After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Old Calendar Ecumenism

from Joanna's notepad

What I've labeled as "Jurisdictional Ecumenism" is akin to what others are calling "Old Calendar Ecumenism," which is a fair-enough description, and a much more popular term.

Basically, this is the same old trick that world Orthodoxy fell for, no matter how we spell it.  Flip it over and strip away the blah-blah-blah and we can also spell it:  s-c-o-b-a.  It is all part of Satan's hatred for the Church and Satan's unsleeping desire and aim to destroy the Church.

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The Folly of Knowing Better

From Joanna's notepad

In this Euphrosynos Cafe forum topic we see how homosexuality is being justified by a pseudo-bishop in world Orthodoxy.


One of the arguments used by the pseudo-bishop is that the Holy Fathers were ignorant of certain scientific "facts."  By this, the pseudo-bishop means that science has found "proof" that the tendency towards homosexuality can be genetic.   He says further that  folks who won't accept homosexuality are backwards, having harmful medieval ideologies and antiquated moral requirements. 

I'm struck with a parallel.  This exact argument is used by the Orthodox evolutionists.  They say that the Holy Fathers were ignorant of certain scientific "facts."   They say those who don't accept evolution are backwards, having harmful out-dated ideas and having no right to contradict scientific philosophies.

Knowing better is one of the pitfalls of which Fr. Seraphim warned us.

Funeral Service Scheduled

for Vladimir Molchanov

Please pray for his soul.

The funeral service for VLADIMIR MOLCHANOV will take place on Wednesday 10 a.m. Feb. 1, 2012 at Holy Trinity ROC 25-36 37 St. Astoria, NY 11103.
Burial will take place following the service at Novo Diveevo followed with a trapeza at Tolstoy foundation.

Immediately after ROAC Met. Valentine's burial

Daniel sharing:
Once again, we see what freedom of religion means, in Putin's KGB run state, and what his MP does:

----- Original Message -----
From: (name withheld)
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 1:09 PM
Subject: Fw: Greetings from NY

I just received this message from Bishop Andrei referring to the condition of ROAC after the death of Metropolitan Valentine.

This is the modern Democracy in Russia: Just a notch better than when the communists were dragging people out of their houses and setting them in front of the firing squads.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Bishop Andrew
To:  (name withheld) 
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 
Subject: Re:

Tomorrow, the police are coming to make a full inventory of all of the Metropolitan's belongings. They apparently think that the State should receive everything that belonged to him. They have already said that they will be seeking to recover all "Russian State property," by which they mean all relics, icons, church utensils, vestments, and books. The first day after Vladyka's burial, there was already a policeman here responding to a complaint from the office of Archbishop Evlogy of Vladimir and Suzdal (MP), who came to inspect the relics of Sts. Euphemios and Euphrosinia. "Someone" had told the police that, "those schismatics have buried the remains of the Saints together with the remains of Met. Valentine!" This, of course, was a lie.

Now everything is in a tizzy, trying to get ready for tomorrow, and find a lawyer who will come and help defend our "rights," as if there were any such thing in Russia today.

It didn't take long. They are already working on finishing us off.

Here is an account about the whole matter (in Russian)

Please Pray for Newly Departed Soul

Saturday morning

Servant of God
Vladimir Molchanov
elderly parishioner of Holy Trinity in Astoria


From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Date: 27 January 2012
Blagosovite Vladyka Chrysostomos
An addenum to this, here is a reaction to a "comment" made by Fr. Vsevolod Chaplin who is in a high position in the DECR of the MP
Muslim and Jews reject Orthodox Church political party

Regards, P
Dear P

May God bless you.

This is insanity revisited. One wonders what these people think that the Church is. In this case, I would be on the side of the Jews and Moslims. Imagine a state where an Orthodox political party is allowed, as long as it hides its identity, while other religious parties are not. This is Soviet-style political chicanery reborn in its purest form. Teach honesty through lies and deception! Disgusting.

I was sent for review a new book by Yale University Press: IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO, AND IT NEVER HAPPENED ANYWAY: RUSSIA AND THE COMMUNIST PAST, by David Satter, who is a distinguished expert on Soviet affairs at the Hoover Institute and Johns Hopkins University. He points out that today's "Russia," a "softer" authoritarian state (a crime state, in many ways), is simply the Soviet system without its ideology.

A true Russia will never be reborn until a full realization of the murderous Soviet past and its legacy in today's criminal KGB-bred oligarchy comes to pass. That past must be understood, dismantled, and a new and different mentality, free of the stench and disgrace of the past is created among a people whose souls, as my mentor, Nikolai Khokhlov used to say, were changed and perverted by a system that was so demonic that it makes some innocent people even wish to restore it!

What should be evident to all of us, and what has to be conveyed to the pious people of Russia, is that Orthodoxy, in its historical form, changed and transformed Russia. It produced a venerable spiritual tradition. In its Soviet creation, perverted and deformed by an atheist state, it created a national religious corporation feeding off of and exploiting the piety of the people.

It is this sick and perverse view of the Church that prompted Father Chaplin, one of those trimmed-up professional Priests who serves the Moscow Patriarchate and its corporate system, with Soviet-style committees operating outside the actual traditions of the Church, to come up with the insane comments that he offers in his interview.

