After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Archpriest Lev Lebedev says

an excerpt from his 1990 answer to the MP's "Epistle to the Faithful" of the same year

...But for now, let's begin with what the authors of the section of the epistle at hand are saying -- that there are two churches:  the Moscow Patriarch; and the Russian Church Abroad, which is trying to establish parishes "on the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate."  It seems that to take such a stance comes either from incredible stupidity, or incredible hypocrisy and Pharisaism.

We don't have, and we never had, two Russian Orthodox Churches.  There always was, and is, and will be, the one-and-only Russian Orthodox Church.  In connection with the well-known historical [and canonical] circumstances following the "Declaration" of Metropolitan Sergey [Strogordsky] in 1927, the Church within the borders of the fatherland came under the supervision of one church administration, and the Church Abroad, under another.  Within our fatherland's borders, there was the Moscow Patriarchate, whose hierarchy declared itself to be in accord with the open enemies of God, separated itself from Holy Orthodoxy, and since 1960 has entered into heresy, inasmuch as it has accepted the ideology and practices of the ecumenical movement, as promoted by the protestant World Council of Churches.

The Russian Church Abroad, led by its holy Synod and its first hierarch [currently Metropolitan Vitaly], has remained in the fundamentals of Holy Orthodoxy, and is preserving in purity both Orthodox teaching and the Church canons, not at all accepting ecumenism and modernism, to say nothing of making compromises with atheists.  From this is is clear what any Orthodox person -- a child of the Russian Orthodox Church -- both he living abroad and he within the bounds of the Fatherland -- would choose to rule the Church and to subject himself.

There's where the truth is to be found!  And it is perfectly proper that the Russian Church Abroad has finally been given the possibility of accepting all those who wish to come under the spiritual/canonical authority of its hierarchy...

The above is taken from Living Orthodoxy issue #179 September/October 2010.  This source guarantees us an exact unrewritten hardcopy.
Subscriptions and back issues still available http://sjkp.org/

Request from Archimandrite Alexis in England:

Subject: Evgenii - Memory Eternal
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 12:14:25 +0100

We have just received a phone call from Oleg Myslov, saying that his brother, Evgenii, died in Moscow about an hour ago.  Please remember him in your holy prayers and have him commemorated at the Divine Liturgy, and pray also for his bereaved parents.May Evgenii's rest be with the saints and his Memory Eternal.
Evgenii suffered a broken neck in an accident in Russia two weeks ago in a sad tragedy.

New Threats From MP

from Vladyka  Agafangel's blog

June 27, 2011

Today, June 27 at 15.51 on a mobile phone Archpriest Sergius Kondakova rang. Taking up about. Sergius heard the voice of the famous Fr-mentor of the criminal world of Udmurtia. The conversation lasted only 28 seconds. Archpriest of the promised. Sergius personally break his head, and smear the brain. This was followed by other expressions bandit with a promise of first physical violence. After about. Sergei said that his threats are written and heard the witnesses, Fr immediately hung up. 

We promise that if anything happens to us or to members of our families, we will give the name of the archpriest, phone number, from which he called, and other details, exposing the attacker. 

Fr. Sergy Kondakov 
Fr. Michael Karpeev, 
Jer. Alexander Lesser.

The Difference Between Patriarchate and Patriarchia

Thank you, Dimitri G. for this most excellent article!
A Meaning Lost Over Time 

Since becoming a bishop in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad many years ago, Metropolitan Agafangel has tirelessly studied and reviewed the vast trove of documents that make up the history of the Church.  He does so out of love for the Church and the understanding that one needs to know the past in order to make correct decisions for the future.  In conversations he has recalled how easy it was in the beginning to review the mountain of historical documents, but how in the years before the union of a part of the Church Abroad with the Moscow Patriarchia access to the documents steadily became more difficult and even how some documents suddenly could no longer be found.  This was a deliberate attempt by some to hide away the past of the Church Abroad in preparation for the rewriting of its history that has become the basis for the union. 

            Metropolitan Agafangel assumed that all faithful members of the Church Abroad were familiar with the history of the Church and its many resolutions.  So when he announced the re-establishment of communion with the Jerusalem Patriarch, he thought most would remember how Metropolitan Anastasy helped form that Patriarchate and established relations with it after World War II.  When he recently cited the Decree of the Council of Bishops in 1927 delineating the difference between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Moscow Patriarchia, he also presumed that this was understood by many.  Much to his surprise, such decisions are a revelation to many and cause worry as members of the Church have to recall their history and guiding principles. 

            In the past, most people in the diaspora had little need to be scholars of church history because they enjoyed a special trust with their episcopate and clergy.  There was a unity of mind and opinion.  We were one, close family that prayed together and slept soundly at night knowing that our church fathers were guardians of the faith.  Sadly in later years this trust slowly eroded until it was finally shattered on May 17, 2007, with the Act of Canonical Communion with the Moscow Patriarchia.  Those well-meaning church members who went along with the union still cling to the belief that not much has changed, an idea promoted by their bishops who pretend the guiding principles are still the same while accepting changes that are in direct contradiction to the beliefs of the Church Abroad.  While those who did not accept the union do their best to keep the historical Church Abroad alive so that it remains a light of Orthodoxy in the sea of apostasy that has washed over the world. 

            The difference between the Moscow Patriarchia and the Moscow Patriarchate is an important concept that needs to be reviewed.  Metropolitan Agafangel correctly points out that this understanding has existed for much of the history of the Church Abroad.  In 1927, it was an obvious and clear statement of fact.  Metropolitan Anthony and his bishops knew and were friends with many of the bishops and clergy who refused to go along with Metropolitan Sergius.  They understood that these clergy and the church members that remained true to the Russian Orthodox Church made up the Moscow Patriarchate, while those who betrayed the Church constituted the Moscow Patriarchia.  Their prayers and thoughts were with those clergy and faithful Russian people who endured the persecution of the atheistic Soviet government and its subordinate, the Moscow Patriarchia, while holding out hope that the repressive regime would not last long. 

