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Evolutionism Comes From The West

In his letter to Dr. Kalomiros
Fr. Seraphim Rose says this about evolutionism:

" ...The Holy Fathers quite clearly did not believe in any such theory --because the theory of evolution was not invented until modern times.  It is a product of modern Western mentality...

" ... The idea of evolution is entirely absent from the text of Genesis, according to which each creature is generated  'according to its own kind' ... "

"... It is well known that Orthodoxy teaches quite differently from Roman Catholicism regarding man's nature and Divine grace,  and now I shall attempt to show that the theological view of man's nature which is implied in the theory of evolution, and which you have explicitly set forth in your letter, is not the Orthodox view of man, but is much closer to the Roman Catholic view; and this is only a confirmation of the fact that the theory of evolution, far from being taught by any Orthodox Father, is simply, a product of the a western apostate mentality and even, despite the fact that it originally was a "reaction" against Catholicism and Protestantism, has deep roots in the Roman Catholic scholastic tradition..."



Joanna said...

interesting from the oca:


Joanna said...

Western Influence has been shown to be inseparable from the western rite. In theory it should be, but in practice it is not. This was shown by Rocor's failed experiments with the western rite that resulted in the 1978 Synodal decision to disallow the western rite in Rocor.

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