After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



  Gundyaev and the way of Antichrist... by Priest Siluan » Fri 20 July 2012
Euphrosynos Cafe forum post
√ l R.D. sharing: Two news items that pro-MP folks or pro-Putin folks will not like. 
       1)  Patriarch Plants Church Near FSB School 
 Interesting! More concrete proof, of how close  the MP-'church' is with the KGB/FSB and FSB-Special Agent, (General-?),Kyrill-Gundaev, dressed as an Orthodox patriarch, just performing his job ....and the FSB now needed to 'protect' the MP from it's critics/attackers, and being used to persecute enemies of that MP.
  *And, this FSB run MP-'church', founded by Joseph Stalin, is what the OCA and ROCOR/MP have joined themselves to, 'canonical Orthodoxy' (?) 
       2)  US State Department's, "International Religious Freedom Report for 2011

√  MP plans more decades of attacks in Ukraine
See last paragraph:
At present the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate unites 46 eparchies, which comprise more than 12,000 parishes and more than 200 monasteries. Naturally, it is too early to speak about the complete overcoming of the schism.  It will take several decades to cure the wounds. But a lot has been done. Salvation is where the fullness of the Orthodox Christianity is and where people who praised God in different language gather around one throne, Patriarch Kirill concluded.

  R.D. Sharing: What happens to you, if you criticize Putin in the new democratic Russia: BBC E-mail: Theft charge for Russian blogger
Russian anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny is charged with embezzlement in a case he describes as "strange and absurd".

In Defense of Orthodoxy

1975 Epistle of Metropolitan Philaret to OCA Metr. Ireney
from Orthodox Word #60

Editor's Note (Fr. Seraphim Rose)In connection with the Third All-Diaspora Council of the Russian Church Outside of Russia, Epistles were sent to the "Paris" and "American" Russian jurisdictions in the hope of the eventual restoration of unity in a single Russian Church abroad.  From "Paris" the response was cool, for, in the words of the reply of Bishop Alexander of this jurisdiction, "our understanding of the very foundations of church order, i.e., the Orthodox teaching of the Church (Ecclesiology) is different from yours."  This jurisdiction strives first of all for "recognition" by other jurisdictions, and therefore it has no interest in union with a Church which is now largely "unrecognized" due to its outspoken epistles against the heresy of Ecumenism.  The Epistle to the American Metropolia (OCA), however, met with greater favor, and Metr. Ireney replied with an appeal for restoration without any discussion of ecclesiological differences.  The ecclesiastically-illiterate Russian press thereupon filled the air with talk of "peace" and "love" and "joint celebration."  Metr. Philaret finally placed an end to this talk with the following Epistle.  It was received with utter shock and amazement, both by Metr. Ireney and much of the Russian press – so foreign has the word become to the lovers of the world.  Doubtless it was by the prayers of Blessed Xenia that such an eloquent end – which might seem "foolish" to the "wise" of this world – was put to a "dialogue" that had become pointless.

OUR CORRESPONDENCE in the newspapers has come to a dead end, and there is no point in continuing it.  But I consider it necessary to reply to your latest letter.

Appealing to my conscience, you quote an excerpt from your previous letter and ask: where in it do I see a "pointed polemical approach"?  I do not see any – in this excerpt.  But you did not quote your whole letter,  Your Eminence.  In it there are entirely other thoughts and expressions.

Stubbornly avoiding the chief question which divides us, you insistently call for communion in prayer.  What can one say?  The renewal of such communion would be a great joy.  But one can begin with it only when there are disagreements of a personal character.  In such a case the matter is clear and simple: let there be peace, and we shall celebrate and pray together.  But when there are disagreements on principles, in accordance with the words of the Holy Church – "Let us love one another, that we may confess in oneness of mind" – then the attainment of such oneness of mind is required first.  And only when it has been attained is the joy of the attainment crowned by joint prayer.  Call to mind the historical conference of hierarchs – Metropolitan Eulogius, Metropolitan Theophilus, Metropolitan Anastassy, and Bishop Demetrius – which was called for the examination of the questions which concerned precisely the church divisions, just as in the present case.  Then the hierarchs who conferred did not begin, but ended, their conference with a joint celebration.

And in general, in the history of the Church there has been no joint celebration without oneness of mind.  This latter is a purely ecumenistic attainment of our days.  "Love," understood  according to ecumenistic thinking, opens wide to everyone and everything its "loving embraces," and these embraces are ready to strangle to death true Orthodoxy, burying it in the bosom of unOrthodox ways of thinking.  It is not for nothing, after all, that the Apostle of love says that a man who incorrectly speaks of the truth should not be received into the house, nor even greeted.  For he who greets him participates in his evil deeds...