            As the Iron Curtain slammed shut and the connection of Russia and its people with the outside world was cut off, those hopes dimmed but our solidarity with the homeland and our brethren remained.  This finds expression in the church services when we “pray for the suffering Russian Land and its Orthodox people both in the homeland and in the Diaspora, and for their salvation.”  The Church Abroad attempted time and again to connect with those who opposed the Soviet regime and the Moscow Patriarchia, but fighting the brutal government from outside was difficult and the everyday needs of keeping the Church Abroad alive and ministering to its members occupied much of its energy.  It became even more difficult in the years preceding the union when elements in the Church Abroad deliberately began to undermine this support and prepared the Church for capitulation to the Moscow Patriarchia. 

            The Soviets had always been masters of propaganda and when the Soviet regime fell, their descendants created the illusion that religious freedom had been restored and that the Russian Orthodox Church had been resurrected.  As Metropolitan Agafangel reminds us in recent comments, they deliberately blurred the distinction between the Moscow Patriarchia and the Moscow Patriarchate, portraying themselves as the Mother Church that had always represented the prayers and wishes of the faithful in Russia.  This propaganda ploy was supported and promoted by those in the Church Abroad who were preparing for its surrender to Moscow.  Such members of the Church Abroad even had the audacity to support the idea that Metropolitan Sergius had indeed attempted to “save” the Church and that the subsequent patriarchs of the Moscow Patriarchia steered a difficult course to placate the regime in order to keep the Church alive.   

A prominent priest in the Church Abroad, who shamelessly misled his flock to support union, even remarked at a meeting that the Church had always prayed for these patriarchs, referring to the litany that prays for the patriarchs, bishops, priests, deacons and so forth.  This litany in the Church Abroad had always implied prayers for Patriarch Tikhon and all those who came before him and not those of the Moscow Patriarchia.  And if it did, those prayers would be to ask God to turn the hearts of those patriarchs to repent and reject subservience to the regime.  Such distortions and misinformation are typical of those who defied the mandate of the Church Abroad and helped to steer it off course. 

Yet the flame of true Orthodoxy in Russia cannot be extinguished no matter how hard the cynical leaders of the Moscow Patriarchia and its craven supporters abroad try.  The strong faith of the Russian nation will proclaim itself and find expression in such people as the three priests in Izhevsk and their flocks who courageously stand up to Patriarch Kirill and his corrupt episcopate.  These brave souls risk everything to uphold the ideals of Orthodoxy and reject ecumenism, materialism and sergianism, the subservience of the church to the government.  These priests took on this sacrifice, knowing that dire consequences would follow.  As everyone expected, retaliation from the Moscow Patriarchia has been swift and they have been stripped of their churches and all responsibilities simply for telling the truth.  But since the Moscow Patriarchia works in concert with the quasi-Soviet government in Moscow, the priests’ suffering does not end there and as in Soviet times they are harassed by civil officials as well.

          The part of the Church Abroad that accepted union promised to enact change in the Moscow Patriarchia from within.  Instead, they remain silent while Archbishop Diomid, these three priests and others who dare to speak out are cruelly punished.  While the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad led by Metropolitan Agafangel and its members remain true to its historic calling and loudly proclaim their support for these defenders of the faith.  We remain side by side with all the faithful members of the Moscow Patriarchate and pray with them for the genuine rebirth of Orthodoxy in Russia, while opposed to the Moscow Patriarchia and its servants who wish to betray Orthodoxy. 

 God save Russia and the Russian people!

Dimitri Gontscharow
The Sower
A religious publication of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

Wedding Announcement

request prayers for Bride & Groom In Haiti

Nicolas & Alexandra

On the feast of St. Augustine (15/28 June) at St. Augustine's in Jacmel, "founding father" (he was 16 at the time) Nicolas Neptune will be wed to Alexandra, also a native of Haiti (but recently resident in the US).  Fr. Amboise and Fr. Gregory will serve together for the feast and wedding.

How RTOC Got Its Name

interesting note from Vl. Agafangel's blog

24.06.2011 12:24 pm UTC ( link )
Your Eminence! 
I apologize for asking a question without registering Learn as I rarely visit it. 
Today, the Internet will be prompted for the conference "underground church in the USSR» - http://rpczmoskva.org.ru/obyavleniya/pri glashenie-na-konferenciyu-cerkovnoe-podp ole-v-sssr.html # more-6031. Arranges her Chernigov National Pedagogical University. TG Shevchenko (Ukraine), with the participation of representatives of the Keston Institute (Oxford, UK). 
Applications will be accepted at the address: prof. Svetlana Shumilo veraigizn@rambler.ru or c. Tatiana (Spector) sistertatianaspektor@gmail.com 
The invitation is sent to members of the RTOC, and we can assume that one purpose of the conference - as the successor to the legitimation of the RTOC True Orthodox Catacomb Church in the USSR. If not mistaken, somewhere you have already written about how there was a name today RTOC. I can not find on the Internet.

24.06.2011 five twenty-six pm UTC ( link )
About the origin of the name of the current RTOC can offer complete information, because the name in this situation, invented by me personally. I own at the beginning of the 90s doing the registration ROCOR in Ukraine (by writing the charter and all agreements), without any lawyers and assistants. I then helped to "push" this registration Verkhovna Rada deputy and chairman of the spirituality of Les Tanyuk. Ukrainians came up that we, the Russian Church, but not headed from Moscow. He persuaded the then chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs Zinchenko, that we need to register. But the Committee was against registering with the title "The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia," and I was asked to choose any other. I chose the most acceptable among the names of "The Russian Orthodox Church" and "Russian True Orthodox Church" and stopped at the second, as the "Russian" was associated with the Russian Federation, and the word "Russian" could come to Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainians are (and believe a) Russian (Kievan Rus). But in the end, we registered as the "Russian True Orthodox Church" in the Committee itself was transferred to our name in Ukrainian (then all of the documents could be submitted in Russian) as "Rosіyska Іstino Orthodox Church," whereas it would be correct to translate " Ruska Іstino Orthodox Church. " I'm a little quarreling about this in committee, but it was too late - I read this translation only issued to me to prepare documents and had no desire to force them to redo the whole registration. And that being said, thank you. Later, the registration documents were in the Archbishop Lazarus, and his entourage (which, actually, in this recording does not participate). So there you have it. The name of the current RTOC (namely the one headed by the current archbishop. Tikhon / Pasechnik /) is not historical, and arose "in the circumstances." In fact, initially it was understood that we ROCOR. While the name itself did not matter. It is now born out of accidental naming is not quite honest people are trying to create a "sister-church" of the ROCOR.

