After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



√ Hateful MP person poisons Vladyka's innocent dog

Published online portal-Credo.Ru 
"Altai UNION OF RUSSIAN PEOPLE": Career Vladimir Gundyaeva 
(Report on the work of the KGB agent Mikhailova) 1946 – 1989

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Prayer Request

Olga and Milovoe

Please keep in your prayers Olga and Milovoe, founders of the ROCOR parish in Ann Arbor.  [Their story might be a good addition to the Russian Catacomb Saints book.] 

Olga has been recently hospitalized and Milovoe is confined to a wheelchair.

from the parish website:
Olga Radulovic Update 

Thursday, November 29, 2012, 12:00 PM
We continue to ask the prayers of our parish family for Olga Feyodorovna. Olga continues to struggle a bit with her speaking, but today the use of her right arm improved markedly. This is a very good sign! But there are still more improvements that need to be made. Please know that your prayers and good wishes are not at all in vain. Olga is appreciative of our parish family prayerful efforts on her behalf. Don’t stop now! More updates will be posted here as more information is available. Please also remember Milivoje, Olga’s husband, in your prayers as well!

There is more to this than meets the eye, and I'm waiting for permission to tell what I was told.  It is more about MP taking Church property.  This elderly couple founded this Church.  Read between the lines for now...  And please pray for this couple, they are very distressed.  -jh

Permission granted
Dear Joanna,
Of course if it will glorify God and His Saints and help people to see
that what Fr. Serafim predicted is here in full bloom.  I was studying what
happened with St. John of Shanghai when he was in the Court room with
his parish – I guess it was a good lesson how everything is done
smoothly and quietly. American law on the property and ownership of
the churches.  So many properties for MP to work on and in each one
now they have a "babysitter-priest".

emails to me from [name withheld]:
Thu, Nov 29
Please keep in your prayers: Olga and Milovoe; they are very old founders of the ROCOR parish in Ann Arbor. Their story might be a good addition to the Russian Catacomb Saints book. Olga is in the hospital and Milovoe is in wheelchair.

Fri, Nov 30
   They are the founders of the parish in here, both came through worst you can imagine.  Now when MP wants church properties, these two 85-year-old elders are slowly killed.  Milovoe unexpetedly suddenly falls, Olga after Thanksgiving dinner had a stroke and is in a hospital that is not covered by her insurance but paid by someone and is treated by the "strange Russian doctor". Olga understands what it is and refuses to have some treatments but the "caring guy" said yesterday to the Russian ladies "if she loves her Milo, she will do it", when I talk to her, she starts crying – they are trapped and there is nothing they can do, just wait when MP will kill them.  She was made to sign paperwork to give up ownership of everything (including sisterhood funds and property of the church) with active help of priest to the same "nice guy" who has lived with them for a while now (same guy who donated $130,000 to cover the cost of the debt of the parish to the bank, who donates tens of thousands of dollars to different projects in the parish – he is not working and spends all his time caring for the old couple). 
   Olga went through German occupation and lost her ties with her family in Russia for 40 something years. As soon as they found each other, she got this "nice guy" who "helps them".  I assume to keep them from talking about what they saw and what they know. Olga knew what MP is, and she actively confronted the priest and tried to tell other people who he is (name withheld, the "nice guy") and what the reason for many events and accidents in the parish but people didn't want to listen. Now they all sit near her bed and try to comfort her not understanding why she is always crying. 
   Dear Joanna, please keep them in your prayers,

Fri, Nov 30
Look, Joanna, suddenly the Bishop is not coming- Olga is in the Hospital and everything is posted online (for everyone to see).

News about imprisoned Fr. Alexander

See Nun Vera's blog:

It was learned that about. Alexander was sent to prison not for the reason that the officially announced, but the slander followers Gundyaevskoy Patriarchate [MP]. Now, what about this says Fr. Michael Karpeev:

"... At that meeting, when we met with him, his father, Alexander told me, alluding to the fact that there are people who are willing to settle the matter. He asked me not to call these people, even though he called me who it was. But the main requirement of these people was that his father, Alexander entered the example of the part of the Orthodox Church, which merged with the Moscow Patriarchate on the terms of the union in 2007. And he was told, "If you, sir, do not cooperate in this manner, your suffering will continue."

Second Appearance of Christ

Homily on the Second Appearance of Christ
Attributed by many to St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

Father, Bless!

Come forward, sons of Light, hear the blessed and praised voice of the Savior, which says to us:  Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom of Heaven [Matt 25:34].  Take care, my brothers, that no one be deprived of the blessed inheritance, because it has already approached.  As Light of Light, Christ came down to us; He brought us to the Light.  He came down to us and became like us in order to make us like Him.  The immortal came down to the mortal, and when He made them immortal, He ascended again to His Father.  Now He comes with the glory of His blessed Father in order to judge the living and the dead.  Our way is full of light and glory, so that we may walk in the light to the Father.

Come, beloved, let us walk on the way which the Lord showed us, that with joy we may reach His Kingdom.  Let us take oil in out vessels, brethren, let us light our lamps and let us not sleep, because we are waiting to receive the Lord from Heaven.  Therefore, let us not grow drowsy, so that our lamps be not extinguished.  Behold, He has arrived, the night is passed and the day has approached, sons of light you have reached the Light; come out with joy to meet our Lord!  Show Him your virtues, offer Him alms and your pure faith.

