. MAY he rest with the saints!

Remembering Eugene

Dr. Magerovsky January 18, 2009†

From Dr. Magerovsky's Revniteli Journal:

First we have a letter from a convert [guess who?] answering questions from someone about the purpose of the Sobor V.
Next we have a comment from "Anonymous"
And lastly, we have Dr. Magerovsky's answer to "Anonymous"

Subject: About Your Questions/Points to Me Recently, -Etc. 
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 01:55:11 -0700 
Monday Oct. 21/Nov. 3-ns, 2008 

Dear ___, 

Well, in our recent phone conversation you brought up a number of questions. Normally one's parish priest should be able to answer a number of those questions. 

Perhaps, if you email our Fr. Victor Dobroff (Secretary to Vladyka Andronik)), with a concise list of your basic questions, he might be able to point you in the right direction. He is more fluent in Russian, but he can also respond in English. His main problem, is that he is a super busy man. He has a secular job to support his family, for one problem of his time. 

Why not ask him : what is the purpose of our upcoming Sobor V?
I know, that it has nothing to do with .....previous hopes .....of (somehow!) ...uniting all anti-MP people/jurisdictions. That is totally impossible! , even if we had an Orthodox Emperor to by his force, to convene such a "Land-Sobor". 

NOBODY CAN! BRING TOGETHER INTO ONE CHURCH ADMINISTRATION ....All the fragment groups or people. That cannot EVER happen! Nor, should it happen, as there are plenty of those folks who are, not Orthodox in their beliefs or practices. But, sure, the one thing that 'we' have in common, is our anti-MP positions, and upon that, ... individual people CAN work together, I believe. 

Our Sobor V is to continue with our church's organization and it's strengthening, so that we can better serve Orthodoxy and God.  Our Vladyka Agafangel ....as with our other bishops, do not have the POWER to force anyone to join us,  nor do our bishops have the authority to FORCE these other 'fragment' groups, to obey Orthodox canons (which means: most of them have ZERO valid episcopates, hence our church CANNOT 'unite' with them,) ...it is THEY who must find a way to obey Orthodox canons and Faith. Thus, all that you or I CAN do, is to ...on our local parish level, make individual laity from those groups ...to feel that we LOVE them, and that they should not be afraid to come and be with us, and to eat with us ...i.e. Christian Hospitality, etc. 

Vl. Agafangel ...nevertheless, has tried and tried and tried, to reach out a hand of friendship to all. His hand has been burned by many of them (i.e. their clergy). 

This recent reception into our church of those two catacomb bishops/their flocks, is PROOF that Vl. Agafangel IS TRYING to reach out. 

Tikhon Pasechnik and all of his sub-'bishops' do not possess valid consecrations, mainly (but not exclusively, the sole reason being because that they are invalid bishops) because of their schism's founder, the validly-deposed "Abp". Lazar Zhurbenko, who. ...created TWO! schisms, after he was deposed by our ROCOR. Tikhon Pasechnik is his successor. (and possessing no valid consecration).

Two of Tikhon Pasechnik's bishops, a Dionisy and an Iriney....have petitioned to our Vl. Agafangel to come into our church. This matter, Vl. Agafangel has stated he wishes to bring up at our coming Sobor V. Again, this is but MORE proof, that our Vl. Agafangel is trying! to bring together as many AS HE CAN/BY ORTHODOX CANONS. 

Regarding your question to me: No! there is no indication that Tikhon Pasechnik has requested our church (ie Vl. Agafangel) to attend our Sobor V, ...or...that his request has been turned down. His church last weekend had THEIR sobor in their Odessa cathedral....and they did not invite our bishops, for one point.(but they, being not a valid church, were almost certain that our bishops would not attend!) 

But as to why! anyone would think such a strange thing, I do not know. To me, it sounds like just more criticisms of our Vl. Agafangel, from our rivals, the Pasechnik crowd. Beware of believing what they say! That group, ie their clerical-structure, is NOT a valid Orthodox church! But, our ROCA is! 