The chief question separating us is the question of  the Soviet hierarchy.  The Russian Church Outside of Russian will recognize it as the lawful and actual leadership of the suffering Russian Church only when, with all decisiveness, it renounces the disgraceful and frightful declaration of Metropolitan Sergius, comes away from its ruinous path, and enters the path of the church righteousness, openly and fearlessly defending it.  The disgraceful stain must be washed away.  And as long as this does not happen – it remains under the "omophorion" of the God-fighting regime, not daring to take a single step without its "blessing," especially in its activities abroad.  This is clear even to a child!

Here I interrupt my letter in order to quote, word for word, what has been said on this question by Archbishop Andrew of Rockland, who for a long time performed his pastoral service in Soviet Russia and knows well all the nightmarishness of Soviet reality.  Vladyka said the following:

I am reminded of an incident from the life of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg.  She was especially popular among the merchant class.  The merchants noticed that every visit by the Blessed one would bring them success in business.

Once in a certain market place the merchants succeeded in obtaining  honey from linden blossoms and from buckwheat, and also from other flowers and plants.  Each one had its own special taste and fragrance.  And when the merchants mixed all three kinds of honey together in one barrel, such a flavor and such a taste were produced as to be beyond one's wildest dreams.  People bought this honey immediately, not sparing any sum of money.  And suddenly Blessed Xenia appeared.  "Don't take it, don't take it,' she cried; 'this honey can't be eaten: it stinks of a corpse."

"You've gone out of your mind, Matushka!  Don't bother us!  You see what a profit we are making.  And how can you prove that this honey shouldn't be eaten?"

"Here's how I'll prove it!" screamed the Blessed one, leaned with all her might on the barrel, and ... overturned it.  While the honey was flowing on the sidewalk, people closely surrounded the barrel; but when all the honey had flowed out, everyone cried out in horror and revulsion; at the bottom of the barrel lay an immense dead rat.  Even those who had bought this honey for a dear price and carried it away in jars, threw it out.

Why did I recall this incident?  (continued Vladyka Andrew).  I will answer willingly.  A few days ago an American who is interested in Orthodoxy and has been in almost all the Orthodox churches both in the Soviet Union and here in America asked me why I and a whole group of Russian Orthodox people were not participating in the reception of the Patriarchal delegation* and in general seem to shun everything bound up with church life in the Soviet Union, and even here in America, avoid those Orthodox groups which somehow or other are bound up with the Patriarchate MP).  What is the matter?  Are not the dogmas the same, or are the Mysteries different, or is there a different Divine service?  I thought, and replied, "No, that Orthodox faith is fragrant like good honey.  But if you pour this honey into a barrel at the bottom which there is a dead rat, would you want to taste this honey?" 

He looked at me in horror, "Well, of course not."

"And so we likewise," I replied to him, "avoid everything bound up with Communism.  Communism for us is the same thing as the dead rat at the bottom of the barrel.  And if you would fill this barrel to the very top with the very best, most aromatic honey... – no, we would not want this honey.  The honey in itself is superb, but in it has fallen the poison stench of a corpse." 

The American nodded his head in silence.  He understood.  And you?...  Striking and convincing!

In concluding my letter I in turn ask Your Eminence: In your conscience as a bishop do you really consider the servants of the KGB, dressed in cassocks and cowls, to be the true spiritual leaders and heads of the much-suffering Russian Church?  Do you really not see that at the bottom of that quasi-ecclesiastical Soviet organization, with which you have bound yourselves,** there lies the dead rat of Communism?

Or do you prefer to close your eyes and stop your ears in order not to see and not to hear and to fend off the unsightly reality?

Of course, if this is so, then all further negotiations concerning union are superfluous, and there can be no talk whatever of joint celebration.

     February 27/March 12, 1975      Metropolitan Philaret

*A delegation of clergymen, chiefly from the Moscow Patriarchate, sponsored by the National Council of Churches, which visited the United States in February and March of this year (1975), making many "ecumenical" contacts and being officially received by bishops of the American Metropolia (OCA).  (Trans. note(Fr. Seraphim Rose)

**That is, the Moscow Patriarchate, to which the Metropolia (OCA) bound itself by accepting from it its fictitious "autocephaly," at the cost of proclaiming to the world the "canonicity" and "Orthodoxy" of this organization.  (Trans. note(Fr. Seraphim Rose)

Portal-Credo.Ru Publishes ROCA Feast Day You Tube

√ St. Sergius' Feast Day Procession

Sermon on Forgiveness

hear the words of our suffering priest

Subject: Forgiveness!
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Forgiveness is the most healing of salve that we can offer ourselves and especially to those from whom we have perceived offence.  St. John Chrysostom when discussing fasting for Great Lent said that the most important thing we can fast from in this time is judgment of others.  The evil one revels in our inability to forgive those who have, in our eyes, committed the worst of offences against our Lord and His Holy Church.  Yet how are we to know what the true will of our Lord is?  Do we play into the hands of the evil one each time we both judge and do not forgive?  I think so, in fact I know so!

