After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Orthodoxizing the Charismatic Movement

How & Why

The writer of this first article is an Orthodox Charimatic.  First he is a charismatic, and secondly Orthodox.  His conversion was just adding the Orthodox Sacraments to the charismata he already had before, like icing on the cake.  In this article he tries to convince other charismatics to join Orthodoxy as he has:

excerpt from the article:
...There are a number of reasons why Charismatics should become eastern Orthodox; reasons such as apostolic succession, liturgical renewal and a general expansion of theology ... manifestations of the Holy Spirit seen in the first century Christian Church, such as healing, miracles and “speaking in tongues,” are available to contemporary Christians ... Did you notice that there is something missing? What’s missing is the Charismatic believing in spiritual manifestation of Christ’s body and blood within the Eucharistic meal....

The writer of this second article is a monk in world Orthodoxy who had been studying the phenomenon of "spiritual mapping."   In his article might be a clue to the "why" the Orthodox charismatics give Orthodoxy second place.  Those with charismatic gifts believe their "gifts" are from God.  This causes them to feel they have a higher authority than the Church.

excerpt from the article:
...If [charismatics] believe that there are Apostles anointed by God walking the earth today who have genuine apostolic authority over the whole Church, how can [they] believe what the Orthodox Church believes?  For the Orthodox Church believes that that apostolic authority resides in the Orthodox bishops, especially in council...
– ∞ ∞ ∞ –

Regarding the first link, the article titled: Why Charismatics Should become Eastern Orthodox!
This is not your usual "outreach" material.  This material does not call for a conversion to Orthodoxy, but for an INVASION and ABUSE of Orthodoxy.
And this is a movement not limited to isolated individuals.

Metropolitan Vitaly wrote in his *Report to the Sobor 1969*

"... we have remained the only Church in the whole world that has not entered the W.C.C., and in all probability special steps will be undertaken for us, a special tactic will be employed." 

A special  tactic will be used by Antichrist to take down the ROCOR, and the remnant of ROCOR.  I think we can see this happening with the idea of jurisdictional ecumenism, the pushy western rite movement, the idea of  Epsicopalianizing of Orthodoxy, and the idea of Orthodoxizing of the charismatics.  The last 3 mentioned in particular result in varying degrees of half-baked converts who take on Orthodoxy as an adornment to their existing life, rather than trusting the Church with their whole life.  Could this be the "special tactic"?

This Orthodoxizing of the Charismatic movement is being peddled in our neighborhood.  The remedy to this is obedience to the Church.  We have an example of this obedience in Fr. Seraphim Rose. 

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Joanna said...

2017 update:
in 2011 I wrote that the Charismatic movement is being "peddled in our neighborhood." That was the limit to what I could say at the time since there was a charismatic in MY parish, and, at first my priest was not paying close enough attention. In 2013 the charismatic left ROCOR and eventually ended up in a place better suited to him (Milan synod).

Today I don't know of anyone trying to infect the ROCOR or the GOC with the charismatic movement. But we can be certain it is still going on in world Orthodoxy. As Fr. Seraphim Rose pointed out, when the true Spirit is absent, deprived people are vulnerable to accepting a substitute...

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