After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


MP Turns From Kremlin Ally to Critic


Comment: Anyone can decipher from this information, what you will. To me, it shows that the power elite structure, both in the Kremlin and in it's captive MP-church, are trembling with fear, fear of the massive discontent. 'Pat. Kyril-Gundaev' and his fellow MP leadership, are struggling to appear...as righteous and as on the side of truth and the people. Are they, really???
Could this all be just a face-saving act? a 'good cop/bad cop' routine?
Yet, anyway, we are seeing a certain ....crumbling... of the facade of lies and deceptions, but where it will lead? ...only time will tell I personally fear, a bloody crackdown.
Afterall, Putin has told us, that he admires Joseph Stalin.
And since he is blaming all the current unrest on 'foreign' troublemakers, ..........
Rd. Daniel

From: Archbishop. Chrysostomos
Date: 30 December 2011 16:49:10 GMT

Subject: Re: Russian Orthodox Church Turns From Kremlin Ally to Critic 

ALL TOO DEEPLY POLITICAL and suspicious. One would have to be a fool to trust the parties involved. This is another struggle between ex-KGB officers and agents - which with factual data - describes Putin and the Patriarch.


MP Serves Pannikhida for Dictator

Kim Jong-il was never baptized

Orthodox Journal
Newsletter No. 84, Monday, December 26, 2011. 10:42 P.M.

Moscow Patriarchate Priests Serve Memorial Service for Kim Jong-il

Priests of the Moscow Patriarchate served a panikhida (memorial service) in Pyongyang for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, who died on December 17, 2011, ITAR-TASS reports. Kim Jong-il was never baptized.

Two Korean priests, Frs. Theodore and John, who studied at the Moscow Theological Academy, conducted the memorial service. Present were Valery Sukhinin, Russian Ambassador to North Korea, with Russian colleagues, and Kung Sok-Ung, deputy foreign minister in charge of Russian affairs.

“Comrade Kim Jong-il left us too suddenly, too unexpectedly,” said Fr. Theodore. “The leader of our country has left this world, but his radiant image and ideas will forever remain with us,” he added. 

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Appreciating our Church Calendar

-taken from Understanding Our Church Calendar by Fr. Boris Molchanoff [† Aug 9 /22, 1963] and translated by GOC Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston

Having studied our Paschalion, we are irresistibly penetrated with awe at the ingenious work of the Alexandrian scientists who attained, in the Paschalion, an unalterable bond of the lunar with the solar Julian calendar. Alexandrian astronomers of the third century well knew the retardation of the Julian calendar from the sun. Nevertheless, they did not reject the Julian calendar, but wisely made use of its errors for a stable concordance with the lunar year, which lies at the basis of our Paschalion. The Julian calendar remains behind the true solar time, and the lunar one also remains behind together with the Julian calendar. “The lunar year is found to be eternally tied to the Julian one and a perpetual retardation of the former from the latter is not possible. The lag of the Julian year is equal to the lag of the lunar one. The equinox retards equally in both chronologies.”
The difference between the lunar and our Julian calendar does not exceed an hour and a half in the lapse of a thousand years. We can see for ourselves how all the Paschal full-moons calculated for thousands of years ahead in our Paschalion fall precisely on all the indicated dates of the Julian calendar, but do not at all coincide with the Gregorian calendar.
The unalterable tie of the lunar calendar with the Julian is made especially vivid by the following constant, periodical phenomena: we know that the lunar cycle equals 19 years while the solar cycle equals 28 years. Let us analyze these numbers by primary multipliers: 19=1x19; 28=4x7. What happens when we cross-multiply them? 19x4=76, i.e., that period of 76 years upon whose lapse the beginning of the lunar year coincides in precision with the beginning of the Julian one (as shown in chapter three).
Now, if we multiply 76 by 7, we arrive at 532, i.e., that period upon whose lapse, Pascha again occurs on the same days and months on which it was celebrated from the very beginning and during the whole length of the indiction.
In view of such a stable bond of the lunar year with the Julian, there can be no talk of any change from the Julian calendar, for otherwise there would unavoidably occur a violation of the entire well-formed and harmonious system of our Paschalion and the introduction of a great confusion in all Paschal calculations.
Sorrowfully, the light-minded experiment of changing the Julian calendar was made in Rome and now one can see its pitiful consequences. (It has made obedience to the holy canons, given to the Holy Church by the Holy Spirit, impossible for Rome which was forced, by the new calendar to abandon the canonical Paschalion).

