After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Mother Agapia on MP Bullying

excerpt taken from Paradosis forum

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 2:05 AM
From: "magapia" 
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... ... But, Jason, as for the topic of persecution of Orthodox Christians you might ask yourself or your bishops how they justify the behavior of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Federation with respect to their recent treatment of ROCA parishes in the St Petersburg and Altai areas. There is something not fanciful, but very real.

Please watch the 10/22/11 video of ROCA Archbishop Sophrony describing the intimidation of his parishioners and St Nicholas Convent. Go to www.vishegorod.ru and scroll down to the second listing. Though you may not speak Russian it would be very sobering to watch Vl. Sophrony as he speaks -- the truth of a situation has a way of revealing itself without words. (A translation of his talk is provided below.*)

Nor are his parishes the only ones being harassed by the MP and Russian Federation. The same harassment, intimidation and denial of registration of ROCA parishes by the Russian Govt. has befallen Fr George Titov in Barnaul, Siberia and Fr Serge Kondakov. Serious, intelligent priests attempting to follow their conscience and being bullied for doing so.

It's rather fascinating but also very sad to consider the silence of ROCOR-MP hierarchs and clergy in the light of these events, but a clue as to why they keep silent can be found in this recent book by Luke Harding, a reporter from The Guardian newspaper in England who was kicked out of Russia by Putin's government because of his inconvenient reporting. 

However before being forced out he was subject to intimidation and harassment which he convincingly and chillingly describes in his new book "Mafia State' (see http://www.amazon.com/Mafia-State-Luke-Harding/dp/085265247X )


However I will affirm that Harding's book is very real and believable to me based on my own experiences with RF and MP personnel. His book eloquently serves to reveal how insidious and cruel the practices of the Russian Federation continue to be to this day to make people conform to their will. That certain members of the Moscow Patriarchate take part in these practices is indisputable.

Please read especially the first chapter and chapter 17 "The Files" from Harding's book and maybe you will begin to understand what was done to certain key personnel in ROCOR to make them accept union. "Operational psychology" and dirty tricks are still employed, and they work... Harding is writing fact, not fiction.

Those ROCOR hierarchs and clergy who were victimized and intimidated into compliance with Putin's will deserve our pity, not our scorn, in spite of the great damage they have done to the Orthodox faith and faithful by their betrayal and weakness. 

Still it would be heartening if at least a few of them (or their lay followers) could find the strength in the relative freedom they enjoy in the West to stand up to the bullying of the MP and the RF and defend their ROCA brethren being persecuted by the members of the Mafia State to this day.

In Christ,
mother Agapia


Joanna said...

I visited the Amazon link to the book that Mother Agapia provides. Amazon let's you read the beginning pages of the book,

Click on the photo of the book's cover. Very interesting. It describes some of the reincarnated KGB's truly sick psychological intimidation – all since 2000 and up to 2010.

minas said...

What I read there is very interesting, seems like a book that you wouldn't be able to put down till It's end. Much like Konstantin's Preobrazhensky's FSB's New Trojan Horse, American's Of Russian Descent.

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