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Russia did not abandon communism.

Russia did not abandon communism.  And we?

Konstantin Preobrazhensky

November 7, 2011 in Moscow's Red Square military parade was held, as in Soviet times. Then parades held annually, and last held in 1990, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. And now took place again, in spite of this collapse.

However, officially the parade was called Marsh in honor of the 70th anniversary parade in 1941. He was in a besieged by the Germans Moscow, and many of its members went to the front.

In today's parade attended by 7000 people - a bit too much for the modest "march!" These were troops of the Moscow garrison Cavalry Regiment of the President's team, honor guard of the Moscow military commandant's office, as well as more than four thousand cadets and students of military-patriotic clubs

The parade was saturated with communist symbols, to which, of course, drew the attention of foreigners. At the parade she regained official status.

Parade announcers commenting, read the text on paper. It was compiled very cleverly. The Soviet meaning expressed in it little by little, as though by the way.

Thus, by long tradition, in the forefront of the parade was a separate motorized rifle division of special-purpose Interior Ministry troops. Her "special purpose" is that it performs no fighting, and police functions, and therefore stationed near Moscow in the case of popular unrest and other unforeseen circumstances.

In Soviet times it was known as Dzerzhinsky division, after the collapse of the Soviet Union but it was removed from the name of the Communist torturer and murderer. Therefore, broadcasters and presented this division as it is now. But in the second sentence, lovingly called her "warrior Dzerzhinsky." And in the third - proudly reported that during the war it fought with the staff of the destruction battalions ...

This has not said even in the Soviet era! Then the existence of a war assault battalions of the NKVD did not advertise. Incidentally, the same day as the Cheka, which is celebrated on December 20. On the recommendation of the Central Committee, he was celebrated modestly, quietly, and is now the main state ceremony.

After all, destroyer battalions were punitive detachments! They destroyed the "enemy paratroopers and saboteurs." Including those paratroopers who were dispatched across the line font NTS.No fact, they just kill masses of people without charge or trial. In the German Army such punitive battalions called "Sonderkommandos." And yet, one of the marching orders after the military-patriotic club of Moscow youth proudly carrying the name of the Tagansky Fighter Battalion Moscow. Agree that this thought-provoking ...

The welcome speech at the parade pronounced new mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, but right behind it to be visible to all cameras, was a former candidate member of Politburo, Secretary of the CPSU Vladimir Dolgov. He is now - is the Chairman of the Moscow city organization of veterans of war, labor, the Armed Forces and law enforcement

But in his current role, he could stand in a corner, on the podium for the guests of honor. After all, this post is not very high, and the debt is not is some kind of outstanding hero of the war. I think that behind Sobyanin it was put it as a symbol of the Politburo.

Finally, on Red Square for the first time marched many pioneers with red ties. Until recently they could only be seen in the films of the Soviet era but no demonstrations of the Communist Party of Communists.

Now they were on the main square, returning his official status. In the distant 1960s, I also had to participate in a pioneer parade in Red Square. Columns of Moscow schoolchildren were on it, waving plastic flowers. On the podium for the privileged spectators, adjoining the mausoleum, I spotted my father in uniform. He also saw me among the thousands of demonstrators, and we were waving to each other. This moment I will never forget ...

But no one forced us to walk in the military! We were a normal pace, as befits the children. Today's pioneers were struck as a step better than the guards Kremlin regiment. It turns out that the militarization of the pioneers are now even higher than it was during the Soviet era! Besides them, walked across Red Square a lot of activists of the military-patriotic clubs. They marched very nicely. This suggests that the current Russian youth is brought up the spirit of Soviet patriotism, and she likes it.

Here's how to comment on the current parade of prominent Russian human rights activist Alexander Podrabinek in his article "The government protects Communists":

"There is a communist patronage of the ruling clan. This year it came out of the ordinary: in favor of the Soviet tradition for the first time in many years, November 7 at the Red Square military parade was held. You can call it a theatrical performance, it is possible - a tribute to those who died in 1941, but in any case it is tied to the day of the Bolshevik revolution, the communists who revere the glorious Revolution, and normal people - the greatest tragedy of Russia in the twentieth century.

