After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



 MP embroiled in corruption scandal 

A Russian Sect Honors Putin as a Saint 

√ No translation available.  Put through Google.  Report of a new book about the tragic consequences of sergianism and the current degeneration of the MP - a church without freedom or love, written at risk by a brave archpriest:

Photogallery:  Views of Old Athos

The Institute of History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg stores photos with views of Athos monasteries and hermitages; these photos once belonged to Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov.  It was presented to the Grand Duke by the Russian St.Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos, during his visit to the Holy Mountain monasteries in 1881. 

Pictures in the album are dated 1867-1872. This first chronicle of Mount Athos not only has documentary value, but is a remarkable example of photographic art. 

The names of photographers are known: they were monks from St. Panteleimon Monastery, Fr. Leonty and Fr. Gennady. 

None of the existing Mount Athos monasteries has survived intact [unchanged]; in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries many buildings were rebuilt. However, when the photos in the Grand Duke Konstantin's album were made, reconstruction was just beginning.  Therefore these unique photographs give a picture of Mount Athos and the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in general -- without great cathedrals and other major buildings. 

[The translation of the Russian text is below. Click on photos at the link below to see photographs.]

From Vladyka Agafangel

I would like to write a few words about the program "Russian World."  As I understand it, the program is a government program to create a real pro-Russia [Russian Federation] diaspora.  The Soviet Union did not represent or attract  the diaspora.  Now the Russian government has undertaken to create this.  A huge amount of money has been funded to this program (just the one ongoing construction in Paris is worth a lot).  That is why Russian officials are trying to take a stranglehold on every property outside of Russia, (e.g., the  church in Nice), located outside of Russia.  The MP takes an active part in this program, because of the Russian diaspora (which had never been pro-Soviet) has some valuable property.  Under this program, exhibitions, concerts (unprofitable, but paid from the pockets of Russian taxpayers) are held around the world, political, and youth movements, schools, etc. are created.  The agents of influence and spies are activated.  Agitation is carried out "to encourage people to go to the MP."  Under this program, the union of a part of ROCOR with MP was organized.  That is, there was not simple pressure, but it was a government program, that was why President Putin personally took part in that "operation".
I want to draw attention to the fact that the program "Russian World" is a political program aimed at creating a pro-Russian lobby in other countries.  One of the first laborers in this field is the Patriarch Cyril.  Each person must decide for himself whether it is good or bad.  Anyway it is helpful to know for all of us what the next "Soviet" experiment conducted on human beings is, so we can understand where all of us are being lead to.

Evolutionism Came from Masons

Evolutionism has been brought to us by the masons – the same folks who imposed on us the new calendar and the same folks who keep pushing for ecumenism.

...Charles Darwin's grandfather Erasmus proposed his theory of evolution in 1794 – only five years after the French Revolution.  Many of Erasmus Darwin's friends and associates were sympathizers with the French revolutionaries.  Erasmus was founder of the Lunar Society, which included these revolutionary sympathizers, and whose membership overlapped that of the "Revolution Society" led by the radical Charles Stanhope [3rd Earl Stanhope].  Erasmus especially admired Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the chief philosopher to pave the way for the Revolution.  He was also a freemason [member of the Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No.. 2, Edinburg, Scotland], as was his son Robert, Charles Darwin's father.
excerpt from the Chapter: 
 "A Brief Critique of the Evolutionary Model" 
Creation, Genesis and Early Man, 2nd edition
by Fr. Seraphim Rose

Evolution is a Form of Heresy

It turns out that the theory of evolution [evolutionism] is actually a form of an ancient heresy.  The Holy Fathers have already already addressed it.  St. Basil the Great and St. Ambrose of Milan and others wrote Commentaries on the Six Days, called Hexæmeron, which are all of the same spirit.  

This is found in St. Basil's Hexæmeron in the Ninth Homily:

"Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds" Gen 1:24:

Consider the Word of God moving through all creation, having begun at that time, active up to the present, and efficacious until the end, even to the consummation of the world.  As a ball, when pushed by someone and then meeting with a slope, is borne downward by its own shape and the inclination of the ground and does not stop before some level surface receives it, so too the nature of existing objects, set in motion by one command, passes through creation without change, by generation and destruction, preserving the succession of the kinds through resemblance, until it reaches the very end.  It begets a horse as the successor of a horse, a lion of a lion, and an eagle of an eagle; and it continues to preserve each of the animals by uninterrupted successions until the consummation of the universe.  No length of time causes the specific characteristics of the animals to be corrupted of effaced, but as if established just recently, nature, ever fresh, moves along with time.
excerpt from the Chapter: 
 "A Brief Critique of the Evolutionary Model" 
Creation, Genesis and Early Man, 2nd edition
by Fr. Seraphim Rose

Another point of the consensus of the Holy Fathers in the Hexæmeron and commentaries on Genesis is that the six days were six 24-hour days as we know them.  That God brings forth instantly with His Word and not over time.  Man was created instantly, both soul and body simultaneously, on the sixth day.  St. Basil says that the first day was God's actual "measuring out" of that time period of one day, before the sun was created.  He even divides it into 12 hours for day and 12 hours for night. 

The Holy Fathers also give us instruction on the meaning of the days being ages:  God is famous for embedding prophesies in His events.  Thus, the staff of Moses parts the Red Sea, and the Burning Bush is not consumed, the veil is rent in twain, etc.  So it is with the 6 days of Creation: it has a prophetic meaning embedded in it.   But clearly, the Holy Fathers teach, that the "ages" we might discern come after AFTER Creation Week.

