After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Baba Olia Updates

Prayer Request

Wed: [21st] The doctors said that the hospital can not do anything useful for OVL so she is being transferred to a nursing home at 3000 N Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043. As I get more information I will forward it to you. She is not aware of her surroundings and is paralyzed on her left side. She can not swallow, so the feeding tube is still connected to her abdomen.

Tues:  [20th] Tata, during lunchtime, visited baba Olga and sad to relate, OVL did not recognize her and did not respond to questions.  Her sons are now trying to get space for her in the Turf Valley Nursing home.  As more information gets to me I will pass it on.  The doctors know OVL had a stroke, but do not know if it came 
before or after her fall.  Her left side is paralyzed and she still can not swallow.

Sun: [18th] I went to visit Baba Olia today at the Washington Hospital Center for an hour.  Dima and Mia were there.  She recognized me by name.  Her brains are working well.  Her mouth is dry and Dima and Mia were wiping her lips with water and her face with a cool washcloth which she greatly enjoyed.  Her right hand has a mitten on it, so she doesn't pull anything out or punch people! I told her "nelzya zdes mordu bit nikomu!!"  She has a hispanic young doctor who is very caring and nice and stopped by a few times to explain things. 
  Told her that Mishka was in the car and sent dog kisses, about the kadet luncheon yesterday organized by Nick Orekhov, who was there, that we drank to her health, described the kadet from North Carolina whom she remembered.  Then I decided to stimulate her brains a bit by telling some anekdots.  She laughed out loud incl. at one which is from her repertoire.
Father John Hinton arrived with communion.  She enthusiastically nodded that she wanted communion.  Then she started to cry - you could feel the depth of her spirituality.  Like you say in Russian "the soul was speaking with God."  I teared up a bit too.  Fr. John read all the required pre and post prayers.  She rec'd communion and then some anointing. She calmed down.  Mia walked Fr. John out.  We chatted a bit and I bid farewell.  Explained to her that tomorrow is St. Nick's day and I was heading to church tonight and will put up a fat candle for her.  She understood everything.  Also told her to get well fast to be up and about for New Year's in 10 days.  

Fri: [16th]  Vova L. , Mitia and Katia Goncharoff and Kir visited Olga Vlad. L. yesterday. See seems to be better and recognized us and responded in a logical way to questions though her speech was difficult to understand each word.  Instead of a nasal feed an abdominal tube was attached, but she looked better than two days ago, according to Vova.   Thank you for your concern. O. V. L. agreed that partying is more fun than hospitals.

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Joanna said...

I hope God does not require me to suffer a lengthy old age. Suffering a period of old age is to the benefit of our soul. How can I be spared having led such a neglectful life even to this very hour?

Olga was granted to regain cognizance to receive the Holy Mysteries. This is what we all pray for – to receive the Holy Mysteries just before we die. Can we now let her depart in peace?

For a living will drawn up by an Orthodox lawyer:
SJKP item # 2325
cost: 50¢

We all put off preparing. But we never know when we will be called to the Judgment Seat.

I have not prepared, but I keep promising I will prepare. In the meantime, my will is that no non-Orthodox doctor touch my body. I want no care beyond what can be given by a Girl Scout. Most people in the world die without "benefit" of modern medicine. I wish to be one of them.

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