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Evolution is a Form of Heresy

It turns out that the theory of evolution [evolutionism] is actually a form of an ancient heresy.  The Holy Fathers have already already addressed it.  St. Basil the Great and St. Ambrose of Milan and others wrote Commentaries on the Six Days, called Hexæmeron, which are all of the same spirit.  

This is found in St. Basil's Hexæmeron in the Ninth Homily:

"Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds" Gen 1:24:

Consider the Word of God moving through all creation, having begun at that time, active up to the present, and efficacious until the end, even to the consummation of the world.  As a ball, when pushed by someone and then meeting with a slope, is borne downward by its own shape and the inclination of the ground and does not stop before some level surface receives it, so too the nature of existing objects, set in motion by one command, passes through creation without change, by generation and destruction, preserving the succession of the kinds through resemblance, until it reaches the very end.  It begets a horse as the successor of a horse, a lion of a lion, and an eagle of an eagle; and it continues to preserve each of the animals by uninterrupted successions until the consummation of the universe.  No length of time causes the specific characteristics of the animals to be corrupted of effaced, but as if established just recently, nature, ever fresh, moves along with time.
excerpt from the Chapter: 
 "A Brief Critique of the Evolutionary Model" 
Creation, Genesis and Early Man, 2nd edition
by Fr. Seraphim Rose

Another point of the consensus of the Holy Fathers in the Hexæmeron and commentaries on Genesis is that the six days were six 24-hour days as we know them.  That God brings forth instantly with His Word and not over time.  Man was created instantly, both soul and body simultaneously, on the sixth day.  St. Basil says that the first day was God's actual "measuring out" of that time period of one day, before the sun was created.  He even divides it into 12 hours for day and 12 hours for night. 

The Holy Fathers also give us instruction on the meaning of the days being ages:  God is famous for embedding prophesies in His events.  Thus, the staff of Moses parts the Red Sea, and the Burning Bush is not consumed, the veil is rent in twain, etc.  So it is with the 6 days of Creation: it has a prophetic meaning embedded in it.   But clearly, the Holy Fathers teach, that the "ages" we might discern come after AFTER Creation Week.

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