After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Hateful MP priest berates RocorMP

ECafe forum thread about how MP hates RocorMP

A Provocation? Or how MP REALLY thinks of RocorMP?
Here is the post to which I referred on Page 4 of the "Strike One Up for Rocor" thread.
This is the voice of an MP "priest" who vents a volcano of pent-up RAGE at Rocor for what?
Standing up for God all the long difficult decades of the XX century ?
You can tell the man is heavily demonic, which is like a symbol for ALL of the MP upper echelons !...

Strike One Up for Rocor-MP!
... I also happen to know from someone who knew Archimandrite Luke that Arch. Luke had promised absolutely that he would never join the MP.   A few months later, he announced that he supported the unia with the MP.  My friend then went to him in person, flabbergasted at this total about face.  He asked him vehemently, "Why have you done this?  Why have you violated your oath and your promise and decided to betray Orthodoxy?"  Archimandrite Luke told him this: "I have to go with them, because men came from Moscow and told me if I did not, they would most certainly kill me."


In the beginning was the Word

Page Summary

False Elders in world orthodoxy

and their sneaky new-age teachings

neo-Athos Archimandrite Sophrony
Yin Yang.  Evil is necessary for good to prevail.

Note: Archimandrite Sophrony was a Parisian artist, who experienced some of the deeper states of meditation and yoga.  He later went to Mount Athos, where he became a disciple of St. Silouan.  He there experienced uncreated light and the depths of hesychastic contemplation, and was therefore able to speak of comparative spirituality by experience.

Excerpt from "On prayer" by Archimandrite Sophrony
 ... Apprehending the depths of the Creator's wisdom, we embark on the suffering through which Divine eternity is to be attained.  And when His Light shines for us we unite in ourselves contemplation of the two extremes of the abyss on the one side, the darkness of hell, on the other, the triumph of victory.  We are existentially introduced into the province of Uncreated Divine Life ... 

neo-Athos Elder Porphyrios
Mind Dynamics.  Untamed psychic powers.
Thoughts are things.

An Excerpt from "Wounded By Love: The Life and Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios"
... When we speak evil about someone, an evil power proceeds from within us and is transmitted to the other person, just as the voice is transmitted on sound waves, and in point of fact the other person suffers evil.  It is something like the bewitchment of the evil eye, when someone has evil thoughts about others.  This occurs through our own indignation.  We transmit our evil in a mystical way.  It is not God who provokes evil, but rather people’s wickedness.  God does not punish, but our own evil disposition is transmitted to the soul of the other in a mysterious way and does evil ...

The above was taken from a Euphrosynos Cafe forum.  It is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Heresy Stopped

Vladyka Agafangel prevents a heresy from entering our Church 
This heresy seems to be a mixture of milleniumism and nazism.

=== translation from Russian ====
                                                          December 11 / 24, 2012, St. Daniel
To Priest Valery Leonichev
and to all the clergy under the authority of my diocese


Vis-à-vis the fact that former parishioner of our Moscow diocese, Vyacheslav Demin, has beliefs that are in discord with the divine revelation and with what has been handed down [to us] by the Holy Orthodox Church, and he argues that the Holy Scripture and Patristic Tradition are to be reinterpreted saying inasmuch that these were held by the holy Fathers in an allegedly distorted form; and despite the Gospel good news [annunciation] he claims that some races are more preferable than others before God and one is not to anticipate the coming of Christ and the Last Judgment but, [rather], a millennium reign of the “race” on earth; [further] that the pagan swastika is like the Christ’s Cross; that ungodly paganism is to be merged with true Orthodox faith into one faith that was not there before – a “racial faith”, and he raises other blasphemy against the Holy Scripture and Church Tradition; he does not renounce, and he is trying to convince others of this.

Guided by the 10th apostolic rule: "If anyone pray in company with one who has been excommunicated, he shall be excommunicated himself" and other rules of the Holy Ecumenical Councils and of the Holy Fathers, which confirm this apostolic rule,

I resolve: to ban the children of our church from prayerful communion with the ex-communicated Vyacheslav Demin. To remind other members of the parish – in case they dare disobey this decree, that they would make themselves subject to an identical ban as that of Mr. V. Demin.

When confessing someone who sympathizes with such opinions they should be asked:

1. Do you doubt the divine revelation’s truthfulness, contained in in the Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition of the Church?