Of course, it would be wonderful, if SOMEHOW (by magic?) that group COULD be made...right. Perhaps YOU have such a magic-wand that would make it all....right? I do not. 

For now, all that we CAN do, is to keep our church's doors open, to individuals of their clergy and laity....who choose themselves, to come into our church, in a canonical way, and thus to be obedient to our lawful canonical bishops. In some cases, that means their 'bishops' being re-consecrated by our bishops. 
Oh well, I will end for now, as you won't have the time at your work, to read much more. 

Be careful, _____, who or what you believe about these controversial church issues, as our church is being attacked by many liars, and also many well-intentioned folks are...confused as to the real facts. 

To my studied understanding and belief: our Vladyka Agafangel is the SOLE lawful/canonical continuation of the Russian Church Abroad. There is no other! 
Peace to you! 

28.11.2008 9:55 am UTC ( link )
The Agaphangalites and Tikhonites are competing for power and this "hand of friendship" you talk about comes with the condition that the Tikhonites recognize their own uncanonical status. Well, the Agaphangalites should do the same. Nobody wants to walk the hard long road of sorting out ROCOR and MP real issues. Instead, the T's and A's sit back and say, "when you're done doing the hard work, then we'll join back in and claim credit for preserving the church." 
It's not you who saves the church, it's the church that saves you. Be part of the solution, not just another problem. Within the two year anniversary of the Unification, mark my words, there will be more schisms in both the T's and A's. That must mean something is far from right in your path

First of all, you are approaching the problem with a non-Orthodox mind. You have a purely "Western", I'd say, power-polital approach to, regrettably, a purely Orthodox problem, clearly defined by Orthodox canon law. It is utterly impossible, from an Orthodox standpoint, to merge - and even ecclesiastically converse - with a schismatic or a "noncanonical" church entity. This RULES OUT any "conversations" between the "Agathangelites" and the rest of the non-canonical "motley crew", that comprises all the other "uncanonical" pseudo-Orthodox "church entities" both in the Russian Federation as well as in the United States. To us, the "Agathangelites" posess the only unbroken continuity from our Holy Patriarch Tikhon who has in the Land Sobor of 1917-18 inherited the mantle of the Imperial Holy Russian Orthodox Graeco-Cephalic Church, dating to 988-989 AD. This "unbroken continuity" is both in regard to the continuity of the Church establishment, as well as the "apostolic continuity of consecrations" of our bishops, which ascend to Byzantium. That is the most holy thing that we possess and nothing shall force us to part with it, simply to become no longer canonical because of our resultant free-will association with con-canonic entities.

Repose of Alexandra Lukianovna Reshetnikova

We regret to inform you that our longstanding parishioner Alexandra Luikianovna Reshetnikova reposed in her sleep early Sunday morning, 16 January.  Her family would like to inform her St. Xenia parishioners and friends of the following schedule:

Monday 17 January
7:00 pm   Panikhida / Memorial Service. St Xenia Cathedral

Tuesday 18 January  - Eve of Theophany / Navecherie
8:00 am   Royal Hours, Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, Great Blessing of the Waters
11:00 am  Funeral, St Xenia Cathedral
1:30 pm    Burial, Beechwood Cemetery (via main entrance, 280 Beechwood Ave)
2:00 pm    Wake / Pominki Beechwood Cemetery, Reception Building

Vechnaya Pamyats / Everlasting Memory

Fr. Oleg Mironov

Parish Community Events Bulletin
Blessed Saint Xenia of Petersburg
Russian Orthodox Cathedral
2 Colchester Square
OTTAWA Ontario K2K 2W9

Colorful Quote of the Day

Colorful Quote of the Day

[this refers to a certain arrogant, self-centered,
and deluded internet personality]

"... let him consign himself, to the dustbin of history, and to some freak sideshow of a traveling circus, which is in our town today, and has hit the road, on the 'morrow - going to parts unknown ..."

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

from Joanna's notepad
misc. quotes from the internet...