Memory Eternal

for His Eye is on the sparrow

Prayer request:

Newly Reposed, Elena Petrovna Cox! A Life-Long Pious Dedicated Church Worker and Benefactress Of Many!

Please pray for the soul of the newly departed, Elena Petrovna, and also for Reader Leonard departed.

A Humble Remembrance of Two GOOD people – Elena and Leonard Cox – two precious diamonds that shone so brightly in this dark world...

Our Dear Sister in the Lord, ELENA, was called home to be with her Lord, Whom she had so devotedly served for most of her  life, reposed quietly at home, yesterday evening, in Silver Springs, Maryland.  The Canon for the Departure of The Soul having been read earlier in the day, at her bedside, with her gathered family, by a reader she had known for many years, in the ROCOR Washington DC Cathedral.

Elena in this recent year or so, had steadily declined health wise, with several major surgeries, and was in her early 80's.

Her beloved husband, Reader Leonard Cox, Jr. had preceded her in death, by many years.

Both of them had been devoted and pious church workers, and Elena had directed the choir and helped to read for many many years of services at the cathedral in Washington, and also she had been a volunteer cleaner of the church, the baker, for YEARS, of thousands of prosphoras regularly, secretary of the parish (Leonard Cox Jr. had been the Treasurer of the parish for many long years) ...and both of them, had quietly, been very generous!  anonymous benefactors of MANY people and worthy church projects in need.  GIVING ...was a central part of their lives. The label, selfless, fits them both.

I too, was one of those who received their Christian charity, and for which I have always been deeply grateful.

Elena brought her husband, Leonard, to Orthodoxy, many years ago, and he became a church reader.

Elena, in fact, has died, penniless, as she GAVE all that she had to her name, to others, just as had Leonard when he was alive.

And, it turns out, that some she gave her self-less charity to, misused her trust, and ran up debts, in her name, which now her family must cover.

Her very burial costs, there is not ANY of her own money to pay for, so ...the funeral director has agreed to reduce his charges by 50% and the Washington cathedral is paying the rest.  Her funeral service will be there, tomorrow.

Only today have I learned of her passing.

When I sang today, in front of my icons, for her and her husband, Memory Eternal and With The Saints Give Rest, I was reminded of the words:
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy!
...and, When you did it unto the least of these, my brethren, you did it unto ME!

And too, 'when we leave this world, all that we will have in the next world, is what we GAVE away here'.
Elena and Reader Leonard, ...remembered the poor,..... and now may the God Who cares for the poor and brokenhearted, reward them with their golden crowns and with LIFE EVERLASTING! 

Rest with the saints in Heaven dear sister Elena and brother Reader Leonard.
Your earthly toils are over. May you now inherit the Kingdom prepared for you, the Mansions of the Righteous, and celebrate at the Marriage Feast of The Lamb!

In deepest mourning for dear friends, and a brother and sister in Christ, Elena and Leonard.
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

How Evolutionism started

and where it goes...
excerpt from the Chapter: 
 "A Brief Critique of the Evolutionary Model" 
Creation, Genesis and Early Man, 2nd edition
by Fr. Seraphim Rose

Now we come to a key concept which is extremely important for understanding both the religious and the secular outlook of contemporary man.  This idea is an extremely complex one, and here we can only give a sketchy outline of the problems involved in this question.

Charles Darwin's Origin of Species came out in 1859, was instantly accepted by many people, and soon became very popular.  People such as T.H. Huxley and Herbert Spencer in England, together with Ernst Haeckel in Germany [author of The Riddle of the Universe, 1899] and others, popularized the ideas of Darwin and made evolution the very center of their philosophy.  It seems to explain everything.  Of course, people like Nietzsche picked it up and used it for their so-called spiritual prophesies.*  Thus, the people who were in the main school of Western thought – which was rationalism carried as far as you can take it – accepted evolution.  To the present day, one can say that evolution is a central dogma of "advanced" thinkers, of people who are in harmony with the times.

* Through the mouth of his "prophet" Zarathustra, Fredrich Nietzsche proclaimed:  "Man is something to be surpassed... What is the ape to man?  A laughingstock or a bitter shame.  And just the same shall man be to the Superman: A laughingstock or a bitter shame.  Ye have made your way from worm to man, and much in you is still worm.  Once ye were apes, and even now man is more ape than any ape...  Behold, I preach to you the Superman.  The Superman is the meaning of the earth."

Fraud, Deceit and Despair

Fruits of Evolutionism

The Fraud: Piltdown man was a deliberate fraud.  Somebody purposely put an ape head on a human skeleton, even altering the remaining tooth by filing it and dyeing it.  Piltdown man was discovered by Teilhard, and he interpreted the find.

The Deceit: Peking man was also discovered by Teilhard.  But the box of bones was somehow lost while he was transporting it from the excavation site.  That did not prevent him from drawing pictures to reconstruct Peking man which ended up in text books and encyclopedias.

The Despair: Hugh Miller was the one who first came up with the Day-Age theory that says the six days of Biblical creation are actually six "ages."  He wrote a book about it, and on the night he finished checking the printer's proofs, he committed suicide.  The book was published anyway, The Testimony of the Rocks.