Lost Icon Has Returned

interesting note from Vl. Agafangel's blog


Montreal about the fate of the Iberian Icon of the Blessed Virgin saying: [...] returned to Mount Athos - at the monastery, from which it came. http://agafa-angel.livejournal.com/3880 5.html [...]

That's news! Saying: [...] Vai icon returned to the monastery where it was written! http://agafa-angel.livejournal.c om/38805.html [...]

More Unfair Criticism of Us

From the Fragments
because of our receiving the 3 Udmurtia priests 

I heard that the fragments are now criticizing us for recording this statement of discussion in the minutes of the Special Session of May 27.  

...Since the Moscow Patriarchate deemed it possible to accept the ROCA(MP) into its ecclesiastical body, then we, it would seem, could do the same...

The criticism seems to be that it is inappropriate for us to copy the policies of the MP.  But, is it fair to say we are following a policy set by the MP?  Compare this to what St. John of Kronstadt teaches on prayer, #144:

The Devil generally enters into us through one single lying imagination, or through a single false thought and sinful desire of the flesh, and afterwards he works us and disturbs us, so incomplex is he.  Cannot, therefore, the Lord of all spirits enter into us through one single thought and through true and holy love, and abide with us, and be everything to us? ...

A Necessary Step

Fr. Victor's 6/10 Report in English

A Necessary Step
by Fr. Victor Dobroff 
On the canonicity of the acceptance of the Izhevsk priests of the ROC MP
under the omofor of the First Hierarch of the ROCA, Metropolitan Agafangel

 The significant step of accepting the priests from Izhevsk under the omofor of the ROCA First Hierarch while allowing the parishes to remain a part of the Moscow Patriarchate was an unexplainable action for many members of the Church Abroad.  For the many enemies of our Holy Church it was another opportunity to attack Her with the usual baseless “canonical” accusations. 
      The accusations directed toward the ROCA Synod of those wishing us ill reached such absurd heights that not only was the Synod accused of changing the traditional course and policy regarding the MP, but even accusations that the ROCA was entering into union with the schismatic “Gundyaev” Patriarchia, which was created by Stalin in 1943. 
      Such things rock the stability of the Church Abroad and that is why I would like to share some thoughts with the ROCA faithful. 
      I believe it is necessary once and for all to explain the abbreviation “MP” and decisively make clear the difference between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Moscow Patriarchia, the former being related to the Russian Church and the latter being of the Soviet Church. 
      Unfortunately, the enemies of the ROCA are successful in playing with words and deviously equate the abbreviation MP with both the Moscow Patriarchate and the Moscow Patriarchia, thus ignoring the difference between the fallen administration of the MP and the Orthodox flock and lump together Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev) and the religious Russian people.  They do this with one goal, to destabilize, break apart and if possible tear away something from the ROCA.  It is especially distasteful that these instigators are not concerned with their own uncanonical status and those that give in to these instigations do not evaluate the statements on canonicity that arise from schisms and parasynagogues. 
      The document under discussion is the Encyclical of the ROCA Council of 1927, a document that forms the canonical foundation of the traditional path of the Church Abroad and Her relation to sergianists and the Moscow Patriarchate.  
      Reviewing this document in light of the acceptance of the MP priests leads to the following conclusions: 
      1. The ROCA Synod has not introduced anything new or anything that contradicts its former position and maintains the traditional approach to relations between the ROCA and the Moscow Patriarchate, formulated by the Encyclical of the ROCA Council of August 27, 1927. 
      2.  Just as the first ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) categorically repudiated Sergius but not the Moscow Patriarchate and its martyrs of the faith and loyal clergy, so does the current ROCA First Hierarch Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkovskiy) and the ROCA Synod he heads categorically repudiate sergianism, ecumenism and the loathsome administration of the Moscow Patriarchia, while not repudiating the MP martyrs of the faith, loyal clergy and laypeople of today. 
      3.   It is clear from the cited Synodal document that Met. Anthony, the bishops and the clergy of the ROCA considered themselves to be a lawful and canonical part of the ROCA and the Moscow Patriarchate at the same time and considered the idea of being excluded from the list of clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate to be uncanonical. 
      4.  It is apparent that the Moscow Patriarchate discussed in this Synodal document is completely different from the sergianist Moscow Patriarchia created by Stalin in 1943. 
      5.  It is also clear that the atonement of the MP priests for sergianism and the ecumenism that arose from it, which these priests did not sully themselves with, is equal to the refusal in the past of the clergy abroad to sign the Declaration of Met. Sergius and to join in spirit with the clergy of the MP in opposing the Moscow episcopate.  This is also clearly shown in the Encyclical of the ROCA Council of 1927. 
      6.  The declaration of the priests accepted under the omofor of the ROCA First Hierarch to retain their status as clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate completely conforms to the spirit, letter and views of Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) in the Encyclical of the ROCA Council of 1927. 
      7.  It is worth noting what is said in the Encyclical of the ROCA Council of 1927 about the manipulation of names:
      “This combining of two separate entities – the Provisional Supreme Church Administration abroad and the Synod of Bishops – has been attempted by the enemies of the Church to confuse its faithful members and to deepen the turmoil in the church abroad.”
      As we see, history repeats itself and the enemies of the ROCA today also play with words such as “Moscow Patriarchate,” “the Stalinist Moscow Patriarchia” and “MP” to lead the faithful into confusion and to sow disarray. 
      8.  After the Declaration of Loyalty of Met. Sergius was issued the ROCA continued to be and considered itself a part of the Moscow Patriarchate, was in Eucharistic communion with the loyal ant-sergianist clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate and commemorated the name of Met. Peter (Polyanskiy) during services. 
      9.  In accordance with the Encyclical, the part of the All-Russia Church abroad only severed its relations with the church administration in Moscow, but did not sever its ties to the clergy under it and was one with those who did not commemorate Sergius.
 Therefore, the clergy of the Patriarchia (like the priests of Udmurtia who have been accepted under the omofor of the ROCA First Hierarch) who repudiate sergianism and ecumenism, condemn the sergianist schism and heresies of the MP also sever their ties and no longer answer to the church administration in Moscow, but their names are not excluded from the list of clergy of the Moscow Patriarchate and they renew their unity with the ROCA episcopate and unity with the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. 
      Fr. Victor Dobroff 
PS.  The provisional status of the Church Abroad, set down in the first paragraph of the Regulation of the ROCA, was understood by the fathers of the Church Abroad to be a state of affairs up until a final determination at a free Local Council of the Russian Church in the future at which all three of its parts would be present: the Church Abroad and the two parts in the homeland – the Moscow Patriarchate and Catacomb Church.  In light of this, the ROCA remains free in anticipation of this highly important event in the Church and which will herald the resurrection of our long-suffering Fatherland.
A legal All-Russian Local Council can be convened only by a lawful canonical administration, which in light of events in history is represented by the ROCA Chairman.  http://daily-courier.livejournal.com/51592.html 
As a result, the responsibility rests on Met. Agafangel’s shoulders to prepare the Church for the upcoming Local Council and the temporary acceptance of clergy of the MP under the omofor of the ROCA First Hierarch while retaining their status as part of the Moscow Patriarchate is a decision of the ROCA Synod that is not only canonically sound but also far-sighted. 
It is difficult to say how matters with parishes of the MP will unfold in the future, but one can imagine that the upcoming diabolic “Eighth Ecumenical Council” will become a spiritual catalyst for many in the MP to gather together under the nucleus that is forming under the omofor of the ROCA First Hierarch.  One can imagine that if such a strong influx begins then it may be possible for the ROCA Synod to create a canonical episcopate for the Moscow Patriarchate by ordaining new bishops or by amending the ordination of MP bishops who might join up, as it was done earlier for the real Catacomb Christians who were accepted into the Church Abroad in 2008. 
If the Encyclical of the ROCA Council of 1927 laid the basis for relations between the ROCA and the sergianist MP, then the Resolution of the IV All-Diaspora Council of 2006 laid the canonical basis for relations with the MP
While discussing the traditional course of the ROCA, it is helpful to review the Resolution of the IV All-Diaspora Council (http://www.rusidea.org/?a=40123) which was convened especially to determine relations between the Church Abroad and the Moscow Patriarchia.

