After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Prayers for Fr. Iov

Please pray for our dear brother in Christ, Fr. Iov. at this time for his passage.

"In Thee O Lord, have I hoped. 
Let me not be put to shame,
 in the age to come!" 

Holy Mother, grant him a peaceful and blessed passing.

Tomorrow at the St. Xenia Cathedral in Ottawa, with Vl. Iosif serving, it has been decided to modify the moleben to St. Xenia to include Fr. Iov in our prayers.

Ghost Rewriting

from a 2005 issue of Vernost

To the Right Honorable Chancellor Z,

Per the Inspector General’s request, I have submitted an additional report regarding events surrounding the Podriasnik.  To date, no explanation for its sudden animation by unseen forces is forthcoming.  While many learned laymen and esteemed personages – some of holy rank – have offered various theories, none have unveiled the perplexing mystery at its core.  In keeping with my assigned duties as Privy Counselor for district P., I submit the following information in regard to recent events, many unexplained and equally perplexing as their original.  We are prepared to submit additional reports as information becomes available.


Privy Counselor T.

On the evening of July 17, 2***, Fr. Akaky was attacked on his way to church.  Witnesses in the vicinity report seeing Fr. Akaky thrown to the ground by an unseen force and beaten.  Without warning, his podriasnik was torn from his body only to whisk away into the shadows.  Thereafter, as indicated in our first report, the podriasnik continued to assail and intimidate people. 

For a short time, nothing was heard or reported regarding the activities of the podriasnik.  However, its appearance recently in the Kremlin archives has once again raised concerns that no one may be safe in its presence.  According to Mr. E, a state clerk responsible for maintaining historical records, he was very nearly attacked on the evening of September 14, 2*** while shelving documents newly approved by the authorities.  Having entered the People’s Room of Historical Memory, Mr. E. set about organizing files.  A short time after entering the room, he heard a rustling sound to his left  Peering around the shelf, he noticed a black figure standing in front of boxes and files devoted to the First Directorate’s activities after the Great Patriotic War.

Due to the restricted nature of the area in question, E. was puzzled by the presence of someone else in the room.  According to E., he then quietly walked along the back of the shelf separating him and the podriasnik.  There, standing no more than 4 feet in front of him, the podriasnik floated in mid air, its arms and inner body animated but some unseen force.  Rustling frantically through documents from the First Directorate, the podriasnik was unaware of Mr. E.  Horrified and fascinated at the same time, E. peered over the podriasnik’s shoulder only to freeze in terror: there, under the armless sleeve of the podriasnik, whole sentences and documents magically disappeared and reappeared: information, dates, and names overwritten with new information in a whirl of activity and speed.  No longer able to contain his fear, Mr. E. screamed in horror.  The podriasnik startled, dropped a box of documents.  After recovering its senses, it seized a handful of papers, swooped up the aisle and quickly swished out the door.  While no assault was reported involving the person of E., the nefarious activities of the podriasnik indicate the likelihood of subterfuge and dissimulation on its part. 

At the precise moment Mr. E. encountered the podriasnik in the Kremlin archives, our office received a report from the District Counselor for St. Petersburg placing the podriasnik in the Central Library.  According to the District Counselor, a young female university student conducting research on turn of the century religious life was alone in the rare documents room at the St. Petersburg National Library.  This time, however, the podriasnik was seated comfortably at a table in a small room, shredding page after page of material.  Horrified by the spectre of a bodiless podriasnik acting with impunity in such a shameful manner, the student immediately left the premises and called for help.  When she returned only minutes later with security personnel, the podriasnik was gone.  To the consternation of all, only a large pile of destroyed documents lay on the table.  Unfortunately, the young woman was blamed for the act and is still incarcerated.  Our office has spoken with local authorities and has sought her release but an investigation is required first. 

What are we to make of two sightings in two different locations at the same time?  At first our investigation attempted to determine if any clerical or reporting error could account for the apparent impossibility.  However, after diligently interviewing and checking all submitted evidence, we are led to only one conclusion: the podriasnik has a double.

To date, we have been unable to confirm anything regarding the St. Petersburg podriasnik.  If, as we believe, it is the double of the Moscow podriasnik, the mystery only deepens and we are no closer to solving this case as we were two months ago.

As facts become available, we will most assuredly submit them to you for your review.

Privy Counselor T. 

Post Script: Unconfirmed reports have reached our office shortly after the Privy Counselor read and approved the above report.  According to foreign sources, the podriasnik was also seen in New York, New York while the events described above were taking place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Privy Counselor T. could not be reached for comment.

Senior Assistant Clerk M., Esq.


√ SIR Bishop Ambrose pastoral visit South Ossetia - report with photos

Putin, the galley slave with a golden toilet 

26 September 2012, Forum 18 News Service

Fr. Iov is passing

We can help him with our prayers.

Friday, September 28, 2012 3:04 PM 

Anna Chemerov just received a call - her husband has taken a turn for the worse - he apparently  has gone into sepsis and his systems are shutting down - he is unconscious - and Father Gregory is going to anoint him. It does not appear that he will last the weekend.

Fr. Seraphim Rose being rewritten

In the previous post, [Through hardship to the light of truth], the MP Archpriest Alexander refers to an "unfinished" article of Fr. Seraphim Rose: What is Sergianism?  [The word "unfinished" is a machine translation.]