If we proclaim to be Orthodox Christians then we also proclaim to share in the suffering of our Gracious Lord so that we may be blessed to share in His Holy Grace.  This is the goal of a Christian, to be Christ-like.  Do we really think that we are so in tune with the Holy Spirit that we can act with certainty to do His bidding?  By our very nature we are sinful and full of weakness, why did our Lord God chose to become incarnate, so He could understand the children He loves without reservation?  For this he gave us His greatest Commandment, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” Jn. 13:34

We find ourselves in times that those who study the Fathers and the traditions of the Holy Orthodox Church know as when the True Church will fall into obscurity and almost not be recognized.  Our beloved St. Philaret made this quite clear, but do we accept this ominous role of keeping the Orthodox faith alive in a true Christian manner?   We cannot allow so much pain and hurt, the loss of brothers and sisters, the amazement of how easy the evil one has duped so many that we love, to draw us away from our most important goal, Salvation in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In my years as a priest (not a very good one), I have seen many wondrous blessings from our Lord, but I have also been witness to the worst horrors that man can do to man, I too have fallen subject to the sweet temptations of the evil one and taken on despair and even the inability to forgive, but I have been blessed for our loving Lord allowed me suffering as his kindness to help me see the error of my ways and to direct my feet back to the path. 

One such time I was in Moscow and my guide, a pious man named Nicholas, took me to a place where, I was told, some 20,000 priests, monks, nuns, and faithful who refused to give up their faith had been machine gunned and buried in a mass grave by the Godless communists.  When I walked upon this ground surrounded by a wall with barbed wire on the top, I was immediately drained of all strength. I felt an overwhelming sense of unworthiness.  Here, on this sacred ground blessed by the blood of the Martyrs, I understood that their ultimate sacrifice was a pure expression of forgiveness and love.  Some may think we should hate the ones who could do such a thing to our Christian brothers and sisters, but we can only follow the example of our Lord as he hung scourged and nailed to the Holy Cross, “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do…” Luke 23:34

I am in great fear that we, remnants of the once righteous and spiritually based Russian Orthodox Church Abroad could fall into the evil one’s trap of anger, mistrust, judgment and even hate.  If we have chosen the path of truth, we have also chosen the path of suffering, for as our Lord said: “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.” Luke 21:17. My humble experience has shown that how we meet adversity can be a measure of how close we are to the true path.  We are called, each and every one of us to be as Icons for others to see and take example from, what is our example of Christ’s love for others to see?  Do we really think that by judging our brothers and sisters, whom we love, for taking a path away from truth we will be able to help them find their way back to Light of Christ?  Forgiveness without reservation is our only means to try to help those who have gone openly astray, and I do not mean pity, I mean true forgiveness openly expressed.

The Lord Himself gives us the example by which we can seek to become part of the solution, not the problem by the following incident while with His apostles, “And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him a certain man, kneeling down to him, and saying, Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatic, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water. And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me. And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour. Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”

I will not discount the level of effort that is required by many of us to be truly forgiving in the face of such pain and loss, but will plead with all my brothers and sisters to take on this essential effort, not only for their spiritual well being, but also for their lost brothers and sisters for as it says in Acts 26:18, “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.”  If we have chosen to subscribe to and maintain the truth of the faith we have also chosen to be warriors for that cause, and in this war only true forgiveness can be the most powerful weapon and the most difficult to wield.

I humbly seek the forgiveness of my brothers and sisters in Christ of my many offences both perceived and unknown and ask that I, the most unworthy of priests, may put forth the plea: Seek forgiveness in any manner possible, open your spiritual heart to all whether rebuked or not, call upon our most Blessed Theotokos in prayer to intercede before our loving Lord for our strength in attempting to be worthy to carry the light of Christ for all to see. Only by this may we even hope to see the righting of wrongs and the healing that is so desperately needed in these times when the prince of the Earth sets in self proclaimed triumph.  We have only one other choice, to remain with spiritually broken hearts and fall ever more deeply into the depression that leads only to the joy of the evil one.