What makes authority for such actions? On the one hand, on a bright red background, it looks respectably democratic. On the other hand, there may be a good reason. Among independent political analysts are of the opinion that the power before the election trying to please everyone. Kremlin-connected advocates argue that freedom is realized as the manifestations. It is not true and that, and more. If the authorities wanted to please everyone (or at least before the "election"), she would be allowed out into the street and the Democratic electorate, which is numerically certainly not less communist. Likewise, the freedom of demonstration - if it is, something for everyone, but not for the elite.

From this it follows that the government fears the Democrats and is not afraid of the Communists. It is quite clear - the current autocratic regime ideologically much closer to Soviet totalitarianism than to genuine democracy. They are "socially close". Where there are threats of "velvet" revolution, or developments on the "Tunisian" scenario, the government will drift toward the Communists, and they glorified the rigid dictatorship. This is the way she feel they have an alternative. This explains that for rallies and demonstrations of people demanding the restoration of Soviet socialism, the government allocates sympathetic central streets and squares of Moscow, and to those who demand freedom and respect for the Constitution, inciting riot, police and soldiers of internal troops. "

Alas, no "velvet revolution" or the Tunisian version of the events in Russia is not expected. The Russian people are crushed and spoen. The intelligentsia, which could lead such a movement is under the strict control of the security services.

For us, the Russian emigres, this parade is approaching a new political demonstration of Putin's rule. Apparently, it will become even more pro-Soviet. Will set a course for the restoration of the Soviet Union.

And yet, in the West is still prevalent view that Russia abandoned communism. Particularly strongly support it, some Russian immigrants: in fact one of the postulates of transition Orthodox Church under the authority of Moscow in 2007, declared that Russia is now a different country, which can be dealt with. And it turned out, it is still the same ...

So why did Putin decided on such a blatant demonstration of communism?

Because now he do not care for what it thinks of the West and Russian immigrants.

West sits at the tip of Russia's oil and in addition permeated Russian agents of influence (not only). From now on, any anti-Putin initiative will go there in the sand, as it was during the war with General Vlasov: all his initiatives were extinguished numerous Soviet agents in the management of Germany. As for Russian immigrants, they are now securely placed under the control of the Kremlin, and their opinion about the revival of communism in Russia, no one was interested.

And during this parade here in America, also began to ignite the spark of communism! Then broke out the anti-capitalist movement "Bring Wall Street."

- Capitalism is not working! - Said the protesters.

Westerners are dissatisfied with the concentration of wealth in the hands of a handful of billionaires. Their demonstrations brought jubilation Communist Russia and the world - they were a direct confirmation of Marx's statements about the "relative impoverishment of the proletariat." But I do not see any controversy with them in the Western press! Nobody explained to me why capitalism is better than communism.

People have forgotten how to argue the West. Their relaxed political correctness makes people just play along with each other in utter fear of banned word and so amass a very big trouble. The same thing happened in the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, political correctness was introduced to the West by Marxists to destroy bourgeois society. They reach their goal. However, the Russian people love to dispute went nowhere, it is our national characteristic, but in Russia and in fact there is no political correctness.

New Western dissidents impinge on the basis of bourgeois society based on their Marxism. A self professed political correctness is a society that takes place also from Marxism. Nothing good, I do not see this. I am afraid that we will fight on two fronts.

If now the American left will be a talented leader like Trotsky, he may very clever play on political correctness by giving its adherents a minority. Also, do not rule out a possible alliance of the American left with the local Islamists. And they and others will rely on the generous support of Moscow. It will be a dangerous mix ..

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Konstantin is a x-KGB agent who defected and has been given asylum in the USA. He is a subdeacon in our Church, under Vladyka Agafangel and author of FBS New Trojan Horse.

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