After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Maklakov (a.k.a. Pavlovski) tries to pull a fast one

Rumors of "uniting the fragments"
trying to suck ROCA into a false unity

found on Internet Sobor:
"Bishop" Andrew Pawlowski, Managing Autonomous Church [ROAC] parishes in the U.S., reports on its talks with the bishops of ROCOR (A) [ROCA] and RIPTS [RTOC]

The video is in Russian.  The comments are not clear enough through the machine translator.  It is nearly impossible for English-speakers to understand.  A HUMAN-English translation of the text portions of the Internet Sobor post [including comments] –but not the video – is provided below at the end of this post.

So, what is going on here? 

This is a video made by a trouble-maker ROAC bishop Andrew Pavlovski/Maklakov who has publicly criticized our synod's decision to retire Bishop Joseph, which retirement Bp. Joseph himself requested, on his own.  He has teamed up with a RTOC bishop trouble-maker, Stephan Sabelnik, to cause a schism in our Church.  And it is possible they may succeed in causing a number of our weaker members to leave us.

The "talks" were nothing more than informal afternoon tea get-togethers which have been purposely misrepresented by the trouble-makers as being something more. 

Below are some of Reader Daniel's comments on this video and the situation.  But first, please remember and reread the firm stand of our synod as our Metropolitan expressed in the recent meeting minutes concerning the fragments.  This reassures us that we will not enter into a false union with the fragments. 

from the minutes of the recent bishops session:
May 28, 2013

... The Chairman spoke of a small number of people who came over to the ROCA from other jurisdictions.  Interest remains in our Church, even in Russia, though the clerics there are afraid of joining us for fear of reprisals; as in Udmurtia, where a parish that was insignificant to the MP suddenly became the target of persecution from the MP and local authorities.  The Trinity parish in the Odessa oblast joined us along with their rector, Fr. Gennadiy, after they suffered reprisals for refusing to sign over the parish house as the private possession of the ruling archbishop.  Deacon Victor Zavodov joined us from the RTOC, where he was well respected among the clerics.  Signs of the RTOC breaking down can be seen, especially after the “self-re-baptism” of Bishop Germogen, and it is possible that we will see more of them coming over to us.  Subdeacon Kirill of the ROCA(V), who was well respected there, joined us.  ROCA(V) Bishop Anastasy (Surzhik) issued statements on dogma that will make it difficult for him to remain in that jurisdiction.  The Chairman believes that Bishop Anastasy is the only one we can deal with in the ROCA(V), but negotiations may be hampered by our insistence on ordaining their clerics anew.  To that end, we need to determine the details of the first canonical bishop ordinations in ROCA(V) completed by Bishop Varnava.  There are witnesses who were in the church that claim that Met. Vitaliy was not present.  Then we could see to what extent ekonomia can be applied in the receiving of individuals from that group into our Church ...

from ReaderDanielSharing blog:
found on: http://internetsobor.org ... the original Russian article, video, with comments.
COMMENT: He reports about his (secret-) 'talks with ROCA and RTOC bishops'.
(WHAT is really 'secret' these days!??? ...answer: NOTHING!), but the one who reveals and makes public such 'talks' of bishops, is guilty of violating confidences.  Which in itself, makes us wonder as to what are his real motives in all this malicious double-dealing, including his outrageous interferences in our internal ROCA church matters, as with our Bp. Joseph's recent self-asked for retirement.  And this award goes to ROAC (bigmouth/interferer in others' churches) ROAC 'Bp. Andre Maklakov'!... the very author of his ROAC's pathetic and lamentable false 'anathema' on our ROCA and on our sister SIR Synod, neither of which, with our other sister Romanian and Bulgarian sister churches, are 'heretics'.  How pathetic!... He never misses an opportunity to speak ill of our Met. and our ROCA.
And some misguided souls want our ROCA to unite with him and his uncanonical ROAC?NEVER!!!

ROAC's public criticism of us was published on Portal Credo ru in Russian.  The link to it is copied in this post:
Something one of our clergy said months ago echos in my mind: 

English translation of this article about Maklakov with two anti-Maklakov negative comments
Human translation kindly provided by Vladimir Djambov
"Picking up the fragments"

The Russian language video speech of Maklakov has not been translated.  Here is the introductory text and comments of the post on Internet Sobor on July 22, 2013

Bishop Andrew of Pavlovsk, Managing (Hierarch of) the ROAC parishes in the U.S., reports on his talks with hierarchs of ROCOR(A) and RTOC

Correspondent: Administrator; incl. on July 20, 2013. Posted in Alternative Orthodoxy (Views: 78)
Tags: ROAC, Russia (RF), Suzdal

“Gathering up the fragments" of TOC of Russian tradition in America. Bishop Andrew of Pavblovsk, Managing (hierarch of) the ROAC parishes in the U.S., reports to the XVII Congress of the Suzdal diocese of ROAC on his discussions with the hierarchs of ROCOR(A) and RTOC, July 17

+1 # The former Suzdal Diocese of ROCOR –[READER MARTIN-commenter]  R07/20/2013 19:23
Well, indeed, To put all the blame on are those “Cyprianites” ...
This is why until this day ROAC has not been able to unite with the RTOC-RTOCA, ROCA (V-V), ROCA (VA), ROAC (G-1), ROAC (G-2), RosOC (D), RosOC (V) , RosOC (A) and the [like] other fragments.

It’s very easy [convenient] for them to shoot from behind the corner with anathemas and articles, but they have neither the courage nor the honesty to sit down at one table and discuss those issues which in their opinion “separate” us from those “heroes” [bogatyrs] and “peacemakers”.

Cut [down] [humble down] then we’ll come to a settlement, ...
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+2 # RE: Bishop Andrew of Pavlovsk, Managing Hierarch of the ROAC parishes in the U.S.,[ROCA-commenter]reports on his discussions with the hierarchs of ROCOR (A) and RTOC – ROCA 20.07.2013 19:22
Of course, what that man says is terrible. He has in practical terms anathemized all the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Metropolitan Vitaly (as one praying with “Cyprianites”). It turns out according to his logic that since 1994 the Church of Christ has ceased to exist inasmuch as ROCOR – falling into heresy – ceased to be.
He “forgot” about the fact that bp. Gregory (Grabbe) concluded his life within the bosom of ROCOR, which [the latter] Andrew Maklakov has just anathemized.
Why would he lie that “Cyprianism” teaches that the Church can enliven with [the help of] the heresy that has already been condemned by the Ecumenical Councils?
One can only hope that that man has never understood a thing (and most likely this is how it is). This is the only thing that could at least somehow justify him.
Of course, no holding of negotiations [talks], and even [no] discussions is possible with him. All the more [so], this would also be a relief to him because he, poor, has been tortured by persuasions and invitations to dialogue[s].
I think the time of gathering the “fragments” is over even [though] it has never started [at all] – each one went their separate [own] ways.

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