Therefore, brethren, do not relax, nor sleep, but have the eye of your soul fixed on that heavenly beauty, so that you may become heirs of the Father and co-heirs of the only-begotten Son of God.  Come, let us throw off every care and worry of this age, and let us work for the Lord.  For behold, that shout rang loud and clear which says: "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him!" [Matt 25-26].  All you who loved Him be prepared in order to see Him in His glory, – because He will make all who longed for Him joyous in that unutterable bridal chamber, – let us be prepared, brethren, because we do not know when the Lord comes.  That day comes as a thief in the night, and just as the lightning is most swift, so will the appearance of the Lord be, because the trumpet will blow, and the earth will be shaken from its foundation, and the heavens with their powers will be shaken, and all the dead will arise.  Woe is me!  Woe is me!  Unspeakable fear and trembling will overtake men in that hour.  Every breathing think will tremble in that hour.  The sun is darkened, the moon grows dim, and all the elements are changed.  Rivers waste away, and hail falls with great noise; death-bearing and poisonous worms spout out and desire to eat the flesh of sinners; most dark chasms are revealed, and they receive the condemned, and who can relate, beloved, all the sad things which happen everywhere to the wretched sinners? but to the just all joyous happiness awaits.  Woe!  Woe!  then to the vanquished one, because standing sad-faced and dejected he will be disdained and insulted by the angelic powers and not even be able to raise his eyes because of his folly.  And from there dragged, tied and beaten, he will be given over to fearful angels to take him and the demons who deceived him to everlasting punishment, to the destruction of the body which did wicked things and to the burning of the soul which submitted to evil things.  And he will be placed in unending punishment.

What did it benefit such a one, if he lived until the end of the world, and also delighted in all of the desirable things of the world and the pleasures and deceptions?  In truth, brethren, he was harmed by a great loss, he was deceived by a woeful deceit, because he received one small coin and destroyed unnumbered talents of gold.  The miserable one sold himself for one small coin of brass, and purchased everlasting punishment.  In reality he chose one day's, rather not even one hour's delight – and he lost the unending Kingdom!  Being pitiful, he did pitiful things; being wretched, he labored at wretchedness.  It would have been better if such a one had been judged with the unreasoning animals, than being rational to go to everlasting punishment with the demons.  Therefore, woe to him who is encircled with sin and does not know the time for repentance, because then [at the second appearance] he will repent, weeping and bewailing to the ages without benefit.  Woe to him who says, in the present I will pursue the desires of my flesh and in my old age I will repent, because death comes to him, and his hope will be destroyed.  Woe to him who willfully sins, and says, tomorrow I will confess.  Woe to him who does evil even though he knows the good, because evil demons will receive him on that day of his death.  Woe to him who gives wicked example to the one near by.  Woe to those who do not endeavor to be prepared before the hour of their death comes.

How shall we endure it, brethren, when we see the flaming river rush forth as a wild sea and consume mountains and valleys, and burn all the earth and the works in it?  Then, beloved, from that fire the rivers will dry up [Zech 10:11], the springs of water will be destroyed [Hosea 13:15], the sun will be extinguished, the moon will fail [Joel 2:10], heaven will be rolled up as a scroll [Is 34:4], just as it is written.  Then the angels being sent will run about gathering together the elect from the four winds [Mark 13:27], just as the Lord said, from the one extreme of heaven to the other extreme of it.  Then we will see a new heaven and a new earth according to His promise [Is 65:17, 66:22; Rev 21:1].  How shall we endure it then? O Christ-lovers, when we see prepared the fearful throne upon which will appear the sign of the Cross upon which Christ was nailed for our sake?

When we hear the great and fearful voice shout from the heights of heaven saying behold the Bridegroom cometh, behold the Judge draws near, behold the God of all cometh, to judge the living and the dead; then, brethren, from that shout the foundation of the earth will be shaken from end to end.  Then, O Christ-lovers, distress and stupefaction and great fear will overtake every man from the fear of all things that will happen to the whole world, because the powers will be shaken, just as it is written.  Then the angels will run before, and the bands of archangels will run with the many-eyed cherubim, and the six-winged seraphim, and will cry out with strength and power, 'Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of Sabaoth, Which was and is and will be all powerful', because every creature in heaven and on earth will shout with trembling, 'Blessed is the King Who cometh in the name of the Lord'.  Then the heavens will be torn and then will appear the King of kings and the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ, as fearful lightening with much power and inconceivable glory, just as also John the Theologian preaching saying: 'Behold he cometh with cloud; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him [Rev 1:7].  And who will be able to endure when heaven and earth will flee from before their eyes?  Because again the Theologian [John] says: 'I saw a great white throne, and Him that sat on it, from Whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was fund no place for them' [Rev 20:11].  Have you ever known such a fear?  Have you ever known such extraordinary and fearful things: heaven and earth flee; who, then, can stand?  Where shall we sinners flee, when we see that thrones are placed and the Master of all the ages sits?  When we see the innumerable hosts standing in fear around the throne?  Then is the prophecy of Daniel fulfilled.  He says: 'I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, Whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head like pure wool: His throne was like the fiery flame, and His wheels as burning fire.  A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened' [Dan 7:9-10].

Great fear, brethren will overcome us in that hour when He, the impartial Judge, sits and those fearful scrolls are opened whereon are written all the works and the words that we said and did in this life.  Oh, how many tears will we need in that hour, and we are negligent!