Creation, Genesis and Early Man, 2nd edition p. 469-470, p.663

How Not to Interpret the Fossil Record

It turns out that there are no proofs, scientific or otherwise, for evolutionism.  Every supposed "proof" collapses under scrutiny.  The fossil record is one of the supposed proofs; here is what Fr. Seraphim Rose says about it:

excerpt from the Chapter: 
 "A Brief Critique of the Evolutionary Model" 
Creation, Genesis and Early Man, 2nd edition

5.   Then there are the arguments from paleontology: the study of fossils.  Of course, the first seemingly convincing proof is the geological strata, as, for example, in the Grand Canyon where you see all kinds of strata; and the lower you get the more primitive the creatures there seem to be.  Scientists date the strata by what kind of creatures are found in them.

In the nineteenth century they discovered these strata and determined which were older and which were younger; and how they have a rather elaborate system by which to tell which strata are older and which are younger.  However, the whole dating system is rather circular.  Since often these strata are "upside down" according to the evolutionary model, they have to make certain readjustments.  ... They have to date them by the fossils in them.  But how do they know that the fossils in them are in the right order?  They know because somewhere else the fossils were in the "right" order according to the model, and they got the system from that.  If you look at it closely, you see that it is a circular* system.  One has to have faith that this actually corresponds to reality.
* circular: Some paleontologists acknowledge this.  A professor at Kansas State University writes: "Contrary to what most scientists write, the fossil record does not support the Darwinian theory of evolution because it is this theory which we use to interpret the fossil record.  By doing so, we are guilty of circular reasoning, if we say the fossil record supports this theory."

There are a number of flaws in this.  For one thing, the creatures appear quite suddenly in each strata, with no intermediary types leading up to them.  Besides this, as the research continues, they are finding animals in strata which are not supposed to be where they are ... because they supposedly should not have evolved until some hundred million years later.

In general, there is no proof that these strata were laid down over millions of years.  The creationists who talk about the Flood of Noah say that it is equally conceivable that the Flood caused exactly the same thing.  The simpler marine animals on the sea bottoms would generally be the first to be buried, followed by fish and other organisms living nearer the surface...

Moreover, there are only very particular conditions which cause a fossil to be left at all.  A creature has to be buried suddenly in a certain kind of mud which allows it to be preserved.   The whole idea of gradualness of these phenomena is being called more and more into question...

Teilhardism in the Religion of the Future

Fr. Seraphim Rose has shown us that evolutionism is a philosophy, not a science.  It is a religious philosophy which opposes Orthodoxy with no possible way to compromise.  In essence, we either believe that man fell from a higher state or we believe he arose from a lower state.  There are varying ideas of how to make a compromise; lumped together these ideas are called, "Christian evolutionism."  Christian evolutionism has its roots in the West -- from Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit, paleontologist and geologist whom Fr. Seraphim recognized as a prophet of Antichrist.

from the new edition of Creation Genesis and Early Man
by Fr. Seraphim Rose
chapter: "Christian Evolutionism" 
page 595:

10.  Teilhardism in the Light of Orthodoxy

The evolutionary philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin is, strictly speaking, the product of the meeting of modern philosophy with Roman Catholicism.  However strongly Teilhardism might seem to break with certain aspects of the ultramontane Roman Catholicism of yesterday, there can be no doubt that it is in profound harmony with and admirably expresses the deepest "spiritual" current of apostate Rome: the use of "otherworldliness" for a this-worldly, chiliastic end, or as recent popes have expressed it, the "sanctification of the world."  Within Roman Catholicism, Teilhardism is a new "revelation" quite as justified and as "traditional" as the revelation of several centuries ago of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus," which itself inspired one of Teilhard's "mystical meditations:

...What I discern in your breast is simply a furnace of fire; and the more I fix my gaze on its ardency the more it seems to me that all around it the contours of your body melt away and become enlarged beyond all measure, till the only features I can distinguish in you are those of the face of the world which has burst into flame...

In Teilhardism, Roman Catholicism has come virtually to the farthest limit of its blasphemy against the true teachings of the Church of Christ.  That which is called "Christ" in this philosophy was precisely what the Orthodox Church knows as Antichrist: the "emerging" pseudo-Christ who promises mankind a "spiritual" kingdom of the world.  In this philosophy the concept of and taste for the other world, the possession of which distinguishes Orthodox Christians from other men, it totally obliterated.

As we have seen, Teilhard is deeply in harmony both with the modern outlook and with Roman Catholicism, both of which are now converging in a new worldview.  He rightly saw that evolution, if it is true, can not be kept in one compartment of human thought, but profoundly affects the whole of thought.[Teilhardism teaches that the earth evolves, man evolves, man's mind and soul evolve, society and morals evolve, even God! is evolving -- the universe is becoming conscious of itself. -jh]  He was unconcerned to "reconcile" evolution with single points of Christian tradition and dogma, because he saw that there is no possible reconciliation.  Evolution is a "new revelation" to man, and it is the single most important part of the worldview of the "Third Age of the Holy Spirit"* which is now coming upon the last humanity.  In the light of evolution everything must change -- not just the "static worldview" of Holy Scripture and the Holy Fathers, but ones whole outlook toward life, God and the Church.

The simple Orthodox believer who may accept the idea of "evolution" innocently because he has been told it is "scientific," will doubtless be bewildered at the Tielhardian idea of "evolution" and wonder what possible connection it has with the "scientific facts" which "everyone accepts" today.  It is time, then, finally, to approach the answers to the questions about evolution and Christian faith which this study of Christian evolution has raised.  Not everyone who believes in some form of evolution can accept the pseudo-mysticism of Teilhard de Chardin; but this blasphemous "mysticism" is only a most logical deduction from views whose implications are entirely realized by those who accept evolution "in some form."  Unknown to most Orthodox Christians, the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Church have set forth a clear teaching on the nature of the world.  God's creation, and the first-created man which answers all the questions that modernist Orthodox "theologians" think are so uncertain and difficult.

*Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, by Fr. Seraphim Rose 

review of a scholarly book which refutes Teilhardism

Metropolitan Vitaly of Blessed Memory

Memory Eternal

Our Metropolitan of Blessed Memory reposed on this day in 2006 after years of suffering greatly at the hands of those who were scheming to lead Rocor into the MP.

Archdeacon Hermann Ivanov-Thirteenth 


His memory is from generation to generation...
On the fifth anniversary of the repose of the Most Blessed Metropolitan Vitaly

At each panichida, we sing “His memory is from generation to generation.” But will many prayerfully remember the ever-memorable Metropolitan Vitaly on this Sunday, the very day of the fifth anniversary of his death?

The faithful sons of the Church Abroad will undoubtedly remember and raise up fervent prayers of thanksgiving concerning him.

The perpetrators of the betrayal, on the contrary, having finally stifled the voice of their conscience through persistent, constant falsehood, have henceforth directed their gaze and their thoughts in a completely different direction and do not want to remember the past. They have begun to live a new life. But it is possible that some among them, at the recollection of their deeds, experience the agonizing torment of conscience, that little voice of God that is put into each person, and, like Boris Godunov who shouted, "Keep away, keep away, child," they try to sweep aside the still recent past; but the face of the profaned Metropolitan and the memory of their iniquities from time to time do not give them rest.

And there is a third category of people: the mass of those who, on account of weakness, on account of spiritual negligence, on account of “obedience”, have followed the betrayers and thereby think that they do not bear responsibility or guilt for what has happened, concerning which they are profoundly mistaken. Let them not lull their conscience: they too, although to a lesser extent, have betrayed the Metropolitan and have betrayed their fathers and their past.

Metropolitan Vitaly was the last link connecting us to genuine Russia. He was the last hierarch in the world who was born in Tsarist Russia and who remembered how, as a ten year old boy together with the valiant White Army, he left forever the shores of Russia, which through his long life he bore in his heart. He was the last representative of those giants of spirit who created the special face, not comparable with anything else, of the Church Abroad. He was, as once wrote Metropolitan Agafangel, an “ikon of the Church Abroad”.

The fate of the reposed Metropolitan is in many ways similar to the fate of the Holy Tsar-Martyr. Indeed, just like him, he could say: “All around is treachery and cowardice and deceit.” Just as till now there are “woeful monarchists,” who denounce the Sovereign as allegedly not being in any way a victim, but the very first initiator of the revolution and of the collapse of Russia, since he abdicated the throne – yes, there are such cranks! – so too there are people without a conscience who assert that the Metropolitan himself was guilty in the breakdown of the Church Abroad, and that it was necessary to “remove” him from the office of First Hierarch in order to save the Church, just as it was necessary to “remove” the Sovereign in order to save Russia. The identical falsehood oozes both there and here. The First Hierarch and also the Tsar are not presidents of republics; they are not appointed directors of enterprises for a fixed period – they are the bearers of a special charism, and they are not “removed” as not wanted. They remain on the Throne until the time when the Lord calls them to Himself. But when, through force or deceit, they are forced to step down from the Throne, that is a very vile overthrow and a revolution, as took place in February 1917 and as occurred 10 years ago in 2001. Such overthrows cannot be blessed, since the driving force in these iniquities is always the same – treachery, wherein the devil serves as an advocate.

No one will dispute that Metropolitan Vitaly, by virtue of his advanced age and memory loss, could not sin and make mistakes, especially when he was intentionally led into error and his physical weaknesses were taken advantage of. But until his last breath, he remained faithful to the Idea, was unbending in defense of the Truth and uncompromising toward evil. The reposed Metropolitan bore a heavy cross during the last years of his earthly life; but like the Sovereign, he bore it completely without complaint. No one ever heard a single word of complaint, reproach or thirst for revenge. Never. Without complaint, with the greatest humility, he endured both mockery and attempts on himself. The only thing that he said was “ANATHEMA” three times to his tormentor, the unworthy “bishop” Michael Donskoi, who to this day by his presence defiles our Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross in Geneva.

The merciful Lord called him to Himself six months before the union with the MP. And so, his eyes did not see that greatest infamy, which was committed by those whom, in the majority of cases, he himself had elevated to the hierarchal dignity, seeing in them worthy defenders of the foundations of the Church Abroad. With bodily eyes he did not see, but with spiritual eyes he saw everything. And these emotional experiences were for him undoubtedly much more painful than physical ones.

By forgiving all and through submission to destiny and the will of God – let us not be afraid to say – he was raised to sanctity.

Let everyone think about this. There is still time for repentance. Metropolitan Vitaly was an “icon” and "guide". He showed and continues to show to each one the path of honor and truth, the path delineated by his three marvelous predecessors, Metropolitans Antony, Anastasy and Philaret. But will enough Christian conscience, or simply civic courage, be sufficient for each one who does not want to become finally like the despicable “Februaryists,” in order to stand firmly on this path?

Memory eternal, dear Vladyka Metropolitan!

Protodeacon German Ivanov-Trinadtsaty

Report from Haiti Mission

We will not have Fr. Gregory forever
and when he is gone, who will take his place?