If the decision by the ROCA Synod to accept the MP clergy and the elucidation of the canonical status of the admitted parishes fits into the framework laid down by both documents, then it can be said that the ROCA Synod continues to follow its traditional course. 
It is stated in this historic document, that “at the appropriate time, the unity of the Russian Church will be restored upon the foundation of the Truth of Christ, opening for us the possibility to serve together and to commune from one Chalice.” 
The Supreme Conciliar Authority – the IV All-Diaspora Council – also declared that for the ROCA to enter into Eucharistic communion with the clergy of the MP it was enough for the MP episcopate simply to cease its involvement in ecumenism. 
“From discussions at the Council it is apparent that the participation of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the World Council of Churches evokes confusion among our clergy and flock. With heartfelt pain we ask the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate to heed the plea of our flock to expediently remove this temptation.”
 Further the All-Diaspora Council once again indicates when all the remaining disagreements will be resolved and when full Church relations and the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church will be restored, as Eucharistic communion of all the participants of a joint Council is not a goal, but is a necessary condition for conducting a joint Council: 
“The forthcoming Local Council of One Russian Church will settle remaining unresolved church problems.”  A Council at which “it is necessary to confirm the canonical status of the Russian Church Abroad for the future as a self-governing part of the Local Russian Church, in accordance with the Regulations of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.” 
Apparently, the appropriate time indicated in the Council Resolution is coming to pass and the acceptance of the MP priests overcomes a necessary step on the path towards a forthcoming Local Council.
Thank you, D.G., for this translation

from Vladyka Agafangel's blog

June 24, 2011

Please distribute this information 

Today in the afternoon in our church came marching in front of people and parishioners, handing Archpriest Sergei Kondakov card black, said that the priest and his family to live time zero. This man looked like a typical representative of the underworld. 

This occurrence is associated with some well-known Fr conversation with one authoritative person underworld of Udmurtia. The conversation was devoted to our act. During this conversation, "a criminal father," asked for help from his companion in resolving the problem. 

Apparently, the settlement process began.

the terms: Patriarchate/Patriarchia


This is nothing new.

Fr. Seraphim Rose never used the exact terms "Patriarchate" and "Patriarchia", but it was still always clear that he understood the difference.  These are terms translated from the Russian.  For us English-speakers it means the Russian Church Inside Russia vs. Stalin's Church.  The clarification is needed now because of unfair criticism [Vladyka would say "concern"] we are receiving [from within] for accepting the 3 Udmurtia priests.

Both the [captive] Russian Church Inside of Russian and Stalin's Church get referred to as the MP, and this has caused problems.  One problem it causes is that Stalin's MP pretends to be the Russian Church Inside Russia, and by this pretending has lured many of our parishes into it.  These parishes are now known to us as the RocorMP, but after the 5-year plan we will see that they have become the MPOR [Stalin's Church Outside of Russia].  We know that these parishes are in Stalin's MP and not in the Russian Church Inside Russia, because they commemorate Cyrill Gundychaev who is a known KGB agent.  Another problem it has caused is that the Russian Church Inside Russia has become difficult to see.  The situation is similar to wheat growing with tares, except that the "wheat" seems to have disappeared under the tares.  This causes some to say that the Russian Church Inside Russian does not exist, that only Stalin's Church remains.  This is super-correct black & white thinking.  

The Russian Church Inside Russia and the Russian Church Outside Russia are the same Church.  We have always maintained that we are the Russian Church [Outside of Russia] - this is nothing new.  Faithful members inside of Russia have two choices for a bishop, either a pseudo-bishop of Stalin's Church or a bishop of the Russian Church.  Since all the bishops [and it seems, all the priests] in the Russian Church Inside Russia have been "eliminated," if the faithful desire a bishop of the Russian Church they must look to the Russian Church Outside of Russia.