In Christ Jesus,
+V. Rev. Elias Warnke
V. Rev. Elias Warnke
St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Mission
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

Respite in Malin

from Rocana News


The Moscow Patriarchate did not ease up this week on its efforts to take over the Holy Protection Church in Malin.   On Tuesday, July 24, MP representatives who do not live in the Malin area conducted a routine religous procession at the church, albeit without enthusiasm.  That same day a local policeman approached Father Vasily, the church's rector, and ordered him not to serve a Divine Liturgy because the MP did not want it to take place.  This was just one more indication of the local authorities' support for MP efforts to seize the church.  Additional evidence was the unsuccessful effort by  Malin police chief M.V.Starovoit to persuade Father Vaily to permit the MP clergy to serve in the church.  The MP representatives also demanded this week that the local Department of Land Resorces give them a duplicate of ownership papers to the church, claiming that the original was lost.  This gambit failed when members of our parish approached the authorites with the original property papers.

On Wednesday, July 25, Metropolitan Agafangel sent a complaint about the situation in Malin to the Zhytomir Oblast Procurator and our parishioners in Mailn sent a complaint to the District Procurator in Malin.  The same day, the Malin town Procurator summoned Father Vasily to ask about the complaint that Metropolitan Agafangel had filed with the national Procurator in Kiev earlier in the month.  Clearly, the local authorities in Malin do not want outsiders looking into their dubious behavior.  As a result, they apparently decided to change.

This was evident Sunday, July 27.   For the first time this month, Father Vasily was able to serve a Divine Liturgy for our parishioners in the church.  Everywhere on the streets, at the gate to the church and at the church doors the local police were actually maintaining order.  MP representatives were still on hand and conducted a number of religious processions, but they were clearly dispirited.

Patriarchal Raiders in the face-12

Reader Daniel sharing

THE CHURCH MILITANT! – Thank God! finally a peaceful Divine Liturgy in our ROCA Malin, Ukraine Pokrov Church! "MP Raiders in the Face -12"

Category: What is happening in Malin, Ukraine with our Pokrov Parish, gives new meaning to the description of the Earthly Church, as, "THE CHURCH MILITANT"-!
 A little good news! Slava Bogu!
Russian original text and the English translation, compliments of our Orthodox brother in Sofia, Bulgaria, Vladimir Djambov.  THANK YOU VLADIMIR! 

agafa_angel ( agafa_angel) wrote,

Patriarchal Raiders in the face-12
Today, in the Holy Protection parish in the town of Malin a Divine Liturgy was held for the first time for the past month in a more or less relaxed atmosphere.  Everywhere on the street – at the gates and by the doors of the Church – guards were on duty; and the police acted more decisively than usual. The MP-shnik’s [those of MP] held their procession, but time after time that procession grows weaker. Indeed, the Moscow Patriarchate is an anti-church. Externally, it all is [looks] as [it is] with the Orthodox, but the essence is not Christian.

Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting


√  Somebody doesn't like Useless Dissident

SIR Appeal for Unity  

Russian public sentiments turning against the MP & internal dissentions within the MP
Comment: "OH!....what!...a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to...deceive!" (the motto of the MP-?)  And, the KGB/FSB run Moscow Patriarchia is nothing but a giant bag of outright lies, many deceptions, and many distortions of the truth, just like it's communist masters.  Not all Orthodox Russians are fooled by these lies, not anymore.  Yet, this pseudo-'church' is what ROCOR/MP Hilarion-Kapral and his followers, have married themselves to!  Why?     –R.D

Living Orthodoxy #189

May-June 2012

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Patriarchal raiders in the Face-9

Malin continued...
Reader Daniel sharing 
English translation, kindly done by our Sofia friend, Vladimir Djambov:

