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No One Creature Was Made Before Another

so much for applying the theory of relativity to Creation week...
so much for the big bang...

Genesis is not an old outdated book.  It could have been written yesterday.  The Holy Fathers bring this to light.  From Genesis, Creation and Early Man, chapter, "The Six Days of Creation":

St. Ambrose [of Milan] writes that when Moses says so abruptly, "In the beginning God created," he intends to "express the incomprehensible speed of the work."  And having the cosmological speculations of the Greeks in mind, he writes words that apply equally well to the speculations of our own times:

He [Moses] did not look forward to a late and leisurely creation of the world out of a concourse of atoms.

St. Ambrose says further:

And fittingly [Moses] added:  "He created," lest it be thought there was a delay in creation.  Furthermore, men would see also how incomparable the Creator was Who completed such a great work in the briefest moment of His creative act, so much so that the effect of His will anticipated the perception of time.

St. Anthanasius the Great – in arguing against the Arian teaching that Christ is the "beginning" of all things and thus like the creation – sets forth as his understanding of the Six Days of Creation that all things in each of these days were created simultaneously:

As to the separate stars or the great lights, not this appeared first, and that second, but in one day and by one same command, they were all called into being.  And such was the original formation of the quadrupeds, and of birds, and fishes, and cattle, and plants... No one creature was made before another, but all things originate subsisted at once together upon one and the same command.

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AlaBill said...

Is Genesis an old outdated book? I love the first part of St. Basil's Homily I from the Hexæmeron. They have made me approach the book of Genesis with a totally different attitude.

These lines especially stand out for me…

What ear is worthy…?

About Moses…

I will speak mouth to mouth

God judged worthy to behold Him, face to face, like the angels…

And finally…

Written without the help of the "enticing words of man's wisdom" by the dictation of the Holy Spirit

Destined to produce…the salvation of those who are instructed by them.

Excerpt from St. Basil's Hexæmeron

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