What joy to discover that there are still 3 un-eliminated priests of the Russian Church Inside Russia!   And they wish to come out, to risk losing all the comforts of their hide-out, and come under a bishop of the Russian Church Outside of Russia.  This has made Satan furious.  Tongues wag, accusations fly, words get twisted most uncharitably, and false analogies are rampant.  And our dear Vladyka is the bulls-eye of the target that Satan aims at.   From my point of view the attacks seem to me to be coming mostly from the super-correct element which sees no difference between "the MP and the MP"  [this is how it gets translated by Google which sees no difference either]; they see no difference between Stalin's Church and the captive Russian Church Inside Russia.  What a terrible blinding disease is this super-correct disease!

I'll give one quick example of an uncharitable twisting of words:  A hope we have is that other priests besides the 3 Udmurtia priests will come forward now and follow the example of the Udmurtia priests.  This was twisted by the opposition to sound like some kind of attempt to "work from within."  We already know working from within does not work. Vladyka has already taught us the uselessness of this approach.*   For the Udmurtia priests to set an example of making an exit is hardly an attempt to work from within.  To jump to the conclusion that Vladyka now contradicts himself, changes his teaching, is most uncharitable.  The charitable thing to do is to try to understand him - first, before saying anything.

*a historic example of trying to work from within is Dimitry Dudko.   [And, by the way, "working from within" is not that same as "hiding" within.]

Fr. Nikita's new book

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ROCA Youth Summer Retreat


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Mother Agapia 
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Colorful Quote of the Day

How do we Orthodox explain to our Orthodox children the death of a family pet - that there is no "bird heaven"?  

"It is hard to comprehend in our modern world when people are like animals and animals are treated like people." 
--a true Russian mother now raising children in the USA

RocorMP Hilarion Caught Red Handed

This shows he has been on the wrong side for some time, and his flip-flop was not caused by a sprinkling with the union fairy dust.

June 15, 2011


Dear list,
The following was sent to me, Irina Pahlen:

Discovery of the lost treasured words of Metropolitan Philaret.

A concerned faithful

Recently, a cassette found its way into the hands of a faithful member of the former true ROCOR and admirer of Met.Philaret, containing the sermons of this remarkable and memorable prelate. After listening to its contents and comparing them to the text in the books titled "Sermons and teachings of the Most Eminent Metropolitan Philaret (Voznesensky)" - published in 1989 - a significant disparity was discovered between the words that were actually articulated by Met.Philaret from the pulpit, and those printed in the books. This disparity can be found in the 2nd tome on page 82, which deals with the sermon on "Love your enemy". As it happened, the significant section uttered by the prelate was mercilessly excised from the book by the editor. The editor of this book was Bishop Hilarion, [then] current Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand!

We now request our God-loving readers to familiarize themselves with the segment, which fell under Bhp. Hilarion's censorship. The text of this spiritual pearl of enormous significance, which was denied to the Orthodox faithful by the imprudent hand of the erudite Orthodox bishop, can be found after the third paragraph in the book with the concluding submission: "With regard to the current comments uttered by those "intellectual" individuals, I must say that it is not the Church that has lagged behind the times, but it is they that have fled to who knows where!"

"To what lengths of lunacy has contemporary mankind gone to! It is not difficult to arrive at this conclusion, if one observes what is transpiring in the world. Recently, there was a press report stating that the organization of the so-called World Council of Churches - which includes nearly all Christian denominations and Orthodox Churches, except one i.e. ROCA - has accepted as a full member, a new religious order that serves satan! Satanism has been embraced by the World Council of Churches!

Consequently, this means that the ill-fated person, which heads this frightening and ungodly teaching - Satanism, will be seated at the same table with representatives of Christian faiths, perhaps assisting in the formulation of ecumenical communion and services that will not displease anyone! This means that the WCC has secured a new brother-in-arms, a new colleague - the leader of this insane Satanism.

Incidentally, in passing, and as I stated before, nearly all Orthodox Churches have joined the World Council of Churches, the most recent being the partial entry of the American Red Sovietonomous Church, which has now existed for a number of years.

All these developments beg the question - where to now? This is to what extent of madness that humanity has reached! Yet they yell that the Church cannot keep up with them. But keep up with what? I reiterate - it's not the Church that has lagged behind the times, but these people that have created their new lifestyle. They are the ones that have fled from the Church to who knows where, and their demise will be frightening!"

In a later content of the book, Met.Philaret warns: "But we, brothers, must watch ourselves...."

In conclusion, Archbishop Hilarion's action invariably begs the question: "Why did he delete this priceless gem from Metropolitan Philaret's collection of sermons?"


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√  Vechnaya Pamyat/Memory Eternal to RocorMP archpriest Philip Petrovsky who reposed peacefully on June 15

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Report and Photos

Prayer Request

a very sad tragedy

From St. Edward's in England:

Please pray for Oleg Myslov's brother Evgenii, who has broken his neck in an accident in Russia. He is Orthodox. Please also pray for his parents as they will doubtless face quite steep medical bills. Already they have had to pay for Evgenii to be transferred to a hospital in Moscow.

Bride & Groom

Anthony & Mariki

Fr. Victor Dubrov, Holy Trinity in Astoria


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Dear Friends of Divine Services in English!  
Please join us at the next Divine Liturgy - June 18 - at ten a.m. - the Saturday after Pentecost Holy Trinity Church 25-36 37th Street, Astoria 
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Your desire to hear Services in English is very important to the growth of our small Mission.  We thank you in advance for your kind presence at this Divine Liturgy and love for God and the Holy Orthodox Church!  Father Macarius will be serving.  
With Love in Christ 
Sub-Deacon Ilarion Maharadze Marr 

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Conference on the Religious Underground in the USSR