It's about control.  They threaten to complain to your superiors about you, or to have you arrested, or to sue you; and they are very capable of carrying out their threats, they will self-destruct and burn bridges (example: divorce) to prove their point.

NPD's hate people who ignore them or laugh at them, who see through them. They will become aggressive, ... NPDs who are in Narcissistic rage, angry at being unmasked. I have never seen a NPD give up a source of supply willingly [a supply source is someone who gives them attention/servitude].  

A NPD on a rampage is dangerous, they are calculating and vengeful - any slight they feel they have suffered has to be punished. Think of how a spoiled child acts and you will understand NPD rage.

Just don't think you can win by playing by their rules - they make up the rules to their games.  The Narcissist will fight you tooth and nail to win.  They will never forgive you for besting them. 

... warning signs such as a persistent and recurrent inability to get along with all coworkers; a domineering sense of entitlement; unrealistic and grandiose fantasies; requiring excessive attention; responding with rage to criticism or disagreement; exploitativeness; lack of empathy. Pathological narcissism rarely manifests in a first encounter—but is invariably revealed later on.

"These people can come on as confident and attractive, but you don't see the negative parts of their personalities until later," said Keith Campbell, assistant professor of psychology at UGA. "It doesn't seem possible that they can betray a relationship as flagrantly as they can. But they do."

Give a narcissist a microphone and they will hog it. 

Narcissists like to associate with important, rich or famous people [or bishops?]

Charming, arrogant, snob, name dropper, shallow, sly, self serving, assertive, socially poised, confident, hero, hero worshiper, bully, actor, verbose, cliquish, controlling, stud, unfaithful, born leader, brain, charismatic, conniving, convincing, living in fantasy world, vain, superior, arrogant, brash, ego centric, unpleasant, condescending, power-seeking, devious, patronizing, nasty spoiled kid, impeccable manners, offish, driven, innovative, disruptive, jealous, clannish, cliquish, gossipy, best friend, worst enemy, effusive, complimentary, critical, back stabbing, selfish, self centered, self important, spotlight hog, ignores other people's feelings, know it all, bully, liar, manipulator, always right, never apologizes, spoiled, intelligent, demands immediate recognition and service, preferential treatment, throws tantrums, over bearing, can switch from being super nice to nasty in a second, acts like a queen or princess if a woman, or like a super macho if a man, Fame junkies. They are obsessed with the fantasy of unlimited success, power, brilliance and ideal love and beauty. They only associate with important people. They lack affect, they often look into mirrors...

Some narcissists use lawsuits as a form of communication. Say "No" to a narcissist enough times by word and/or deed (especially when you are right and telling the truth) and if you refuse to comply to his outrageous demands, he/she will sue you. The narcissist must always get his way. There are narcissists equipped with small armies of attorneys who are ready at any time to initiate a legal suit against their "enemies." Narcissists are infamous for hiring legal experts who will find the precise loophole that they can use to destroy your valid case against them. When you try to fight this, they threaten to counter sue, knowing there is no way that you cannot afford to lawyer-up sufficiently to win your case. This is a stark injustice but true. 

Limit your interactions with narcissists. This is quite a challenge; we live in a world populated by a growing number of  these personality disorders. Assess if the narcissist you are dealing with has a history of  initiating unjust lawsuits. Learn how to skillfully identify the narcissistic personality so you know the kind of individual you have on your hands. If you must respond to a narcissist through the legal system, be sure that your attorney is not only highly experienced in a specific area of the law, but in addition has solid knowledge of and experience in dealing with narcissistic personalities

Salvation or Prosperity?