September 24 report from Haiti:

Blessings!  I'm always a little saddened to leave Haiti -- but more happy to be back home!  Thanks be to God, the trip went well, much accomplished.  I served at St. Augustine's in Jacmel last Sunday, then with Fr. Amboise at St. Dorothy's for Nativity.  Thanks to some last-minute donations, it was possible to authorize construction of at least half of the roof for the new school building at St. Augustine's (two usable classrooms better than none!) and at least the semi-final stages of construction of the cloture wall around the new land near St. Dorothy's at LaPlaine (once finished, it will be possible to undertake some serious gardening on the property).  Fr. Amboise and his family are all well, as are all the faithful -- no serious illnesses or injuries, recovery from the earthquake and hurricane slowly creeping back to "normal".  While there are still tens (if not hundreds) of thousands living in tents, these are gradually giving way to reconstructed homes of some sort (in many cases, prefab plywood structures, far more durable than the tents, but nonetheless doomed to be eaten by termites before too many years pass).

Our Orthodox Heritage

Genesis 5:1-29

This is the genealogy of men in the day in which God made Adam; in the image of God he made him:  male and female he made them, and blessed them; and he called his name Adam, in the day in which he made them.  And Adam lived two hundred and thirty years, and begot a son after his own form, and after his own image, and he called his name Seth.  And the days of Adam, which he lived after his begetting Seth, were seven hundred years; and he begot sons and daughters.  And all the days of Adam which he lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died. Now Seth lived two hundred and five years, and begot Enos.  And Seth lived after his begetting Enos, seven hundred and seven years, and he begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years, and he died.  And Enos lived an hundred and ninety years, and begot Cainan.  And Enos lived after his begetting Cainan, seven hundred and fifteen years, and he begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Enos were nine hundred and five years, and he died. And Cainan lived an hundred and seventy years, and he begot Maleleel. And Cainan lived after his begetting Maleleel, seven hundred and forty years, and he begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Cainan were nine hundred and ten years, and he died. And Maleleel lived an hundred and sixty and five years, and he begot Jared.  And Maleleel lived after his begetting Jared, seven hundred and thirty years, and he begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Maleleel were eight hundred and ninety and five years, and he died. And Jared lived an hundred and sixty and two years, and begot Enoch: and Jared lived after his begetting Enoch, eight hundred years, and he begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Jared were nine hundred and sixty and two years, and he died. And Enoch lived an hundred and sixty and five years, and begat Mathusala.  And Enoch was well-pleasing to God after his begetting Mathusala, two hundred years, and he begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty and five years. And Enoch was well-pleasing to God, and was not found, because God translated him. And Mathusala lived an hundred and sixty and seven years, and begot Lamech. And Mathusala lived after his begetting Lamech eight hundred and two years, and begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Mathusala which he lived, were nine hundred and sixty and nine years, and he died.  And Lamech lived an hundred and eighty and eight years, and begot a son. And he called his name Noe, saying, This one will cause us to cease from our works, and from the toils of our hands, and from the earth, which the Lord God has cursed.

The Holy Fathers accept this as it is written.  Apparently man's life span was longer before the Flood, which changed the topography and weather of the world and made all those dinosaur fossils that modern philosophy says are billions of years old using faulty dating methods and taking immense liberties with suppositions.

The Feast of the Holy Fathers of the Old Testament, beginning with Adam, is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on the Sunday that falls between December 11 and 17: the second Sunday before the Feast of the Nativity of Christ.  In the Orthodox service for this feast, the Church sings,

"Adam the first let us revere, who was honored by the hand of the Creator and was the forefather of us all" [Canon, Canticle 1].

In addition, on Cheese-fare [Forgiveness] Sunday -- the Sunday immediately preceding Great Lent -- the Church commemorates the falling away of first-created Adam from the food of Paradise.  On March 20 the Church commemorates Adam and Eve's son Abel, the first martyr in the history of mankind.

from: Chapter 7, Creation, Genesis and Early Man, by Fr. Seraphim Rose.

Christian Evolutionism comes from Western Influence

...the true patristic teaching on this subject 
is so important 
for our whole Orthodox world view...

This is conclusion of Fr. Seraphim's letter to the Orthodox Christian Evolutionist, Dr. Alexander Kalomiros:


... All that I have said in this letter, derived strictly from the Holy Fathers, will come as a surprise to many Orthodox Christians.  Those who have read some of the Holy Fathers will perhaps wonder why they "haven't heard it before."  The answer is simple: if they have read many of the Holy Fathers, they have encountered the Orthodox doctrine of Adam and the creation; but they have been interpreting the patristic texts hitherto through the eyes of modern science and philosophy, and therefore they have been blinded to the true patristic teaching.  It is also true that the doctrine of the body of Adam and the material nature of the first-created world is taught most clearly and explicitly in the later Fathers of exalted spiritual life such as St. Simeon the New Theologian and St. Gregory the Sinaite, and the writings of these Fathers are not widely read even today in Greek or Russian, and hardly any of them exist at all in other languages.  (In fact, several of the passages I have quoted from St. Gregory the Sinaite have been mistranslated in the English Philokalia.)

I was very interested to read in your letter that you set forth the correct patristic teaching that "The creation of God, even the angelic nature, has always, in comparison with God, something material. Angels are incorporeal in comparison with us, biological men.  But in comparison with God they are also material and bodily creatures."  This teaching, which is set forth most clearly in the ascetic Fathers such as St. Macarius the Great and St. Gregory the Sinaite, helps us to understand the "spiritual body" with which we shall be clothed in the future age, which is in some way of the dust, earthly, but has no moisture or coarseness, as St. Gregory the Sinaite teaches; and it also helps us to understand that third state of our body, that which first-created Adam had before his transgression.  Likewise, this doctrine is essential in our understanding of the activity of spiritual beings, Angels and demons, even in the present corruptible world. 