An international conference "The Religious Underground in the USSR", will be held in Chernihiv, Ukraine, 18-19 November 2011.  This will be the first ever conference dedicated to this topic on such a scale, with the participation of members of the Keston Institute, Memorial, and other international organizations.
Sister Tatiana, of Couvent de Lesna, France, a member of the organizing committee, has announced this conference and put out a call for papers:
Call for Papers
The Religious Underground in the USSR
November 18 to 19, 2011
Chernigov, Ukraine
The Shevchenko University of Chernigov, with the participation of the Memorial Information Center and members of the Keston Institute  
Dear Colleagues: 
We invite you to participate in Ukraine's first international convention examining «The Religious Underground in the USSR», organized by a group of Ukrainian educational and cultural organizations under the leadership of the Shevchenko University of Chernigov. The conference will be held in Chernigov, Ukraine, on the 18th and 19th of  November, 2011. The organizing committee also includes the Memorial Information Center (Moscow, Russia), and is being advised by members of the Keston Institute (Oxford, U.K.).
Although religious resistance to the totalitarian regime in the USSR has been studied in the West for over fifty years, it lacks attention of a similar scope from native scholars. Such attention is critically important now, because of the dangerous trend in Russian and Ukrainian scholarship that many Western scholars have noted, of rewriting recent Russian and Ukrainian history to reflect the politics and concerns of current regimes. This is especially true in matters concerning the Church.  
The international convention « The Religious Underground in the USSR” aims to inspire dialogue between Western and Eastern students of this phenomenon, and to attract the attention of younger scholars. Several widely known scholars in the field have already offered to present papers at the convention, including Rev. Michael Bourdeaux, Xenia Dennen, Vladimir Moss, Lev Regelson, Mikhail Shkarovskii, Irina Osipova, Lydia Sikorskaia, and Rev. Aleksei Lebedev.  
An exhibit presenting the history and achievements of the Keston Institute is planned for the convention. Copies of items from the Keston Archive located at the Baylor University (Texas, USA) will be displayed, including unique documents and photographs witnessing the history of religious persecution in the USSR. The conference program also includes excursions around the city of Chernigov, led by the members of the National Association “Historical Chernigov.”   
We invite papers describing underground religious movements and activity in the USSR from various perspectives: historical, political, theological, and sociological. Papers presented at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings which will be distributed by the organizing committee to Western and Russian and Ukrainian academic libraries. 
Deadline: September 30, 2011  
Contact: Prof. Svetlana Shumilo veraigizn@rumbler.ru or
        Sister Tatiana sistertatianaspektor@gmail.com  

Feast Day Holy Ascension

Rochester [SIR]

Cathedral in Sofia Consecration

link to English translation of report on events

From: Archbishop Chrysostomos 
Date: 3 June 2011 21:54:33 GMT+01:00

Exarachate Clergy, Faithful, and Friends
En te agape tou analephthentos Kyriou mas!

Please click on the URL below for a report (translated from the Greek) on the Consecration of the Cathedral of the Dormition in Sofia, the headquarters of our Sister Church, the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria, to which several of our clergy and a group of faithful travelled last week in order to participate in the festivities. This historical event left on our visitors from America an extraordinary impression.

The work of His Eminence, Bishop Photii, begun by St. Seraphim of Sofia, the memorable Bulgarian theologians and spiritual sages, Archimandrites Seraphim and Sergius (his spiritual Elders), and Mother Seraphima (Princess Olga Lieven), is nothing short of miraculous. Persecuted for their traditionalism and refusal to accept the New Calendar when it was adopted by the state-sponsored Patriarchate of Bulgaria, betrayed from within and without, the Bulgarian Old Calendarists have nonetheless established traditionalist communities in resistance throughout their country. they are known for their moderate spirit but tenacious adherence to Holy Tradition.

        The new Cathedral was built in poverty of absolutely unthinkable magnitude, both before and after the fall of Communism, by the proverbial penny (mite) of the widow and the sacrifices of the faithful. Calling on Old Testamental imagery in a Christian context, in his sermon at the Consecration (which follows the attached article and which is an inspiring homily on the finest Patristic tradition), Bishop Photii clearly captures the importance of spiritual monuments in the life of faithful believers.

        I think that all of you will find this report and the aforementioned sermon immensely inspiring.

How Does ROCOR View Patriarch Nikon?

I was asked this by a catechumen, and there does not seem to be an official answer.  Here are my notes in researching an answer, in case anyone is interested.  -jh

Nikon, Patriarch of Moscow (1605-1681)
Orthodox Life, Vol. 36, No. 4 (Jul.-Aug. 1986), pp. 34-49 ("On Patriarch Nikon," by Metr. Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Volhynia, Part 1).

Orthodox Life, Vol. 36, No. 5 (Sep.-Oct. 1986), pp. 2-12 ("On Patriarch Nikon," by Metr. Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Volhynia, Part 2).

liturigal books: a page in the History of Liturgical Texts
by Protopresbyter M. Pomanzansky

Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
...All his life the late Metropolitan lived for the idea of restoring the patriarchate in the Russian Church and consciously worked toward its realization. This idea came to his consciousness when, as a little boy, he asked his father, "Why do we not have our own patriarch?" In connection with this idea he convincingly expressed a new view on the historical personality of Patriarch Nikon, considering him a selfless defender of the great idea of the independence of the Church. The latest objective historical scholarship has justified the correctness of this view... 

Here is a quote from Acquisition of the Holy Spirit speaking of the wrong turn [super-correct tendency] taken by the followers of St. Sergius/St. Cyrill of White lake:
     "However, their followers did not possess their grace-given qualities;  in them the chief aim became the preservation of rules and rites.  Intolerance, dry asceticism, severity, the idea of an inexorable and strict justice which obscures the idea of mercy; such was their tendency.  Rule and rite dominated in everything, the keeping of outward rules was given the chief significance, in forgetfulness of the fact that the spirit gives life.  on this ground the old Believers' schism took root, that great spiritual catastrophe which later cleared the way for the secularization of custom and whole public life of Russia which was brought about by the reforms of Peter."  page 187-188
Also see pages 252-253 and 283
Acquisition of the Holy Spirit in Ancient Russia, by Ivan  Kontzevich

St. John in the classroom
Regarding the history of the Russian Church, Vladyka had great respect for Patriarch Nikon. I recall that Vladyka was once present in school at examinations on the Law of God. One girl was questioned on reforms in the Russian Church. She answered very well, and at the end Vladyka asked her if Patriarch Nikon was a great man. She, following the traditional views of our textbooks, replied that he was not.   Vladyka, who usually listened very patiently to children, stopped her and said sternly, “No — Patriarch Nikon was the greatest of Russian Patriarchs.” Vladyka likewise highly regarded the works of Metropolitan Peter Mogila.