Fr. Gregory says:  we use the original prayer here as prescribed:  on Sundays except on Great Feasts, their fore- and after-feasts, and during the Paschal period.  The text of the prayer may be found in the little Divine Liturgy book SJKP publishes (there are some alterations in current printings of the Jordanville Horologion -jh]

Original Prayer for the salvation of Russia 
This prayer was established by the decision of the first Council of the Russian Church abroad in 1921, in Sremske Karlovce, Yugoslavia, to be read at the Divine Liturgy instead of the prayer for the Emperor (introduced after the martyr's death of the Emperor Alexander II, murdered by terrorists). After that, with slight changes, it has been read by the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad for more than 77 years now. 
Below follows the original text of the prayer. 
Deacon: Let us pray to the Lord.
Choir: Lord have mercy.
Priest, in the altar: O Lord Jesus Christ our God:
Accept from us, Thine unworthy servants, this fervent supplication, and,
having forgiven us all our sins, remember all our enemies
that hate and wrong us, and render not unto them according to their deeds,
but according to Thy great mercy convert them:
the unbelieving to true faith and piety,
and the believing that they may turn away from evil and do good. 
By Thine all-powerful might, mercifully deliver all of us and Thy holy Church from every evil circumstance. 
Free our Russian Land from the cruel godless ones and their power and raise the holy Orthodox Russia; 
hearken unto the painful cry of Thy
faithful servants who cry unto Thee day and night
in tribulation and sorrow, O our most merciful God,
and lead their life out of corruption. 
Grant peace and tranquility, love and steadfastness, and
swift reconciliation to Thy people,
whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy precious Blood. 
But unto them that have departed from Thee and seek Thee not, be Thou manifest,
that not one of them perish, but that all of them be saved and come to the knowledge of Thy truth,
that all in harmonious oneness of mind and unceasing love may glorify Thy most holy name,
O patient-hearted Lord Who art quick to forgive,
unto the ages of ages. Amen. 

 -----∞ ∞ ∞-----

This is what the ROCOR/MP composed to replace the true Prayer for Russia's  salvation!
Prayer for the Prosperity of the Russian Orthodox Church
On May 13, 2008, the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia adopted the Prayer for the Prosperity of the Church of Russia, to be read during Divine Liturgy on the Ascension of the Lord; and, as desired, on the feast day of All Russian Saints; the feast days of St Vladimir, St Olga and especially-venerated Russian saints. This prayer replaces the Prayer for the Salvation of Russia.
O Lord Jesus Christ our God, accept from us, Thine unworthy servants, these words of thanksgiving: for Thou hast given unity to the Church of Russia and transformed into joy the greatly painful cry of Thy  servants. 
Hearken now to our supplication: Bring Thine own laborers unto the harvest, that the Church may not lack good pastors to enlighten so great a multitude of those who have not been taught the Faith or have fallen away therefrom.
Instill obedience to Thee in those who govern, and justice and mercy in  their judgments; compassion in the rich, and long-suffering in the weak:  
that in our land the kingdom of  Christ may thus grow and increase, and that Thou, O God Who art wondrous in Thy saints, may be  glorified therein.  
Unto those who are led astray by heresies and schisms, who have fallen away from  Thee or seek Thee not, show Thyself forth as almighty, that not one of them may perish, but that all of  us may be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth: that all, in harmonious oneness of mind and  constant love, may glorify Thy most honored name, O kind and patient-hearted Lord, unto the ages of ages. 
submitted by Andrew

Is Met. Evloghios of Milan Synod a Mason?


Is Met. Evloghios of Milan Synod a Mason?

---∞ ∞ ∞---

Concerning Hessler's affiliation to the masonry we can say the follow: 

There are certain persons who have seen documents which proof the membership of Hessler in the masonry. His environnement is typical. The foundations of the so-called knightly pseudo-orders in Italy and Germany, the so-called "Konstantins order." His closest friend was a magician of the Sun-Templar-Order in France and Italy, Gregorio Baccolini, formerly a Roman Catholic Benedictin priest-monk, after being a Methodist, and after being a Benedictin, and after 1945 with the Sergianiste Moscow Patriarchate, after with Auxentios Pastras of Greece, with the false Church of Portugal (always together with Hessler, his friend), working in a esoteric bookshop in Torino  (with a violet Collar!)  
[This information is given by an eye-witness to the bookstore and the violet collar]

---∞ ∞ ∞---

Is the Metropolitan Evloghios of the Milan Synod a Mason?

