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excerpt from Faith and Delusion

What Fr. Nikita says about one species becoming another species

Chapter 35 page 166

...it finally became necessary to subject the theory of evolution to scientific analysis.

In the beginning of the 20th century, it was finally understood that every species is primarily defined genetically [it's DNA]. not just morphologically [physical appearance], i.e., according to it genotype, and not only by its phenotype.  Therefore each species can only reproduce itself with the same species, and not any other.  Attempts to interbreed with another species are always futile, because the DNA is incompatible, apart from a couple of exceptions.  In such cases the offspring is left incapable of further reproduction.  An example of such an offspring is a mule, which is the impotent offspring of a donkey and a horse.

At this point, the objective of the evolutionists became completely clear.  In order to at least prove that theoretical possibility of evolution, it was necessary to produce, even by the most extreme artificial means, but nonetheless produce an organism which would continue to procreate among themselves, but would be reproductively incompatible [infertile] with its parent species.

With this aim, from the beginning of the 20th century, scientists began to breed a certain variety of fly, called "Drosophila Melanogaster".  This obliging little fly was capable of producing up to an amazing 25 generations a year.  These poor fruit flies were subjected to every possible effect of radiation and all other types of extremes for over 800 generations.  They were artificially mutated beyond recognition, resulting in extreme deformity.  But each time, every offspring continued to breed freely with the previous generation [that is, with its parent species], except for cases when it was mutated to such an extreme deformity that virtually left it impotent. The experiment was fruitless, one could say.

It became apparent that it was impossible to exceed the boundaries of genetic species.  Contemporary attempts through "genetic engineering" to produce beings, which would interbreed amongst themselves, yet be incompatible with the previous, parent generation, are not only futile, but simply impossible.

The further science delved into the fable of "evolution", the more decisively all the inventions of this fantasy crumbled.  Everywhere and at all times, the findings of science were actually the reverse and contrary to what evolution purported.

Paleontology [the study of fossils] for instance...

Do we think Darwin would have drawn his same conclusions if he had known about DNA? 

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