Oh, how shall we weep and groan, when we see those great gifts which those who did battle well will receive from the King of glory?  When we see through our own eyes the ineffable Kingdom of Heaven.  And again from another region we shall see revealed the fearful places of punishment.  In the midst of these every tribe will fear and tremble, bending the knees and worshipping with full prostrations.  According to that which is written: 'As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me' [Rom 15:11].

Then, Christ-loving brethren, all of humanity will stand in between the Kingdom and the judgment, in between life and death, in between ease and necessity; I say all will await the fearful hour of judgment, and no one will be able to help another.  Therefore, when all the works are searched out and made public before angels and men, and all enemies are placed under His feet and every authority and power is cast down, and every knee is bent before God, then just as it is written, He will separate them from each other, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats [Matt 25:32].  Because those who have good works and good fruits are separated from the unfruitful and sinners.

They will shine as the sun because they kept the commandment of the Lord.  These are the merciful, the lovers of the poor, and the lovers of orphans, the lovers of strangers, the ones who clothes the naked, the ones who visited those in prisons, the helpers of the afflicted, the ones who cared for the sick, the ones who became poor here for the wealth existing in the heavens, those who forgave the faults of those who transgressed, and kept the faith undefiled from every heresy.  He will stand these at His right, the goats at the left.  Then will be heard that blessed voice: 'Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world' [Matt 25:34], but those on the left will hear that fearful voice and decision: 'Depart from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: just as you did not show mercy, in the same manner now you will not be shown mercy.  Just as you did not hear My voice, neither now will I hear your wailing, since you did not serve Me, nor did you feed Me when I was hungry, nor did you give Me water when I was thirsty, nor did you give Me hospitality, nor did you clothe Me when I was naked, nor did you visit Me when I was sick, nor even when I was in prison did you come to Me [Matt 25:35-36].  You became the servants and slaves of another lord, which is the devil.  Therefore, flee from Me, ye that work iniquity' [Matt 7:23].  Then they will depart to everlasting punishment, but the just to everlasting life.

There is not one place of punishment, but, there are several, just as we heard in the Gospel.  As there is an outer darkness, it is apparent that there is also another inner one.  One place is the gehenna of fire, and another place is the gnashing of teeth.  Another is the unsleeping worm and yet another is the lake of fire.  A separate place is the unquenchable fire.  In other places are the nether-world and perdition.  Another place is the lower parts of the earth.  And Hades is the place where the sinners are cast, and the bottom of Hades is a more fearful place.  The sinners are sent into these punishments each according to the proportion of his sins, for just as here and now there are differences in punishments, so also there in the future age.

And why do I say many things rather than quickly cut the homily short?

Woe to them that have enmity between them, if it happens that they die enemies.  Woe to them that drink wine with drums and dances and despise the commandments of the Lord.  Woe to them that insult the Divine Scriptures.  Woe to them that give themselves over to amusements.  Woe to all that do wrong to their servants.  Woe to all that judge unjustly and justify the impious and condemn the just because of bribes.  Woe to all that defile the holy faith with heresies.  Woe to them that are not moved to mercy and are envious.  And why do I say many things rather than quickly cut the homily short?  Woe to all that fall to the left hand n that fearful day of judgment, because they will shed bitter tears when they hear that grievous decision, 'Depart from Me, ye accursed, to the outer fire'.  Others will hear: 'Bind them hand and foot, and put them in the outer darkness' [Matt 22:13].  Then the rulers and the rich who were not moved to mercy will groan and will seek help and no one will be able to help them.  Because neither wealth will be seen, neither will the flatterers come forth, nor will they find mercy, for they did not give mercy.

Then parents will be separated from their children and friends from their friends.  Then the married who did keep their beds undefiled will be separated.  Then those without mercy will depart to the unquenchable fire, because the judgment is unmerciful to them that did not show mercy.

After being separated a little while from all the just and their friends and their acquaintances, they are hidden from God Himself, and are unable to see the joy and that True Light.  And so it is that they come to the aforesaid places of punishment and are dispersed among them.  Then they see their eternal exile, and that their every hope is destroyed, and that no one can help them.  Then they will cry, mourning with bitter tears, saying: 'Oh, how much time did we waste in neglect!  Oh, how were we mocked by the evil one!  Oh, how we scoffed when we heard the Scriptures and we did not attend.  But now we speak and He turns His face from us.  What benefit to us were the goods of the world?  Where then are our father and our mother to help us?  Where are the friends and relatives?  Where the wealth and possessions?  Of what benefit to us were the goods of the world?  Woe to us!  What should we do?  There is no longer time to repent.  Tears do not help for there is no longer redemption for us woeful ones.'

Oh brethren, how much affliction and bitterness do you think the wretched ones will receive when they are separated from each other?  Friend from friend, father from his loving children, man from his beloved wife, so that one will go to life everlasting, and the other to unending punishment.  Then one will curse the other, one will say to his children: 'Son, be cursed, and you, daughter!  Because of the unbounded love which I had for you and in order to wed you nobly and to make you wealthy I hated my soul, and did not remember the commandments of the Lord; but I robbed the stranger and I worked injustice in order to make you wealthy, and now I am punished because of you.'  And these say to them: 'Cursed be you, our parents, impious and transgressors, that you did not teach us the commandments of the Lord, nor lead us to salvation!  What benefit did you give us with your wealth?  It was the cause of our destruction because you did not acquire it with justice, but through robbery and covetousness.  And because we had much money, we did the will of our flesh.  If, indeed, we had been poorer, we would not have sinned so shamefully.  In all events, be you cursed, O most foolish parents, for in order to make us wealthy and to give us fleeting earthly and corruptible delight, you deprived us of the eternal blessedness, and we and you were separated from God, and have been condemned to unending fire.'  These and other like things will one relative say to the other without benefitting them, for then no amount of repentance is effective.