Apparently this question was brought up in the past.  For those who were not present on the internet, or were not paying attention for some reason or other to this particular subject, this report attempts to briefly reconstruct the accusation and the supporting evidence.  

In this report are basically two things:

1.  An undated written accusation levied against Metropolitan Evloghios by his former-fellow bishop Michel [aka Monsignor Michel].  It has never been translated from French into good English, as far as I know.  But we do have a summary of this paper in English, which is below in this report.  There is a Google translation of this paper in the previous post on this blog.

2.  A detailed summary in English of a letter that Met. Evloghios himself wrote in German introducing himself to the German masons in 1989.

The issue of Met. Evologhios being a mason seems to be mysteriously unresolved.    Most all evidences have been removed from the internet.  The supporting links are to pages that no longer exist.  No explanation.  No recanting, no corrections, no apologies - just silence. 

Does it matter, anyway, if Metropolitan Evologhios is a mason or not?  We at this blog think not.  The fact that Metropolitan Evloghios spent 17 years under Nikodim is already more than enough reason to distrust this Milan group.  Nikodim is now known to have been a secret Roman Catholic and a KGB agent code-named "Adamant."

Knowing about Met. Evloghios' history with Nikodim, is it any surprise that Met. Evloghios is a mason?  And further, is it any surprise that he denies being a mason?


Sept 5, 2001
Dear List, 

Here is the evidence that Evloghios of Milan, the primate of the so-called 
"Autonomous" Synod of Milan, is a Freemason. I am only providing the 
evidence. All can judge for themselves. 

The Tomos of "Autonomy" that the Milan Synod uses, was actually never given 
to the Synod of Milan. It was rather given to the Synod of Lisbon. All the 
bishops of the Synod of Lisbon eventually joined the Church of Poland 
(Evloghios is the one who sent the petition to Poland on behalf of his 
Synod!) But Evloghios changed his mind at the last minute, and joined the 
Cyprianites instead. He then left the Cyprianites after a while, and together 
with another bishop formed a new Synod, that of Milan, and used the Autonomy 
granted to Lisbon (another Synod!) as a means to declare themselves 
"Autonomous!" Simply put: the position of the Milan Synod doesn't make sense! 

But getting to the point, here is the evidence of why Evloghios of Milan is 

1. Mr. David Robert Wooten, a member of Evlgohios of Milan's Masonic Order,   
displays the following letter on his personal homepage: 

2. Bishop Michel, a former French bishop of the Milan Synod admits all of the 
secrets regarding his former ecclesiastical head, Evloghios of Milan. At the 
bottom of this page there is a photograph of Evloghios of Milan together with 
other members of his Masonic Order, at a meeting at their Masonic Lodge: 

The two articles on this page are in French and German. Patrick Barrett has 
attempted to give us the "gist" of whatever is written in French, whereas he 
has given a reasonably good translation whatever writing is originally in 
German. Patrick Barrett writes, helping us understand what is written in the 
foreign languages: 

Summary of the accusation made by Bp./Mnsgr. Michel
as of 1/15/11 one link still works in the web archives, but the photos have been removed

French is a very difficult language for me, and I won't attempt a 
translation, but the gist of it is: 

1) Metr. Evloghios is a freemason, and the decisions of the Milan 
Synod are made at Masonic lodge meetings, with Masonic bishops 
and others -- including non-Orthodox -- participating. 

2) Metr. Evloghios signed an agreement in Portugal not to participate 
in freemasonry, but has betrayed that promise. 

3) He wears his koukoul in Masonic ceremonies. 

4) Contrary to claims, the Milan Synod is not in communion with 
any of the Ukrainian jurisdictions. (Here Mnsgnr. Michel Laroche is 
obviously answering outdated claims.) 