agafa_angel ( agafa_angel) wrote, 
Patriarchal Raiders in the face-9

Today, as usual, representatives of the MP held in the town of Malin a consecutive procession. They are already marching half-heartedly, apparently with the blessing by the raider-metropolitan Vissarion of Ovruch. People are not local –  [they had been] driven from surrounding villages. A policeman came up and demanded that the Holy Protection parish Rector Fr. Vasily did not liturgize, inasmuch as the MP representatives do not want this. It is now perfectly clear that the local police are completely on the side of the criminals. It turns out that the police chief M.V. Starovoit has also taken part in the seizure of the Church on July 1st — he went in the Church together with the invaders and tried to persuade Fr. Vasily [to let] that MP liturgized there. He was not only a witness but also a party to the criminal acts. The MP Raiders demanded that the Management [Agency] of land resources granted them a duplicate certificate of land allocation in exchange, supposedly, to a lost one (those gentlemen do not have and cannot have any legal documents [that could establish their legal right]). Our parishioners presented with the Management the originals of the relevant documents in disproof of their being lost.
Regrettably, the Ukrainian mass media, even such as the “Ukrainian Pravda [Truth]” and the “UNIAN”, that have been actively published today reports on the seizure of the church by MP in Kiev, refuse to publish information about the way MP itself is trying to seize [by force] the Church that does not belong to it. All this testifies to the fact that in Ukraine – in the field of religious freedom – a big step has been effected back to the Soviet past.
Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting


√ Mark your calendar
**Dear Supporters and Friends: Next Divine Liturgy in English Sat Aug 18 ten am Holy Trinity Church/Astoria. Thank you for your kind attention** 

About Malin Situation, from Met. Agafangel's blog

with revealing comments
Reader Daniel sharing:

(Kindly translated by our friend in Sofia, Vladimir Djambov): from : http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org 
From one response comment of Met. Agafangel: "the basic principle according to which the MP lives- "obedience is higher than fasting and prayer"..... (i.e., which guiding teaching they will never give up.)  "Cossack commander has promised our people,  that he will no longer interfer........" 

These comments, under the articles, are worth reading in themselves, both what is said to the Metropolitan, and then what he answers back.

Also, the Ukrainian language original  legal documents can be read, from the here....and... here, words in the text.  -but no English translation comes with those documents.

agafa_angel ( agafa_angel) wrote,
2012-07-23 13:06:00
Patriarchal Raiders in the Face-8
Metropolitan Agafangel addressed human rights organization[s] with the following message:
Help Stop the Raider Seizure of an Orthodox Church!
An assault has been on for over 20 days [now] at the Pokrovsky [Holy Protection] Church in the town of Mahlin, Zhitomir region in Ukraine, on the part of representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church—Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP). On Sunday, July 1st this year, UOC-MP representatives stormed into the Church that belongs to a community that in 2002 joined the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA). Having beaten the Rector, Archpriest Vasily Demchenko, [and] having shot him out into the street, the UOC MP clergy tried to hold a liturgy in someone else’s church. When the congregation of Fr. Vasily gathered, then 15 of the UOC-MP [representatives] locked themselves within the Church. People [parishioners] surrounded the Church in a dense wall and allowed no chance to transfer to the invaders food and diapers from the outside. On July 3rd, in the morning, the mastermind of the Church seizure operation came to the Church – Metropolitan of Ovruch UOC MP Vissarion (Stretovych) but – instead of the favorable reception he expected, all attending unanimously condemned his actions. Seeing such a treatment [attitude], the organizer of this criminal offense withdrew in shame. Later, sensing the futility of their staying [on], the invaders, too, left the Church which they had laid siege to in the period July 1st in the morning till the evening of July 3rd. Ever since, they have daily been holding several unauthorized processions in a day, so as to psychologically affect our parishioners. There have been continuous threats of coercion on their part. To match these threats several vans are on duty by the Church on a daily basis – full of Cossacks subordinate to the Chief Ataman of the Drevlyan interregional District Colonel-General Leonid Demenchuk. It has been established that the chief of the Mahlin police, Colonel M.V. Starovoit is siding with the criminals and with his inaction is covering the lawlessness they effect. This true bacchanalia has been on since July 1st, with the full connivance of [both] local and regional government bodies [agencies], prosecutor’s office and police. Some of our parishioners in Mahlin are quite elderly people who have suffered a moral trauma due to the irresponsible actions of these authorities.
ROCA parishioners have for 10 years now upheld in the courts the right to possession of this Church; all rulings, including a Supreme Court decree, were in their favor. Nevertheless, the Zhitomir Regional Administration refuses to introduce the respective changes into the Charter of the parish. After the faithful filed a lawsuit against the administration, there followed on July 1st – the 9th consecutive attempt to seize [by force] the temple.
Diocesan Office of Odessa diocese of ROCA.
More information at:  