Hearken, O worldly ones and well-to-do, what benefit do you get through making your children wealthy and of how many punishments do you become the cause?  Why did you thirst so for the accursed love of money?  Why did you want the money and gather it up to your destruction?  Why did you not give it to the poor, so that then in that all-public-theatre Christ would owe this to you and would call you blessed in the presence of all and make you co-heirs of His Kingdom?  But why, O piteous ones, did you prefer to chase after money in order to leave your children wealthy?

There are some who are induced by the demons to be mindless, that they oppose the One from on high, saying, 'Who knows if it is true that we shall be resurrected again after so long a time that not even one piece of bone remains, but all has become ashes and worthless dirt?  Oh the blasphemies!  Whoever denies the immortality of the soul, to say that there is no resurrection of the dead, is a total atheist, concerning whom there is nothing to be said.  This is to open the gate to every licentiousness and to do all the wickedness which the demons present to him.  Do not be deceived, brethren, by such teachers of destruction as these.

What then?  The holy martyrs who suffered various punishments, the holy ascetics who suffered so many hardships and appeared so harsh and pitiless to their flesh – were they fooled?  So many learned teachers and very wise men of every generation and from every part of the world, because they had lofty minds and much wisdom, have testified to this truth through their writings!  After this, then, can the most simple and common men doubt?  So many emperors and rulers, Constantine the Great, Theodosius and their successors, who ruled all the world, and revelations and signs, and had such great authority and power, searched very diligently to learn if there was another life, and thus testified by word and deed and their virtuous way of life, and were certain that there is, and did not allow any doubt.  But why should we relate this truth and human testimony, for even the Lord in many places of the sacred Gospel has stated: 'Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.  Rejoice, for great is your reward in Heaven' [Matt 5:3, 7, 12] and in other places similarly.  Wherefore if there were not another testimony and indication, this alone, of the Master Christ, is enough that we should not doubt.  It is as shameful and impious for you to say that there is no resurrection of the dead, as it is to say that the patriarchs and prophets did not know what they were talking about, and that the apostles and teachers of the Church were in error.  That all who hated the world and its pleasures and suffered ill treatment, hoping for the prize of the other life, were deceived.  And that the martyrs were insane to suffer an evil death having no certainty, because after death they do not receive any repayment or gracious gift for such heroic and most glorious contests; and simply put, that the teaching and the law of Christ is false.  Because if there were not a repayment of works and acts, we Christians would be the most foolish of all nations because we live a most narrow and most toilsome life [I Cor 15:19].  Therefore do not be deceived, because there is a resurrection of the dead and immortality of the soul.  Do not lead a carefree life, beloved brethren, but correct your souls and be not asleep in negligence.  Open your spiritual eyes and ears to hear the salvific counsel of our Lord when He says: 'Take heed of yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares' [Luke 21:34].  That is to say, take care O man, that you not be given to excessive eating and to drunkenness and the efforts of the world, lest suddenly that fearful day come upon you.

I beseech you, beloved, to fear the coming of the Great God and King of all.  Fear, I say, so that you will not weep endlessly without benefit, according to the word of Isaiah: 'for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched' [Is 66:24].  That fire does not give light, it only burns and afflicts unbearably.  Concerning this the Lord says in Matthew, about him who was not dressed in the wedding garment: 'Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness' [Matt 22:13].  Oh, misfortune inconsolable, oh, unending affliction!  Oh death, how greatly are you desirable and sweet to those by whom you were here most bitter and hated.  Then they feared you and fled, and now they desire you and seek you.  Oh, and how desirable it would be to them if it were adjudged for them to die; but it is not thus, for their death is immortal, the limit is limitless, the fire unquenchable, the lamentations unceasing.  Nothing else is heard but only shouts and cries of pain and affliction.  'Woe, woe, oh me, ah me,' and other like things.

If today appears difficult to you to repent, how will you do so in the coming year?  

Being found continuously in sin, how will you be able to leave it when you are further accustomed to wickedness? 

Brethren, of what benefit to us were pride, wealth and false pretenses?  All have passed as a shadow.  Woe to those women who employ perfumes and other scents to smell fragrant in the streets, because there they will stink worse than corpses.  Having read these things, brethren, let us repent before death reaches us.  But there are some who will say: 'Let some time pass, and then we shall repent.'  Oh the folly!  Now it appears difficult to them to leave sin and with time they expect to find it easy.  This is one of the guiles and evil works of the demons in order to draw out the time until death comes and you die without repenting.  Brethren, be mindful of the deceit of the serpent and understand the truth.  If today appears difficult to you to repent, how will you do so in the coming year?  Being found continuously in sin, how will you be able to leave it when you are further accustomed to wickedness?  Be mindful, beloved, of the villainy of the demon and repent before the moment of death comes.

The good which you do in hour of death is not the choice of your own free will, but born of necessity and against your will.

