After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


From Vladyka Agafangel's livejournal

There's going to be some who won't like this.

On Grace
All his life, Metropolitan Anthony affirmed that the truths of the Church are inseparable from morality.  In his article "The Moral Component of Church Dogma," he considers the life within the Church to be full of Grace and that that life contains "Christ's life, which He gave to the Church and which is instilled in the soul of every single person."  He avers that the Church is the means of this Grace and is called to unite all the various people into one human state redeemed by Christ.

If one agrees with this definition of Grace, then it follows for example that the MP truly does not have Grace, as it cannot exist where, for example, a diocesan authority is led by a group of homosexuals or where all other sorts of wickedness are permitted.

It turns out that Grace also cannot be found among the ROCA "fragments," as the inexorable ["centripetal" in the machine translation]  movement towards Christ does not exist among them at all.

One can ask does such Grace exist within us, does our communal life lead towards the spiritual rebirth of our parishioners?  I believe it does.

I have not claimed that Grace exists only among us. You must read what I said carefully.

I wrote that Met. Anthony's concept is that the life within the Church itself is Grace and it unites in Christ all its participants.  If the members of the Church live according to Christ's commandments "without compulsion," then Grace exists among them.

Thank you D.G. for this translation


Joanna said...

centripetal = center seeking

In the case of an object moving in a circular path, it is a force opposite of centrifugal force, accelerating, going faster as it nears the center. As in a whirlpool, things go round and round faster and faster then finally get sucked into the center.

Also this is a botanical term. Such as with mums where the outer petals of the flower develop first – the flower blooms from outside in instead of like a daisy which shows its center first and then fans out.

Joanna said...

The Moral Idea of the Dogma about the Church.

AlaBill said...

This is especially important for us to hear. It is great to have a good translation as well. Why? Compare the google translation...

-∞- about grace
Metropolitan Anthony of the inseparability of life professed religious truths of morality. In his article, " The moral idea of the dogma of the Church, "he calls the grace of the very life of the Church, which is "the life of Christ, which He gave the Church, and which pours into the soul of every individual." The church, as he claims, by the grace of this is designed to integrate disparate identity in a unified updated Christ human nature.

If we accept this definition of grace, then it turns out that, for example, in MP it really is - can be grace where there is at the head of the diocese, say, a group of homosexuals, and it allowed many other vices.

It turns out that there is no grace, and among the "fragments" of the ROCOR, as between them, is completely absent, "centripetal" movement to Christ.

The question is, is there a grace for us, contributes to our common life is the spiritual revival of the parishioners? I believe so. -∞-

Would there be anyway that all of Vladyka Agafangel's live journal entries could be translated by a real person like this one was?

Thank you too D.G.

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