After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


St. Philaret opposed the western rite

Various Notes on Rocor History

2003 Portal Credo interview with Matushka Anastasia Grabbe.  Here is the portion of the interview about the western rite. 

-“The last shall be first” … and when the Metropolitan also displayed firmness?

- For example, when John of Shanghai received the Dutch and gave them the possibility to serve the western Paschalion. It was a very difficult moment and didn’t last a long time. The Council (of Bishops, transl.) insisted that John of Shanghai demanded from them the old style (calendar, transl.). They left right away to the MP. The second case was when either by fault or mistake of Vladika John, Nectari (Kovalevskii) was consecrated. He ordained him with Theofil - the Rumanian, who, by the way, was in the Church Abroad, but later was discovered that he was a drug addict. The Sovereign said, that “(to be) Rumanian (is not to be) a nation, but an occupation”. The Synod had received the warning that, according to one version, Kovalevskii was a Satanist, and according to other, a big mason. It can be said that his aspect was such, that there is a possibility, he was a Satanist. (What a) sinister appearance! Nonetheless, his consecration was done against the resolution of the Council (of Bishops, transl.). Metropolitan Filaret was so against all this business, that he didn’t take part on it at all. Whenever he traveled to France, he never served there. Overall, these Frenchmen left rather quickly. By the way, also upon recommendation of Vladika John, they also wanted to recreate the Gallican Liturgy. An infinite number of translations were distributed to all the hierarchs. But right at the time of the liturgy it seems to be there was not a sufficient …

- Eucharistic canon?

- Yes!

- And was it cancelled?

- It should have been, but all this business didn’t last more than 2-3 years.

- And Vladika Filaret didn’t approve the idea of the Gallican Liturgy?

- No. But it was not easy for him to resist 15 hierarchs. Not all of them had such an educational level that was possible to take into consideration what they said.

Thank you, O Κύριος Σεβαστός, for offering this translation.

machine translation of entire interview here:


Joanna said...

It was oly for 2-3 years that the majority in the synod wanted to try the western rite experiment. After that they all agreed it was a fiasco. And the final word is that it is [basically] not allowed in Rocor.

St. Philaret and St. John, on a spiritual level, were "of one mind" - this is not the first time they seem to disagree. The synod works as a whole.

There is another time on record:


Joanna said...

We also see here that indeed the original plan was that these Dutch western rite parishes would eventually adopt the same rite that the rest of us use. That their use of the western rite was meant to be temporary - used as a "stepping stone." But, when the time came for the western rite parishes to make the switch from the western rite, they instead joined the MP.

This shows they never really appreciated Rocor. They never had a chance to develop a sense of what the Rocor is. In this way, the western rite became for them, not a stepping stone, but a fatal stumbling block.

It is said that St. John [privately] insisted that these churches may be Orthodox and may use the western rite. But to use it properly, first they must be Orthodox. They must be fully Orthodox, with a developed sense of true sanctity and the experience of grace. Anyone who thinks that Mother Theresa is equal to or better than St. Seraphim of Sarov does not have that sense. Anyone who would choose the MP over Rocor does not have that sense. Any western-riter who would leave Rocor and go to the MP in order to keep their western rite, does not have that sense.

Today we see the western rite parishes desiring to join RocorMP [or any official jurisdiction] because they are desperate for validation. But not desperate enough to give up their western rite, which they love more than Orthodoxy.

Joanna said...

RTOC Priest Siluan found this post and shared it with the Euphrosynos Cafe forum. Suaiden made a comment that reveals his true character quite nicely.


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