Thank you for sending me this, which I will share with others. From the thug Putin to the madman and demon Stalin to these kinds of pseudo-Orthodox administrative sycophants, what we are seeing is the de-spiritualization of the Orthodox Church in Russia, to which everyone should object. It seems that the old babushki are the true heroines and champions and the genuine patriots of Russian Orthodoxy today. They alone know how far the Potemkin Orthodox of the Patriarchate has deviated from the Truth.

With affection in Christ, + AC

Super-correct not always so Correct

√ worthy of our notice
Euphrosynos Cafe forum topic

Update: 8/11/13.  The above topic has been moved to a private forum, apparently by the "nice police".  The authors originally intended for their comments to be public.  Euphrosynos Cafe continues to go downhill, and now their archives are losing value as well.   Parts of the post are saved here:

Memory Eternal-Vechnaya Pamyat!

Handmaid of God Tamara
on this day of her funeral

On this mournful day of your dear long-suffering sister, Tamara's burial,  may God comfort your sorrowing heart, dearest sister-in-Christ,  Matushka Irina.
Give rest O Lord, to Thy departed servants, Tamara and Ariadna.

May Tamara, and her long suffering daughter Ariadna who passed from this world,  before her, .... rest in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, where all the saints abide, in a place of light, a place of repose, in green pastures, beside still waters, awaiting the glorious day of the General Resurrection, and the Restoration of All Things, the re-opening of Paradise.

For all their earthly sufferings, may God grant to them both, everlasting joy, at the Celestial Marriage Feast of The Lamb, in the New Jerusalem, whence all sickness, sorrow, and sighing, ... have fled away.

Dearest sister in Christ, Matushka Irina, ... this earthly transitory life, this world of delusion, is not the end, but it is our time of testing, our preparation for Eternity.  May Ariadna and Tamara, now enter the Mansions of the Righteous, where only is heard, the joyful singing, of Alleluia!
Memory Eternal and Vechnaya Pamyat! to Ariadna and Tamara!
Mourning with you, all your fellow church members, and in deepest sympathy, 
Daniel in Oregon

Window On Eurasia returns

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This is terrific news, as few others alive today, know as much about Russian history/culture, current life, or can make as intelligent an anaylsis of it all as does Paul Goble.

And, too, he is an expert on general European matters as well.  Just now glancing at this new line-up of his current articles, convinces me, that what he puts out, should be regularly read by every truth-seeking person, who wants to know the full story, of current life in the Russian Federation; good, bad, and just about everyday life there, in general.   – R.D.

1) The new blog:

2) The first blog is still here:

Supportive Commentary Regarding RocorMP

Accurate observations from an objective perspective.  Commentator is in the Milan synod which has nothing to do with us or with the ROCOR-MP. 

According to their Official Website and dated January 16, the ROCOR-Moscow Patriarchate-- which has spent a great deal of time engaged in court battles around the world for parish buildings belonging to ROCOR Churches and people who did not want to go along with union-- is now in danger of losing the main Synod building. This appears to largely be due to yearly losses of approximately $450-500,000 annually, according to the article, "in recent years".

While the article does not explain the reason for the losses, it is not difficult to guess at all. The "unionists" in ROCOR saw approximately 10-15% of its parishes depart with Metropolitan Vitaly from 2001-2003 and approximately (according to the earliest reports) 33% of its parishes lost to Archbishop (now Metropolitan) Agafangel after the 2007 union with the Moscow Patriarchate.

The departing parishioners long misrepresented as a tiny, angry minority, it is becoming clear that Moscow's "support" cannot compensate for the loss of almost half of the regular Church worshippers over a 15-year period. The rapidity with which new replacement priests were brought in to "bring up the numbers" as a face-saving mechanism has been of even less help, as ROCOR-MP witnessed an erosion of its credibility due to its "Western Rite" adventures and rapid ordinations of clergy who, in some cases, had not been fully catechized into Orthodoxy.

The ROCOR-MP report indicates that it is unclear how a resolution to the current situation would occur, but starkly reads that they are "aware of the need of the Cathedral worshipers in New York to continue their liturgical life should selling the buildings be the only viable option". It is ironic that less than four months away from the 5th anniversary of the union (when full integration into the MP will be required), the very stones seem hesitant to come along.

The above commentary is a response to this article posted on the official RocorMP website:

∞   ∞   ∞

A RRb team member adds:
It should also be mentioned that many people who remained in ROCOR-MP (especially the elderly) have reduced or stopped their financial support as a silent protest.  Their only concern is to be buried with some dignity.  I sincerely doubt a new church will be found for the Synod parish, when the MP cathedral is a few blocks away on 97th street.


"The waters saw Thee, O Lord, the waters saw Thee, 
and they were afraid, the deeps trembled".


