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True Story of Ecuadorian Milan “Archbishop”

The True Story of Ecuadorian “Archbishop” who joined the Milan synod last November.  This is of interest to us since ROCA had been considering receiving him before he chose Milan.
The True Story of Ecuadorian “Archbishop” Chrysostomos
By a Clergyman from the Orthodox Church 

I want to comment on several things on the Ecuadorian “Archbishop” Chrysostomos, clarifying that it saddens me to address these issues by email, and it's nothing uplifting to bring out the personal failings of others.  

However this case is certainly painful, but necessary. Certainly, we must not forget that the Church is a Divine institution, the immaculate wife of Christ, the Ark of Salvation, but at the same time it is made and works through human beings, poor sinners. 

Lets’ go in parts. Although painful the story of such "Archbishop" Chrysostomos, with which after all you came across with it. I will tell you as it was in fact, since I have discussed this with Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui, with the American priest who led Xavier Celi to Archbishop Chedraoui, and another Mexican priest who heard the case at first hand: 

His civil name is Gonzalo Xavier Celi Almeida, was born on September 20, 1972 in Quito, Ecuador, from a wealthy family. He is a charismatic person, highly educated, who has had the opportunity to travel throughout most of the world. He joined the Opus Dei, and at 22 years old was a Deacon. He wrote some Lefevre-oriented books on Liturgy, completely filled with images of the liturgy before the Second Vatican Council. He also became famous because he said to “receive messages from the Virgin Mary", etc., for which he asked for huge money donations.  

While being in Ecuador, and as the head of any school or youth group, he was accused of sexual abuse or at least “misconduct” by the children’s parents. 

Later in situations involving shady dealings in financial matters, plus sexual abuses, more hidden work as a "seer" through which he was given large sums of money for alleged divine works, he was defrocked by the Roman Catholic Church with the most severe clerical degradation existing in the Vatican institution.  

To this Xavier Celi fled to Europe, after which he returned disguised as an Orthodox monk, and introduced himself as a "Delegate of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Ecuador and South America." He also said he was ordained a deacon in a Romanian Orthodox monastery in Holland.

This membership in the Romanian Orthodox Church was immediately denied in a document written by His Eminence Nicholas Kondrea, Romanian bishop across America based in the USA. 

Given this ignorance, Xavier Celi Almeida, alias Chrysostomos, deceived the American Antiochian Orthodox priest Stephen  Vanbronkshorst of Michigan, arguing that he still belonged to Romania, but he wanted to become Antiochian, for which he even presented him with a supposed (false) letter signed by bishop Nicholas Kondrea.  

This Father Stephen was the one who sent him to Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui, Xavier Celi arrived with his friend, Nicholas (whose civil name is Christian Camilo Sarabia Carreño, also Ecuadorian), as this is the Archbishop with jurisdiction over Ecuador (although he has no church and no clergy in that country.) Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui made the huge mistake (since he did not know the whole issue of his departure from the Roman Catholic Church and his ignorance of the Romanian Orthodox Church) ordaining him a priest on April 11, 2004 at St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Mexico City, and sent him under his authority to Ecuador to attend the Orthodox community of Arab origin who resides there, by the urgent need to have a priest.  

Well, this man Chrysostomos arrived in Ecuador, far from fulfilling his bishop’s orders he went apparently went to work as the Abbot of a women’s monastery, and in August 2004 he announced to the world that had been "elected" as bishop for Latin America for the Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church (you know the canonical problems there are with all these jurisdictions). This fact prompted Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui to investigate his past, and obtained the evidence of the deception that he had been a victim.  

The alleged "consecration" of Xavier Celi took place in January 2005, although in principle at least one of the bishops who consecrated him did have valid apostolic succession (the other three are doubtful).  Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui upon being informed of his betrayal, evil person, deceit, perversity, etc., defrocked him to the lay state, on February 23, 2005, along with his partner Nicholas (needless to say that it was learned later that they were both gays and were partners).  