Mother Raphael, Secretary, tel.: 0674824297
=== /end/ no comments ===

agafa_angel ( agafa_angel) wrote,
2012-07-22 18:24:00
Patriarchal Raiders in the Face-7
The seizure by the Moscow Patriarchate scheduled for July 22nd of the Holy Protection Church in the town of Mahlin failed thanks to the gathering of a large number of our parishioners. With the blessing of the raider--metropolitan of Ovruch Vissarion, the MP representatives have daily held religious processions, and one such procession was held today, as well. Every day, two to five vans are on duty by the Church with “red” Cossacks, helmed by the Chief Ataman of the Drevlyan interregional District Colonel-General Leonid Demenchuk. Today the vans were two, plus several cars. It has been established that the chief of the Mahlin police, Colonel M.V. Starovoit is on the side of the criminals and consults them as to how to effect the seizure. This true bacchanalia has been on for more than 20 days now, from July 1st to July 22nd, with the full connivance of [both] local and regional government bodies [agencies], prosecutor’s office and police. Some of our parishioners in Mahlin are quite elderly people who have suffered a moral trauma due to the irresponsible actions of these authorities. Response by the Chief of the Mahlin Police V.M. Starovoit to the complaints of parishioners may be seen here and here [links in Ukrainian].


July 22 2012, 17:03:12 UTC
An astounding persistence with which raider Vissarion is trying to seize [by force] an estate that does not belong to him. A worthy disciple of another raider – Patriarch Kyrill.

July 22 2012, 17:09:11 UTC
Today, the Cossacks, who have erected a Cross to worship in the Crimea, talked on the phone with Leonid Demenchuk who promised them under oath to no longer interfere in this situation. Let’s [wait and] see what his word is worth.

July 22 2012, 20:15:25 UTC
For the Sergianists is a procession some way of intimidation, or some kind of a ritual? Or do they see our parish as something demonic? Fathers seem to have whirled far in darkness the heads of [many] people.

July 23 2012, 04:32:52 UTC 
Yes, the MP hierarchs are persuading people that we were some sort of a Satanists sect.
The words of the Savior are coming true: “the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.” (John 16:2).

July 23 2012, 03:12:09 UTC
Vladyka, I would [rather] put the words “blessing”, “procession”, “metropolitan”, “patriarch”, etc. in quotation marks. As within the Sergianist schism these have no relation [whatsoever] to their true meaning.

July 23 2012, 04:38:26 UTC
The basic principle according to which MP lives –– “obedience is higher than fasting and prayer” has turned it into a likeness of a church. And this, unfortunately, is for good.
Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting


from Rocana news


On July 18th, 2012,  the St. Sergius of Radonezh church, at Tolstoy Foundation Center (Valley Cottage, New York), celebrated its feast day.  Archbishop Andronik (Kotliaroff) joined mitered-protopriest Gregory (Kotliaroff) and protodeacon Job (Chemerov) for the All Night Vigil on July 17th, and the Divine Liturgy on July 18th.  Protopriest Wsewolod (Dutikov) and deacon Dimitri (Dobronravov), from our neighboring parish in Astoria, joined in serving the Divine Liturgy.  The Divine Liturgy concluded with a Moleben and procession around the church.  A luncheon was prepared by the sisterhood right after the service.  (See the accompanyihng photos.)
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Procession You Tube
4 min.

Today in Malin

from Rocana news July 22


Moscow Patriarchate efforts to take ROCA's church in Malin continue unabated.  On Monday, July 16, representatives of the MP performed three unsanctioned religious processions at the church in order to demoralize our parishioners.  In the course of the day five to ten minibuses were parked near the church filled with "red cossacks" ready to seize the church.  The next day, Metropolitan Agafangel sent a letter to Ukrainian authorities and to the mass media which said the following:

"I am asking your urgent assistance in preventing the raider seizure of the Holy Protection Church in the town of Malin, Zhitomir region (3, Sobornaya St., tel of the Rector Vasily Demchenko, 0413353182, 0972891070) on the part of Moscow Patriarchate representatives, (which is) scheduled for Sunday, July 22, 2012 (the seizure may be attempted at any time).  The invaders have no documents entitling them to such action, inasmuch as the owner of the church is the community that in 2002 joined the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (the community has all the relevant documents).  The Moscow Patriarchate has already made 9 attempts to seize the Church.  These illegal actions are currently headed by Metropolitan Vissarion of Ovruch (Stretovych) with the connivance of the regional and district authorities, the police and the prosecutor's office."

The MP's efforts to seize the church Sunday, July 22 were unsuccessful thanks to the large number of ROCA parishioners present.  With the blessing of MP Metropolitan Vissarion, representatives of the MP conducted yet another religious procession at the church July 22.  The MP also had on hand two minibuses filled with cossacks under the control of Colonel General Leonid Demenchuka, the Ataman of the Drevlyanskiy Interregional District.  The minibuses were accompanied by several sedans.  Metropolitan Agafangel's website notes that the head of the Malin police, Colonel M. V. Starovoit, is working with those who would seize the church, advising them on how to accomplish their task.  This current effort to seize the church has lasted already more than 20 days, starting July 1, with the help of local and oblast officials including the procurator and the police.