There are words in the Holy Scriptures that are a source of inspiration for the many millions of people who read them: Ye that thirst, go to the water (Is. 55:1); Draw ye therefore water with joy out of the wells of salvation! (Is. 12:3), said the Prophet Isaiah. A sunny, light-bearing play of words: desert—well—water—joy—salvation…
Pochaev. The well of St. Job—forty-three meters deep.
When Count Frilei, the unworthy heir of Anna Goiskaya (who bequeathed land to Pochaev monastery) reclaimed land from the Monastery, St. Job and the brothers began digging a well right on the top of the cliff. There were some “doubting Thomases” amongst the brethren, who told the saint that nothing would come of his scheme. But Abbot Job Zhelezo was true to his name—zhelezo means iron—he even now had an iron will, and was unbending. He gave the order over and over again to continue the work. Thus, at a depth of forty-three meters, water began to seep through the rocks.
Four hundred years have passed, and today the thousands of pilgrims to the Lavra are still drawing water from that well for the healing of their ailments.
I can picture it now: the Lavra, 1978, late evening after the meal.
In the scullery the light is burning bright, you can hear the clatter of dishes being washed, the washtub is full of hot water, and we are at work washing dishes. Winter is all around, it’s cold outside, but the bright light and hot water make it warm where we are. Misha Bal from Poltava, Alexander (the future Hierodeacon Savva) and I are washing dishes like experts. Fr. Ignatius (Archdeacon Hilarion), who was in charge of the refectory, is yelling and scolding us for breaking too many dishes when we wash. “What are you doing with those dishes? Washing them or breaking them?! Here, I’ll show you how to do it!” He ran up to the washtub, took a plate, and—crunch!—broke one himself. Put to shame, he ran off grimacing comically.
Then novice Igor Brus walked up and told me conspiratorially, “Don’t sleep tonight, or you’ll sleep through the whole Kingdom of Heaven! Come at midnight to the well. We’ll look at the bottom and see if the Lord will give us a sign—if it will “boil” as it is blessed. Tomorrow is the “Jordan” [that is, the Great Blessing of the Waters that takes place at a water source on the feast of Theophany], don’t you know?”
I was incredibly tired, but just as curious. Overcoming my sleepiness, I came. I thought that it would just be Igor and I, but I was mistaken. Archimandrite Alypy, Abbot Apelly, Monk Nestor the choirmaster, head hierodeacons Cassian and Roman also came, as well as novice Vasily the prosphora baker. They surrounded the well so tightly that I could hardly elbow my way through. Fr. Apelly had a red, powerful floodlight with six batteries. That was a powerful and rare thing in those days. The other priests also had flashlights, but they weren’t as strong. Fr. Apelly illuminated the entire area around the well.
We were talking and waiting for twelve o’clock to come. The conversation flowed at its own unhurried pace. They say that one year they saw it, but last year and the year before, nothing happened…
I don’t know whether it was midnight or not, but as if in a wondrous dream, we began to notice something out of the ordinary.
Tiny sparks began to fly around within the well shaft. “What is that?” I asked. “Keep watching, you’ll see!” said Fr. Apelly. The sparks were like little stars of frost, absolutely white. At first there were only a few, appearing rarely, and there were more and more. A veritable storm arose inside the well. Flying one by one to the surface and then down to the very bottom of the well and touching it, the water there suddenly came alive and boiled with a noise. We could hear the noise, but not of bubbling—it was a light, quiet fizzing, even a buzzing, like a swarm of insects. All of us there were excited, we were talking and interrupting each other, the young interrupting the old, and it was alright. Everyone was in an extraordinarily good mood at the sight of this mystery; any weariness or sleep just disappeared. We sang over and over again, “When thou, O Lord, wast baptized in the Jordan…” [the troparion of the feast of Theophany].
Like everyone else, I was filled to overflowing with my reward for a nearly sleepless night.
“The voice of the Lord upon the waters cries aloud saying: ‘Come ye all, and receive the Spirit…” [from the rite of the Great Blessing of the Waters].
Many years have gone by, but I remember that blessed night! And I will probably remember it to the end of my days…
Archimandrite Avvakum from Kremenchuk
Orthodoxy in the Ukraine

Translation by OrthoChristian.com

Prayer Request

Newly Reposed handmaid
Vechnaya Pamyat!
[Sister of Mat. Irene]
January 16
Day  #3 January 18
Day  #9 January 24
Day #40 February 24

Repose of Metropolitan Valentine

Orthodox Journal
Newsletter No. 86, Monday, January 16, 2012. 11:19 A.M.

Repose of Metropolitan Valentine, First Hierarch of ROAC

On the morning of January 16, 2012, during the Forefeast of the Theophany, Metropolitan Valentine (Rusantsov) of Suzdal and Vladimir, the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, reposed in Moscow. He was 73.  

As a correspondent of Portal-Credo.Ru reports, Metropolitan Valentine arrived in the capital the evening before in order to undergo routine treatment for the diabetes from which he had been suffering for more than twenty years. He stayed with the Shtilmark family, who are spiritual children and friends, in the Orekhevo-Borisov area of Moscow, where he was found deceased the next morning.

No official cause of death has yet been determined. However, it is known that, besides diabetes, Metropolitan Valentine suffered from heart disease: he had undergone several heart operations and had a pacemaker.

The date and time of the burial of the First Hierarch of ROAC will be announced later. The deceased had expressed the desire to be buried underneath the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia that he had constructed in Suzdal.

Archbishop Theodore (Gineevsky) of Otradnenskoe and the Northern Caucasus is the senior hierarch of ROAC by consecration as well as the chancellor of the Synod of Bishops.

