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Sergianism Anathematized

Deacon Dimitri Dobronravov awarded the right to wear a double stole

Metropolitan Agafangel, who led the first Sunday of Great Lent, the Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church in Astoria (New York, USA), co-served by rector Archpriest Vsevolod Dutikow and Priest Victor Dobrova for diligent service to the Church of the parish clergyman awarded Deacon Dimitri Dobronravova right to wear a double stole

On this day, performed the rite of Orthodoxy before the Divine Liturgy, Deacon Dimitri first proclaimed anathema sergianism.  

The question of an anathema of sergianism has been under discussion of some time, and various proposed versions have appeared.  It should be noted such an anathema has not received official approval for general use in the Church.  Until there is such approval, the matter is left to the discretion of individual hierarchs.

Here is an English translation of the text on the Internet Sobor website:

To those who call the theomachist antichrist authority blessed by God rather than permitted; to those who dare to enslave the holy Church to this authority for the sake of holding on to the external ecclesiastical organization; to those who, in order to please the secular authorities, trample upon God’s commandments, the holy canons, the patristic traditions and the Church’s catholicity; to those who renounce the martyrs and confessors of Christ, who raise up blasphemy against their struggle and who betray them into the hands of tormentors; to those who justify this Judas-like way of thinking and acting and who even say that by a special wisdom the salvation of the Church comes about; to those who prepare the seduction of honoring antichrist as a God-given leader; to the Segianists, to the new renovationists – anathema!

ANATHEMA! (on them). And let all cry out three timesANATHEMA!  ANATHEMA!  ANATHEMA!

Another translation of the Anathema  of Sergianism:
 To those who call the godless and anti-Christian state power blessed rather than merely permitted by God and make bold, under the pretext of preserving the outward organisation of the Church, to subjugate the Holy Church to this power; to those who, in order to please the worldly authorities, trample under foot the Divine Commandments, Holy Canons, Patristic Traditions and the catholicity of the Church, renouncing Holy Martyrs and Confessors of Christ, maligning their spiritual struggle and delivering them into the hands of their tormentors; to those who justify this Judas-like way of thinking and acting, presenting it as some special wisdom and salvation of the Church, causing scandal and thus preparing the veneration of Antichrist as God-given leader; to Sergians, the new Renovationists: Anathema. (And all proclaim thrice: Anathema) 

Video of Rite of Anathema in Astoria, in Russian, 4 minutes
[but the word "Anathema" is the same in English and Russian]

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