2. Do you think the Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition to be somewhat defective [short of something] and that they should be either corrected, or something is to be taken away from them or added to them?

3. Do you reckon some race or nation to be superior to another before God?

4. Do you reckon that paganism (in particular, our ancestors’ pre-Christian beliefs) not only can represent – by heritage – a part of the outer life of man, but we should in some way or other complement our Orthodox faith [with our ancestors’ pre-Christian beliefs]?

In case of a confirming reply, [the priest] should teach the confessant appropriate instruction [admonition] and if he persist in his misbelief, he is to not be allowed to Holy Communion.

       SEAL                                                 Most Eminent
/Sgd./ Agafangel

kindly translated by:
Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting

Petition for Russian Orphans


See photos here:

GoPetition does NOT require you to join them in order for you to be able to sign the petition.  The only information they require is an email address where they send a one-time receipt of your signature.  And you don't have to join facebook, either.

This is UNLIKE that "change.org" that had the petition for Fr. Alexander where you have to "pay a high price" for signing.

The glory of God

Persecutors Foiled Again
report from Fr. Sergy

See photos of the gates of hell not prevailing.  And check out the homemade wood stove!  – that's resourcefulness!  

December 2012. Dead of winter. 
Parishioners of the Tsar-Martyr work in the building where the temperature, as well as on the street, about 30 degrees Celsius.  But no one is discouraged and even, it seems, do not freeze.   All united by one important task: to build a house for a few days for the persecuted church.
There is a "unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Eph. 4:3).
Felt prayer support native people of faith.  Our opponents were wrong again: new tests have further strengthened the brotherhood and love of the community of the ROCOR in Udmurtia.

Internet Sobor • See photos

Related post

The Good Shepherd

YouTube – life of SIR Metropolitan Cyprian

This short video traces the life of Metropolitan Cyprian.  The text is in Russian and the sound track in Greek, but the pictures of the growth of the monastery at Fili and of the Metropolitan are uplifting - there are also some pictures of Bishop Ambrose from his younger years!

Official Statement SIR & GOC-K Dialogue

Reader Daniel sharing...

"Short Statement from Fili" -about the on-going dialogue between SiR and The GOC-Kallinicos Synods

Comment: This SiR official statement is basically stating that mutual communications about the desired/hoped for, possibility of a real reapproachment/mutual acceptance of the two churches, is on-going. 

Orthodox Life Tables of Contents

Orthodox Life Magazines, old-Jordanville, Russian versions
Tables of Contents for some old issues.  
The articles in the Russian version were not the same as the articles in the English version.

For the English Tables of Contents 1950 – 1980, go here:

machine translation
Orthodox way for 1950.
Ahiepiskop John of Shanghai. Eminence Archbishop Anthony of Kharkov and Akhtyrsky.
Hieromonk Constantine, Patriarch Tikhon - Angel of the Russian Orthodox Church.
prof. Andreev IA Professor Askold way. (Blessed memory of teacher and friend.)
Fr. Pomazansky M. Thoughts about Orthodoxy.
Met. Fr. Vasily Boschanovsky. "What is truth?"
Bishop Nathaniel Christianity and Judaism.
prof. Andreev IA "Fifth Column" of the Soviet Church.
Fr. Vasily Demidov rebuke sectarian VF Martsinkovsky. A brief review of his book "The Baptism of adults and orthodoxy."
Fr Constantine Two confession. Berdyaev. Self-knowledge.
Andreev IA Vladimir Solovyov, a mystic in the light of Orthodoxy. (On the fiftieth anniversary of his death).

St. Anthony Abbot Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernigov.
Thalberg N. Filaret, Metropolitan of Kiev.
Abbot Professor Konstantin Crusader. Inner thoughts DV Boldyrev.
IA A few more words about the DV Boldyrev.
prof. Andreev IA Bishop Maxim Serpukhovka (Zhizhilenko) in the Solovetsky concentration camp.
Met. Fr. Vasily Boschanovsky Christianity and life.
Archimandrite Averky Holy Orthodoxy, the fate of Russia and the sacred duty of the Russian youth.
Lopukhin PS The king and the patriarch. (Speech on the commemoration day Tsar Nicholas II in Paris in 1851)
Abbot Constantine Miracle of Russian History. I emergence Orthodox kingdom.

