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Euphrosynos Cafe has changed

Re: This Forum has changed!
by Priest Siluan » Mon 12 September 2011       
ANGELA wrote:

In the past we had a more spiritual site. It was a pleasure to seek and find. Unfortunatley, now it has changed. I hope the board members pick up on this and make some alterations. 


I think you are not remembering the "ROCOR-MP Pre Union war" time, that time was really sad. The Cafe was badly infected by many open and other hidden defenders of the MP-ROCOR Union, they tried to destroy this site, the worst members were those who faked to be against the Uniya (but they were really in "Pro"), they tried to discredit the EC, finally when the union was done, they disappeared from the scene, they would surely have achieved its goal here.

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Are the MP goons really gone?  I don't think so... Look again...


minas said...

I'm thinking there's one there still, right under the moderators noses. One who gives his opinion there on just about every subject. Take a guess who that could be....

Joanna said...

you can't mean Boris? can you?

I think their goals have changed.

It is true that before and soon after the union there was a rash of infiltrator pretender anti-unionites that purposely behaved in a manner to make anti-unionites appear subhuman, uncivilized, unchristian, etc. And giving the anti-unionite forums a bad reputation certainly was part of that.

Clogging up the airways with their inanities is another thing they do, so that real people are unable to have constructive conversations. The goons are still doing that today - that's one goal that has not changed.

But now it is very important for the goon airway cloggers to appear respectable -- most "politely stated" endless streams of conceited blah blah blah.

I know one person who said they tried going over to OC, but that it is worse there.

Joanna said...

What is OC?

OC is an abbreviation for another forum:


OC and EC [Euphrosynos Cafe] are both run by Fr. Anastasios Hudson of the GOC under Metropolitan Pavlos.

minas said...

Well, I think EC and OC are probably a better choice of forums to post on compared to Nuckleheads from the Underworld, which seems to have thankfully died out in it's infancy

Joanna said...

Nuckleheads from the Underworld...
that has a certain "ring" to it...
is that anything like, "royal pathology"?

minas said...

I'd say it's a pretty close match

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