After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Extraordinary Meeting in Odessa

Happy email from Reader Daniel

General Sharing: SUPER WOW!!!
See orthodoxy-news.livejournal through Google translation

MNOGAYA LETA!  MANY YEARS! to our beloved ROCA Metropolitan VLADYKA Agafangel and our Bishops, all our clergy, and all our laity!!!   And, may God continue to bless and protect and prosper our church!

Through google (of course, to non-Russian readers):

Nov 11-12
Day I..minutes PROTOCAL
Day II..minutes PROTOCAL

TO ALL: This is just my personal understanding/opinions of these proceedings, not any official stance.  But to me, I am elated by this!  I am happy!.... whether or not, EVERYONE in our church or outside our flock, fully agrees with all these decisions - which of course, in this world it is likely that some may not like or fully understand all of them.

As each bishop gives his diocesan report on his own diocese, we get a clear picture of church life and the struggles over there.

Astounding decisions and proof of MUCH activity and orderly life in our church, which unfortunately, we English readers, for now, have to decipher thru the rough google.

Of course, google is much improved from the past, but it takes SOME knowledge of Russian phrases, and sentence structure, to catch the correct ...titles, who said what, and what is the gist of the meaning, etc.

I have a degree of such knowledge, hence I am amazed that our ROCA is SO!... vibrant, in the RF, Ukraine, other regions and countries over there, even now in Germany and western Europe, even in Georgia, things are opening up for our church to expand, ETC, ETC, ETC.

We are interviewing MANY various clergy, parishes, to possibly join us, and planning new dioceses, new possible episcopal consecrations and ordinations and receptions of clergy and laity.

Some who formerly left us, have returned in repentance.

More and more are fleeing the KGB captive MP.

And, in this report, one sees ORDER and sound Orthodoxy at work.

'New-calendarists'.. (full parishes or dioceses) may be admitted to our church, IF they change to the old calendar in a 3-5 year grace period, and cleanse themselves of other modernist practices, is one economia  decision.... which means, that such organized parish/diocesan entities ARE asking to come into our church!... which proves that our church CARES about saving souls, and not just condeming others, as some of the extremists do.

...the situation has changed - we are dealing with a neo-sergianism...

Our bishop leaders are grappling with the struggle to finally officially define 'Sergianism', and how to better communicate with RTOC (about which, are a number of VERY interesting divergent comments being made by our various bishops, pro & con), and etc., including some genuine sympathy expressed for the person of Bp. Tikhon (Pasechnik) himself.

...The Chairman explained that in the present RTOC group of extremists 
who are blackmailing of Archbishop Tikhon and do not allow contact with us.  
A similar situation was observed in the so-called ROCOR-V...

I HOPE that poor overworked Dimitry Gontscharow will be able to fully translate this all into good English, as these two days of our church's meetings, are EARTH-SHAKING!!... and I truly do not think I am exaggerating, not at all.

Our ROCA is alive!
Our ROCA is vibrant!
Our ROCA is getting it all together!
Our ROCA is spreading and enduring persecution!
Our ROCA is being petitioned by many, for us to receive them!

Warning however! to us who must for now, only read this thru google: We must be cautious, as the full nuances of meanings, may not be in reality, what we think we at first read.  Those who can read the original Russian, can easily know the full picture, but we English-only readers, cannot.... not yet anyway.

Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon 

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