 The great Russian Orthodox Father of the 19th Century, Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov, devotes an entire volume of his collected works (volume 3) to this subject, and to comparing the authentic Orthodox patristic doctrine with the modern Roman Catholic doctrine, as set forth in 19th-century Latin sources.  His conclusion is that the Orthodox doctrine on these matters -- on Angels and demons, heaven and hell, Paradise -- even though it is given to us by sacred tradition only in part, nonetheless is quite precise in that part which we can know; but the Roman Catholic teaching is extremely indefinite and imprecise.  The reason for this indefiniteness is not far to seek: from the time papalism began to abandon the patristic teaching, it gradually gave itself over to the influence of worldly knowledge and philosophy, first that of such philosophers as Barlaam, and then of modern science.  Even by the 19th Century Roman Catholicism no longer had a certain teaching of its own on these subjects, but had grown accustomed to accept whatever "science" and its philosophy say.

Alas, our present-day Orthodox Christians, and not least those who have been educated in "theological academies," have followed the Roman Catholics in this and have come to a similar state of ignorance of the patristic teaching.  This is why even Orthodox priests are extremely vague about the Orthodox teaching of Adam and the first-created world and blindly accept whatever science says about these things.  It may be that the Holy Trinity Seminary at Jordanville, New York, is the only remaining Orthodox school where the attempt is made to teach the Holy Fathers not "academically" but as living parts of a whole tradition; and it is significant that a Professor of this seminary, Dr. I.M. Andreyev, who is also a Doctor of Medicine and Psychology, has expressed in print the very idea I have tried to communicate above, and which seems beyond the understanding of those who approach the Holy Fathers from the wisdom of this world instead of vice versa. Dr. Andreyev writes:

Christianity has always viewed the present state of matter as being the result of a fall into sin.... The fall of man changed the whole of nature, including the nature of matter itself, which was cursed by God.

Professor Andreyev finds that Bergson and Poincare have glimpsed this idea in modern times -- but of course it is only our Orthodox Holy Fathers who have spoken clearly and authoritatively about it.

The vague teaching on Paradise and creation of Roman Catholicism-and of those Orthodox Christians who are under Western influence in this matter-has deep roots in the past of Western Europe.  The Roman Catholic scholastic tradition, even at the height of its medieval glory, already taught a false doctrine of man, and one which doubtless paved the way for the later acceptance of evolutionism, first in the apostate West, and then in the minds of Orthodox Christians who are insufficiently aware of their patristic tradition and so have fallen under foreign influences.  In fact the teaching of Thomas Aquinas, unlike the Orthodox patristic teaching, in its doctrine of man is quite compatible with the idea of evolution which you advocate.

Thomas Aquinas, in the Summa Theologica, teaches that:

In the state of innocence, the human body was in itself corruptible, but it could be preserved from corruption by the soul. 


It belongs to man to beget offspring, because of his naturally corruptible body.


In Paradise man would have been like an angel in his spirituality of mind, yet with an animal life in his body.  Man's body was indissoluble, not by reason of any intrinsic vigor of immortality, but by reason of a supernatural force given by God to the soul, whereby it was enabled to preserve the body from all corruption so long as it itself remained subject to God.... This power of preserving the body from corruption was not natural to the soul, but the gift of grace.  Now it is clear that such a subjection of the body to the soul and of the lower powers to reason (as Adam had in Paradise) was not from nature, or otherwise it would have remained after sin. 

This last quote shows clearly that Thomas Aquinas does not know that man's nature was changed after the transgression.  Again:

The immortality of the first state was based on a supernatural force in the soul, and not on any intrinsic disposition of the body. 

So far is Thomas Aquinas from the true Orthodox vision of the first-created world that he understands it, as do modern "Christian evolutionists," solely from the viewpoint of this fallen world; and thus he is forced to believe, against the testimony of Orthodox Holy Fathers, that Adam naturally slept in Paradise and that he voided fecal matter, a sign of corruption:

Some say that in the state of innocence man would not have taken more than necessary food, so that there would have been nothing superfluous.  This, however, is unreasonable to suppose, as implying that there would have been no fecal matter.  Therefore there was need for voiding the surplus, yet so disposed by God as not to be unbefitting.

How low is the view of those who try to understand God's creation and Paradise when their starting point is their everyday observation of this present fallen world!  As against St. Seraphim's splendid vision of man's invulnerability to the elements in Paradise, behold Thomas Aquinas purely mechanistic explanation of the rationalistic question: what happened when a hard body came into contact with the soft body of Adam?

In the state of innocence, man's body could be preserved from suffering injury from a hard body, partly by the use of his reason whereby he could avoid what was harmful; and partly also by divine providence, which so preserved him, that nothing of a harmful nature could come upon him unawares.

Finally, Thomas Aquinas himself does not teach, but other Medieval scholastics (William of Auxerre, Alexander of Hales, Bonaventure) did teach, the very foundation of present-day "Christian evolutionary" views of man's creation:

Man was not created in grace, but grace was bestowed on him subsequently, before sin.

In a word: according to Orthodox doctrine, which comes from Divine vision, Adam's nature in Paradise was different from present human nature, both in body and soul, and this exalted nature was perfected by God's grace; but according to Latin doctrine, which is based on rationalistic deductions from the present fallen creation, man is naturally corruptible and mortal, just as he is now, and his state in Paradise was a special, supernatural gift.