Read more of:
(Scientific and Historical Background)
by Very Rev. Boris Molchanov

Fr. Georgiy New Church Building


Father Georgiy Titov and his parishioners, whose church was confiscated by Russian Federation authorities at the instigation of the Moscow Patriarchate earlier this year after they joined ROCA, have acquired a new church building.  They recently purchased a small house and added to it a vestibule, altar and cross. With the raising of the cross, Father Georgiy and the parish are awaiting the reaction of the authorities.

Interview Published online portal-Credo.Ru
22-12-2011 16:15

OPINION:  “We will bless our new temple let us after raise walls let us build cupola” - Rector of Holy Ascension Church ROCA (A) in Barnaul priest Georgy Titov

 "Portal-Credo.Ru": After your actual expulsion from the church, the community is moved to the ROCA (A), you were building a new church. In what state is now building that has already been completed?

The priest Georgy Titov: First, what is our temple? This former summer house, purchased by us. We are to him built a sanctuary and narthex. Now there can fit person 100. They put a homemade primitive dome.

- You already have a cross on the dome?

- Yes. We are waiting for the reaction.

- Is the Church consecrated?

- No, the church was not consecrated. It's just we have erected a cross - I blessed the cross and all.

- What are your future plans?

- First, get through the winter and spring, God willing and if the finances will be - for us it is now the main thing - it would make the wall higher, raise them another meter and a half, we make a normal arch, so it was like a temple. And he overlaid the temple with a brick.

- And when are you going to consecrate it?

- It does not depend on me - it depends on the bishop. But we will make plans to do this after we raise the wall, when the church adopts a more thorough look.

- And now the service performed in the unsanctified church?

-Yes, but on [antiminse] it is possible to serve.. As far as I know, the ROCOR under Metropolitan Agafangel omophorion in most parishes so serve.

- How do the authorities react to all this?

- So far they have not pulled us. Today called the investigator asked questions, but the conversation was generally neutral in tone.

Interviewed by Vladimir Oyvin,


Baba Olia Updates

Prayer Request

Wed: [21st] The doctors said that the hospital can not do anything useful for OVL so she is being transferred to a nursing home at 3000 N Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043. As I get more information I will forward it to you. She is not aware of her surroundings and is paralyzed on her left side. She can not swallow, so the feeding tube is still connected to her abdomen.

Tues:  [20th] Tata, during lunchtime, visited baba Olga and sad to relate, OVL did not recognize her and did not respond to questions.  Her sons are now trying to get space for her in the Turf Valley Nursing home.  As more information gets to me I will pass it on.  The doctors know OVL had a stroke, but do not know if it came 
before or after her fall.  Her left side is paralyzed and she still can not swallow.

Sun: [18th] I went to visit Baba Olia today at the Washington Hospital Center for an hour.  Dima and Mia were there.  She recognized me by name.  Her brains are working well.  Her mouth is dry and Dima and Mia were wiping her lips with water and her face with a cool washcloth which she greatly enjoyed.  Her right hand has a mitten on it, so she doesn't pull anything out or punch people! I told her "nelzya zdes mordu bit nikomu!!"  She has a hispanic young doctor who is very caring and nice and stopped by a few times to explain things. 
  Told her that Mishka was in the car and sent dog kisses, about the kadet luncheon yesterday organized by Nick Orekhov, who was there, that we drank to her health, described the kadet from North Carolina whom she remembered.  Then I decided to stimulate her brains a bit by telling some anekdots.  She laughed out loud incl. at one which is from her repertoire.
Father John Hinton arrived with communion.  She enthusiastically nodded that she wanted communion.  Then she started to cry - you could feel the depth of her spirituality.  Like you say in Russian "the soul was speaking with God."  I teared up a bit too.  Fr. John read all the required pre and post prayers.  She rec'd communion and then some anointing. She calmed down.  Mia walked Fr. John out.  We chatted a bit and I bid farewell.  Explained to her that tomorrow is St. Nick's day and I was heading to church tonight and will put up a fat candle for her.  She understood everything.  Also told her to get well fast to be up and about for New Year's in 10 days.  