Now some others are found so insensible and blinded by the man-slaying devil, that they have it in mind to repent only at their death.  Oh, what folly is yours, O sinner!  Are you so confident then you will deceive God, so as to delight in the Kingdom of Heaven?  Since the good which you do in that hour is not the choice of your own free will, but born of necessity and against your will, do you think that you escape the notice of God?  Brother, you now spend all your life in the service of the demons, and at the end will seek of your God graciously to grant you His Kingdom?  Be not deceived, O man, for God is not mocked.

Hearken, brother, to what the Forerunner says about those who are not corrected nor repent: 'And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: every tree therefore which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire' [Luke 3:9].  That is to say, every man who does not repent and correct his soul, but is found unfruitful and without repentance is cut off by death and goes into the eternal fire.  Brethren, do you not fear the warning of the word?  Do you not tremble at the death which we patiently await today and tomorrow to come upon us?  Beloved, how then will we see those fearful angels which come to take us from the world?  Do we not fear the separation of the soul from the body?  With what face will we stand before the fearful judgment seat of Christ, before which all the world will fall down and worship?  What will happen to us then?  Hence, beloved, it will be necessary to send us there where the fire is not quenched, and the worm is unceasing, there where there are tears and inconsolable lamentation.  But so that this not happen to us, 'O come, let us worship and fall down before Him, and let us weep before the Lord Who made us' [Ps 94:6].  Let us be in time, I ask you, brethren, before the last fearful hour of death comes upon us and let us make gentle the face of our Lord Jesus Christ, and let us appease Him with confession, with prayer, with fasting, with mercy, with love of neighbor, and with other good and God-pleasing works; and He, our Lord, is ready to forgive our sins if we do this.  For He does not shun the repenting man, He does not reject, He does not reproach, but He accepts him with joy and embraces him and kisses him as the prodigal son, just as He accepted the harlot and then thief.  Yes, Christians, I ask you, my brethren, let us awaken from the deep sleep of negligence.  Let us battle in these few days of our life so that we will not unendingly weep, and let us not think that though doing sin we will be saved.  'Be not deceived,' says the Apostle Paul, 'neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the Kingdom of God' [I Cor 6:9-10].  Let us therefore repent, brethren, before the hour of death comes; let us sow abundantly in the winter that we may reap richly in the summer; let us hate every wickedness and let us humble ourselves before the Lord, and He will glorify us eternally.  The toil is small but the rest is infinite.  A little effort and the gain is immeasurable.  The affliction is slight but rich is the rejoicing.  Small are the battles and the crowns are unwithering.  And simply put, every hardship is temporary, but the repayment, the rejoicing is infinite, and the gladness ineffable, the joy and the pleasure unspeakable, and the Kingdom without succession, always and forever remaining.  Therefore my beloved brethren, do not allow your time to pass vainly and unprofitable, but knowing the vanity of the world, do not make your heart captive to accursed avarice and mercilessness, but become compassionate and merciful to the poor.  Because without mercy you will not be shown mercy.  Let us therefore make our hearts merciful, brethren, and let us repent now that it is useful so to do.

Hearken, beloved, to what the holy Augustine says: 'to the sick man who at the end of his life seeks the mystery of repentance [i.e., confession and sacred Communion], we give him these things because he seeks them, but we dare not say they are saved because we know it not for certain.'

Repent now that you are young and healthy and it is manifest that you left sin while you were still able to sin.  

If you persevere in sin into your old age, then you did not leave sin, but rather sin left you. 

Therefore, brethren, if you want to have assurance that you are saved, repent now that you are young and healthy and it is manifest that you left sin while you were still able to sin.  But if you persevere in sin into your old age, why then you did not leave sin, but rather sin left you.

Would you know know a most wise counsel, brethren?  Know most certainly that whoever does virtue against his will is not benefited.  In this day wherever there are Christians conversing you hear nothing other than guile and lies, nonsense and foul language, oaths and blasphemies, love of money, harlotries and other like things, all about earthly and transitory things which happen, and the word of God is not heard.  But rather they swear and blaspheme the Holy Name and thus do these thankless one remember God.  And so much is this their way that through the signs that appear outwardly only with great difficulty can one determine whether they are Christians or atheists, except only from the cross and the oaths in which are heard the name of Christ; but the acts and the works are those of unbelievers.  Therefore in vain do these folk carry about the Name and boast that they are Christians, for they have no place with Christ.

Not everyone that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven...

Oh, their neglect and folly!  All their concerns are for the miserable and earthly body, for very costly food, and prosperity, so as to leave it after them.  Wherefore, what hope of salvation can such folk have?  I said all this because some say that God is a lover of mankind and does not allow anyone to be punished.  Yes, I also say this, that He is a lover of mankind, but He is also a just Judge.  Therefore, O sinner, do not hope to be saved without doing that which is right, because if God, with all His tender compassion, permitted the angels to be cast out of heaven and become demons; that the forefathers together with all our kind be condemned to death, when He sent the fearful flood over all and all men were drowned because of sin; and if later He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and Jerusalem, Babylon and other provinces and kingdoms; then be not confident, O sinner, that since you confess Christ to be God, yo are worthy of His Kingdom, but only when you keep His commandments, as He said: 'Not everyone that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of My Father' [Matt 7:21].  Because the devil himself under oath confessed Him to be the Son of God, but since he does not do His commandments, his confession does not profit him.  Together with whom you will go, O sinner, if you do not leave this your vain hope, and perform an adequate penance and sufficient repentance.  This is not hope but audacity, for hope is accounted to believe that you refrain from wickedness and do sufficient repentance and then He, the Compassionate One, will forgive you all the sins which you committed.  But to be confident that despite all the sines you are found with, you will be saved because of His being tenderly compassionate, you err, beloved, and this hope is from the devil.  Therefore, you should not be negligent or idle about, but immediately turn to repentance.