Orthodox way for 1952.
Archimandrite Anthony Nemnogoletny elder. Biography skhiarhimandrita Milkovskiy Ambrose.
IM Kontsevich Hierarch Dimitry of Rostov.
Thalberg ND Missionary feat of the Russian Orthodox Church (the 400th anniversary of the capture of Kazan).
prof. Kolesnikov A. Jehovah's Witnesses.
Swan A Russian church singing.
prof. Andreev IM Religious person Gogol (the 100th anniversary of his death in 1852 - 1952.).
Mitred. Fr. Boschanovsky B. Unity of spirit and division as two opposing principle in human life.

Orthodox way for 1953.
Inaugural Article: The Third Rome.
prof. Andreev IM Teacher of emotion and joy. The fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov.
prof. Andreev IM Journey to Sarov and Diveevo in 1926.
prof. Thalberg ND Saint Mitrophan Voronezh. By the sesquicentennial of his praslavleniya.
IM Kontsevich Hieroschemamonk Nectarios, last Optina elder.
Protopresbyter M. Polish Book of Songs of Solomon.
prof. Deacon Alexander Kolesnikov, Seventh-day Adventists.
Archbishop Gregory Lyons union.
mit. Fr. B. Boschanovsky doctrine of autonomous morality in the light of Christ's truth.
Vasily Yakovlev Moscow Shrine.

Retreat - a sign of our age. Introductory article Archimandrite Constantine.
Fr. Mr. Grabe AS Hamsters and his theological views.
prof. Andreev IM AS Hamsters, as the poet of religious thought (the 150th anniversary of his birth).
Abbot Constantine Historic Site A. Khomiakov.
prof. Thalberg ND Archbishop Anthony of Voronezh.
Fr. M. Pomazansky from manuscript to printed books of the church (Page of stories of liturgical texts).
bishops Averky Pravozvestnik punishment of God Russian people (the 60th anniversary of the glorification of Bishop Theophan the Recluse).
Voyeikov N. Roman schism XI century.
prof. Andreev IM Response to Professor. NO Lossky (In his article - "In Defense of Vl. Solov'ev," in "New Journal", book 33, New York, 1953
Comments on the Russian translation of Matthew Evangiliya composed of a monk. Monastery of St. Anthony. Sabbas in Palestine.
Fr. Kolesnikov Modern fashionable sect - "Christian Science."
Abbot Cyprian Our objectives in iconography.
Rodzianko M. Appendix. The truth about the Orthodox Church on the documents and personal recollections of the diocesan bishop and four to six elected members.

Inaugural Article: The past century. Archimandrite Constantine
prof. Andreev IM In memory of Professor Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin. (Critique of Bio-bibliographical essay instead obituary).
Archimandrite Constantine "Axioms of religious experience in light of Orthodox asceticism).
prof. Thalberg ND Emperor Nicholas I - Orthodox Tsar.
Fr. M. Pomazansky spiritual experience of the Christian ascetics, the creations of Ven. Simeon Novy Evangelist.
IM Kontsevich The origins of psychic catastrophe LN Tolstoy. I. Introduction Period searches 1828 - 1878 (Before the break with the Church).
protopres. Paul Kalinovich Immaculate Mother of Christ our God, and the "brothers" of the Lord.
Lactantius of the last times. Reported by Hieromonk Ambrose.

Orthodox way for 1956.
prof. Thalberg ND Half a century of pastoral ministry.
BP Memory Master Iosaf.
Archimandrite. Constantine Exam freedom - not the last you? The beginning of freedom in the light of eschatology.
Fr. M. Pomazansky "Readings on God-manhood" VS Soloviev, as an attempt to construct a Christian philosophy.
Fr. Kolesnikov truth of Orthodoxy in history. Acts of a speech delivered at the annual meeting of the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church Seminary 12 \ June 25, 1956
Fr. George Grabe World Council of Churches, its objectives and activities from the point of view of the Russian Orthodox Church.
prof. Andreev IM The nature of scientific-atheist propaganda in Soviet Russia.
Fr. Sergei Shchukin Dead Sea Scrolls.
Voyeikov N. Attempts romanization Russia in XVII-th century.