Even the edict of excommunication and defrocking is available on the website of the Antiochian Archdiocese of Mexico.  

Therefore, the so-called "Vladika" Chrysostomos IS NOT an Orthodox Bishop for the reason that he was defrocked to the LAY STATE by the bishop who ordained him priest because, in addition to his bad behaviour, he agreed to holy orders by deception and false documents.  

Therefore, he lacks of any authority and power to order subdeacons, deacons, priests, to tonsure monks and nuns, etc.  
Since then he has "established" a community in Ecuador with a view to expanding to other places, fooling many people who allow him.

---∞ ∞ ∞---

An Antiochean Orthodox Church tribunal, in Mexico, 
against 'Archbishop Chrysostom' Xavier Celi, 
(in Spanish original-)

My Spanish is from high school and very limited, but I recognize that this is a disciplinary action.  -jh
February 25, 2005
The Disciplinary Tribunal members have each analyzed the situation of Chrysostomos and Nicholas ... and ... decided to defrock both men of their ecclesiastics and return them to laity.  Their actions are considered illegal, anticanonical, irreconcilable and null.
Signed by 1 Archbishop,  4 Archimandrites and 6 priests.

Here is a Google translation of some text that comes with the Tribunal Decree.  I've highlighted in red a part worth noting.  -jh



As has been previously reported , by the early November 2010 , "The Orthodox Church in Latin America , headed by "Archbishop of Ecuador, Central and South America," Chrysostomos (Objectives) , entered into liturgical communion with "the Holy Synod, Metropolitan paternal PTF Calendar Church of Greece" , which is one of the many branches of the Greek Old Calendar split and headed "Metropolitan Avlonskim and Viotiyskim" Angelos (Anastasia) . For the Orthodox Church in Latin America, "a natural consequence of convergence with the Greek Old Calendarists was the simultaneous establishment of dialogue with "the Holy Synod of Milan" and alternative "Bulgarian Orthodox Church" jurisdiction "Metropolitan" Gervasi , staying in the union with "the Holy Synod, Metropolitan paternal Calendar.

The decision of the meeting "the Holy Synod of paternal Calendar", held November 7, 2010 with the participation of the Primate of the "Holy Synod of Milan" , "Metropolitan" Eulogy (Hessler) , and the Primate of the alternative "Bulgarian Orthodox Church "Metropolitan" Gervasi , "The Orthodox Church in Latin America was adopted in the jurisdiction "of the Holy Synod of paternal Calendar. In this connection, "The Orthodox Church in Latin America" was transformed into the "Orthodox Autonomous Metropolitan Ecuador and Latin America," and "Archbishop" Chrysostomos (Objectives) was granted the title "Metropolitan of Ecuador and Latin America." In addition, the newly established metropolitan included three Latino parish communities, staying until now in the jurisdiction of the "Holy Synod of Milan". The latter allows to judge about the process of forming a new alliance of non-canonical Orthodox Churches, among which is the process of distribution of spheres of influence depending on geographic location.


Anonymous said...

I read the story and I don't see what the problem is. I think he would make a fantastic bishop for the Milan BEEP. Of course they may need BEEP BEEP BEEP to polish up a few sticky points in his biography, but after that it should be smooth sailing.

Reader Daniel said...

This reminds me of the 'good-ole-days', when the MP, in America, took into itself, any and all defrocked/crooked former & disgraced clergy from any and all jurisdictions, or rejects from the RC's or the Episcopalians, etc.

Now, apparently, this phony Milan entity, does the same. -"Birds of a feather, flock together"-?

And we now hear that the Milan Synod, in receiving this imposter, (which shames them), has given him, 'a promotion'-? Perhaps, he is now: "Archbishop of all the ships at sea"-?

Joanna Higginbotham said...

I think I remember reading in 'FSB New Trojan Horse' that for the KGB [aka FSB], MP and its satellites, the most useful recruits/collabrators are men with no conscience, vices and secret vice.

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