It appears the article he refers to is the Introduction to Russia's Catacomb Saints:

On a Russian RTOC website the Introduction to Russia's Catacomb Saints is posted translated into Russian for the Russian Readers.  The translator writes in his foreword that this book is very important especially now, because in the last 10-12 years Fr. Seraphim has been rewritten to appear rather indifferent to sergianism.

And, while the author of the book is named as I. M. Andreev, Fr. Seraphim made many notes, prefaces, and comments to the chapters, as well as writing the part: "About the Author".

So, the foreword concludes, even though not every word in the book came directly from Fr. Seraphim, we can be certain the book clearly expresses his Fr. Seraphim's strong anti-sergianist stand.
     Theological works of Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) have honored the authority and credibility of the Russian Orthodox people because of their strict Orthodoxy and its ability to penetrate deep into the essence of the phenomenon. Therefore, we found it useful to bring to the attention of the pious reader judgments venerable father of the subject, the lessons drawn from his book "The Holy Russian catacombs» (RUSSIA'S CATACOMB SAINTS, St. Herman of Alaska Press, Platina, California, 1982). This is all the more important because in the last 10-12 years, there were publications and books in which Fr. Seraphim presented almost sergianinom or, at least, a theologian, profoundly indifferent to this apostatical phenomenon.
     While on the book and is the name of prof. IM Andreev, but directly to this page belong to the author are only part, albeit a large (62 pages of the 600-plus), composed of Father Seraphim of articles and documents of various individuals and years, most of them translated from Russian into English and thematically unified. Almost every article about this book. Seraphim prefaced their own translation notes and comments, and some made myself, using different sources. In addition, the book contains much he wrote the "Introduction" and "Bio prof. IM Andreyev. "
     From all this we learned thoughts. Seraphim of Sergianism expressed in his own words, and sometimes quotations from other authors, placed in his notes.
     Thus, the resulting text (except for the "Introduction") is not the whole article Father Seraphim, but, as the reader can convince himself he expresses with sufficient clarity about the position. Seraphim on the subject.

Thank you Sr. Vera and Vladimir for researching this information.

Through hardship to the light of truth

from Archdeacon Basil's emailing [Russian version]

[I think] this is written by an MP archpriest in Kazan.  http://eng.kazan.eparhia.ru/monastyri/churches/holy_martyrs   It is a tribute to Fr. Seraphim on the anniversary of his repose.  Towards the end [highlighted below in red] it mentions a Russian article of Fr. Seraphim's on Sergianism.  [I'm trying to locate the original article.]  Even with this machine translation, even with just the mention of the article, we have confirmation that Fr. Seraphim NEVER would have gone along with the RocorMP union.  He never would have accepted the current pathetic situation in Russia as the predicted "flowering" we all pray for.  

Note also the "XX" in the last paragraph.  Could that be "Rocor"?