Fri: [16th]  Vova L. , Mitia and Katia Goncharoff and Kir visited Olga Vlad. L. yesterday. See seems to be better and recognized us and responded in a logical way to questions though her speech was difficult to understand each word.  Instead of a nasal feed an abdominal tube was attached, but she looked better than two days ago, according to Vova.   Thank you for your concern. O. V. L. agreed that partying is more fun than hospitals.

Save the Date

Sieva Lezhnev is a famous cellist and a loyal member of our Fairfax VA parish.  This is his son's charitable work.
Save the Date:  
Friday, January 27, 2012

There will be a special concert to benefit Sasha's NGO Grassroots Reconciliation Group.  
This project in northern Uganda strives to rehabilitate former child soldiers, 
reintegrate them into the community, and give them a future.  

Checkout the website: www.grassrootsgroup.org to find out about 
their exciting projects and successes.

The Lyceum, 201 South Washington St. 
Alexandria, VA 22314

8 p.m.

Special Treat:  
Sasha on the piano will accompany his father on the cello. 
This is part of the program.  
The Washington Arts Trio will perform. 
Program to be announced later.

Tickets: $30  
a tax deductible donation.  
Can be purchased online 

Wine and cheese following the concert.

Hope to see you there!

Our former ROCA priest from Ukraine

...forbid it, Lord, that we should be infiltrated or enter into a false union...
Our former ROCA priest from Ukraine 
Hieromonk Arseny (Manko) and where is he now!

Category: Life and people, are STRANGE! ...and.... Only God, can we
fully trust, these days!

Read the Forum  section of Met. Agafangel's blog,http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org  and the 20 plus, comments under his top current article, on the general subject of neo-pagan celebrations in Ukraine and Russia, etc.

And, as one reads down, in the comment section, one comes to a report (by an 'anonymous' commenter),  of a recent grand celebration at the New York, MP Cathedral of St. Nicholas, where "Hieromonk Arseny (Manko)" played an organizing important role.

So, now we know where he, disappeared to! ...after he left our St. Xenia's Cathedral in Canada. Very sad!

A strange man. One wonders, if he was ALWAYS an agent of the MP, when he was in our ROCA-??? ...or just another confused person, lured by the money and power of the MP-? and of worldly-Orthodoxy.

Rd. Daniel in Oregon

Nun Sues Ephraimites for Abuse

Nun suing monastery says sisters harrassed her, killed her cats

By: Laura Stone Staff Reporter, Published on Wed Dec 21 2011

“Harassment was extreme, flagrant and outrageous conduct on a continuous basis,” according to Victoria Ivantchenko’s statement of claim filed with Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Life in the monastery was “toxic” for former nun Victoria Ivantchenko. Her fellow sisters interfered with her private medical information, accused her of not eating in order to look slim, and even killed her adopted pet cats.

So are the details found in Ivantchenko’s $400,000 lawsuit against both the Sisters at St. Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Monastery in Bolton, Ont. and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto for “wrongful constructive dismissal.”   (See Below)

Ivantchenko — reportedly a former ballerina who trained at “the top school” in St. Petersburg, Russia — says she was harassed by Mother Superior Anastasia Voutzali and other sisters, which eventually led her to unwillingly resign in May 2010.

Her case now hinges on whether or not she was ever considered an employee of the monastery — a claim disputed by Mother Superior who says monastic work is for God, and not a career.

But Ivantchenko says the Mother Superior “intimidated” her, “lessening her active involvement in the Monastery’s work, lessening her responsibilities, and into considering quitting from the monastery.”
In her statement of claim, Ivantchenko accuses the sisters of killing her adopted cats who lived on the monastery grounds; interfering with her medical information; falsely accusing her of losing weight in order to embarrass the monastery; intercepting her mail; and creating false bank accounts in her name to hide monastery money.

“Harassment was extreme, flagrant and outrageous conduct on a continuous basis,” according to Ivantchenko’s statement filed with Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

None of the allegations have been proved in court and the sisters deny any wrongdoing in a statement of defence.

Now, Ivantchenko wants the monastery and church to pay her salary for 14 years of service as well as damages for “injury to her dignity, feelings and self respect.”

An Ontario Superior Court Justice recently threw out a motion by the monastery and church to see the case dismissed, saying it will likely go trial. Ivantchenko’s lawyer, Norman Epstein, said he’s been served with a notice that they plan to appeal the decision.

Lawyers for St. Kosmas Aitolos and the Greek Metropolis declined to comment.

