After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Orthodox Charismatics Serve Two Masters

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Para-Church Charismata, Rite, Ecclesiology, Mysteriology
First, it is a happy thing when anyone finds the Faith. Whatever they used to be, wherever they came from, we consider ourselves less worthy. However, this is a different question from whether conversion to Orthodoxy means right-affiliation or a right-mind.
One concern is reports of para-church “bible studies” and “prayer meetings” forming alongside the liturgy, in which the so-called “charismatic gifts” are practiced (speaking in “tongues”, praying “in the Spirit”, getting a “word” of prophesy or letting Jesus “speak to your heart”). This is a grave thing indeed, for it means not only the establishment of a parallel rite, a parallel spirituality (mysteriology), indeed a parallel charism (another Spirit) which is incompatible with that of Christ as revealed in fullness in the Orthodox Church, but also indeed a rejection of the fullness of any rite, Eastern or Western, which is precisely the concern that many of us have consistently voiced.
When the Charismatic Episcopal Church says,  "We believe that the CEC has an appointment with destiny to bring back these three streams, to make the Church charismatic, evangelical, and sacramental all at the same time," it must not, can never, will never refer to the Orthodox Church. The Church is One, it is Undivided, it is the Spotless Lamb and Without Blemish. it is complete, whole, and the fullness of the Faith. Any notion of coming in to “make the Church this" or “make it that”, to “bring” in fulless, is, friends, an utter repudiation of Orthodox ecclesiology.

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Joanna said...

using the Prodigal Son as an example of a complete conversion:

The Prodigal Son did NOT say, "thank God I left home and squandered my Father's inheritance, or else I never would have returned home asking to be accepted as a hired servant."

With the incomplete conversions from the charismatic movement, the Prodigal Son charismatic seems to be coming "home" [to Orthodoxy] with a false-friend at his side who has the secret plan to mock the Father's house. And instead of asking to be accepted as a hired servant, he demands to be accepted with honor because he has brought with him such a royal friend, for whom he wants to roll out the red carpet.

I can't help but see a parallel here with the incomplete conversions of the Holy Order Of MANS converts back in the '80's. This was a cult that was brought into Orthodoxy by the defrocked and delusional monk Herman Podmoshensky. Herman's version of their reception is told in "Not of This World." [The 2003 rewrite of "Not of This World" has just a brief cautious mention of it.]

The idea was to bring in the HOOM converts while keeping intact the good they had acquired. And here, in the word "acquired," is where the mistake was made. They had nothing good except what God had given them, anything good was innate in them before they ever met the HOOM. Everything they had "acquired" from HOOM was contaminated and needed to be discarded.

But it was not. They kept things. Many of them, for example, even kept the names they were given by the HOOM. Today, the HOOM converts are mostly in world Orthodoxy, in the OCA. I know of two in a super-correct Church. The few that were in Rocor went with the union. I would be delighted to meet even one in our Roca, besides me.

One of the points of discussion, during the time when the HOOM was in its faulty transition led by Herman, was exactly what the CEC said above [bold blue text in the above post]. The HOOM said privately to the members that they had something special to bring to Orthodoxy. This meant, in part, their supernatural awareness of up-to-date end times prophesy. Their joining the Orthodox Church was just part of the divine plan. They considered themselves the "frosting on the cake" for the Church. [Most likely that exceedingly prideful unruly idea has been tamed over time – it's been 20 years.]

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