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Fr. Georgiy New Church Building


Father Georgiy Titov and his parishioners, whose church was confiscated by Russian Federation authorities at the instigation of the Moscow Patriarchate earlier this year after they joined ROCA, have acquired a new church building.  They recently purchased a small house and added to it a vestibule, altar and cross. With the raising of the cross, Father Georgiy and the parish are awaiting the reaction of the authorities.

Interview Published online portal-Credo.Ru
22-12-2011 16:15

OPINION:  “We will bless our new temple let us after raise walls let us build cupola” - Rector of Holy Ascension Church ROCA (A) in Barnaul priest Georgy Titov

 "Portal-Credo.Ru": After your actual expulsion from the church, the community is moved to the ROCA (A), you were building a new church. In what state is now building that has already been completed?

The priest Georgy Titov: First, what is our temple? This former summer house, purchased by us. We are to him built a sanctuary and narthex. Now there can fit person 100. They put a homemade primitive dome.

- You already have a cross on the dome?

- Yes. We are waiting for the reaction.

- Is the Church consecrated?

- No, the church was not consecrated. It's just we have erected a cross - I blessed the cross and all.

- What are your future plans?

- First, get through the winter and spring, God willing and if the finances will be - for us it is now the main thing - it would make the wall higher, raise them another meter and a half, we make a normal arch, so it was like a temple. And he overlaid the temple with a brick.

- And when are you going to consecrate it?

- It does not depend on me - it depends on the bishop. But we will make plans to do this after we raise the wall, when the church adopts a more thorough look.

- And now the service performed in the unsanctified church?

-Yes, but on [antiminse] it is possible to serve.. As far as I know, the ROCOR under Metropolitan Agafangel omophorion in most parishes so serve.

- How do the authorities react to all this?

- So far they have not pulled us. Today called the investigator asked questions, but the conversation was generally neutral in tone.

Interviewed by Vladimir Oyvin,


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