In a statement of defence, the sisters contradict the former nun’s accusations, such as the killing of cats. They say the cats roamed wild in the monastery’s rural area which is infested by foxes, coy dogs and coyotes. “Ivantchenko was well aware of this” and even witnessed two dogs kill a cat several years ago, it says.

They also strike down Ivantchenko’s notion of being employed at the monastery. “She did not resign as there was no position to resign from. Her to choice to leave was her own decision,” they claim.

“She was treated well by all of the other sisters in the monastery and was often given special attention.”
The documents also detail a rift between the monastery and Ivantchenko’s family, including her mother, sister, and brother-in-law, who also attended the congregation. According to the monastery’s statement of defence, Ivantchenko’s mother, Ludmilla Davidenko, was asked to leave the grounds and was “verbally abusing” the nuns.

Ivantchenko’s family is also seeking $100,000 as part of the damages.



Nun took a vow of poverty – but is suing for pay

Victoria Ivantchenko is suing the Sisters of St. Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Monastery — including the Mother Superior — as well as the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto for “wrongful constructive dismissal.” The crux of the case stems from the question of whether Ivantchenko can be considered an employee at all.

It’s unclear why Victoria Ivantchenko left the monastery, but in her lawsuit she alleges slander, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of mental suffering.
For 14 years, Victoria Ivantchenko lived as a nun at a Greek Orthodox Monastery in Bolton, Ont.
Now she wants to get paid for it.
A secular court must decide whether she, as a nun, was an employee of the monastery or a volunteer servant to God.
Ivantchenko is suing the Sisters of St. Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Monastery — including the Mother Superior — as well as the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto for “wrongful constructive dismissal.”
It’s unclear why Ivantchenko even left the monastery, but in her lawsuit she also alleges slander, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of mental suffering. She is seeking damages and back pay.
“This is a unique case. It’s been a terrible ordeal for my client and given that she is a nun, the unpleasantness is very difficult for her,” said Ivantchenko’s lawyer, Norman Epstein, who declined to elaborate on his client’s history at the monastery for legal reasons.
The crux of the case stems from the question of whether Ivantchenko can be considered an employee at all.
A motion by the monastery and church to have the case thrown out without a trial was dismissed by Ontario Superior Court Justice Peter Lauwers. He said there wasn’t enough evidence on which he could rule, and the issues should be decided at trial. He also added he was “especially troubled by the profound ambiguity” of a January affidavit from the Mother Superior on the nature of the monastery.
Lauwers’ comments point to the difficulty in dealing with religious matters in civil court. Religious organizations vary widely in their practices on whether those serving them are paid as employees.
“Courts are reluctant to become involved in the internal affairs of a religious organization,” Lauwers said in his reason for the decision.
The lawyer representing the monastery declined to comment, and the lawyer for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis did not return calls.
According to the affidavit from Mother Superior Anastasia Voutzali, Ivantchenko came to live at the monastery on Feb. 26, 1996. Three years later, she became a “Rassaphore,” the second stage of her development as a nun. She left the monastery in May 2010 and began her civil suit that August.
“The obligation of a nun in this type of monastery is to strive to keep, for the love of Christ and for spiritual progress, the monastic vows of poverty, chastity and obedience,” reads the Mother Superior’s affidavit.
“Monastic work is for God and not for people. It is not a career.”
But for Ivantchenko, it appears it was.
She said she performed tasks that would be seen in the secular world as “work,” including sewing religious vestments and doing embroidery, for which the monastery received compensation.
The Mother Superior asserts that these tasks — including daily chores, tending to elderly or sick sisters, hospitality and crafts — fall within the ordinary responsibilities of a nun. She said the sisters in the monastery sign no contract, receive no salary or pay, and don’t take vacations.
“At no time was it stated, or implied, that she was working, in any way for pay,” she said.
But Ivantchenko’s lawyer argued that these activities show Ivantchenko is an employee for civil law purposes and is entitled to sue for wrongful dismissal.
In 2007, a case from the Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan also looked at the issue of nuns as individual employees and a religious corporation as the employer.
A group of adults who were abused as children by nuns at an orphanage claimed Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate, known as Sisters, was responsible for the conduct of individual nuns. Sisters, however, claimed as a corporation it did not have an employer-employee relationship with individual nuns.
In the end, the judge ruled a class action lawsuit could proceed against Sisters.