Through hardship to the light of truth
September 3, 2012
       30 years ago, went to the Lord a great theologian, philosopher, and a minister of the ROCOR Seraphim Rose. Until now, in our country's name is known very small number of people. However, the figure of Father Seraphim very atypical: the usual American philosopher, suddenly interested in Orthodoxy, accept our faith in a pure form, calling it true, recognizing the highest achievement of human philosophy. Given that he was an academician, and studied different cultures, to analyze the whole layer of world philosophy, this choice Seraifma proves the reasonableness of his views and instantly take apart all the arguments of the enemies of Christ, to reproach our faith in the "anti-science."
       Eminent philosopher Born August 12, 1934 in the state of California, in the resort town of San Diego. He came from a Protestant family in which to observe the principles of the Christian faith, and not promoted utopia. School he finished in fine, then went to college in Pemon, near Los Angeles. Even then struck by his teacher gifts. After his graduation, he entered the Academy of Oriental Studies in San Francisco. There, he became interested in philosophy and.
       For several years, he compared tenets of different religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam. All the teachings he preferred to learn the languages ​​in which they were written. For this he even learned the ancient Chinese. He wrote a work on the ancient Chinese dialects, for that he was given the status of the master. Have a fundamental knowledge of the French language and Latin. Here he met Rene Guenon, and then became interested in medieval spiritual tradition. Among his friends was a fellow student at the Academy of Oriental John Gregson, who helped him come to the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Virgin in San Francisco (ROCOR). On Good Friday, Holy Week, he saw our temple and the style of worship, and then walked away from Buddhism, began to study the Russian language, and began to study Orthodoxy.
       In 1961, he wrote a dissertation to obtain the status of bachelor, but suddenly, unexpectedly leaves school and begins to write a book "Studies of the spiritual state of modern man." For the sake of this work, he leaves the university and begins to engage in the dirtiest and hard work (janitor, cleaner) not to die of hunger and be alone with God and my thoughts. In the same year he became ill with an incurable disease, the causes of which are unknown to the end. Doctors predicted a quick death, but he felt that he has not fulfilled his heavenly mission.
       All the nights he fervently prayed to the Virgin of recovery, asking in her healing and help in finding the destination. Great miracle happened, and he was alive! A year later found and purpose. In February 1962 he accepted Orthodox baptism, became the spiritual child of St. John of Shanghai. After that, he found a graduate of the Russian Orthodox seminary Gleb Podmoshenskim. They have begun to publish the booklet "Orthodox Herald", and later opened a shop in the temple "Orthodox icons and books," which became one of the first in the U.S.. Through the years it has become one of the main centers of Orthodoxy in the country. Eugene deeper and deeper and learned Russian and Church Slavonic languages, and read hymns in church.
       By the mid 60's. friends decided to found an Orthodox brethren. In 1967, near the town of platinum, California, was purchased land. Built a monastery there. On the day of the Assumption, two years later, they moved there to live and spend a year in the silent silence, and in 1970 to trim a monk. That is, while Eugene was given the name Seraphim, and Gleb Herman. They continue to publish "Orthodox Herald" and take, further efforts to maximize the spread of Orthodoxy in America. In 1977, Father Seraphim was ordained a priest, and after five years in 1982, died of his old illness.
       Seraphim left many works that have come into the treasury of Orthodox philosophy. Among them are "Orthodox Religion of the Future", "The taste of true Orthodoxy", "The future of Russia and the end of the world" and many others. Historiographical account of the life of the Seraphim came to us, thanks to the book "The Life and Works. Seraphim (Rose) "by the author, which was Hieromonk Damascene (Christensen).
       Philosophy and works of Father Seraphim did not go unnoticed in Russia, the Orthodox theologians of his admirers have Archimandrite Raphael (Karelin), who did much to spread the memory of the Rouse of ordinary Orthodox Christians in our country.
       The contribution made to the treasury of the Father Seraphim Orthodox philosophy overestimated. At a time when most of the Orthodox states lived in an atmosphere of atheistic heresy, a certain part of the world community seemed that our faith is in crisis, not in an Orthodox country appears ready to serve the people of our faith. And not just to serve, but scientifically prove true to our philosophy, ideas, models of consciousness. For many, this sounded like a bolt from the blue.
       Father Seraphim merit in spreading our faith in the U.S. is infinitely large, he was able to find the means to open a church, began producing literary publications, all attracted to the faith of the people allowed to unite disparate Russian communities in the country. The appearance of Rose is one of the biggest wins of Orthodoxy in the third quarter of the twentieth century. Living in rusofosbkoy country, he managed not only to whet public interest in our faith and culture, but also to rehabilitate our nation in the eyes of many Americans, he boldly challenged the official propaganda, drawing, (like today) the Russian people in black trying to introduce us unspiritual nation. The resonance of the Seraphim of the U.S. was such that many of those who did not have a substantial understanding of Orthodoxy, have become interested in our faith, changed the attitude. For this he paid with his death, at 48 years old. It is believed that he died of the disease, but we can not say exactly what factors contributed to its occurrence, and that this does not have any relationship outside force.
       Another important achievement is the very Seraphim his philosophy. His works are not only prove the truth of the teachings of the Orthodox, but also point to a date, relevant. The fact that the Seraphim has several degrees, scientific proof of his ideas, totally breaks the atheistic repose that science and religion are supposedly incompatible and are antipodes. His ideas about the royal family, its place and role in the fate of Russia, also weighed on the minds of people.
       However, in Russia for a long time did not know about the Father Seraphim. The situation has changed since the end of the 80th, when our citizens have access to the philosophical treasure left by the White emigration. In those years, the philosophical works of Rous began to get into our country. Gradually, they began to spread among the citizens, but also, and today it is known only to connoisseurs of orthodox philosophy.
       Sermons on. Seraphim were tedious and always popular with parishioners. To them he never used notes or blank, preferring lively dialogue with believers. He is a disturbed mind, competently and professionally answered all the questions. Until his death he remained Sergianism enemies while remaining faithful to the principles of the ROCOR.

       Like any decent person, he knew that in the ROC, there are people who are the true Church, God, have genuine faith and do not go to any transaction with an atheistic regime. But in his unfinished work "What is sergianism?". He said all the major negative aspects of the philosophy, science proves that the ROC no longer exists inner freedom so typical of inner Orthodoxy. Moscow he called a schismatic church, which he proves in this work. However, having carefully studied all Orthodox prophecies, he came to the conclusion that the United Church is inevitable split will be overcome, and Russia will be restored God-established form of government, and the very Holy Russia rose from the ashes, though this will happen only in the last days of the world, before the end light, just before the coming of the Antichrist.

       Philosophy Seraphim had not lost its relevance, because they reveal the essence of our faith, beliefs, philosophy, and the national spirit. Orthodox Christians around the world honor and remember the name Seraphim Rous, theologian and ascetic. Although the MP does not recognize many of the saints in the XX., The official canonization of Fr. Seraphim - it's only a matter of time.

Alexander Pavlov
Egoknigi: http://lib.pravmir.ru/library/author/131
His instructions: http://www.pravmir.ru/tag/serafim-rouz/

Memory Eternal

JORDANVILLE, NY: September 4, 2012
Archimandrite Florus (Vanko) Passes Away

On the morning of September 4, 2012, after a lengthy illness, Archimandrite Florus, born Vasily Vanko, departed for the eternal life. He had entered the monastic life together with Vasily Shkurla, who was later to become........, in the monastery of Ladomirovo (Slovakia). Brother Vasily was a trudnik [volunteer laborer] there since the early 1940’s.

During World War II, in the summer of 1944, the Red Army approached the Carpathian Mountains. The periodical Pravoslavnaya Rus’ [Orthodox Russia], which was published by Ladomirovo’s St Job of Pochaev Monastery, never hid its negative view of communism. The monastery’s residents anticipated the fate that would befall them, and elected to go west. It was particularly difficult to make this decision for those born in the area, including the two young Vasilys. At first, they were among the very few who stayed behind. Most of the monks were already in Bratislava, the Slovakian capital. At the time, Archbishop Seraphim (Ivanov) was able to make his way back to his home monastery and persuade Vasya Shkurla and his friend Vasya, the now-reposed Archimandrite Florus of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, to join the fleeing monks. Returning to Bratislava, Vladyka Seraphim sent Hieromonk Vitaly (Oustinov), who later became Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, to procure the parents’ permission and bring the two Vasyas to Bratislava. They all made their way through Germany and Switzerland to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville in 1946. Since then, Fr Florus quietly, earnestly and conscientiously fulfilled his monastic duties, serving as an example of a humble monastic podvizhnik.