(C) Vertograd, 2004—2012.  
To subscribe or unsubscribe, email  vertograd.news@gmail.com


Criticism of patriarchate grows
Comment: there is humour in this report, (Russian humour), yet it is dark humour.  But this report, is but a small insiders' look at the real current Russian Federation government and it's real MP-'church' (at least it's top leadership), a stinking swamp of corruption and cynicism, a spoiled kettle of old unhealthy fermented borscht, long overdue to be heaved out on the ground, for the swine to consume.... (poor pigs!) Rdr. Daniel
The original Russian language version is on Portal -Credo.ru

Apostasy Update

The New Order of RocorMP

[paradosis] Letter From A Friend (The New Order Of ROCOR)
Friday, January 13, 2012 6:50 PM

From: Bob

To: orthodox-tradition@yahoogroups.com

Dear Friends,


I wish to pass on to the readership a letter I received from my friend, P, who is living in Michigan. I find it comical, tragic and pathetic at the same time. It is really ironic since P was really rah rah about reunification while I was more reserved. I have asked his permission to pass it on so that the people will know and come to understand what is going on now, just 6 short years after reunification. He feels that that is the best thing to do. Things were not supposed to be this way, and there definitely is much to discuss and ponder here. Thank you all for your time and your comments. The letter follows.


(P's Letter):

Dear Bob,


Returning to Michigan has become a sad encounter with the past. The situation with finding an Orthodox church in which to pray is worse than it was twenty years ago, and it has been especially hard on our family. We are at the point of travelling out of state to attend church for holidays like Nativity and find ourselves increasing painted into a corner to maintain fidelity to the Orthodox Church and what we were brought up to believe is right.

Bob, when I first got back to Michigan, we tried the Patriarchal church in town as it was close to the house and it was the sole Old Calendar Patriarchal church left in the state. It seems it was built by our people decades ago, and as the economy turned and the old generation died off with one priest after another moving in and out, it was abandoned by Russians. It is a quaint parish, white wooden siding, an onion domed bell tower, a mixture of the old style icons and newer more iconographic ones throughout. It has a garden and a small lot. It is situated near a major university, but the area it is in is run down. The congregation is small accordingly. The services are poorly attended. We purchased a lawn mower for the parish and tried to help out as best we could.

As you know, Bob, I am a spiritual son of Fr. ----, and am in obedience to him. When we arrived, we immediately experienced a surreal sense of indignity in watching how Russian immigrants who visited and we, ourselves, were treated by both the Priest and the congregation, made up mostly of Dutch Reformed converts. Inhospitable is a word I would use, and that would be a euphemism. The priest the very first week he met me made a point to rebuke me loudly in front of the congregation for wearing a pilgrim's cross, saying that it was improper for me to be wearing a pectoral cross since I was not a Priest. When I told him it was a pilgrim's cross, he told me, "that in the Russian church such crosses are not worn and if they are, they are covered!" So much for myriad Russian pilgrims to the Holy Land and certain monasteries in the nineteenth century. Of course, that display didn't do much to engender my confidence so I asked for his blessing to confess to another Priest who would keep him abreast of my standing in the Church and notify him accordingly, a local Antiochian Priest who had agreed to do so provided this Priest allow it. He not only did not bless my request, he told me that it was "contrary to the Russian tradition to have spiritual fathers outside of ones parish" and that I could not confess to another Priest while Fr. ---- is someone whose authority he would not recognize. He mocked my obedience to him and tried to undermine it. He told me that at St. Tikhon's, where he went to seminary, that that was the practice he learned. When I respectfully told him that our mutual friend and mentor, Fr. G, never mentioned nor taught any such practice and that certain Metropolitans even emphasized "that you should confess and be obedient to the spiritual father you are most comfortable with," he replied to me that he never knew Fr. G, even though as we both know Fr. G was a father confessor at St. Tikhon's at that time. It seems he never heard of St. Sergius of Radonezh, St. Seraphim of Sarov or Optina Monastery or Valaam or the Pskov Caves or the Kiev Lavra. He missed an entire millenium in spiritual fatherhood and formation which makes up the backbone of spirituality, confession and formation in the Russian Orthodox church. Then it came to the last straw. One sunday night after church he called me up, speaking unintelligibly in a slurred Australian accent, calling me a "boy" and an "ignorant fool" that in his parish "all things will be done according to the customs of the Orthodox Church in America and if I didn't like it, I could talk to Metropolitan Herman." When I responded that I had known Metropolitan Herman and as far as I knew I was following his customs and being obedient to the Russian tradition as handed down by the OCA, ROCOR and the MP to which his parish belonged, he drunkenly told me, "You listen to me, you insolent boy, you will do things according to the customs of the OCA and that is final." I responded with, "Father, it is the custom in the OCA and has been for some time, to have open inter-Orthodox Communion, where the Priest makes the announcement that, 'Communion in the Orthodox Church is opened to baptized and chrismated Orthodox Christians who have had a recent Confession,' with the understanding that that Confession may have been elsewhere other than ones parish, and that this is a standard announcement at St. Tikhon's and a practice which is/was endorsed by Metropolitan Herman, who is incidentally now retired." He stammered loudly and screamed on the phone, "You stupid boy! [I am 40 years old, Bob.] you will follow the Russian tradition as set forth by the OCA and that is final!" I told him, "Father, I am." The conversation collapsed, and I hung up and never went back.