I have quoted all these passages from a heterodox authority, not in order to argue over details of Adams' life in paradise, but merely to show how far one corrupts the marvelous patristic vision of Adam and the first-created world when one approaches it with the wisdom of this fallen world.  Neither science nor logic can tell us a thing about Paradise; and yet many Orthodox Christians are so cowed by modern science and its rationalistic philosophy that they are actually afraid to read seriously the first chapters of Genesis, knowing that modern "wise men" find so many things there that are "dubious" or "confused" or need to be "reinterpreted," or that one may obtain the reputation of being a "Fundamentalist" if one dares to read the text simply, "as it is written," as all the holy Fathers read it.

The instinct of the simple Orthodox Christian is sound when he recoils from the "sophisticated," fashionable view that man is descended from an ape or any other lower creature, or even (as you say) that Adam might have had the very body of an ape.  St. Nectarios of Pentapolis rightly expressed his righteous anger against those who try to "prove that man is an ape, from which they boast that they are descended."  That is the view of Orthodox holiness, which knows that creation is not as modern wise men describe it by their vain philosophy, but as God revealed it to Moses "not in riddles," and as the holy Fathers have seen it in vision.  Man's nature is different from ape nature and has never been mixed with it.  If God, for the sake of our humility, had wished to make such a mixture, the Holy Fathers, who saw the very "composition of visible things" in Divine vision, would have known it.

How long will Orthodox Christians remain in captivity to this vain Western philosophy?  Much is said about the "Western captivity" of Orthodox theology in recent centuries; when will we realize that it is a far more drastic "Western captivity" in which every Orthodox Christian finds himself today, a helpless prisoner of the "spirit of the times," of the dominating current of worldly philosophy which is absorbed in the very air we breathe in an apostate, God-hating society?  An Orthodox Christian who is not consciously fighting against the vain philosophy of this age simply accepts it into himself, and is at peace with it because his own understanding of Orthodoxy is distorted, does not conform to the patristic standard.

The sophisticated, worldly-wise laugh at those who call evolution a "heresy."  True, evolution is not strictly speaking a heresy; neither is Hinduism, strictly speaking, a heresy: but like Hinduism (with which it is indeed related, and which probably had an influence on its development) evolutionism is an ideology that is profoundly foreign to the teaching of Orthodox Christianity, and it involves one in so many wrong doctrines and attitudes that it would be far better if it were simple a heresy and could thus be easily identified and combated.  

Evolutionism is closely bound up with the whole apostate mentality of the rotten "Christianity" of the West; it is a vehicle of the whole "new spirituality" and "new Christianity" in which the devil is now striving to submerge the last true Christians.  It offers an alternative explanation of creation to that of the holy Fathers; it allows an Orthodox Christian under its influence to read the Holy Scriptures and not understand them, automatically "adjusting" the text to fit his preconceived philosophy of nature.  

Its acceptance cannot but involve the acceptance also of alternative explanations of other parts of Divine revelation, of an automatic "adjustment" of other Scriptural and patristic texts to fit in with modern "wisdom."

I believe that in your feeling for God's creation, as you describe it in your letter, you are Orthodox; but why do you feel that you must corrupt this feeling with modern wisdom, and justify this new ideology which is so foreign to Orthodoxy?  You have written most movingly "against false union"; how we wish that you would now become just as great a zealot "against false wisdom," and tell the Greek-speaking Orthodox Christians who have accepted this new doctrine much too uncritically that our only wisdom comes from the Holy Fathers, and all that contradicts it is a lie, even if it calls itself "science."

I beg your forgiveness if anything that I have said seems harsh; I have tried only to speak the truth as I see it in the Holy Fathers.  If I have made any mistakes in my citations from the Holy Fathers, I beg you to correct them, but not to let any small mistakes keep you from seeing what I have tried to say.  There is much else that I could say on this subject, but I will wait for your reply before doing so.  Above all, I have the heartfelt wish that both you and we might see the true patristic teaching on this subject, which is so important for our whole Orthodox world view.  I ask your prayers for myself and our Brotherhood.

With love in Christ our Savior,
Seraphim, monk

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Fr. Seraphim Quote

Evolutionism is closely bound up with the whole apostate mentality of the rotten "Christianity" of the West; it is a vehicle of the whole "new spirituality" and "new Christianity" in which the devil is now striving to submerge the last true Christians. It offers an alternative explanation of creation to that of the Holy Fathers; it allows an Orthodox Christian under its influence to read the Holy Scriptures and not understand them, automatically "adjusting" the text to fit his preconceived philosophy of nature.
-Fr. Seraphim Rose

Blog Policy on the Western Rite

Blog Policy on the Western Rite
Remnant Rocor blog does neither accept the western rite nor support the western rite movement, neither in theory nor in practice. We uphold without qualification the '78 Rocor Synodal decision to disallow the western rite in Rocor.

Whatever it was in the past, the current western rite movement has an aggressive, malicious character. It serves ecumenism while causing inner separation. The push push push seems to be coming from Moscow. It appeals to emotions, sentiments, insecurities and the weaker conscience.


    His Eminence Agafangel, Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, will be in America from October 21 to 30, 2011.
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...appeal for some extra generosity...  

It's that time of year again; the Haiti Mission has been allocated a 24,000 pound shipment of food from Feed My Starving Children to help feed hungry kids throughout the coming school year in Haiti, and we need $7000+ to move it to Haiti. ... The Mission is a  long way from having that much money, and we'll need to pay out the bulk of it early Sept. (for freight and customs clearance).  This is one of the biggest bargains you can find anywhere -- that breaks down to about 25¢ per meal per child.  One Big Mac will feed how many children a solid nutritious meal?  To say nothing of a month's cable TV.