Consider your past conduct, brethren, and see how much ingratitude you have shown your Maker, that being a Christian and much benefited, you conduct your life as heathens and unbelievers who have never known God.  Oh, the wonder of it all!  God was crucified in order to destroy sin, and we senseless ones revive it in our hearts.  Oh, our ingratitude!  How we embitter the Master Christ and make our enemy the devil joyful!  I ask you, brethren, let us cease from wickedness, and let us work with all our hearts for the Master Christ so that we shall be made worthy to hear the blessed voice of the Master of all: 'Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world' [Matt 25:34].  The which may we all gain through the grace and love for mankind of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, to Whom is due all glory, honor, and worship, together with His unoriginate Father, and His all Holy, Good and life-creating Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages.  Amen. 
translated from the Greek by George Rallis
Orthodox Life 1982

Memory Eternal

Nov. 29, 2010
Remembering Fr. Lawrence who hoped for the Kingdom.
May God grant it for him and for us.
His website is gone but his blog is still here.

MP layman's prediction for RocorMP

ROCOR-MP will "cease to exist as an independent body"


Voices from Russia  [MP layman's blog]
ROCOR‘s going to cease to exist as an independent body… but the ROCOR will still live.  It’s very much, “The King is dead; long live the King!”  In short, the awkward transition will end.  The ROCOR’s legal framework (if nothing else) is well-worth salvaging.  However, the ROCOR that stabbed the Rodina in the back in ’91 WILL cease to exist, although we’ll still have to deal with some hardhead rightwing remnants [he means us -jh].  For instance, the Centre will leave Potapov alone until retirement, then, it’ll make certain that no new priest works for the American special services.  ROCOR will be nothing more than what its name implies… the parishes of the MP outside of the territory of the former USSR.  There’ll be no more Vitaly Ustinovs… God willing, we’ll see Psaryov and Larina brought to heel.  Yes, the ROCOR will live… but it’ll no longer be the “Jordanville” Church… I think that you know what I mean.

I sense that the Centre has settled on the ROCOR as its vehicle for uniting the diaspora.  This isn’t the ROCOR of pre-2007, nor is it the present ROCOR (a very transitional body, indeed).  Mind you, the “new” ROCOR will build on the positive achievements of Antony Khrapovitsky, Anastasy Gribanovsky, and Philaret Voznesensky.  It’ll also draw on solid Metropolia legacies from Leonty Turkevich and Iriney Bekish.  It’ll reject all that was wrong, especially the crook legacies of Vitaly Ustinov and Aleksandr Schmemann (and his puppeteer Meyendorff).

That is, the ROCOR that’s “aborning” is going to be a big-tent church with a wide sweep, not a small band of unsmiling zealots. No, it won’t be “daddy’s ROCOR”… that’s why it’s going to attract all decent Russian Orthodox Christians in the diaspora.  We’ll all join because we want to… not because we’re going to be forced to.  Watch for Mark Golovkov to get a white hat and be the effectual leader of the ROCOR (Hilarion Kapral will remain in Australasia and remain First Hierarch until his death).

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New Book

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Rus: http://www.svoboda.org/content/article/24780381.html

from the MEMOIRS of Archimandrite Nektary

Archimandrite Constantine (Zaitsev)

Archimandrite Constantine (Zaitsev) and other staff members of Orthodox Russia
MEMOIRS Archimandrite Nektary (Chernobyl)

      When I was in Bratislava and in Geneva, I confessed to Hegumen Philemon (Nikitin). Fr. Philemon had been a monk on Valaam, but he left when the New Calendar was introduced there. Every night for the rest of his life, Fr. Philemon would get up at two o'clock in the morning to fulfill his prayer rule, as was the tradition on Valaam.

     After his repose, I confessed to Fr. Antony (Yamshchikov). There was also a time when Archimandrite Constantine (Zaitsev) was my confessor.

     Archimandrite Constantine (Cyril Zaitsev in the world) was born in St Petersburg in 1888.  He received a law degree and went on to work as an official in government offices.  After participating in the White Movement, he left for China, where he was ordained to the priesthood.  From China he went to America together with Bishop John of Shanghai.  When, in 1949, Bishop Seraphim (Ivanov) was assigned to a diocesan see, Vladika Vitaly invited Fr. Constantine to take his place as editor of Orthodox Russia.  Fr. Constantine remained at this post almost to the end of his days.  He reposed in 1975 at the age of 87. 

     Fr. Constantine was very reserved, always preserving an inner concentration.  He preferred solitude.  Every day he would take walks by himself along the monastery roads.  In church he served with the same concentration and often gave sermons. Everyone regarded him with utmost respect. He had numerous spiritual children among both monastics and laymen, and he was the most popular confessor among the seminarians.  His cell was piled with letters from readers from all over the Russian diaspora, and he could barely keep up with this correspondence.  