Mind you, Bob, this Priest is far from someone who is a sterling representative of the Russian tradition. He is clean shaven, wears a business suit and a papal collar, has short hair and his sermons almost always dwell on a golf theme with shades of the "gospel of wealth" and "increasing ones donations to the parish." He is a celibate Priest who lives a secret life and is generally unavailable to parishoners outside of church and few know where his residence/rectory is. He has the altar boys wear papal collars and is quite at home with using the title "Monsignor" in reference to himself. He puts that forward as the "Russian tradition" of the OCA?! Why is the "Russian tradition" of the OCA normative for the MP?! Bizarre. 

Then we travelled out into the country to visit the ROCOR Priest. At first, he was conciliatory, even helpful. He told us that he too had had uncomfortable dealings with the Patriarchal Priest and that other Patriarchal Priests in the state found him to be "troublesome, quirky, secretive, unkind, difficult." So we started attending there. The Priest is a St. Vladimir's graduate and has their typical aire of faux elitism about him. We contributed as best we could to the parish, financially, with potlucks, helping to clean the church, do things for the parish, etc. Increasingly, the Priest began to meddle in our internal family life. He began to insist that we remove my crippled elderly mother to a Medicare funded nursing home; he started to act as a wedge between us and dealt with us separately, encouraging dissension and division, attempting to split us apart. He became perfunctory and condescending in his conversations and began using things we told him in confidence against us in public discourse. 

Bob, this parish is made up of this Priest, his Matushka, and perhaps 7 other adults and assorted children numbering not more than 4. This community had organized itself in the late 90s under lay leadership and once numbered over 30 adults with their children. Then this Priest came here. And as he relates, "Most of the people left the Orthodox Church altogether, even going over to the Unia." He goes further saying, "It is true I left the Catholic church, but I left it on good terms," and he finds no problems whatsoever with Unia, Roman Catholicism or other heterodox churches or in believers leaving the Orthodox Church to worship at them. He is abusive to people who dare to use the term "papist" or "Latin." And when reminded that that is the language of the Holy Fathers, he responds, "Shut up! And if you keep that up, you can leave. That type of language is unwelcome here!" He hastens to praise clearly prelest stricken heretics like Francis of Assisi and encourages people to become acquainted with and read up on Mother Teresa while disparaging Orthodox literature which illustrates the pitfalls of such a syncretistic approach and emphasizes veneration of Orthodox Saints as the SOLE acceptible veneration of Saints for Orthodox Christians. He calls that "narrow minded, sectarian bigotry." He has no problem with ROCOR attending Orientale Lumen, engaging in ecumenism, and recognizing Uniates as legitimate. He feels it is "about time." He finds it a "good thing" that ROCOR people are using the facilities of Franciscans and other Papist heretics to hold conferences and perform liturgies when there clearly are Orthodox facilities available.

So, finally, one day, I mentioned to him, after being totally drained and disheartened by the local Antiochian church's heterodox use of organs, "Father, I think Metropolitan Philaret, Archbishop Averky and Fr. Seraphim (Rose) were right and we really do need to begin to reemphasize the Orthodox Tradition. This can only help our fellow Orthodox and give us an example to live up to and improve the situation we find ourselves in." It was as if I had declared war. He began by calling me a "fundamentalist," a "sectarian," a " fringe nut tearing the Orthodox Church down and leading it into schism." When I told him my standard of Orthodox Traditionalism and fidelity was Mt. Athos, he interrupted me and said, "Not all of Mt. Athos agrees with your views and even amongst them, your Orthodox Traditionalism is sectarian and schismatic, fringe." When I tried to say that the declarations of the Koine Synaxis were precisely the things I was emphasizing and even the most liberal of Athonite monasteries [the minority] like Simonas Petras and the Lavra agreed with those statements, he shut me down with, "I am telling you this right now and I am putting you on notice: Orthodox Traditionalism is not welcome in this parish, and if I catch you talking about this again, you will be shown the door. Do I make myself clear?" I replied, "Are the Holy Fathers and the Holy Canons then also not welcome here?" He said, "Don't play games with me. Every sectarian hides behind the Holy Fathers and the Holy Canons or thinks he does." Then he proceeded to talk about a certain Athonite elder in the U.S. When I challenged him and asked, "Are you stating that Elder ---- is a sectarian and a quasi schismatic?" He would not respond with a direct answer. He said, "I said what I have said, and you are welcome to leave at any time." When I told him, my views were fully in line with the old ROCOR and its formation, he told me, "Then you need to go back there as that place is not here, and your sectarianism is not welcome here."

But organs, pews, Uniatism, every innovation is welcome. Not even the word "papist" dare be mentioned. Use of the Holy Fathers or Canons is grounds for excommunication. Bob, there is a word for this St. Vladimir's apostate attitude, and it is a movement which was condemned by the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors as heresy, and that word is simply: RENOVATIONISM.

So I asked him then, "Father, you give them tolerance but offer me intolerance?" He replied, "Yes, that's right. I am the one wearing the pectoral cross here and 'missionaries of Orthodox Traditionalism' are not welcome here." He went so far as to deny me Confession.

So we left, disturbed and shaken, deciding not to go back there. I did contact his Bishop, Bishop Peter of Cleveland. I explained to him the situation. I asked him if Orthodox Traditionalism as defined by Metropolitan Philaret, ie "podvig," and Archbishop Averky and Fr. Seraphim (Rose) was welcome in his diocese. He hesitated and did not want to give a response, finally saying, "Of course, it is welcome as one way of being Orthodox." He said that while he did not feel Elder ---- was a "sectarian, schismatic," he was "uncomfortable with the emphasis he placed on laypeople which calls for strict adherence to the Canons which is not practical for today in America." He made apologies (defended) for use of organs in Orthodox churches and insisted that St. John of San Francisco was "quite open minded," insinuating that he would have had a sympathy for the views of this Priest. He then said that he would call us back once he "talked to his Priest." We still are waiting for the call, and frankly, done with it all.