Orthodox way in 1957.
Archimandrite. Constantine fatal duplicity of Imperial Russia.
Thalberg ND Original Pobedonostsev.
Fr. M. Pomazansky the 50th anniversary of the death of Father John of Kronstadt. Life in the Church - the life of grace. Ven. Symeon the New Theologian and about. John of Kronstadt on the Church and grace.
Archbishop John Church of Christ's body.
prof. Andreev IM Foundations of Christian morality. (Introductory lecture to a course of moral theology).
The narrative of the Assumption of our Lady of the Blessed Virgin Mary, written off St. John, Archbishop Fessalonskim. Translated from Greek Abbot Ambrose.
Sergey Latyshev On vozstanovlenii Orthodox church art.
Voyeikov N. persecution of Orthodoxy in Westfall - Kuntsevich and Boboli.
Anna Carpathian Fans of Satan in the guise of the godless.

Orthodox way of 1958.
Bishop Averky bright image of Orthodoxy.
Archimandrite. Konstantin Russian Empire and Holy Russia.
prof. Andreev IM The main features of the individual and of the father of John of Kronstadt.
Fr. M. Pomazansky Talks on the Six Days of St.. Basil and talk about the days of creation. John of Kronstadt.
protopres. B. Boschanovsky priest Fr. John of Kronstadt.
Fr. N. Kusakov History "Book."
Fr. Gerasim Shorets History of Vilna Dukhovskoi Holy Brotherhood.
Fr. Boris Molchanov To the knowledge of our church calendar.
Thalberg ND Hramozdanie Orthodox Russian Empire in Europe.

Orthodox way for 1959.
Bishop Averky State of Orthodox Christians in the world today.
architect. Constantine Ecumenical Councils of Pope John XXIII.
Abbot of St. Ambrose. Mark of Ephesus and the Union of Florence.
Bishop Anthony on the situation of the church in modern Russia and the spiritual life of the Russian people.
prof. Andreev IM About the Orthodox-Christian moral education of preschool children.
Fr. Pomazansky M. Friend of Holy Russia.
Birbeka JW idea of ​​national erkvi.
Thalberg ND Good memory hierarchy XVIII century.

Orthodox way for 1960.
Archimandrite. Constantine to the knowledge of our place in the world.
Fr. M. Pomazansky Old Testament in the New Testament Church (apologetic essay).
prof. Andreev IM Care and death of Leo Tolstoy (the 50th anniversary of his death).
Of Forgotten patristic heritage. Sermons Fulgentiya Ruspiyskogo. Translated from Latin, providing an introduction and note Archimandrite Ambrose.
Fr. Gerasim Schorets Joseph Semashko Metropolitan of Lithuania and Vilnius, and vozsoedinenie Uniates with the Orthodox Church.
prof. Thalberg ND Persecutor of the Orthodox.

Orthodox way for 1961.
Archimandrite Constantine the Great Reform emancipation.
Fr. Pomazansky M. St. Zadonsky Tikhon, Bishop of Voronezh.
prof. Andreev IA Christian Truth and scientific knowledge.
Thalberg ND Tsarist Russia and the Eastern patriarchs.
Ambrose laws on marriage and celibacy of the clergy in the Eastern and Western church in the period I - XI century.
Butkevich A. The religious meaning of movement to the East in Russian ... XVIII.
Vashchenko Vsevolod Skeet St. The prophet Elijah.
Vsevolod Bain .. L. ... Religious art and iconography.

Orthodox way for 1962.
Archimandrite Constantine Historic Russia.
Archbishop Averky Athos and Her present state. (Report of the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, 1962).
Panaotiya N. Athos and Slavs.
Fr Ambrose St Gennady (George) Sholari, Patriarch of Constantinople two solemn speech in honor of the Mother of God. Translation
Fr. Pomazansky M. Ekumenika against the Orthodox liturgy.
John Bishop of Smolensk Jesus Christ before the judgment of the modern mind.
Archbishop of Kherson Testament, our Lord and Saviour.
Fr. Gorbatsevich N. Difficulties pastoral ministry in the modern world.
Thalberg ND Loyal to the grave.
Gardner IA State of the art about Rousseau church singing.