Sympathy & Prayers to Malin

Reader Daniel sharing:
Sympathy & Prayers to our Malin, Ukraine, Pokrov Community from our Barnuel, Russian Federation, Holy Ascension Community

From Metropolitan Agafangel's blog, on   http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org
Russian original, with comments, plus the English translation, again, compliments of our Bulgarian friend Vladimir Djambov in Sofia:  

from Vldayka Aafangel's blog
agafa_angel ( agafa_angel) wrote,
2012-07-21 19:51:00

Patriarchal raiders in the face-6
To the Community and the Rector of the Church in honor of the
Holy Protection of the Mother of God Fr. Vasily Demchenko
(Malin of Zhitomir region, Ukraine).

Brothers and sisters!
We, the members of the ROCOR Ascension parish (in Barnaul, Russian Federation), have decided to write a letter to you to express our sympathy and support to you in connection with the events unfolding around your Church. Specific information is scarce – but enough to understand the situation in general outlines. It [that situation] is always the same, be it ours, be it yours. Just [a little] over a year ago we, too, lost in that same manner our church, the seizure of which by the Sergianists occurred in violation not only of spiritual, ethical and moral norms, but also in violation of the acting Russian legislation.

The court and the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation protected and will be protecting the interests of the ROC MP, but it is extremely astounding that that same lawlessness may also be going on in the territory of a fraternal independent state. You understand yourselves that neither the law nor the morality in MP matter at all and this is why we reckon that the outcome depends on your persistence and long-patience. We hope that the situation in your country is not yet such [poor] as in Russia where the MP and the oligarchic regime of KGB [literally – of the checkistie-s – “ЧК” or ‘Extraordinary Commission’] have merged into a fraternal embrace.

On our part, as well as on the part of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, we are offering prayers to the Throne of God, that the Lord Jesus Christ may show [grant] His mercy and may give you help of grace.

With love in Christ, the Holy Ascension community of Barnaul, Russia.

July 21 2012, 17:26:48 UTC
A citizen of Russia or of the Ukraine buys with his own money a plot of land 25 acres [big]. All is drawn under the law. Then he builds on his money on this plot a house, brings up all communications, electricity, gas, water, telephone. And then formalizes all with the BTI.
All necessary documents that would confirm the private property of the owner are available. One has regularly paid all utilities, gas, electricity, telephone, water, etc. bills.
After some time the owner supplies to one’s home a dome and builds up a small bell tower by. For example, as in this layout [here]  

Thus, in the area, where the owner of the house lives there opens a new Orthodox parish, which begins attracting people to the services. The parish does not belong to the MP.

Will in this situation the representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate resort to power to seize private property?

July 21 2012, 17:49:18 UTC

This story may be continued. After the “additional building of the dome”, the owner [lady] in the 25 hectare plot states that her daughter would get married to an MP seminarian and her future son-in-law will be serving in the Church. For this reason, all you – get out [of here]. We have had something of the sort over here. When the property has been drawn in [the name of a] community, then there is at least a hope that in the future the temple will belong to the Church. There are always problems with private property – heirs, as a rule, treat it in quite a different manner than we would like them to. Of course, in the RF, Belarus and Moldova, things would simply be impossible to be otherwise. And there you are now, Ukraine, too, is catching up with them.

Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting

MP Attack Coming This Sunday

Reader Daniel sharing:
Urgent appeal to all members of our ROCA church-if you can, come to Malin to help us save our church

***This Sunday, July 9/22, 2012 is the target date, for the MP's threatened attempt to illegally  raid and 
physically  seize our Malin, Ukraine church- http://sinod.ruschurchabroad.org 

Read the complete appeal and legal appeal update, (two seperate paragraphs), in the Russian original
 and the English translation,  in the attachment here.  This includes Met. Agafangel's appeal to the Ukraine authorities for help-:

20.07.12. Metropolitan Agafangel has blessed all members of our Church, who are able to, to come to the town of Malin (Zhitomir region, Ukraine) on Sunday, July 22, at 9 a.m. in order to protect our Pokrovsky [Holy Protection] Church from desecration by the Moscow Patriarchate.
(English translation kindly done by Vladimir Djambov in Sofia, a member of Bp. Foti's Old Calendar Bulgarian Orthodox Church).

from Synod website:
20.07.12. Metropolitan Agafangel has blessed all members of our Church, who are able to, to come to the town of Malin (Zhitomir region, Ukraine) on Sunday, July 22, at 9 a.m. in order to protect our Pokrovsky [Holy Protection] Church from desecration by the Moscow Patriarchate.