ROCOR today has collapsed in on itself into a St. Vladimir's mentalite embracing Renovationism, Uniatism, Ecumenism, New Calendarism and any every worldly trend of apostasy which someone else tells them is "relevant." Fr. Michael Pomazansky would not be with these people. The entire gamut of OCA, ROCOR, MP in Michigan is an appalling state of post Orthodox transformation, and it is really sad, Bob. We never in a million years would have thought of going to a New Calendarist church, but now that is the only place where we can have some peace of mind and fidelity to traditional Orthodox worship. A travesty, Bob. The same currents which imposed Unia on our ancestors at the Brest Sobor are now feverishly at work in all the "branches of the Russian church in America." It is time to wake up. It is time for podvig. Please pray for us, Bob. It is so hard, so wrong. These people have tossed our life into a shambles and are tearing down the Russian Orthodox church.


P and family


At the top in the center, it says, "EACH MAKES HIS OWN CHOICE"

On the left side is the picture of Patriarch Tikhon (with Tsar Nicholas II in the background). The wording says, "He did not betray either the Faith or the Tsar, or his people; he did not exchange Eternity for a mess of pottage. HE CHOSE THE SAVING CROSS.

On the right side is the picture of Metropolitan (Patriarch) Sergius (with Stalin in the background). The wording says: "The overthrow of the Autocracy, the murder of millions of the faithful, the destruction of hundreds of thousands of temples and monasteries – the joys of the Soviet regime – became his joys. He chose the sin of Judas.

And at the bottom is the question: WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?

January Shepherd Issue

Mid-Winter issue
Reader Daniel highly recommends

pdf online here:

Comment: This 'Shepherd', the monthly publication of the St. Edward's Brotherhood, in Brookwood, UK, is a collection of very valuable writings of saints, church news world-wide, and then local news from the Brotherhood and from Orthodoxy in England.
Rd. Daniel in Oregon 

24 pages
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Archbishop Averky on Ecumenism
Jesus Prayer
Feast of the Circumcision
The Celtic Church
Athonite Abbot Arrested
RC Church Hymns Pagan diety
RocorMP & OCA Concelebrating
Kim Jong-Il Controversy

Christmas in Ascension parish, in town of Barnaul, Russia

All should see this video:


On the front page, see the new video (talk by Fr. George Titov is in Russian, of course, but the photos are what is most valuable) - as he describes the recent fire there, set no doubt, by agents of the local government and/or by MP thug/operatives.

This is the Ascension flock, which HAD their spacious and very beautiful church, which when they, in good conscience, fled the KGB-run corrupt  MP, and entered our Russian Church Abroad under our Metropolitan Agafangel, .... the corrupt Sergianist/neo-soviet hangover gangster controlled system there, seized their church (built 100% by their own monies and labour), and now these brave ROCOR-faithful, must worship in this falling down old barn-like structure.

And even here, the devils  will not leave them in peace.

THIS is 'religious freedom'-? in Putin's Russian Federation and this persecution is what ROCOR/MP under Hilarion-Kapral either totally supports, or at least, is silent about-???

That same apostate ROCOR/MP, which by threatening to also seize ROCOR churches and properties, in every country around the world,  and throw the people and clergy out on the streets, if they didn't and still might not, submit to their uncanonical authority, has thereby, been able (so far) to intimidate so many, to stay in their foul 're-union.'

AWAKE all of you who, our former brothers and sisters in the old ROCOR,  in deliberate ignorance and/or under your false 'obedience' still support Hilarion-Kapral and his synod, as you too are co-guilty of these persecution-crimes against fellow Russian Orthodox believers, as is shown in this sad video, a record of heroic defenders of Holy Orthodoxy.

In many parts of current Russia, there is a growing & spontaneous movement, to leave that false Russian Church, the Stalin created in 1943, 'Moscow Patriarchate.'
 Rd. Daniel in Oregon

There seems to be no direct link to this video.  It is posted just above Vladyka Agafangel's Nativity Epistle.

English Liturgy

If you are able, you are invited 
Divine Liturgy all in English 
Saturday, January 14th
10 a.m. 
Holy Trinity Church
25-36 37th Street, 
Astoria NY 11103  
Father Victor will be serving.  
Astoria Boulevard subway stop.  

Thank You for your attention!  