Orthodox way for 1963.
Archimandrite Constantine feat Russianness before ripening of Apostasy.
Archimandrite Polycarp Memories of the ever-memorable Archbishop Meletius.
Fr. Butkevich A. Christian mission of Russia in the East. Siberian state of the Kingdom in the political and in the church on to the ground in its diocese.
Archimandrite Seraphim (Verbin) Short Biography of Archimandrite Gennady (Rebezy) and his death in a concentration camp in Kolyma severoledovitoy.
The life and heroic death of my dear son, Oleg. Shiegumenya Eugene (in the world EE Mitrofanov)
Swan A. Maxim V. Brazhnikov and his work on vozsozdaniyu ancient Russian church music.
Hieromonk Serapion of Occultism in the light of Christian truth.
Met. Fr. Boschanovsky V. Christianity and social issue.
In the footsteps of N.N.
Fr. Kolesnikov last prayer at the Smolensk Cathedral.

Orthodox way of 1964.
Archimandrite Constantine St. John - our Orthodox way.
St. rights. Our father John, Wonderworker of Kronstadt. (The day of his praslavleniya October 19, 1964)
Thalberg ND Holy Russia.
Fr. Pomazansky M. Prichtenie a saint in the Orthodox Church.
Archimandrite Constantine Lermontov (the 150th anniversary of birth of Lermontov).
Parfenov P. St. John of Kronstadt and the inside Russia.
Butkevich A. Cyprian, Archbishop of Siberia and Tobolsk.
Fr. Pomazansky AM FM Dostoevsky and Metropolitan Anthony of the spiritual awakening of the Russian people.
Shining Prince. In memory of Prince Oleg Konstantinovich.

Orthodox way for 1965.
Archimandrite Constantine Memory Metropolitan Anastasia.
It Vysokopreosveschennogo Metropolitan Anastasia, delivered to them in 1906 in Moscow with his consecration Bishop of Serpukhov.
Testament Blazhennenneyshego Metropolitan Anastasia.
Archbishop Averky not deceived, brethren - God porugam not happen. Why are Christians not allowed to organize entertainment on the eve of Sundays and holidays?
Archimandrite Seraphim (Verbin) Russian svyaschennomuchenniki in Georgia.
IM Kontsevich St. Macarius the Great (Egyptian).
Eight months in the realm of Lenin. Seasoned
Thalberg ND Archbishop Tikhon (Liashenko).
Fr. Gerasim Shchors Archbishop Makarios Bulgakov. (Later, the Metropolitan of Moscow).
Archbishop Methodius mystery of Christ's Resurrection.
VV Rozanov (From personal memories) MM Spasovski.
prof. IM Kontsevich Gleb Podmoshenskogo reader.
Archimandrite Constantine Tchaikovsky - the national composer. On the 125th anniversary of his birth.

Archimandrite Constantine Christianity in the face of apostasy.
Archbishop Averky position of the Russian Orthodox Church in the modern world.
Remarkable confession of Christ. Priest George ...
E. Moore Noise. God's milestones.
Bobrova N. Transfiguration Valaam Monastery and its activity for the benefit of the Orthodox Church ... and others.
Priest Dmitry Lukyanov Sunday service. Features Sunday worship all year.
Gospel teachings Archimandrite Simeon (...) the Rector of St. Nicholas church in Rome.
J. Gardiner Pages liturgical musicology. Ekofonetika (... of exclamations)

Orthodox way for 1970.
Znamensky GA ABCs of our allegiance conciliar-Orthodox, Orthodox Russian Church.
Archimandrite Constantine hermit Ignatius.
Archimandrite Constantine-hundredth birthday, IA Bunin and PB Struve.
Paraskevi nun ten days in Greece.
Fr. A. Time Butkevich Simeon, fifth Archbishop of Tobolsk and the Siberian.
Three memorable day. (From the archives of NN Alexandrov)
Nilus Murotochivy and his prophecies about the last fate of our world.
Gardner I. Alexei Fyodorovich Lvov Director of the Imperial Court Chapel and spiritual composer. (1798 - 1870)
Fr. Herman steeper Thoughts of vocation to preaching.

