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General Grapsas, Elder Paisios, and the Prophecy

Can world orthodoxy produce a true prophet?  They can't say this new calendarist elder was "above politics," because he is known to have openly denounced the fathers of Esphigmenou, who are living martyrs suffering and dying for the old calendar.  Besides, there is no such thing as being "above politics," anyway.
The english translation of this article was originally published on the GOC of Portland website by GOC Bishop Photios of Marathon who is under GOC Metropolitan Pavlos of Astoria:

In the August 6, 2009 edition of the newspaper «Ελεύθερη Ώρα» (Free Time), the following article was published with the title “Grapsas, Paisios and the Prophecy!”:

The Reading is from the False Prophecy of Paisios...
“There was another prophecy for General Grapsas and they feared it.
For some time now the prophecy of Elder Paisios is circulating. Certainly, while the prophecy is one thing, reality is something else, but somewhere there is an extreme. For about a year now we have come across from many sources an event which occurred between Fr. Paisios of the Holy Mountain and General Demetrios Grapsas, head of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.
Specifically, Fr. Paisios told General Grapsas that he would enter Constantinople as a liberator.
A group of soldiers waited at the elder’s fence in Panagouda. They lifted up their eyes and saw the elder coming towards them. He opened the gate of the fence and welcomed them. They sat down under a tree and he began talking with them.
At some point one of the people from the group said to him:
“I can’t take any more Elder, I’m going to retire from the military.”
The Elder turned, looked at him and said:
“You will not resign; you will be the leader of our country’s defense staff when the Turks will attack us.”
Everyone looked, full of amazement.
“And when will this happen, Elder?” they asked him.
“When it will be the time for spinach.” he told them, and he changed the subject.
Many years have passed since then, the elder reposed and the officer remained in the army and progressed.
He is Mr. Grapsas, who up until Thursday August 6 has been the leader of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.”
Of course, “the time for spinach” passed and General Grapsas has already retired. But neither have the Turks attacked our country, neither is Mr. Grapsas any longer the leader of the army. Thus the prophecy of Elder Paisios, who is alleged by the New Calendarists to be a saint, was proved false.
In the Old Testament it states: “Whatsoever words that prophet shall speak in the name of the Lord, and they shall not come true, and not come to pass, this is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; that prophet has spoken wickedly: ye shall not fear him.”
Translated from the Greek

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