Eternal Memory to Dear Father Archimandrite Florus!
Day 40: Saturday 10/13

St. Xenia

RocorMP in world orthodoxy

It could be a better picture. The date is June 7/20, 2011, and we read the list of Churches starting with the EP and ending with the OCA.

Vladyka Agafangel's Visit to USA

report from Rocana News

> Subject: ROCANA Update: September 23, 2012 
> Metropolitan Agafangel began his visit to the U.S. and Canada with a 
> three day visit to Holy Ascension Parish. He arrived Friday evening 
> from Odessa and lunched with the parish clergy Saturday afternoon: 
> Bishop Joseph, visiting Father Gregory (Williams), Father John (Hinton), 
> Father Deacon Andrew (Frick), Sub Deacon Seraphim (Englehardt) and Sub 
> Deacon John (Herbst). The Metropolitan was at the All Night Vigil 
> Saturday evening and served at the Divine Liturgy Sunday morning. 
> Father Deacon Dimitry (Dobronravov) from Holy Trinity Parish (Astoria, 
> New York) was also on hand to help celebrate the All Night Vigil and 
> Liturgy. At the festive trapeza following the Liturgy, the Metropolitan 
> spoke about the church and answered parishioners' questions. The 
> Metropolitan departed by car for Valley Cottage for the pastoral 
> conference Sunday afternoon.
> In the dialogue with the parish, the Metropolitan made a number of 
> points:
> -- We live in a world which is becoming increasingly inhospitable for 
> Orthodox Christians;
> -- Our focus must be on living a good Orthodox life;
> -- The Moscow Patriarchate (MP) continues to take measures against our 
> Church where it can;
> -- While we may face problems from the MP and pressure from authorities 
> in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the only thing that can truly shake our 
> Church is internal disorder and disagreements;
> -- While the MP tries to put pressure on us, it is coming under 
> increasing criticism for its close cooperation with the authorities and 
> its corruption;
> -- The MP has claimed that it is facing repression, but people 
> understand that criticism of the MP is justified;
> -- ROCA is now receiving many priests of high integrity and strong 
> grounding in the faith from the MP. They recognize the corruption in 
> their former church;
> -- ROCA's reputation in Russia is strong and growing;
> -- ROCA remains open to union with the other fragment churches from 
> ROCOR, but sees little interest from these churches.

HOCNA situation

The best summary

In January 1986, four former members of Holy Transfiguration Monastery came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the monastery's superior, Fr Panteleimon.  In response to these allegations, the synod of bishops of the ROCOR set up a commission to investigate HTM; the commission consisted of Archbishop Anthony (Sinkevich) of Los Angeles and Bishop Alypy (Gamanovich) of Chicago and Detroit. 

The commission presented its findings to the next meeting of the Synod, held in Mansonville, Canada. Six accusers presented testimony to the Synod.  Fr. Ephraim, Dean of the New England Deanery, spoke in defense of Fr. Panteleimon.  Fr Panteleimon was questioned, denied the allegations, but agreed to be relieved of his duties as superior.  On May 16/29, 1986, the Synod suspended Panteleimon and appointed Fr Isaac as temporary administrator. In a subsequent meeting of the Synod, on November 12/25, 1986, the Synod suspended both Panteleimon and Isaac, and ordered a commission to investigate allegations against Isaac. Fr Justin was appointed as administrator. 

In December 1986, despite the decisions of the Synod, the Holy Transfiguration Monastery elected Isaac as its superior.  Then, on December 12, 1986, the monastery notified Metropolitan Vitaly (Ustinov) of New York that it was leaving ROCOR because of modernism and ecumenism.
The Wiki page has since been modified.   So I'm posting this here just to keep it "for the record".

What St. John said about the MP

quote from:
St. John Maximovitch’s 1964 letter 

On the Expression ‘Soviet Church

“It is not correct to speak of the ‘Soviet Church’ – which is something the ‘Church’ cannot be in the true sense of the word ‘Church’ – but about the hierarchy that acts as the agent of the Soviet regime. One’s attitude toward this hierarchy should be the same as toward the other representatives of this regime.”

Please, does anyone have a copy of the whole letter?

The Charismatic Revival

The Charismatic Revival
by Hieromonk Stephen Hill
Orthodox Life, 1980 no. 4

If there is one thing that is unifying the ecumenical movement today, it is a phenomenon once known as  Pentecostalism and now labelled the "Charismatic movement."  As such, it would be of particular benefit  Orthodox Christians to acquaint themselves with the beliefs and objectives of this movement, especially since the apostasy of many Orthodox to this profoundly heterodox movement has gained considerable momentum over the past decade.