Orthodox Archimandrite Constantine ruskost.
NA deputies zealots of the 19th century Bishop Theophan the Recluse.
prof. Znamensky G. Rise ideal Russian holiness in the days of the ascetic Russia Seraphim, Sarovskogoo Priory. For 185-day anniversary of his vows in the monastic order.
Parfenov P. Werewolf Revolution.
Fr. H. Grabbe denial instead of approval. Brochures about the architect. John Shakhovsky "Approval of the Local Church."
Gardner, On the Synodal liturgical books and singing about singing on them.
Archbishop Nikon. FM Dostoevsky, his work and assess its Metropolitan Anthony.

Orthodox way in 1972.
Pomazansky M. Orthodox Dogmatic Theology in the presentation of Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow. The dogma of the Redemption.
Deputies Nicholas of time and eternity.
prof. Znamensky GA Orthodoxy - heterodoxy - Ecumenism.
Fr. Valery Lukyanov Holy Mount Athos - The fate of the Earth Mother of God.
Regina van Seters Orthodox pilgrimage to the Holy Places in Italy
Russian church and social activities in the Middle East.
Gardner I. Some data about the master singing Alexander Mezentsev.
On the necessity and salutary fruits of Souls.

Orthodox way for 1975.
Fr. Grabe, Patriarch Tikhon.
Archbishop Nikon about the spiritual essence of the Moscow Patriarchate.
prof. Alekseev, VI On the situation of the Church and the Russian people in the Soviet Union.
Pomazansky M. When we are depriving ourselves of spiritual consolation.
Miller L. New Russian Martyrs. Life, deeds and martyrdom Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galich, Hermogenes. Bishop of Tobolsk, abbot of. Varsofoniya and led. Prince. Elizabeth Feodorovna.
Grabe G. A. Hamsters and modernity.
Unpublished wonders of Kursk miraculous image of Our Lady of the Sign.
prof. Znamensky GA Nuggets of knowledge of historical Russia.
Love for the creature.

Orthodox way for 1976.
The views of St. John Chrysostom on parenting.
The views of St. John Chrysostom on some customs at the burial of the dead, AR
Gardner, On the instrumental music and polyphonic choral singing in Orthodox worship.
Gardner I. On arrangements of church chants for the choir.
Znamensky GA Start writing in Russia.
Holy Week.
From the works of Bishop Ignatius (Bryanchininova)
Presentation of the teachings of the Orthodox Church of the Mother of God.
Talk about the signs and wonders.
Sermon on repentance.

Orthodox way for 1978.
On pairs of the New Testament books.

Orthodox way for 1979.
Patristic teachings.

Orthodox way for 1980.
New Russian Martyrs.

Orthodox way for 1982
Samples patristic sermons (continued) 

Orthodox way for 1983
Samples patristic sermons (continued) 

From the publisher. 
Bishop Nicholas Orhidsky That Christ wrote on the ground? 
Pomazansky N. In the shadow of his brother. Illuminator of the Slavs, St. Methodius. 
Fr. Paul Kalinovich problem of state power in the future Russia (People's Monarchy). 
hieroschemamonk Seraphim of prayer and sobriety. 
Bishop Arseny Serpukhov wonderful memories of Moscow archpriest. 
Bishop Nectarios Seattliysky about famous Russian New Martyrs. 
Orlov MV-Smirnov In memory of Sergei Alexandrovich Nilus and Elena Alexandrovna. 
Gernot Zeide Religious revival in SovetskoSoyuze - myth or reality? 
Notes of a former atheist. 
"Ways of Russian Theology," Fr. Florovsky. 
Golovin K. The story of the sequel? 
Orthodox way for 1987
Tverdokhlebova L. St. Prince Vladimir (poem). 
From the publisher. 
Pomazansky NS Translation of the Relics of St. Nicholas in Bari. 
protoprep. M. Pomazansky Christ, the Church and the Orthodox Church .. 
Archbishop Andrew Orthodoxy, Bolshevism and our emigration. 
Notes Schemamonk Athonite Elder Silouan. 
hieroschemamonk Seraphim of prayer and sobriety. 
Bishop Arseny Serpukhov Moscow Memories of wonderful portraits. 
Letter IS Aksakov to UF Samarin. 
Orlovsky whacky Athanasius A. Saiko. 
Pomazansky NS Pushkin shares his religious thoughts. 
Keller Lyudmila religious motifs in contemporary Soviet literature. 

