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Orthodox Charismatic Priests on the Radio 

Incomplete Conversions
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The Debacle of Orthodox Radio
There are a lot of good and useful things out there in Orthodox media. But there are also some rather disturbing things, anyone with a little discernment would admit.

When you listen to Orthodox radio, and you hear an Episcopalian priest who’s being ordained use the word “resonate” 5-times in under 2-minutes: “Orthodoxy resonates”, “this resonates with me”, it tells you that the attitude of the convert and of the group he’s converting to is potentially delusional – as though Orthodoxy appears to fit into an existing “spirituality”, and as though the Faith has external criterion by which it can be judged. It is clear that the internal voice as criterion of truth, faith, and confession, is still at work in this man, and it’s a heterodox notion that has no place in Orthodoxy. [emphasis mine -jh] People will say we’ve said, “There’s no place in Orthodoxy for you.” No, there’s no place in Orthodoxy for an Orthodoxy without conversion.

there’s no place in Orthodoxy for an Orthodoxy without conversion

When you hear, in the same media, a Charismatic priest who’s being ordained say, “I’m glad to find that there’s a place for me as a born-again, spirit-filled Christian, in Orthodoxy.”, it tells you the exact same thing. One doesn’t want to be harsh by saying, “No, there is no such place.” There’s always a place for any individual willing to really convert, but there is no room for the delusion that “we’re ok, you’re ok, and we’re coming in for a slight tune-up”. Again, this notion of a para-spirituality which denies the Orthodox anthropology, eschatology, and soteriology, and the delusion that it is somehow acceptable, indicates that a real conversion is dubious.

There are good reasons why the Church has rules on new converts speaking in public about these things. The fact that they’re being ignored reflects precisely the kind of attitude that can entertain these delusions. Why the rush to ordain these people when clearly they’ve received inadequate catechesis, and why would they allow themselves to be ordained, when clearly they still have grave differences with the Faith we hold to be apostolic and retain attitudes that so many of us insist are doctrinally and spiritually incompatible?  https://westernritecritic.wordpress.com/
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Fr. Seraphim Rose exposed and warned against the charismatic movement that had entered the American Greek Church in the 70's.  It appears that it has recently returned to world Orthodoxy.  Few of us will be surprised about this.  Much of it, this time, is coming in with the western rite parishes in the Antiochian church.  To us that seems remote, the Antiochians are so far from us, not even recognizably Orthodox.   But, recently there has been a large number of western rite parishes received into the RocorMP and, for us, this is getting much closer to home. 

Never has the charismatic movement entered into the clergy of our ROCA. 

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Joanna said...

But we did have a charismatic layman for a short time, a couple of years, in Fr. Gregory's parish in Tennessee. He left, though, after a couple of years, and eventually joined the (vigante) Milan synod.

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