What, then, are the beliefs of the Pentacostals?  They say: 
   1) the Holy Spirit is moving upon "all flesh," as is prophesied in Joel 2:28
   2) that Christians may be baptized with the Holy Spirit as is described in the New Testament (see Acts 1:5, 11:16, etc.); that
   3) "speaking in tongues" is one of the signs of this baptism with the Holy Spirit; that 
   4) when one receives this gift, he can be "led by the Holy Spirit" in everything he does, especially in reading and understanding the Holy Scriptures.  
These are the fundamental premises of Pentacostalism.  There are numerous variations on these themes (as one finds all throughout Protestantism), but to investigate them in full would be a time-consuming endeavor, far beyond the scope of this small article.  We shall, of the Orthodox Church, keeping in mind that Orthodoxy means right belief in and right worship of God.

There is no salvation outside the Church

The first claim deals with the movement of the Holy Spirit on "all flesh."  One of the basic dogmas of the Church of the apostles was voiced for us by St. Cyprian of Carthage in the third century: "There is no salvation outside the Church."  This position has been tenaciously held by every generation of Orthodox Christians.  When heresies arose in the early days of Orthodoxy, the first thing the Orthodox did was to separate themselves from the heretics, for they had been taught by the apostles that the Holy Spirit departs from heretics and their mysteries are no longer filled with the Holy Spirit but are dead rituals, even when performed in the correct manner.  The Fathers have taught that even in schismatics the Holy Spirit is not to be found, even though the duration of their separation from the Church is very short.  Remember that we are speaking here of people who once were Orthodox and in every respect maintained the outward appearance of Orthooxy.  Yet the apostolic teaching is that the Holy Spirit is not found among heretics (those holding opinions opposed to the doctrines received from the apostles of the Church) nor in schismatics (those separated from the Church).

Yet at the beginning of this century we note the appearance of a phenomenon among those separated from the Orthodox Church in doctrines and tradition.  These people in no way appeared Orthodox;  they had no tradition of Orthodoxy, neither did they accept all the holy doctrines of apostolic Christianity.  This spirit moved among those outside the Church for nearly seventy years before some who were within the Church began to think of it as the Holy Spirit.  Eventually Orthodox priests opened themselves to the influence of this spirit and began to lead other Orthodox into its embrace.

What are we to do?  Do we cast off our doctrines concerning the Holy Spirit  of God which are 1,900 years old to accept a spirit seventy years old which is not in harmony with anything within Orthodoxy?  It would be heresy to do so.  Those who hold such a doctrine are heretics, just as surely as were the followers of Manes, Arius or Nestoris.  Two of these men were once part of the  Church, and once were priests of God, yet they embraced a teaching foreign to the Church of God and thus became lost.  This can happen to any who forsake the true doctrine of Christ.

Anyone familiar with Pentacostalism knows that this spirit is readily obtainable for the asking.  At times it is received quickly, at times only after may days of petitioning.  Yet we see from the lives of the saints that the fullness of the Holy Spirit is received only after years of ascetic struggle.  They fasted and mortified their flesh as a way of life; but they entered into visions and communion with God only on attaining the state known to them as "dispassion."  This means they had "put to death the deeds of the flesh," as St. Paul the Apostle taught, making their bodies fit habitations for the Holy Spirit.   Only then was Heaven revealed to their eyes (and even then only for brief periods of time).  We must  a√ways keep in mind that these men had received Orthodox baptism and were Orthodox in all of their beliefs and practices.  Contrast this with the great mass of "flesh" (indeed) that is experiencing a spirit which calls itself holy, yet is entirely outside the One Church.  One must have some question in one's mind as to where this spirit comes from.

The second claim is, we may be "baptized with the Holy Spirit" today as  were Christians of the first century.  Anyone who espouses this doctrine indeed denies two thousand years of the Church's existence.  The Church was not  born full-grown at Pentacost, all it mysteries and doctrines written out with rubrics and footnotes.  Not even the most fervent believer in what they term "New Testament Christianity" believes that.   There was a growth, a continuing revelation to the holy apostles as they preached the message of Jesus Christ.  They even found is expedient to establish ranks in the Church (such as deacons) and to convoke councils to determine the will of the Holy Spirit for the whole Church.  The decisions of these holy councils are binding upon the whole Church.  So, we find in the New Testament a variety of experiences (such as Cornelius and his family receiving the Holy Spirit before they were baptized) which taught the apostles the will of God.

The important thing for us, however, is not how things were done in the times when the New Testament was written, but how they are done today by the Church which has been preserved for us by the power of the Holy Spirit Who is resident within the Church, the Body of Christ.  Today converts are catechized in the holy Faith, then baptized by a priest of God in the correct manner (triple immersion), followed by anointing with holy oil (chrism) as the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit which we receive by faith when we descend  into the holy waters of baptism.  If the Holy Spirit is to grow within us so as to possess us entirely, we are the ones who must make this come to pass.  We enter further into the life of the Body of Christ, the Holy Church, by receiving the Mystery of the precious Body and Blood  of Christ, through fasting and prayers, and by confession/repentance of our sins.  This is a struggle of the Orthodox Christian which prepares him, body and soul, for the increase of the influence of the Holy Spirit Who was instilled in him at holy baptism.  To go outside the Church for a spirit in the company of heretics or schismatics is to partake of a spirit alien to the Body of Christ.

Third among the teachings of the Charismatics is the speaking in tongues of unknown origin and meaning.  This belief they support using many verses from the Scriptures and by a corresponding system of doctrine rooted in their certainty that this is a gift of God sent to enrich the spiritual life of the recipient.  Even the least informed of the teachers of Pentecostalism knows that in primitive societies one may find witch doctors and those possessed by evil spirits who speak in tongues unknown to the speaker.  The Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece was also known to speak in languages known only to the hearers.  There is also evidence of spiritualist mediums speaking tongues from antiquity or ancient languages known only to a few scholars.  But in none of these instances can we claim this as evidence of the presence or activity of the Holy Spirit(!).  To make a claim such as the Charismatics do, that speaking in tongues is the sign of the gift of the Holy Spirit, is totally insupportable.