Heeding these Church Fathers and Church theologians St. John, Met. Anthony, Ivan Kontzevich, Ivan Kireyevsky, Michael Pomanzansky, it seems clear to me that the use of the old rite can and does become a source of fuel for the super-correct disease.  The old rite never saved anybody.  It didn't save Erie from the MP.  Use of the old rite seems to be most attractive to the ultimate in super-correctness, the Old Believers.  And, in an interesting parallel, use of the western rite seems to be most attractive to the ultimate in renovationism, the Roman Catholics.  Both of these extremes are way outside the Church.  And if they consider joining the Church, they insist on being able to continue using their respective rites.

Will Russia Resurrect?

Lowly Seraphim Larin 
January 2008, Vernost

On a warm and dark night of the 17th of July 1918, Tsar Nicholas, his family and servants were ushered by their Communist captors into the basement of a modest chalet in the city of Yekaterinburg, where they were held prisoners.  Then without any ceremony, the followers of the “great and glorious Russian revolution” summarily murdered them, eliminating the last hope of salvation for humanity and setting in motion cataclysmic repercussions that will eventually climax with the entry of antichrist.

Russia became betrayer of its holy calling and spiritual eminence.

By permitting this satanic atrocity of incalculable, earth-shaking ramifications, it became a betraying Judas that turned its back on the Mother of God’s omnipresent patronage and Christ’s saving grace, extended to the Russian people over the centuries.  Russia and its people permitted REGICIDE to take place, plunging the country into an orgy of evil, terror, horror, cruelty and selective bloodshed on levels that are unimaginable – even to this day eg. giant electric mincers used to accept live human bodies of dissidents - their minced remains flushed into the sea (as exposed by the Readers Digest in the 1950’s), the retailing of human body parts in butcher shops in the Ukraine during the Communist-imposed starvation of the 1930’s (as exposed by an Australian Professor Mitchell, acting as a member of the Red Cross)….etc.

This tragic situation is further compounded by the fact that Russia’s past history is well versed in the cycle of transgression, repentance and salvation.  This can be likened to the Old Testament Jews, who flourished only when the morality of the people attracted God’s mercy and patronage.

As far back as the 11th century, the Kiev chroniclers kept warning that the dissension between the princes, their neglect of moral stability and spiritual practice would earn them God’s wrath.  This came to pass with the Mongol invasion and its rule for many, many decades.  Yet, with the moral and spiritual awakening of the Russian people, resurrection began with Saint Sergius and his disciples, with military and political victories at the battle of Kulikov (1380), through to the stand at the river Uger (1480).

Although having experienced these indisputable examples of Virgin Mary’s intercession and God’s merciful intervention, the Russian people soon forgot their Divine endowments, embracing the European “enlightened culture” in the 18th and 19th centuries – at the expense of their Orthodox spirituality.  Ignoring its past historical experiences, Russia joined the European material aspirations and smothered its spiritual discipline.  It was time to applaud the European ethos of the powdered wig, the scented handkerchief and join in the ridicule of spiritual values.  The fact that this “wind of change” produced Robespierre (early archetype of Lenin and Stalin), the guillotine and regicide, was of no obvious consequence to their clouded thinking.

Having condemned the righteous Patriarch Nikhon, Russia’s spiritual demise had begun

Having condemned the righteous Patriarch Nikhon in the numerically prophetic year of 1666, Russia’s commitment to political and spiritual demise had begun – the apocalyptic chain-reaction had commenced.

With these historical facts in mind, the obvious question emerges: “Can Russia resurrect spiritually?  Can it reclaim its prominence as the leading true spiritual light of the world?  Can it retrieve its spiritual credibility and the Lord’s blessing as a country of the true Church?”

A definitive study of the Holy Fathers and their prophesies provide a very positive and certain “yes” to these questions, albeit, with conditions.  In order to understand these conditions for restoration, one must look at the cause of Russia’s fall.

Russia had earned its position as defender of Orthodoxy because over the early centuries, her people were alive with a fervent and implacable living faith that was reflected in her spiritual, governmental and family life.  Her historically recorded sacrifices of blood and sweat in the name of God and His Church, testifies to her legitimate claim to this recognition.

but in those days the Jews were Russian

The Russian people enjoyed unadulterated spiritual nourishment from their Church, they were governed by a monarch blessed by God and committed to their welfare, while their family life was structured on God, Tsar and country.  They were indeed true Orthodox nationalists that enjoyed countless blessings from the Lord.  I call them Orthodox nationalists because they had this all-consuming commitment to Christ and His teachings – simple and pure.  As a consequence, over the past centuries, Russian people were invariably critical of the Jew because of his predominant role in crucifying Christ.  When it was pointed out to them that Virgin Mary and the Apostles were Jews, they would respond with: “That’s true, but in those days the Jews were Russian,” as though to say that they believed with the same resolute conviction as a Russian.  Their faith was their character, while their Orthodox nationalism transcended national barriers and ethnic identities.  Theirs was a continuing spiritual pilgrimage, led by a blazing star in the heavens toward the manger and Eternal Goodness.  This true pilgrimage faltered and eventually ceased altogether with Russia opening its doors to the illusory wisdom of Europe.

With the advent of the 17th century, there was a sharp alteration to the national tapestry of Russia – woven so carefully over many centuries by countless Saints, clergy, many true monarchs and pious laymen.  It was disfigured by a new schism of indifference, promoted by many of the nobility and polymaths of questionable intellect.  It was Peter the Great’s embrace of European culture and his replacement of the Patriarch with a Synod that commenced the slow but decisive shift from spiritual ideals to the urbane and material …. and as a Russian saying goes: “A fish rots from the head.” In pursuit of modernisation and “culture,” Tsar Peter stepped out of Christ’s shadow and embraced the materialistic values of the continental court, with its hedonistic pursuits, bidets and whalebone corsets.