Lowly-ranked Sub-Deacon Ilarion Maharadze Marr 

Fr. Vsevolod's Nativity Sermon

In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, 
Dear brothers and sisters! 
      Our Lord was born on this day, let us rejoice and be glad.  No one may be sad on this day, no matter what sorrow, what loss they may be suffering, for this day is a feast of life for everyone.  Fear of death is no more, because in the love that was revealed to us by Christ there is no fear and He bestows upon us all the joy of eternal life.  Everyone will partake of this joy, for the reason for this joy is shared by all.  May all the saints rejoice today, for this is their day of celebration.  May sinners rejoice, for they are called to receive absolution.  May those who do not know God cease their despair, for they are called to life.  May the angels in their joy become even more joyful and intone “Glory be to God in the highest” and bestow peace on earth to those who love God. 
      The love of God, our Savior was revealed to us on this day.  If this had not happened, we would not know of God’s ways in this world and His intentions for mankind.  What is left to us as we stand in this church bright as the sky and in this world dark as hell?  We must confess that the Nativity of Christ is that of God.  We may not separate ourselves from the world, as God sent His Son to save this world.  No matter how disfigured this world is by sin, we may not despise nor avoid it.  No matter what may happen in this world, it is still the world which He created and which He loves so much that He came to save it.  We must be a part of it and toil and pray and confess that God is present in it. 
      May we never forget that to be a Christian means to be with Christ and to go with Him to the poor and bear their joys and pains.  May we learn to pray such a prayer so that the prayer may reveal to us the sufferings of mankind and that these sufferings, when we share them, be illuminated by the light of the Nativity night and the dawn of the Resurrection.  The Nativity of Christ is called the Pascha of the Lord by the Holy Church.  We understand God as we have never understood Him before and we understand mankind as we could never have even imagined. 
      The miracle of the Nativity of this Child, whom the Mother of God holds in Her embrace, is that God and man became one. 
Thank you D.G. for this translation

Mission Trip to St. Louis

St. Nicholas Feast Day

Fr. Gregory reports:
 The trip to St. Louis for St. Nicholas' day went very well, with services to celebrate Nicholas' Names Day in a "cozy" underground space in Anna and Joseph's home.  We were joined for liturgy by a family from Chicago, David & Kristina and their son.  A couple of photos below courtesy of Mary (the photographer, therefore absent from photo).  A splendid common meal and long deferred (or anticipated) blessings of both homes finished out the feast day.  The return trip began with difficult rain and heavy traffic, but after an hour or so eased up and I was able to make it to Evansville for overnight (about halfway) and a short visit with my mother, sister & family the next morning before returning home.

Fr. G.; Luke with sons Nicholas and Julian; Joseph, Anna, Maria and Matthew; David, Kristina and Symeon

blessing of home

OCA Sinking Deeper into Apostasy

Email from Reader Daniel:

subject: What all the new OCA Chancellor, Fr. John Jillions, has to say on many subjects 

Why should we care, about what the OCA is up to?  –that remainder/residue of most of the original North American Metropolia, of the pre-revolutionary, ONE Russian Church, which after the Bolshevik takeover of Russia, BECAME  a canonical part of the St. Patriarch Tikhon's blessed, Russian Synod In Exile; but which canonical jurisdiction, the renegade Archb. Platon Rozhdesvensky, in the early 1920's (before Patriarch Tikhon's death), uncanonically broke from the Synod in Exile, and formed his own SCHISM.  After a back and forth process, in 1946, was the final break of that schismatic Metropolia from our Synod.  This 'OCA' was once part of our Russian Synod in Exile!

 "A spirit of sobornost: An interview with Fr. John Jillions, new OCA chancellor"

Because, especially here in America, the OCA jurisdiction has much influence among various Orthodox people,  and also, now it  is in full inter-communion and fraternal interaction with ROCOR/MP, both of which churches, are subservient to the KGB-obedient MP, (Sergianism) and more and more, part of sell-out and ecumenist worldly-Orthodoxy.

This new OCA Chancellor, spells out his beliefs, a typical confused mix of Orthodoxy and modernism and renovationism, ecumenism, and the certain arrogant mindset (what I have to call), 'the false triumphalism of worldly-Orthodoxy'.

That is exactly, THE ecumenist mindset also.  That haughty anti-Patristic mindset, is what is currently called, 'progressive', 'modern', 'relevant', 'truly Christian', 'loving', 'inclusive', and as fufilling Christ's commands, 'that all may be one', ETC.

We, who are only struggling to be faithful to the Holy Apostolic Orthodox Faith delivered to us by the saints,  are depicted by such progressive/advanced/modern people as opposed to all that, i.e., we are EVIL, plain and simple. We are of the dusty past.

They... are The Church, and we... are outside it and going to Hell, (ETC.) ...because why?, because THEY SAY SO!

Those mixed-up deceived folks truly believe the worldly saying: "Might...makes...right"...i.e., that the majority rules, etc.

Our Holy Church and all it's saints has always taught, 'Right....makes...might' in contrast.., and that, the majority are often or usually in the wrong, while it is the few brave heroes of our faith, who speak the truth.

There is not even a hint, in this exposé of his thoughts, that Orthodoxy, world-wide, is truly moving towards total end-times apostasy, and betrayal to Rome & indeed to THIS FALLEN WORLD in general, and that it, in many locales, as in the Russian Federation, the 'canonical Russian Church'-the Stalin 1943-created MP, is but an enslaved propaganda robotic  tool of the neo-soviet KGB hangover regime in the Kremlin.

These are the people who call us, 'uncanonical' and 'schismatics', and 'outside the Universal Church', etc.

We learn from this interesting interview, the direction, that Fr. John Jillions wants to lead his church towards, or should I say, CONTINUE it's direction towards?

He lists who were his mentors and who he admires.  That in itself, is somewhat surprising, if not depressing.  To me, when he refers to super-renovationist and spreader of many varied unOrthodox ideas, and THE main American-Metropolia organizer, together with KGB agent MP-'Met. Nikodim-Rotov, of Lenningrad' OF THRICE SORRY MEMORY!, of that foul 1970 'autocephaly' from Moscow,.....  Fr. Alexander Schmemann, (!)  as his chief inspiration, the alarm bells go off for me.

