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Christian Evolutionism

A crown for compromise certainly must go to the idea of "Christian evolutionism," especially Orthodox Christian evolutionism.   This idea says that at a particular point in evolution the ape had advanced enough to sustain a human soul, so then God breathed into this advanced ape the breath of life.  This was Adam, and he was hairy and beastly in appearance.  An award for this idea was actually given to an Orthodox evolutionist in 1972 by St. Vladimir's Seminary.  This is taken from Genesis, Creation and Early Man p. 352:

Theodosius Dobzhansky is a Russian Orthodox scientist who is often quoted by other "Christian evolutionists."  A well-known geneticist, he is presently [1975] professor of genetics at the University of California at Davis.  I think he still has his fruit flies, and is continuing to make experiments on them to prove evolution.  He was born in Russia in the year of the canonization of St. Theodosius of Chernigov [1900], in answer to prayer from his parents; and that is why he was called Theodosius.  Alas, he became an apostate.  He came to America in the twenties and has been an American since that time.

He has been absolutely prohibited in Soviet Russia, although the Soviet scientists know about him.  Once when a film was accidently presented at one scientific meeting in Russian which showed him on it, all scientists cheered; but the film was withdrawn.  He is considered nonexistent, a non-person because he left Russia.  But he thinks like a communist.

Although he was baptized Orthodox, when his wife died he had her cremated, took the ashes and scattered them in the Sierras.  As far as one can see, he never goes to church; he's quite beyond religion.  Nevertheless, for his Christian evolutionist views, he was granted an honorary doctorate of theology by St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary in New York in 1972.  At the same time, he gave as address to the Second International Theological Conference of the Orthodox Theological Society of America, which was attended by all the renowned "theologians" of the various Orthodox bodies.  His ideas on evolution, from what he and many official representatives of Orthodoxy in America apparently believe to be an "Orthodox" viewpoint, are set forth in two Orthodox periodicals, St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, and Concern.

In an article which was well publicized and summarized without comment in many Orthodox periodicals in America, "Evolution: God's Special Method of Creation," Dobzhansky accuses anyone opposed to the theory of evolution of "blasphemy."

Here is what Fr. Seraphim Rose says about the conflict between Christian Truth and Evolutionary Philosophy page 324:

...According to the theory of evolution, man is coming up from savagery, and that is why books show Cro-Magnon Man, Neanderthal Man, etc., looking very savage, ready to beat someone over the head and take his meat.  This is obviously someone's imagination; it is not based upon the shape of fossils or anything else.

If you believe that man came up from savagery, you will interpret all past history in those terms.  But according to Orthodoxy, man fell from Paradise.  In evolutionary philosophy there is no room for a supernatural state of Adam.  Those who want to keep both Christianity and evolutionism, therefore, are forced to stick an artificial Paradise onto an ape-like creature.  These are obviously two different systems which cannot be mixed...

Apparently world Orthodoxy has long ago accepted this compromise.  The book, Genesis, Creation and Early Man, offends world Orthodoxy.  And  if you speak out against evolutionism, you lose credibility in the eyes of the world; because, after all, only backwards ignorant fundamentalists don't believe in evolution... 

RocorMP must realize that someday they might have to face this compromise or offend their brother the OCA, now that they are in full communion with world orthodoxy.  The subject is bound to come up sometime.

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