This #4 I find amusing.  Apparently the Milan synod has a chronic habit of
 trying to make it appear they have connections to other jurisdictions 
that they do not have.  The very reason I have taken it upon myself to do 
this report, is because this Milan synod is today trying to appear "cozy" 
with our ROCA.  And before they go ahead any further with this agenda, 
I want us to back up and re-examine the history. -jh

Soon later:  

These charges have been denied at http://www.rusjournal.com/matthewites.html
Bishop Michel had been deposed by the Milan Synod and wrote the above in an attempt to defame Archbishop Eulogius.

This page is left up because of the following:
1. There were some allegations by the Matthewites that appear to be credible made at: http://www.genuineorthodoxchurch.net/acaciansmilan.html.
2. A request was made to the Matthewites to remove the above page from their site. Their response was that they had previously investigated the claims of Freemasonry and found them to be valid, but in the interests of peace would remove the above article if the Milanites could produce a document signed by Archbishop Evloghios stating that he was not a Freemason.

3. The response by the Milanites was that it would do no good for the Metropolitan to officially deny his masonic involvement, and that it is easy to forge documents and thus the documents prove nothing.

All the Matthewites are asking for is an official statement from Evloghios stating that he is personally not a Freemason. This seems reasonable, and it would end this whole dispute.

Summary of the letter Met. Evloghios wrote to the German masons

The quality of the graphic images is very poor; we seem to be 
looking at scans of photocopies, and the size is much reduced. 
I couldn't even give you an accurate transcription of the English, 
much less an accurate translation of the German. But the letter 
appears to be from Metropolitan Evloghios to "The Most Enlighted 
National Great Master, Brother Manfred Chermann" in Berlin, and 
is dated 7 September 1989 at Milan. The gist of it is: 

1) I wanted to write and introduce myself to you. I'm Orthodox 
Archbishop of Milan, born in Westphalia. I've been in Milan for 
17 years, first as a pastor of the Russian Orthodox Church. Since 
1984 I've been Bishop, and since 1985 Archbishop, on the throne 
of St. Ambrose. 

2) I've been a freemason for a good 13 years. At first I was a member 
of the brotherhood of an irregularly-constituted Grand Lodge, and later, 
in the year [this looks like 1904 to me, but it must be 1984], I became 
a member of the regular French National Grand Lodge. After the affair 
of "Propaganda die" [I have no idea what this is. He says something 
about "this Schrist" or maybe "this publication" or maybe "this 
step", and something about Italian freemasonry being overshadowed.] 

3) In our French Grand Lodge we will soon be following the Scottish Rite 
in Italian, and I have spoken with [some kind of Brother] of the Italian 
Brotherhood, offering to work together. 

4) In my mission diocese there is a small parish in Berlin and another 
one in Stockholm, of which Brother Manfred [I can't make out the last 
name] of your lodge "Victor by the Golden Hammer" is the Ipodiakon 
[I don't know what that is] of my jurisdiction and will, if God wills, be 
ordained a deacon in October or November. My pastoral duties often 
take me to Germany, and I would like to visit your lodge in Berlin. I 
would be very pleased if it could be permitted that my second 
membership [or fellowship] could be proposed in your august [or 
reverend] Lodge; naturally, only if you approve of this move. 

5) In this post I am sending you two brochures about our Church, which 
is united to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. [Something about a pleasure 
to meet the addressee] and greet you, giving you a threefold brotherly kiss. 

6) [Signed] Brother Evloghios Klauss Hessler, Archbishop of Milan. 

The above is just a rough approximation of the letter. There follows a 
copy of a membership card in English, a certificate in French and 
English, and a photo of what appears to be Metropolitan Evloghios 
at a lodge meeting. 


In Christ, 


It all comes down to whom you believe. Bishop
Michel probably has an axe to grind, but I don't
think Mr. Wooten does.

To be frank about it, I do believe that Metropolitan
Evloghios is a crank and most likely a freemason,
but I'm willing to accept the fact that there may
be a reasonable doubt about his freemasonry. Given
the canonical position of the Milan Synod, or rather
the lack of any canonical position, there's not
really any need to go into the question of freemasonry.