     Archimandrite Constantine was highly educated and responded to all current events.  He was fiercely opposed to communism, he was a strong supporter of autocratic monarchy, he sensed the nearness of the time of antichrist, and in this spirit he wrote his numerous articles and editorials which appeared in almost every issue of Orthodox Russia and its annual, The Orthodox Way.  I worked under his supervision in the print shop, typesetting issues of these publications.

     Among the staff of Orthodox Russia at that time, I. M. Andreyev and N. D. Talberg stand out in particular.

     Professor Ivan Andreyev (1894-1974), as a professor in St Petersburg, was a member of the delegation which, in 1927, tried to dissuade Metropolitan Sergius from his Declaration.  Later he joined the Catacomb Church. He was incarcerated on Solovki.  After the war he found himself in Germany, and from there he came to Jordanville. In his articles he described the life of the catacomb Christians of Stalin's era.
     Professor Nicholas Talberg (1886-1977) was a pre-revolutionary law school graduate. A man of distinctly monarchist convictions, he became an émigré church historian, and wrote A History of the Russian Church.

     These religiously oriented writers were Orthodox zealots, who admitted no compromise with any manifestations of apostasy in the contemporary world, including the ecumenism and Sergianism of the Moscow Patriarchate. They were like-minded and in solidarity with Vladika Vitaly and, after his death, with Archbishop Averky. Highly gifted and widely educated, they were not only church writers but also teachers at the Jordanville seminary: Archimandrite Constantine taught pastoral theology and Russian literature, while Professor Andreyev, who had been a doctor-psychiatrist, gave courses in psychology as well as in moral theology.

     There were also other talented writers on the staff of Orthodox Russia at that time: Archpriest Nicholas Deputatov, Protopriest Basil Boshcha-novsky, Professor G. Znamensky, Peter Marr, N. Bobrov, and others.

In Memory of Archimandrite Constantine

Archimandrite Constantine Zaitsev with Prof. Ivan M. Andreyev, 1959  

Archimandrite Constantine labored to bring Americans the Orthodox Life magazine in English, the first issue in English was in 1950.

3 articles by Archimandrite Konstantin

Addendum to Minutes

– the need to condemn Communism, not only Sergianism and Ecumenism

The following was accidentally not included when compiling the Minutes of the Diocesan Meeting held on September 24\25, 2012.
We apologize for any misunderstandings.

Pyotr Nikolayevich offered that it is time for the ROCA to make its opinion known on its stand on communists.
Pyotr Nikolayevich believes that the Synod of Bishops, having issued a Declaration on October 28\November 10, 2011, that anyone who agrees with German Naziism cannot be considered a member of our Church, should for the sake of fairness and justice similarly issue a declaration that anyone who agrees with Communist ideology and its implementation also cannot be considered a member of the ROCA, since National Socialism and International Communism are “two sides of the same coin.”  P.N. Koltypin considers it obvious the danger that is posed by pro-Communist groups in Russia and all over the world.
The attendees unanimously accepted this proposal: anyone who agrees with Marxist-Communist ideology cannot be a member of the ROCA.  The attendees ask that Metropolitan Agafangel submit this proposal for approval at the next meeting of the ROCA Synod of Bishops.

Nativity Fast Youth Retreat


With the blessing of Archbishop Andronik a youth retreat will be held at St Nicholas Convent in Constantia, New York from Saturday, December 22 through Tuesday, December 25. Registration is open to all young people from the ages of 14 and up.

The Counsels of a Contemporary Amma

What Matushka Seraphima Taught Us: Excerpts from Extemporaneous Talks Given by the Late Abbess Seraphima to the Sisterhood of the Convent of the Protection of the Theotokos
Book for sale: $5

    C O N T E N T S
 1) On Struggle Against the Passions and on Humility  
 2) On Purifying the Heart and on Repentance
 3) On Reading the Gospel
 4) On Non-Vengeance
 5) On Obedience to God’s Will
 6) We Must Acquire Love Towards the Lord and Our Neighbor
 7) We Must Begin with Small Things
 8) We Must Perform Deeds of Love
 9) We Must Keep Ourselves from Earthly Attachments 
10) You Must Always Act According to Your Conscience
A photo of Hegumenia Seraphima's grave site at the Knyazhevo convent is shown here on the St. Nicholas Convent website.

Also see:
Why Orthodox Christians can not be ecumenical (Part 3)
Rus: http://maptys.livejournal.com/31878.html

Matushka Seraphima was born Nov 16/29, 1911, and she reposed on the eve of TRIUMPH of Orthodoxy, May 23/June 5, 2004.

A Decision from the Sessions of the 1981 Council of Bishops

... After a report by Bishop Gregory on ecumenism and the growth of anti-Christian principles in the world, the Council adopted the following resolution unanimously:

The Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, having heard and taken into consideration the material presented to it by the Synod of Bishops on the development of the ecumenical movement and the broad role played therein by the Moscow Patriarchate, which is wholly subservient to the atheistic, anti-Christian regime, as well as a report on the growth of anti-Christian principles in the world, has decided:

1.  In accordance with the prophesies of the sacred Scriptures and the interpretations of the holy Fathers of the Church, it is without doubt that we are entering into one of the apocalyptic periods of the history of mankind.  Therein the powers of evil threaten to seize the dominant position throughout the world.  Only repentance and the rebirth of the Orthodox Church in Russia can stop this process.  The true Church unquestionably finds itself in the minority, becoming the "little flock" foretold by the Savior.  However, He has commanded Christians not to lose heart even when they live to the very last years of the world's existence.