Just my observations-
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

P.S. And by the way, not all Orthodox are fooled by the writings of Alexander Schmemann, (or of Fr. Jean Meyendorf and the other 'Parisian' Evlogian wonders), now in many languages and wide-spread around the world,  as we hear of Schmemann's  books being burned in some MP seminaries, as the professors and the students realize that a lot of what he wrote is NOT solid Orthodoxy.  They consider his writings as heretical.

What one of our ROCA priests has to say about this interview:

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 04:52:42 -0800
To: oregdan

Dear Reader Dan, With the feast of the Nativity I greet you!
Check out Pokrov Home site and interview with a Fr. Jillions, new chancellor of the OCA and in it he names 'Saint John Vianney' and mother Teresa of calcutta amongst orthodox saints who inspire him. What a mess and we are the renegades and non canonical.

> Fire at Parish in Barnaul

from Rocana News: 
> Troubles continue for the ROCA Holy Ascension parish in Barnaul, 
> Russia. As we reported December 25, the parish recently purchased a 
> small house and added to
> it a vestibule, altar and cross -- after their church had been 
> confiscated by Russian Federation authorities. When Rector Father 
> George (Titov) and the choir arrived at the parish (the new house) the 
> morning of January 6, they found that the gate had been broken. They 
> also discovered near the building the remains of an extinguished fire. 
> The annex (vestibule) that the parish had just added to the building had 
> burned from the outside. To the parishioners, this appeared to be arson. 
> Nonetheless, the parish conducted services on the Eve of the Nativity of 
> our Lord and on the Nativity of Our Lord.

Orthodox Journal
Newsletter No. 85, Monday, January 9, 2012. 3:27 P.M.

Attacks on ROAC and ROCOR(A) Parishes on Nativity

On the Feast of the Nativity attacks were carried against a ROAC parish in Votkinsk and a ROCOR(A) parish in Barnaul, reports Portal-Credo.Ru.

Unknown persons broke locks, smashed windows, and opened the window gratings in the ROAC church in Votkinsk in the Udmurt Republic (Russia) on the evening of January 7, 2012, on the Orthodox celebration of the Nativity of Christ. Mitred Archpriest Varlery Eltsov, rector of the parish, reported that the attempt of robbery failed and that police arrived at the scene. 

The community in Votkinsk holds services in a space that was converted for use as a church after the police expelled the parish in 1994 from the historic church they had been using, which was then turned over to the Moscow Patriarchate. The ROAC parishioners, not wanting to hand over the church, were beaten (pictures below).

An arson took place at the Holy Ascension Church in Barnaul (Diocese of Ishim and Siberia, ROCOR(A), under Metropolitan Agafangel), the rector of which is Priest George Titov, on the night of January 5 to 6, 2012. A call reporting the fire was placed at 2:53 am. Firemen arrived at 3:05 am and quickly extinguished the fire. An annex to the church was burned. The evening before, Fr. George Titov and his son left the church at 11:00 pm. Arriving at the church at 6:30 am, they found clear evidence of forced entry into the territory of the church: the fence was destroyed and a trail was visible between the fence and the church. The arson did not prevent the Liturgy from being celebrated in the church.

Priest George Titov had been the rector of the Holy Ascension Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in Barnaul; in September 2010 he transferred, along with his parish, to ROCOR(A), after which he was expelled from his church and equipped a new space for divine services.

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Dear friends of St. Sergius',
please come and see our school play 
Yolka School Play 
Sunday January 22  
3:00 pm 
Pascack Community Center 
Nanuet, NY
"Snowdrops for the Queen
After the performance, traditional Russian food buffet and celebration with 
Grandfather Frost.
For further information or to reserve seats, please contact Katharina Katia Sokiran at (973) 810-2187 

To deflect hall rental costs, a donation of $15 for adults and $10 for children is greatly appreciated.  Please note: because of the special nature of this hall's floor covering, footwear with hard heels is not permitted inside the hall.

Nativity Greetings from St. Edward's

"He was a baby, He was a child,
so that you might be a perfect man;
He was wrapped in swaddling clothes,
that you might be loosed from the snares of death;
He was in a manger, so that you might be in the altar;
He on earth, that you might be in the stars.
He had no other place in the inn,
that you might have many mansions in the Heavens.
He, it says, being rich, became poor for your sakes,
that through His poverty you might be rich.
Therefore, His poverty is my inheritance, and the Lord's weakness is my virtue.
He chose to lack for Himself,
that He might abound for all."
Saint Ambrose of Milan

With these beautiful words of Saint Ambrose, because we have no beautiful words of our own, we greet all our parishioners, helpers and supporters on the Festival of the Lord's Nativity at Bethlehem.

May the grace of this holy and great feast, touching your hearts during the Divine services tomorrow, lighten your paths in the ways ahead in the Coming Year, strengthen and sustain you in all life's trials and troubles, and ever call you to respond to His great love for us and His self-abasement, with the struggles of our love for Him.  

And in the year ahead, please remember our Brotherhood in your prayers.

With love in our New-born Saviour,

Fr Alexis, and
Saint Edward Brotherhood