Orthodox way for 1989
Epistle of St. Paisius Velichkovskago to his disciples in the monastery Dragomirna. 
Vision of student Velichkovskago Elder Paisios. 
Hieromonk. Innocent (Balan) Elder George Lazar of Piatra Neamt. 
Arim. On the history of Lent (essay). 
Vyaschenko W. Hercules and St. Ilya Muromets. 
Bishop Arseny (Zhadanovsky) Memories of zamesatelnyh Moscow archpriest (continued). 
Metropolitan Anthony Catholic, or Greek, or Russian or Arabic?
sister Natalie (Pomazansky) Path NV Gogol Optina. 
arihimandrit Ambrose (Pogodin) Rezenziya Book priest Michael Azkul "The doctrine of the Holy Orthodox Church." 
Orthodox way for 1990. 
On the inner Christianity. 
About chastity. 
monk Euthymius Zigabena Commentary on the Creed. 
Alexander Belyakov first psalm. 
Elder Barnabas Gefsmansky. 
Reverend Nile Murotochivogo. Posthumous broadcasting. 
Orthodox way for 1991. 
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the repose of Archbishop John (Maximovich). 
On the inner Christianity. Mystery of the Kingdom of God or forgotten the path of true knowledge of God (end). 
Molchanov Church and State. 
Own account of the confessor. Jerome. 
Fr. Lev Lebedev personality and outlook of the Patriarch Nikon.
Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Score religious beliefs NA Berdyaev in terms of the teachings of the Church. 
Ludmila Keller Landscape "Golden Age" in FM Dostoevsky. 
The coming of the Antichrist. Prophetic predictions prep. Ephraim the Syrian .. 

Orthodox way for 1992. 
By the 600th anniversary of the repose of Ven. Sergius. 
Archimandrite. Ambrose (Pogodin) sensible thief. 
Orthodox movement in Carpathian Ruthenia. 
Fr. Lev Lebedev, the Russian Orthodox Church on Calvary. 
Word about the Jesus prayer. 
Archimandrite. Ambrose (Pogodin) Evangelical Sisters of St. Martha and Mary. 
Stories of St. Ambrose of Optina elders and Anatolia. Proclamation of Optina Elder Anatolia. 
Dimitri Kolisnichenko about life effort Orthodox saints, fools for Christ's sake. 
Orthodox way for 1993. 
Archpriest Lev Lebedev from the earthly kingdom - the kingdom of heaven! 
Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Of the surviving writings of St. Eulogius, Archbishop of Alexandria. 
Dmitry Kolesnichenko about life effort Orthodox saints, fools for Christ's sake. 
Ljubo Milosevic priest Father Justin Popovich and his influence on modern theology ekklizialisticheskie problem. 
sister Natalie (Pomazansky) Path Christ's Holy Shroud. 
Andrei Lebedev, a Russian Orthodox Akathist to the synodal period of our Church. 
As Oleg Trofimenko preach unless they are sent. 
About Symphony of power in Russia. 
Orthodox way for 1994
Life and epistolary heritage prep. Elder Archimandrite. Paisius Velichkovsky. 
Priest Artemov honoring St. Paisius Velichkovsky on the Mount Athos. 
I. Gindis Elder Basil of Poiana Merulla, the spiritual guide of Ven. Paisius Velichkovsky 
Archimandrite. Ambrose (Pogodin) Of the surviving writings of St. Modestus, Archbishop of Jerusalem. 
Archimandrite. Ambrose (Pogodin) the history of Marian (Uspensky) post. 
Fr. Lev Lebedev Ortho Docks. 
Iona nun home and family life of the ancient Christians. 
Biography of Elder Alexis (Shepeleva). 
The recent events that have accomplished at the end of the world. 
Orthodox way for 1995
Traskovsky AF History of the Russian Church Abroad. 
Archimandrite. Ambrose (Pogodin) narrative of the Assumption. Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer. 
of AA. Ambrose (Pogodin) Prep. Maximus the Confessor, of the soul. 
Smirnov AP Church calendar Synodal Choir. 
David Ritchie Wolf Creek astrology. 
Orthodox way for 1996. 
Vladimir Brezgunov, Master the art of living. 
Fr. Lev Lebedev Pastoral Theology by Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky). 
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky Metropolitan Macarius (Bulgakov). 
Fr. T. Rural Two approaches to the dogma of redemption. 
Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Works Monk Job. 
Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Izsledovanie on homebuilding. 
sister of John Christian brotherhood. 
Fr. Lev Lebedev origin of the canons of the church symbolism. 