More to the point is Stavros' note about the
fact that the Tomos of Autonomy was not in fact
given to the Synod of Milan but to the Synod
of Lisbon. (That had completely slipped my mind;
I wish I had Stavros' power of recall.)

I maintain that Archbishop Auxentios [who gave the Milan synod its first Tomos -jh] was never in fact the canonical Archbishop of Athens or the canonical president of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece and that none of his official acts have any canonical force. 

Even if Archbishop Auxentios had been the canonical
Archbishop of Athens, it is at best questionable
whether this tomos, issued independently of the
Auxentian synod, would have any canonical force.

And finally, as Stavros points out, there is the
fact that the tomos was given not to Metropolitan
Evloghios and the Synod of Milan, but to Metropolitan
Gabriel Rosha and the Synod of Lisbon. Thus, the
Synod of Milan must make a rather questionable claim
to being the heir of a jurisdiction that was highly
questionable in the first place.

Even if there were a canonical basis for the tomos,
and even if the tomos had been granted to the Synod
of Milan, the fact remains that the Synod of Milan
has not fulfilled the conditions of the tomos. The
tomos requires the bishops of the Metropolia to
attend the meetings of the Greek synod and to remain
subject to the Greek synod. The only Greek synod
with which Milan has any relations is the parasynagogue
of Maximos, and it is manifestly not subject to that

All we have here is a worthless tomos that is not
applicable to Milan in any case. One hopes that in
due time the unquestionably fine Milanese bishops
and clergy in the U.S. will find their way to a better

Patrick Barrett


Re: Metr. Evloghios and his koukoul agian

Hi Patrick,

I checked the link below and I found out that there are two errors in
the typed text (syntaxe).

My French is excellent !

Now, even if these errors are an omission, or typographical errors,
nonetheless, the typed text leaves questions as to the source.

(i think it's a non- French speaking person and why would they
choose to write in the French language).

Any other information as to the site, or the scanned texts ?


--- In orthodox-tradition@egroups.com, pwrbarrett@a... wrote:

Dear ones,
A post on the Indiana list has drawn my attention to the following web page:

It has a very brief article by "Mgr. Michel Laroche", who as far as I have been able to find out is the "Archbishop of France, recognized by the Kiev Patriarchate." Whether that means "Patriarch Filaret" or "Patriarch Dmitri," or whether that information (such as it is) is even current, I couldn't tell you.

[French is a very difficult language for me, and I won't attempt a translation, but the gist of it is: 
... same text as above ...
a copy of a membership card in English, a certificate in French and English, and a photo of what appears to be Metropolitan Evloghios at a lodge meeting.]

This page appears on a website entitled "Episcopi Vagantes"; it's
not clear to me who the webmaster is.

If the information presented is correct, it means that Metr.
Evloghios and some of his bishops and clergy are Masons, that he was a Mason before his consecration and agreed to leave the Masons, but lied about it, and as late as 1989 was pursuing further involvement with a lodge in Germany. Not a very pretty picture.

Does anyone have any further information about this?

Patrick Barrett


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> January 1, 2000
> A Most Happy & Blessed New Year to all List Members!
> Greetings in the Name of the Lord from Germany!
 Here is a Link to some interesting pictures of Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan and his flock in England. (Signs of Ecumenism & Western
> Sincerely & Prayerfully
> with every best wishes, warm-hearted regards
> and Much Love in Christ,
> <<< Ilija-Elias >>>


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> Now THAT is interesting! A hybrid of east and west: a western-rite mitred archpriest wearing a western episcopal mitre, a western chasuble, a jewelled pectoral cross of the sort awarded to Russian clergy, standing in front of the beautiful gates of an iconstasis!
> AA in O
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> > Here is a Link ....


Joanna Higginbotham said...
Here can you see the entanglement of these Templars and the masonry. Baccolini was in his library "Tesauretto"
(=little treasure!.in Torino.


Joanna Higginbotham said...