Despite dire warnings from Saints Seraphim, Theophan the Recluse, John of Kronstadt and others, the continuing process of revelation was ignored, and the people continued to drift away from their true purpose and calling, existing as cardboard cut-outs without a spiritual shadow and spawning the “great and glorious” of 1917.

While the prophesies of many, many Saints declare that Russia will resurrect, its people must first REPENT, REPENT, REPENT.  Naturally, in stating Russian people, it means EVERY Orthodox Russian Christian throughout the world.  We must all realise our part in this GROSS SIN and seek God’s forgiveness.

Undoubtedly, many may say, “Hang on a minute, I wasn’t even born then,” or, “I was a child when these tragic events happened, so how come I must repent?”  The answer to that is quite simple.  As you are part of the Russian Orthodox family, you share the guilt of its transgressions.  In civil terms, if a murderer seeks refuge in his family’s house, and its members do nothing to identify him to the authorities, they share his guilt by being “accessories after the fact” – and they will be condemned accordingly.  All of us Orthodox Christians that are aware of the grotesque crime committed against God in the 1917 tragedy, are required to speak out and seek FORGIVENESS from the Almighty.  By being silent before man and God, we are repeating the monstrous act of regicide – just as the Russian people were mute to the actions of those satanic butchers.

it is ENTIRELY up to us to secure the regeneration and salvation of Russia through mutual penitence.

Without a universal penitence, even though many Holy Fathers foretell of Russia’s resurrection, God can override their prophecies and allow Russia to slide into evil oblivion!  God will not force feelings of repentance upon anyone.  To do so is to violate His greatest gift to humanity – a free will!  Consequently, it is ENTIRELY up to us to secure the regeneration and salvation of Russia through mutual penitence.

The following excerpts are taken from the writings of the holy and the righteous, and should serve as a source for deep thought:

Saint Seraphim Sarovsky, in predicting the horrific catastrophes that will overtake Russia, concludes: “But the Lord will pardon Russia and lead her by way of suffering to great glory..” “But the Lord will not be displeased to the end, and will not allow the complete destruction of Russia, because only in her alone has Orthodoxy and remnants of Christian piety been preserved.”

Saint John of Kronstadt: “I can foresee the restoration of mighty Russia, only more powerful and stronger.  Remember, the new Russia will be raised on the bones of these martyrs, just like on a strong foundation – in its old image; strong in its faith in Christ God and the Holy Trinity!”

There is a prophecy, found in ancient writings of Holy Fathers in the Greek monastery of Blessed Savva, that gives a clear indication as to what the world can expect: “The final days have not yet arrived.  It is completely wrong to think that we are on the threshold of the coming of “antichrist”, because there is yet one final confronting dawn for Orthodoxy, throughout the whole world, this time – with Russia as its head.  This will occur after a cataclysmic war, where maybe half or two third of humanity will be destroyed, which will be halted by a Voice from Heaven: “And the Gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world!”

1)     Because up to this point of time, it wasn’t Christ’s Gospel that was preached but one that has been distorted by heretics. (Catholics, Protestants and various sects)
2)     There will be a period of worldwide prosperity – but not for long.
3)     During this time, Russia will have an Orthodox Tsar – whom God will present to the Russian people.

After this, the world will once again become corrupt and will not be capable of reform. Then, the Lord will permit antichrist to arise.”

Archbishop Theophan of Poltava (+1940), in responding to a question regarding Russia, states that his answer is based on what the Holy Fathers of Optina told him: “Before the coming of antichrist, Russia will be restored – apparently for a short period. Russia will have a Tsar, chosen by God Himself. He will be a man of ardent faith, great intellect and iron will.”

Hieromonk Aristocleus of Mount Athos (+1918), outlined the following conditions that will exist in Russia before its resurrection:

“1)   God will deprive Russia of all its leaders so that the people will be forced to look to Him only.

2)     Everyone will forsake Russia – other nations will reject her, leaving her to her own devices, and this will be done so that the Russian people will have to rely on God’s help only.”

Establishment of the monarchy seems an essential prerequisite in order for Russia to resurrect.  Monarchy is the only true form of government, as Prophet Daniel exclaimed to the king Nebuchadnezzar: “know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will” (Dan. 4:25).  Solomon too had this to say to all the kings: “dominion was given to you by the Lord, and power from the Almighty”.  This dominion and power granted by the Lord has its beginnings in the Old Testament, when the Lord Himself established this Holy practice through anointment.  It began with Prophet Samuel pouring oil over the head of Israel’s first king – Saul.  “And Samuel said unto Saul, the Lord sent me to anoint thee to be king over His people, over Israel.” (1 Samuel 15:1).  This anointment symbolised God’s blessing for Saul to rule Israel.  Subsequently, Prophet Elisha likewise anointed King David, as were other following kings – including the anointment of a heathen Assyrian king.  This anointment found its way into Russia’s monarchal rule, the Tsars being anointed to the throne.

During His discourse with Pilate, Christ attested to this power from above: “Then Pilate said to Him, ‘Do You not know that I have power to crucify You, and power to release You?’  Jesus answered, ‘You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above.”  Consequently, legitimate authority can only come from above and not from the masses eg. democracy.

Russia will never recapture her past spiritual stature under a democracy 

Russia will never recapture her past spiritual stature under the so-called “democratic rule,” because democracy is a flawed form of government, receiving its anointment from people of congenitally corrupt nature - and not from the perfect God.

This concluding section from Saint Seraphim’s prophecies on Russia, should lift our spirits and hopefully, encourage within us a realisation of our sins, prompting us toward penitence and a true and lasting reformation.

“Everything that wears the name “Decembrist,” “reformist” and, in a word, that belongs to the ‘personal betterment’ party – is truly anti-Christian, which through its development will lead to the destruction of Christianity on earth, and to a degree, Orthodoxy.  This will conclude with antichrist gaining dominion over all the nations of the world – except Russia.  She will coalesce with the other Slavonic nations into one, forming a huge human ocean, which all the peoples of the world will fear.  And this is as true as 2+2=4.”

“Preserve me, O God, for in Thee do I put my trust.” (Psalm 16:1)
* * *