Orthodox way for 1999
Hilandarsky Tipik. 
Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Thinking humble heart. 
Monk gorozdo Destiny Holy Orthodox faith in the former Czechoslovakia. 
sister of John (Pomazansky) What is truth? 
Alexey Ponomarev Understanding faith in Russian religious philosophy of the XIX century. 
Brezgunov B. To be or not to be. 

Orthodox way for 2000.
From the editors.
"The Orthodox Way", as the guardian of Russian theology.
Translation and commentary by Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Two omilii Nikita Paflagotskogo.
Monk Vsevolod (Filipiev) We believe in the crucified. Testimony of the Orthodox faith of the sacrament of redemption.
Glazkov KV On the commonness of religion because of its bicentennial.
Monk Gorazd Destiny Holy Orthodox faith in the former Czechoslovakia. (End)
V. Shabanov Neognostitsizm.
sister of John (Pomazansky) the identity of a person in the light of patristic psychology.

Orthodox way for 2001.
Translation and commentary by Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) Mudreyshago and scientist Simon Logofet Metaphrastes.
Monk Vsevolod (Filipiev) Theology and Ecumenism node kafalicheskoe confession.
Constantine Glazkov Church Slavic language - past and present.
Arkady Shufrin Theology light of Tabor in Clement of Alexandria.
Vladimir Brezgunov On a current opinion.
Igor Firstov History of Christianity in the territory of modern Portugal prior to the XI century.
sister of John (Pomazansky) Pondering Silouan the words "Keep your mind in hell and despair not."

Orthodox way for 2002.
Blessed John geometry of words of thanks to the catechetical and Blagoveschanie Blessed Virgin.
prof. IV Popov idea of ​​deification Isaac the Syrian.
Benevich GI Shufrin AM Conversations about Orthodox theology.
Psarev AV Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and the Ecumenical Movement 1920 - 1948 years.
Response to the publication of "Orthodox Way" in 2001

Orthodox way for 2003.
Archpriest Basil Boschanovsky Sarov celebrations. Glorification of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov.
Professor M. Zazykin Autocephaly and principles Her application.
Benevich GI Shufrin AM Conversations about Orthodox dogmatic theology.
Alliot Marie Russian heart in search of the perfect hero. Reflections on the book Monk Vsevolod (Filipeva) "Head of silence."
Bogdanov T., Clement, AK A native of North Fevaidy (140 years since the birth of NN Glubokovski).

Orthodox way for 2004.
Sobolev AS Notes on the spiritual roots of the natural sciences. Russian Perspective.
Bogdanov T., Clement, AK Letters of St. Jonah Hankoukskogo professor of St. Petersburg Theological Academy, NN Glubokovsky.
Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) whether atheistic worldview Benedict Spinoza?
Benevich GI and Shufrin AM Conversations about Orthodox dogmatic theology. (Continued)
Professor M. Zyzykin Autocephaly and principles of its application. (Continued)
Lyudmila Tobolsk Archimandrite Ambrose (Pogodin) - wanderer, seeker Castle of Heaven.

Orthodox way for 2005.
Bogdanov T., Clement, AK Way of St. Hailar.
Vitaly Efimenkov Reader in the Orthodox Church.
Benevich GI Shufrin. M. Conversations about Orthodox dogmatic theology. (End).
Professor M. Zyzykin Autocephaly and principles of its application. (End)
Sister Iona (Pomazansky), Larissa Umnova "Holy Russia revelation the world."

Orthodox way for 2006.
Nun Marina (Chertkov) Lives Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin), Head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem (1817 - 1874).
On the question of teaching in seminaries Patrology.
Trinity SV Was imyabozhnikom about. John Sergeev (Kronstadt).
Kolmakov VB, VA Skrynchenko DV Skrynchenko - vyrny son Orthodox fatherland.
Bogdanov T., Dr. AK church history Klimentev Life and Work of Timothy Ivanovich Liashenko, a monk Tikhon, Archbishop.
Tsepkov AI On the iconography and iconographer (Orthodox ikononopistsy abroad).

kindly provided by Olga and Aleksander.