After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


A peek inside Fr. Nikita's new book

Faith And Delusion
by Fr. Nikita Grigoriev
"Unexpected eye-opening clarity"
   -Joanna Higginbotham

Table of Contents

Chapter  1 Faith
Chapter  2 "In the beginning..." [Gen. 1:1]
Chapter  3 The image and likeness of God
Chapter  4 The Meaning of the First Commandment to Adam
Chapter  5 The Temptation and Fall of the Proto-human
Chapter  6 Limitations and the Chastisement of Man
Chapter  7 The First End of the World and a New Beginning
Chapter  8 A New Earth
Chapter  9 A Special Nation is Singled Out
Chapter 10 The Church of Christ
Chapter 11 Christian Apologetics
Chapter 12 Knowledge of the Faith
Chapter 13 War Waged Against the Church by Satan
Chapter 14 Rome Falls Away
Chapter 15 The Effects of Rome's Schism
Chapter 16 The Fruits of Schism
Chapter 17 Humanism
Chapter 18 Scholasticism
Chapter 19 The Fruits of Scholasticism
Chapter 20 The Reformation
Chapter 21 The Orthodox East
Chapter 22 The "Calendar Question"
Chapter 23 The Spiritual Fruits of Gregorian Reform
Chapter 24 The Renaissance
Chapter 25 Scientific Methodology
Chapter 26 The Cult of Science
Chapter 27 The Age of Reason and Enlightenment
Chapter 28 Deism of the 18th Century
Chapter 29 The Cases of Deism
Chapter 30 The Consequences of Deism
Chapter 31 Naturalism and Materialism
Chapter 32 The Threshold of Atheism
Chapter 33 The Embryonic Stage of Evolution
Chapter 34 Darwinism
Chapter 35 Evolution
Chapter 36 The Spiritual Consequences of Evolutionism
Chapter 37 Communism and Capitalism
Chapter 38 The First Half of the 20th Century
Chapter 39 The 1960's
Chapter 40 Eastern Influence
Chapter 41 The Development of Technology
Chapter 42 The "New Age" Movement
Chapter 43 The Orthodox Church
Chapter 44 Ecumenism
Chapter 45 The Spiritual Delusion of the anti-Christ

excerpt from Chapter 18:

Scholasticism was an attempt to rehash Divine Revelation through the use of logic.  It is based on the faith in the ability of the human mind to penetrate and comprehend the essence of God and the creation of the world.  The main founder of Scholasticism is considered to be Anslem, Archbishop of Canterbury, and its emergence is dated from the  end of the 11th century, immediately after the falling away of the West from the Church of Christ.

The main objective of Scholasticism was to prove the existence of God through logic.  For an Orthodox Christian it is important to understand that such proof, in principle, is impossible for the following reason: faith in God has at its origin, an act of man's will.  Faith in God pertains exclusively to the spiritual realm where the moral notions of good and evil prevail.  Freedom of will, to believe or not believe in God is the basis of true faith.  Only complete freedom of will, to believe or not believe in God imbues faith in God with a moral and spiritual value and endows man with the dignity as a being created in the image of God....

...Scholasticism was not a spiritual undertaking but a purely  intellectual one.  It attempted to explain Divine Revelation through Aristotle's system of logic.  It attempted to adjust the boundless, Holy will of God to conform to the syllogisms of Aristotle's formal logic.  Consequently, theology was reduced from its spiritual stature to the level of an intellectual dispute, where cunning argumentation and ability to dispute prevailed.

True theology is an attempt by the theologian to convey that which was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit in his prayerful interaction with God.  This is an attempt to describe in words the height and depth of Holiness which are inexpressible in words.  Theology is based on the personal experience of God's Holiness which has been attained by the fellowship with God of the theologian himself.

But when the West followed Pope Leo and separated from the Church, it lost its ability to commune with God, which comes only through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who abides in the Church.  Very soon after that, a genuine understanding of God's Holiness was utterly lost in the West...

Fr. Nikita makes a parallel between Adam after his fall and Rome after its fall:  the characteristics of the progression of descent after being severed from the source of grace.  Today we can see that both world-orthodoxy and its flip-side, the super-correct, suffer from symptoms of scholasticism.  World-orthodoxy is continually churning out Protestant-style sermons, forming new "societies," adopting policies to address contemporary issues, and rewriting history.  The super-correct start with some premise, then misuse facts/quotes/events to it pour out an avalanche of logical debate arguments proving or disproving where grace can or can not be.  All of it from both sides is confined to the intellectual and academic.

But, back to my review:  Fr. Seraphim Rose would certainly endorse Faith And Delusion.  I would gift it to anyone right along with Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future.

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A great book ! Fr Nikita Grigoriev is like an eagle flying over the history of man . The chapter about ecumenism is the best I’ve read.

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