Update Sept. 11:
Once again, Feed My Starving Children has donated a 20' container (24,000 pounds) of dry balanced meal packets to the Mission.  Arrangements for freight have been concluded, and the shipment will leave IL at the end of the month.  Close to $5000 in freight costs have been covered, but considerable costs remain in Haiti for customs clearance, inland freight, and meal preparation at the three schools.  All the help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! 

To my surprise, I discover that we also have enough funds in hand (thanks to a couple of recent generous donations) to put a roof on the new classroom building at St. Augustine's -- but that project will leave Mission funds completely depleted.

Genesis, Creation, and Early Man

Book Review
by Joanna

In general, I do not trust Platina anymore.  But in this case, this book could be some kind of last ditch effort from heaven to retrieve some souls from the jaws of the world.

Read.  Listen to Fr. Seraphim.  He escorts us to the heart of the true Church.   

It might be possible that this publication, at this time, holds back His Hand -- and we might be given more time to repent.  I'm not exaggerating.  The Beginning is tied to the End.

 This book can bring anyone closer to God.  

the new revised edition is now available from St. Herman Press. 


Videoclip Russkogo Korpusa
The response from our building appeal has been wonderful and we have been blessed with a new church.  We are still requesting donations to build out the interior of our new church.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers in this endeavor.
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We are currently renting a facility in Falls Church, VA, but to accommodate the ever-growing number of parishioners and to allow us to minister better to the many Orthodox believers in the Washington, D.C., area, the time has come for us to build a church of our own.  With hope for the kindness of our Lord, we turn to our brothers and sisters in Christ and ask for your support in this effort.

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Fr. Sergius Kondakov

about asking blessings from Sergianist clergy


Note: Fr. Sergius here, seems to be concentrated on the blessings aspect, not so much specifically about...taking Holy Confession or Holy Communion from Sergianist clergy. However, we surely know his answer to those questions, through his stern responce to asking  for or taking, the hand/verbal -blessings from such ones.

>FROM: http://orthodox-news.livejournal.com (original Russian text)-
> September 17th, 20:48 September 17th, 20:48
> QUESTION: May one go to Confession and Communion, or simply take a blessing from priests who are ecumenists and Sergianists?
> ANSWER: When we take a blessing from a bishop or priest, we do not just perform some kind of courtesy, but we  enter into prayerful communion. Both the Holy Apostles and Fathers warn us that such communion is possible only with those of the same faith, that is, with the Orthodox who are free of any heresy.
> Here, for example, is how the great elder, the Venerable Theodosius of the Caucasus spoke about this. By the way, Venerable Theodosius was a catacomb monk; he secretly nourished those believers who did not commemorate Patriarchs Sergius and Alexis who were appointed by the godless regime. When during the Second World War they began the to re-open the churches, the authorities fighting against God tried to ensure that Sergianist priests served in them.
> Once, Antonina, a spiritual daughter, came to Venerable Theodoius from Novorossiysk. "Grandpa" – (as his spiritual children so affectionately called Venerable Theodosius),  – "There is a church of God nearby. Bless me to visit it. Previously, I have had to travel far.The elder shook his head disapprovingly and said: "There that fat little priest drinks vodka and smokes cigarettes. However, if occasionally, you go there, you are not sinning.    Listen to how they sing and read.The icons are not defiled, the cross is not desecrated, and you may venerate them;  but do not go up for a blessing."
> Thus, we see from the point of view of holiness, and we should all strive for holiness, that it is not all the same from whom you take a blessing or even more to whom you confess and from whom you receive communion.
Recall that in the 1920s, when the spiritual predecessors of the current modernists and renovationists, who were called by the common people "red priests" and who with the support of the godless authorities tried to seize all the churches of Orthodox Russia, – and moreover the Ecumenical Patriarch blessed them from the "plenitude of the Church" –  the faithful Russian  people simply voted with their feet. They did not go to those churches where renovationists served. For example, the Moscow church of Christ the Saviour stood half empty, not because the faithful Muscovites did not love  that magnificent church, but because from that church, and even in accordance with the Ecumenical Patriarch's blessing, the holy Patriarch Tikhon and those loyal to him 
had been banished. The same was the case, for example, in the village of Zavyalovo when our St. Nicholas Church was seized by Renovationists.
Today, we consider that the true parishioners of the church of Christ the Savior in Moscow and of the church in the village of Zavyalovo, during  those years, were  not that part of the believers to whom it was all the same, and who, in spite of the manifest disorders, continued to pray with those Red priests and renovationists in these churches, but those, who went together with all the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia to the overcrowded Tikhonite churches, and then later also into the catacombs.
> So too in our time we can save Orthodox Russia, if we will pray with archpastors and pastors who want to walk along the narrow path of Holy Orthodoxy.
> QUESTION: In that case, if we cannot take a blessing from Sergianists  or Ecumenists, how should we greet them? 
> ANSWER: A believer genuinely tries to relate to each person with respect. One can and should politely say hello or even give a respectful nod. But to take a blessing or behave oneself as if before an Orthodox priest, that is not allowed.
> QUESTION: And if the priest should ask, why do I not take a blessing?
> ANSWER: In this case, one must politely but firmly reply that in accordance with the apostolic canons, one may not enter into prayerful communion with those who have departed from the purity of the Orthodox faith. And for truly Orthodox believers in the past and the present, ecumenism and cooperation with the persecutors is just such a departure.