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MP Serves Pannikhida for Dictator

Kim Jong-il was never baptized

Orthodox Journal
Newsletter No. 84, Monday, December 26, 2011. 10:42 P.M.

Moscow Patriarchate Priests Serve Memorial Service for Kim Jong-il

Priests of the Moscow Patriarchate served a panikhida (memorial service) in Pyongyang for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, who died on December 17, 2011, ITAR-TASS reports. Kim Jong-il was never baptized.

Two Korean priests, Frs. Theodore and John, who studied at the Moscow Theological Academy, conducted the memorial service. Present were Valery Sukhinin, Russian Ambassador to North Korea, with Russian colleagues, and Kung Sok-Ung, deputy foreign minister in charge of Russian affairs.

“Comrade Kim Jong-il left us too suddenly, too unexpectedly,” said Fr. Theodore. “The leader of our country has left this world, but his radiant image and ideas will forever remain with us,” he added. 

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minas said...

Serious, I want to puke. They have no shame. Can anyone really believe the MP are Orthodox Christians after this ? Can anyone believe they are not a front KGB organization ? Well, most of those associated with them will just turn a blind eye to what's happening.... again and again. Must be something they put in the koolade

Rdr. Daniel said...

If this isn't but more proof, of what and who the 1943-Stalin created, 'Moscow Patriarchate' serves, what is it?
And, what about a pannihida or even some slight public sympathy, for the MILLIONS of poor innocent North Koreans, and those of other nationalities they have imprisoned and killed, that this monster and his father and their GODLESS regime, have murdered or starved or tortured to death????

Also, we learn from many other sources, that that evil God-hating and man-hating stalinist communist regime, 'executes Christians", every day.

Do we Orthodox not care, just because most of them are Protestants or Catholics?

Shame on Putin and his fellow KGB gangster, 'Patriarch Kyrill-Gundaev'!!!

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!....and SHAME on Met. Hilarion-Kapral and his Kremlin captive ROCOR/MP!!!, for being in league with those Kremlin neo-soviet monsters and liars and God-haters! ...who bless mass murderers ...who starve and torture their people to death by the millions.

With great disgust!
Rd. Daniel Everiss
P.S. Isn't it overdue, for ALL the laity and clergy under Hilarion-Kapral, to flee him & his synod, and his stooge 'church' which is nothing but a tool, since that foul & false, 'reunion' of 2007,  of a foreign enemy power to both, true Orthodoxy, Russia,  and America??? ...via, this false version of The Russian Church, the so-called Moscow Patriarchy, created by Joseph Stalin, with his stooge, Sergius Stragorodsky, BOTH of Thrice-Sorry Memory, in 1943, and which organization is STILL not free from KGB Kremlin control, from the top down.

Wake up, our former ROCOR brothers and sisters!


Symeon said...

I am an Orthodox Christian (in the Ecumenical Patriarchate) and I am utterly ashamed at the scandalous behaviour of the Moscow Patriarchate, not just in this matter, but also in that of the seizure of the Cathedral in Nice (France) against the bishop who has the canonical rights over the Altar there.

Increasingly I feel that Patriarch Kirill and those around him are apostates to the Faith.

Joanna said...

This topic – Orthodox serving pannikhidas for non-Orthodox – seems like it might be a good topic for the Euphrosynos Cafe World Orthodox discussion forum.


minas said...

The World Orthodox definition of canonical seems to be not what church canons say but rather being "canonical" means whoever is in communion with the EP, and, that the EP dictates to all what is and isn't canonical. Bartholomew disregards whatever canon don't fit into his ecumenical agenda. He sets himself up as the final authority over all the Orthodox saints who ever wrote, were imprisoned, exiled or shed blood against being in communion with the Latin minded and their heresies, calling such thinking backwards and narrow minded.
This has been circulating around the internet, a traditionalist RC blog which is against the Pope and his ecumenical endeavors. http://www.traditioninaction.org/RevolutionPhotos/A442rcVoodoo.html Please note the guy in the photos who is dressed in black standing between the guy in white and the guy in purple and surround by other dapperly dressed fellows. This is what World Orthodox is in communion with. Since the MP is also in communion with the EP, then those who regard the EP as "canonical" shouldn't gripe ( they live in a glass house) about what the MP does, since by their reasoning of what makes a Orthodox church canonical makes what the MP does also "canonical". The Mp is in communion with the EP. Has the EP spoken up against the MP''s giving Kim Jong a memorial service ? One hand washes the other.

Joanna said...

Difficult as it is to understand, world Orthodox ecumenism is a basic teaching. RRb is ADVANCED teachings of the "Royal Path" and its related subjects such as "Jurisdictional Ecumenism." The Euprosynos Cafe is loaded with eager teachers for the teaching the basics. And without the basics RRb can't be understood.

Here is a direct link to the world Orthodox forum:


It is quick and easy to join this forum and post a topic for discussion.

Joanna said...

Here is the link in Mina's post made live:


Warning: Really sickening. Really really sickening.

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