The history of the Church recounts that many indeed spoke in unknown languages.  On the day of Pentecost, when the apostles spoke in tongues, it was to proclaim the glory of God to the Jews assembled from the far corners of the earth.  The result was that thousands were joined to the Church through holy baptism.  We are also told that the apostles continued to have this gift and that they travelled to the ends of the earth, preaching to the people in many languages, in faraway places, the salvation found in Christ Jesus.   At one time there were priests and bishops in China, India, and other remote lands.  The gift of tongues received at Pentecost was the key to reaching such heathen nations for the salvation of their souls.

In the epistles of St. Paul to the Church in Corinth we read of the misunderstanding and flagrant misuse of this apostolic gift of tongues.  St. Paul's instructions for its use in their Church are very plain. 
   1) There must be an interpretation of the utterance; 
   2) there must not be more than a certain number of "utterances"; and , finally, 
   3) there must be more "prophesying" than tongues (although that too cannot be excessive).  
The great Apostle says he would like to see them control their spirits.  This cannot be interpreted to apply to the Holy Spirit, for He is not subject to us – we are subject to Him.

In this whole discussion, however, we must remember that these word of instruction were given to Orthodox Christians, not to people outside the Church.  So any attempt to apply these words to assemblies of the heterodox is nonsense, for they do not and, indeed, cannot, partake of the Holy Spirit of God.  "Let everything be done decently, and in order."  Thus God's order must be followed, for God had as order.  If anything appears outside God's established order, we know them that it is not of God, for our God is the of order, not disorder.

 ...this spirit claims an infallibility of interpreting the Holy Scriptures...

The fourth and final teaching of the Charismatics is the most dangerous and least scriptural of all their doctrines.  Each one "baptized" in this spirit claims an infallibility of interpreting the Holy Scriptures that none of the saints or even the Fathers of the Church ever claimed.  The basis for being "led by the Spirit" is found in the promise of Jesus Christ to the apostles: "When He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth; for He shall not speak of Himself, but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak; and He will show you things to come" (Jn. 16:13).  This, of course, was given to the apostles alone, as was commissioned to "preach the Gospel to every creature" (Mk. 16:15).  Yet those outside the Church who do not know these things think they are specially ordained to interpret Scripture and to preach to all the ends of the earth.

If these things were so, then the teaching of St. Paul in his epistles to the local Churches was incorrect, for he said that "not all are teachers" and that teachers were given to the Church (and that women are not to be teachers over men).  St. Paul also taught that within the Body of Christ there are different ministries, comparing such symbolically to the members of man's body: eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, etc.  If one considers the percentage of the body comprised of feet (missionaries), one perceives that they comprise a very small part of the total body.  And indeed, in the true Orthodox Church we see "feet" in every land, as in the case of our own St. Herman of Alaska and the first martyr on American soil, St. Juvenal.  Wherever Orthodoxy has gone, we see missionary activity, but we see it as incidental to the establishment of an Orthodox community where the Holy Mysteries are celebrated by and for believers.  Teachers are never self-ordained, but are part of the whole structure of the Holy Church itself.

One final word should be said on the Charismatic Movement in reporting the type of "prophesying" this spirit does when it speaks of the Church.  The words run generally like this:  "Oh, my people, hearken unto me!  I am summoning forth from all denominations a people for my name.  It matters not the doctrine or creed, but only to believe on me.  Faith is the y important thing.  Traditions of men and churches only divide my people.  Break down the walls you have built up that separate you.  Then you shall be one flock and have one shepherd."  Of course there are variations, but generally this charismatic spirit is totally ecumenical, minimizing "creeds" or "doctrines of men" or "traditions."  Knowing that God cannot and will not contradict Himself, it is hard to see how Orthodox people can swallow such a spirit which is so contrary to the apostles ("And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship..." Acts 2:42); to St. Paul ("Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word or or epistle" II Thess 2:15).   To Protestants and Roman Catholics (who possess many traditions and doctrines made by man), these words may have some validity if this spirit pointed the way to the Church of the Apostles, the Orthodox Church, in the world today.  But this spirit speaks as if no Church exists at present.  How deceptive it is!  Yet the manifestation of the joyfulness and "love of the Lord" one sees among Pentecostals seems to testify their being of God.  They are always speaking of the "joy of the Lord."  One may see them weep with deep emotion, dance to frenzy and generally "have a good time in the Lord."  To many this is a sign  of the Spirit of the Lord.  But only to the uninitiated does this represent the Lord's Spirit.  Whenever God revealed Himself to the prophets of old,  and even to the men of the New Testament, a cry of anguish was wrung from them at the revelation of their innate sinfulness upon beholding God's glory.  The prophet Isaiah is the best example of this.  When he saw the Lord sitting on a "high and exalted throne, and the house was full of His glory" (Is 6:1). we hear Isaiah confessing his sins and declaring his unworthiness at being vouchsafed such a sublime revelation.  And God arranged that he be purified with a burning coal from the altar which an angel pressed to his lips.  Such is the reaction of a man of faith on behold ing the glory of God.

