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Haiti Mission Receives Gift of Food

6¢ per meal

Glory be to God!  Once again the generous agency Feed My Starving Children has donated a 20-foot container – 23,000 pounds – of balanced meal packets for the children in our schools in Haiti.  This donation  is absolutely without cost to us – until it leaves the shipping dock in Aurora, Illinois.  But shipping, preparing and serving that food is a rather costly business.  To make the food actually available to the children will require about $7,000 (of which the bulk will have to be paid out of largely borrowed funds, probably before you even see this.)

Our kids eat wherever they can, but in a surprisingly orderly manner.  Needless to say, with adequate nutrition (which very few of them would get without the canteen program) they make far better scholars (and they've done incredibly well on the required national examinations).

Seven thousand dollars is a lot of money – but not so frightening if everyone does his part.  That container (wth some supplementing with locally availabole "enrichers") is going to feed about 600 children five days a week throughout the school year at a cost of about six cents per meal.  What kind of bargain is that?!  Consider how many children you could feed for the price of a Big Mac, or a month's sastellite TV bill – or with what you would save by buying a somewhat less expensive car (or by selling an old one you don't really need).

Bear in mind that these children are still struggling with the after-effects (physical, emotional, and spiritual) of a series of devastating hurricanes (praise God Irene wasn't one of hem!) and the deadliest earthquake ever in our part of the world.  A few hours' travel away we live in incredible affluence, throwing enough away in a few days for a Haitian to olive on for a year.  Please give up something and do your part.

The Church is an anchor, and the schools a point of stability, for hundreds of people with little else, except their own indomitable spirit, on which to rely.  Keeping them healthy is a never-ending task.  St. Augustine's School just keeps growing (adding higher and higher class levels – but I think this may be the last).  More classes of course means more space demand – and we still can't use the upper floor of the original school building for classes (maybe, never; the students are understandably terrified of multi-story concrete buildings).  The new building (with space for classrooms) is ready for use – if it had a roof.  The estimated cost for the roof (which needs to have been done yesterday!) is around $3,000 – but the food comes first.

It was my pleasure to celebrate, together with Fr. Ambroise, the wedding of Nicholas and Alexandra (baptized at St. Augustine's early this year) Neptune in June at St. Augustine's, the day of the parish feast.  Many Years!

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