19.07.12. In connection with the intention of the Metropolitan Bessarion of MP to seize in the next few days our Holy Protection Church, Metropolitan Agafangel has sent out a letter to state institutions of Ukraine as well as to the mass media, which reads as follows:

“I am asking your urgent assistance in preventing the raider seizure of the Holy Protection Church in the town of Malin, Zhitomir region (3, Sobornaya Str., tel. of the Rector Fr, Vasily Demchenko, 0413353182, 0972891070) on the part of Moscow Patriarchate representatives, [which is] scheduled for Sunday, July 22, 2012 (the seizure may be attempted at any time). The invaders have no documents entitling them to such action, inasmuch as the owner of the church is the community that in 2002 joined the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (the community has all the relevant documents).

The Moscow Patriarchate has already made 9 attempts to raider seize the Church. These illegal actions are currently headed by Metropolitan Bessarion of Ovruch (Stretovych) with the connivance of the regional and the district administrations, the police and the prosecutors office.”

Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell
00359.2.855.62.62 - H
En <> Bg translation, interpreting


from Joanna's notepad

The Power of Conformity [funny]
An old Candid Camera clip
The Asch Experiment [serious]
This is very interesting about human nature, and it can help explain how 2/3 of Rocor went with the union, even though many knew it was wrong.   "Peer pressure" can conquer us even if we resist in the beginning, it can wear us down, and we can end up resigning.   Being aware of the negative powers of group dynamics and being true-to-self is part of resisting peer pressure.  
But for me there was more:  I succumbed to the RocorMP peer pressure in the beginning, I truly tried to change my thinking to conform to the group.  The reason it did not work for me in the long run, is because ultimately I had a different set of peers pressuring me.  My "peer pressure" came stronger from St. John Maximovitch, Fr. Seraphim Rose, and Blessed Philaret who had not yet been canonized.  
"Whoever does not choose and desire with all his love and in all humility to unite with the most recent of all saints, and is mistrustful of him, he will never achieve union with the previous saints and he will not find his place among them, although it may seem to him that he has full faith and love for God and all his saints."
(St. Symeon the New Theologian)
No matter what RocorMP thinks or says, it has lost sight of the Heavenly Church.  Looking back, that "slipping away" started with the Laurus synod.  Archbishop Averky was being ignored, Blessed Philaret was being swept under the rug,  Fr. Seraphim was being antiquated,  St. John was being reinterpreted. 
Another interesting thing seen in the Asch experiments, is the benefit of having a "partner" – even one person who sees [and says] the same as you.  This verifies to me that the right thing to do was as Vladyka Agafangel ended up doing: which was wait for May 17, 2007, wait as long as possible before making the break from the larger errant group; because while Vladyka was still part of the errant group, he had the opportunity to form "partnerships".   Had the earlier break-aways waited, we might have saved more sheeple.

Printer-friendly Map of Russia

A printer-friendly map of Russia is available at
or here:

Where is the outrage here?

John Scott Nevins suicide victim

Greek edition of National Herald
see comment #7  "Where is the outrage here?"


guest book

they cremated him

Praying for John Scott Nevins

Brother John

John's 40th day is approaching, Thursday, July 19.  There is a canon we can pray privately for suicide victims.  It is found online here:

It is taken from Living Orthodoxy magazine issue #126 
[Vol. XX1 no. 6, November-December 2000]
A hardcopy of this issue can be purchased, or just this article, from http://www.sjkp.org
If you wish to show gratitude for the online copy, one way is to make a donation to the Haiti Mission www.haitianorthodoxmission.org

Meals for School Children in Haiti

from Fr. Gregory

The last word is in on shipping costs for the container (12 tons of it!) of food relief for our children in Haiti -- a tremendous saving over previous years; down from over $6000 to $2500 (though of course still about $2000 more for distribution, preparation & serving in Haiti).  We've receive several generous donations (the first from Australia), but far more is needed.  Remember -- most of these kids live in one-room huts, and are lucky if they get anything to eat every day.



Last chance for Church Slavonic Bible from Jordanville Bookstore
The rest of the stock of 2005 reprint of 1900 Synodal Printshop edition. 
Only one in Church Slavonic and only $20.
search for 9785855240092


√ bobcat strolls passed Joanna's house this morning