It is not uncommon to hear charismatic preachers tell their congregations that they may demand spiritual blessings from God (!!!).  Such is not the case.  We have no right to demand anything of God.  The Church teaches us this in the constant repetition of: "Lord have mercy," at every service.  No saint or Father demanded things of God.  They always asked and never presumed to intrude upon God's will.  An axiom of spirituality is, "If you have a vision, do not relate it except to your spiritual father; if you visit heaven, hide it from men, tell it not."  Yet among the Pentecostals everyone seeks visions, dreams, ecstatic utterances.  And once they experience these things, they proclaim it over the radio and television, and publish books about their "five hours in heaven," or other such nonsense.  They then go on to advertise themselves as leaders in spirituality, seeking to help others find the exalted life they now possess.  What blasphemy against the Holy Spirit!  No Orthodox Christian should have any fellowship with members of these sects which are outside the Church.  We must always witness to the truth, but to pray with them in public or in private is a violation of the canons (laws) of the Orthodox Church which call for the exclusion from Holy Communion of any layman and the defrocking of any clergyman who dares do such a thing.  This spiritual snare traps more and more Orthodox, taking them away from the Church, in which alone they may find salvation.

 ...to stray in places not even remotely Orthodox and claim that one has found the Holy Spirit there, only bespeaks of spiritual delusion...

One excuse "Orthodox" use for entering this bizarre world of charismatic heterodoxy is that "the present-day Church has lost the spirit and love of the early Church."  One wonders what these people seek from the Church.  The Church always calls us to denial of self, crucifixion of the "old man" with his sins and lusts, a life of struggle – warfare, St. Paul calls it – against the flesh and evil spirits (Eph. 6:12).  Of course, if one's bishops are out of touch with God, which is the case in different places in each generation, one must seek out those bishops who are true ascetics, where the original savor of Orthodoxy is to be found.  But to go astray in places not even remotely Orthodox and claim that one has found the Holy Spirit there, only bespeaks a deepening of spiritual delusion in that soul.  One must repent, return to the one Ark of Salvation and be re-united with the Holy Spirit by Holy Chrism if, after tasting of the false fruits, one desires to eat the Food of Immortality, the Antidote to Death.  The spirit of delusion found among the Pentecostals is indeed very strong and may even deceive the elect for awhile.  Yet the Orthodox Church still stands, not forsaken by the Spirit that gave it life at  Pentecost.  It is still energized and animated by the Holy Spirit which will not desert the Orthodox, but will preserve them unto the Day of the Lord.


√  UZBEKISTAN: "Leave only one spoon, one mug and one mattress for each"

√ St. Edward's relics are opened at the end of this video of the consecration of the Church

Encouraging Update Fr. Iov from Matushka Irene
   Two weeks since the accident:  Fr. Iov's Matushka is reading the akathist everyday, and at that time all the monitors in the room become normal.   He has opened his eyes and shows definite signs of responsiveness.
   Please continue praying for his recovery and for Matushka Anna and the family.    Thank you.

Hope for healing miracle draws crowds to Bulgaria holy site
 Category: Inspiring Orthodox holy sites:-Bulgaria-

√ Russia's Catacomb Saints [download]

Memory Eternal

Jeremiah Norman
Original taken from Imported Image.tiff inokinya_fakel 
June 27 / July 10, 2012 in Seattle (Washington) was buried reader of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia - Professor Jeremy Norman, who died on the feast of St.. Martyr. Fevronia (25 June / July 8). About 40 years ago he converted to Orthodoxy from Catholicism, and together with their children received the baptism in the Holy Orthodox Church of the Assumption, now defunct ROCOR parishes in Port Townsend, WA, and then began to serve as a reader there. After the closure of the parish Dr. Jeremiah was forced to go to the jurisdiction of the Greek Synod in Resistance.

Jeremiah (Jerry) Norman was a world-renowned scientist, received his education at the University of California, before taking the post of Honorary Professor of the Chinese language and literature at the University of Washington (Seattle), he had a post-doctoral appointment at Princeton University. His book, Chinese, published by Cambridge University Press, is still the standard for the total study. Many of his writings about the Chinese language and the structure of the oriental languages, as well as Oriental philology, are considered basic research in this area. Professor Jeremiah also wrote several important articles on the Orthodox Church in China.

Chin funeral made Archbishop Chrysostomos, Bishop Auxentios, Hierodeacon of the monastery of St. Photios. Gregory Palamas (Etna, CA). They were joined by longtime friend of the deceased - Rev. Joseph Miller. By prior request of the late Professor service was accomplished in three languages: Greek, Slavonic and English. Choir consisted of six singers - Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent of Etna (California). At the funeral service was also attended by the prioress of the monastery - Abbess Elizabeth with his closest aide - nun Kyprianou.

After the death of Jeremiah Norman remained his wife Stella, daughter of Anne and Grace, and son, Justin. Eternal memory to the servant of God Jeremiah!

One of Dr. Jeremiah's articles is here:
See page 17 of this issue of Orthodox Tradition

St. Edward's relics venerated today

St. Edward's Monastery in England
Synod In Resistance

Life of St. Edward:

  [Today], and the day of his martyrdom in Great Lent, that we are permitted to have the sacred relics of St Edward open for veneration by the faithful; otherwise, throughout the year, we are required by a High Court ruling to keep them under the security measures that the Court imposed on us. 

Troparion of St. Edward, in Tone IV—
Celebrating the newly-established commemoration of the holy king Edward /who shone forth of old in the virtues and suffered in his innocence, //and bowing down before his precious relics,/ in gladness we cry out:/// truly wondrous art Thou in Thy saints, O God!