2.  Destructive forces in the world are striving to evoke universal chaos and, perhaps, a world war.  If such were to transpire, the Revolution of His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon and the Sacred Synod, dated 7/10 November, 1920, would come into force, with the commemoration of the name of our First Hierarch being uninterrupted.

3.  Guarding the purity of Orthodoxy, we can have no communion with the Moscow Patriarchate, which finds itself completely subservient to the atheistic government, even if certain of its ministers think it possible to serve, simultaneously, not only Belial, but Christ as well, the Apostle Paul to the contrary not withstanding.,  On the other hand, we note with alarm the growing ecumenical relations between representatives of a number of Orthodox Churches and the Vatican in a so-called dialogue.  Setting as their goal the establishment of complete communion between them in the mysteries no matter what, participants in the negotiations have in fact already entered into communion in prayer one with another without an acceptance of Orthodox doctrine by the other side.  This communion is set as a goal without regard to the absence of unity in dogma.  Such an approach to the question is Protestant, not Orthodox, and therefore cannot be adopted by our Church.

4.  If whereas they inform us that the Faith is awakening again in various strata of the Russian population, then offering up prayers for the enlightenment and strengthening of those who are joining therein, we nevertheless do not have sufficient facts to form an opinion concerning those who are participating in this process.  Nevertheless, we invoke the blessing of God upon those who, undaunted by the persecutions, withdraw from any compromise with the politics of atheism incarnate in the Moscow Patriarchate, which, with all of its acts, we hold to be uncanonical and null and void.
Orthodox Life, 1982


article from Nun Vera's blog
– kindly translated from Russian into English by Eugenia Chisholm

√  What Russian Beauty Pagent Participant has to say about what her country needs-(not what the Kremlin gangsters like to hear)
   Reader Daniel Sharing from St. Edward's:
     Greetings on the feast day!  Yesterday I sent out a link to an article, and somehow the Queen took it over  - she has every right to, or to do whatever she wants!-  but here is the link I meant to send:-

How many times can you say "reunification"

in 10½ minutes?

How many times can you say "reunification" in a 10½ minute video that is titled, and supposed to be about, the 15th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Brother Jose Muñoz-Cortes?

RocorMP youtube
[cut & paste]

Hypnosis wears off unless it is reinforced frequently.  This is why in "hypnotherapy" the sessions must be ongoing.  Spells don't require such high maintenance; but spells, too, usually wear off eventually.

...glorious reunion, glorious reunion, glorious reunion, glorious reunion, glorious reunion, glorious reunion, glorious reunion, glorious reunion... Do we believe it yet? ...glorious reunion, glorious...

"An evil faith and a false church is arising."
(Bishop Theophan the Recluse †)

True Story about Suaiden's True Directory

by Joanna Higginbotham

Remember when Joseph Suaiden came out with his True Directory?  

Right after RRb posted a ROCA directory for our people (English speakers), Joseph Suaiden decided to make a Jurisdictional Ecumenist directory, which he called his True Directory.  I asked him to please not use information from my ROCA directory in his "true" directory, explaining that ROCA is not in that "club".  But Suaiden plowed ahead like a deaf bulldozer ignoring my request.

I guess he was having too much fun combining our ROCA in his stew pot of "trues".  If Suaiden ever made a declaration of war – this surely was it.  The basic stand-off is this.

  Suaiden: ROCA, RTOC, ROAC, ROCiE are equal fragments
Higginbotham: ROCA is the sole valid continuation of ROCOR

RRb won't let Suaiden push his agenda unhindered.  And for this he claims he is being harassed.  (Typical narcissist response.)

As soon as Suaiden was finished with his directory, he made a great announcement to "EVERYONE ON LIFEBOATS" inviting stranded isolated refugees to look at his directory and pick out the nearest "true" church to them.  How ecumenical.  Don't worry about what the jurisdiction is, just so they are calling themselves "true" and using the old calendar:  ROCA, RTOC, ROAC, ROCIE are all the same...  Greek schisms were also included, and then, to add further atrocity, Joseph included his vigante Milan synod.

Then in April of 2011 one of our ROCA members discovered his name in Joseph's directory.  He emailed us about it:

Hello Brother,

... this link: 
showing all old calendar Orthodox synods, along with their 
existing churches in the USA.  It looks like my contact info 
is on the page.  Can you see that it is removed or tell me how 
to do that myself ?  Thank You.

In Christ Jesus

Dear Z,
Roca and we have nothing to do with this directory with its twisted
agenda of ecumenical jursidictionalism.  And I have personally asked
the publisher to leave us [Roca] out of his presmptuous directory, and
he has chosen to ignore my request.
However, I do believe that if you ask for your individual listing to
be removed, that he will honor
your request.
The publisher is Joseph Suaiden of nftu news.
The last email address I had for him was:

Blessed and fruitful lent,

Thanks Joanna, 
Except I'll close down his blogs if I have to,  ...
He is a liar. ...
I don't consider it un-Orthodox to close him down.
In Christ Jesus

 After this I put up a copyright notice on my RRb ROCA directory.  But I heard through the grapevine that Suaiden was laughing at it.  He had posted something somewhere online saying that the copyright law did not apply to his using my directory.  
–Joanna Higginbotham