Kontakion of St. Edward, in Tone IV—
Celebrating the memory of the holy Edward today,/ and honoring his light-bearing relics,// let us radiantly weave a wreath of hymns for the twice-crowned king and passion-bearer,/ crying out to him with fervor:// Cease thou never to entreat Christ God,/// that He establish thy homeland in the Orthodox Faith!

See relics opened:


Serbian patriarch ecumenism "left side"

√  Bid to Excommunicate MP Patriarch Kyril

Malware Alert

My bank has this warning on their home page.  I read elsewhere that these kidnapper websites can seem innocent – it's not just pervert sites or gambling sites.


RISK ALERT: Malware continues to deliver “Reveton” ransomware in attempts to extort money
The FBI is reporting a continuing rise in the use of a new Citadel malware platform used to deliver ransomware named “Reveton.” (“Ransomware” is virus software that ‘kidnaps’ a user’s computer by encrypting its hard drive and then demanding payment to decrypt it.) The ransomware lures the victim to a drive-by download website, at which time the ransomware is installed on the user’s computer. (A “drive-by download” is a program that is automatically installed in your computer by merely visiting a website, without having to explicitly click a link on the page.)
Once installed, the computer freezes and a screen is displayed warning the user they have violated United States federal law. The message further declares the user’s IP address has been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as visiting websites that feature child pornography and other illegal content. To unlock the computer, the user is instructed to pay a fine to the U.S. Department of Justice using a prepaid money card service. The geographic location of the user’s IP address determines what payment services are offered. In addition to the ransomware, the Citadel malware continues to operate on the compromised computer and can be used to commit online banking and credit card fraud.
The FBI reports that this is an attempt to extort money with the additional possibility of the victim’s computer being used to participate in online bank fraud. If credit union members receive this communication or something similar, do not follow payment instructions. Infected computers may not operate normally and if your computer is infected, you may need to contact a local computer expert for assistance to remove the malware.
The FBI suggests you:
  • Do not pay any money or provide any personal information.
  • Be aware that even if you are able to unfreeze your computer on your own, the malware may still operate in the background. Certain types of malware have been known to capture personal information such as user names, passwords, and credit card numbers through embedded keystroke logging programs.
  • If you feel your computer has been infected, you should consider contacting a local computer expert to assist with removing the Citadel malware and Reveton.
  • File a complaint at www.IC3.gov if you receive any information noted above, and look for updates about the Reveton virus on the IC3 website.
This alert has also been published at:

Start of School Year Moleben

Sunday 16 September

St. Xenia's in Оttawa will serve the traditional annual moleben for the start of the school year the end of Divine Liturgy this Sunday.  This is for all school children and those young adults in university and others that are continuing their studies.

Related post:  St. Philaret's Epistle regarding youth

2 hours left

for this ebay sale

I didn't find out about this until it was too late, but there are a few books left.  Fr. Valery Lukianov's library was sold off on ebay by his son, Nicholas.  A friend wrote me:

Nickolas Lukjanov (nikanya http://myworld.ebay.com/nikanya/?_trksid=p4340.l2559) already sold all the HUGE library of the Cathedral in New Jersey with hundreds of antique books his dad Fr. Valerij Lukjanov collected.  Some rarest books were sold by $400-$500 and others are $0.99. I bought some Russian books from him but all the good ones are so expensive...

By the way, in Russia is official monitoring of social network like Facebooks and ect. already sponsored, tested and working.

Priest Loses License After BMW Crash

Archimandrite Alexis shares:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Archbishop Chrysostomos
Subject: Re: Priest Loses License After BMW Crash
Date: 14 September 2012 

An exchange with a spiritual son. 

The "Patriarch's watch" refers to a $40,000 watch  (yes, the Patriarch, like me, is a monk, and, yes, he was wearing a $40,000 watch!!!) that the Patriarch of Moscow was wearing in a photograph, which someone clumsily air brushed out. It nonetheless showed up in a reflection in the highly-polished table at which he was sitting and which his agents failed to see and remove.


Blagoslovite Vladika Chrysostomos
Dear Vladika Chrysostmos

Hope that you are well and enjoying the turn of the seasons from Summer to Fall.  I was perusing my usual journals to get a handle on what is happening in this world and came across this article which I thought would be of interest.  Vladika do you recall the incident with respect to the Patriarch and his watch?  Well this lttle article further confirms what is really happening at the MP.  It is not only a shame what transpired, but I found the comments made by the "chauffeur" even more curious.  An igumen with a chauffeur?  well I guess there must be an initiation period, at the MP,  before worldly goods are discarded.

Your spiritual son, 

Priest Loses License After BMW Crash

Dear  spiritual son:
Gospod' blagolslovit!

Worse than all of it - and I am just as appalled and suspicious as you - is the fact that the MP has such influence in the government that it can use the secular authorities to cover up such infractions.  Clergy with freedom to borrow expensive cars from foreign embassies, who have chauffeurs to drive their Cadillac Escalades (around $60,000 base price!), and who, if my speculation is correct, have the connections to erase police records with computer viruses: this is the blossoming of Orthodoxy in democratic Russia?  For the sake of the Faith, may the initiation period end.

Officers of the defunct KGB became Russia's new governmental leaders and apparently the old Soviet collaborators have become the new Church leaders.  What about the poor people in the gulags?  They are no doubt still at the bottom of the heap.

With paternal and fraternal affection in Christ, + AC