After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Fr. Paul Adelgeim planned to join ROCA

• ROCA Fr. Georgy Titov reports that RocMP Fr. Paul was about to join ROCA
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Fr. Paul was going to join the ROCA:
Correspondences from Fr. Paul Adelgeim and Georgy Titov

Yesterday killed Father Paul Adelgeim. An Orthodox priest, theologian, an ardent fighter for the Church of Christ, for his work and all his life feat uphold the principle of the unity of the Church and the Cathedral, thus, trying to breathe life into the decaying and dying, with all the external splendor, the Moscow Patriarchate. I do not know whether Satan acted directly and through accident or possessed by some structures subjected to its influence, but one thing is clear: the just killed not resign themselves to the evil of the world and "the abomination of desolation in the holy place" and thus instituted against them evil occult powers. God rest his soul!
I do not agree at all I'm about. Paul. But his uncompromising defense of its principles, genuine kindness inspired me the most sincere respect. In particular, I am grateful to him for his words of support during our conflict with the MP and the authorities. I publish begun at the initiative of my son Nikita (now Priest) correspondence with the departed martyr. I hope that it will complement the image of. Paul. Unfortunately, the correspondence was broken after a meeting of the. Paul with Bishop Sophronius. As he explained in a private conversation last obstacle to union with us about.Paul was his desire to translate the service into Russian and other liberal views of the deceased. I do not know ... it does not serve as an obstacle to finding more to the old ROCOR notorious Ignatius Lapkin.
Priest Georgy Titov
August 22, 2010, 16:54
Hello, Father Paul, you wrote RB Nikita, the son of. Georgy Titov from Barnaul. Write a letter to you I was forced extreme circumstances and hope to your significant for many, a good word. The situation around my father, I hope you know, I can only recommend the site where the regularly laid out recent events and discuss the situation with the Ascension Parish Barnaul, the abbot, who is my father - www.alt-srn.ru, I can only add, that, according to our information, yesterday, Bishop Maxim flew to Moscow for a "solution to the question of the father." Meanwhile, he said after a conversation with our competent authorities a week lies in Cardiology Barnaul. I ask you to give us advice on the matter, I know that your position has some similarities to our situation, I hope that my letter be rewarded response, which I will look forward to.
PS This letter has been sent to the page in LiveJournal, but your moderator (i_z_o) give your personal email address and it is recommended to contact directly.
Mon, 23 Aug 2010 00:35:45 +0400 letter from Paul This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view.
Christ is among us! Hello, Nikita.
I went to the site at the indicated address. Specific information a little, but enough to understand the situation in general. It is always the same, that is mine, that yours. Very sorry for Father Georges with your whole family.
Unfortunately, there is nothing to recommend. Against scrap no reception okromya another scrap. You understand that neither law nor morality in the ROC are not valid. You write that on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church with Father Georges talked "competent authorities", and after the conversation he was in the hospital. What can I say? The usual outcome of such meetings. Court and Prosecutor's Office will always defend the interests of the Russian Orthodox Church. Can not count on that.
On your travels tank. With his bare hands he can not stop. The Russian Orthodox Church is an authoritarian government.Dictatorship often slips into tyranny. Personal power is limitless bishop, uncontrolled and irresponsible. It does not recognize any agreements other than unconditional surrender before him. Either surrender or go nowhere. Choosing small. It is a pity that as a consolation I can only say that none of you will be shot and not go to jail. In the worst case, they are left without work and without a livelihood. In the 60 - 70 years it was worse then planted. The 20-30 was even worse shot. I understand that this is a weak consolation. You can only hope for a miracle.
Christians believe in God and recognize miracles. It remains to pray that the Lord Jesus Christ showed His mercy and intercede for us sinners.
With love in Christ, Fr. Paul.
Bless, Father! Father Paul, the situation unfolds as follows: August 17, his father was removed from the rector (reported yesterday), but left full-time priest in further detail so far only - http://altapress.ru/story/55441/?viewcomments=1#opinionsheap.And if not more difficult, answer: how do you think it's important to stay at the temple (to accept the bishop), or the requirements of the new charter is really not acceptable and need out of MP. Perhaps there is still a third way?
Forgive and bless RB Nikita.
Wed, 25 Aug 2010 10:57:18 +0400 letter from Paul
Christ is among us, dear Nikita.
My conflict with the bishop stretches 20 years. At first it was a personal dislike to me, and he started me pressed, take parishes, etc. After writing the book "The doctrine of the Church," he cursed me and ceased communication, not deprived of service. In 2008, the rector is removed, leaving a full-time priest. I think that we should accept this position and to be a full-time priest. I have the opportunity to make the liturgy. Exit MP can only be split. Although I do not consider canonical MP flawless, other jurisdictions are in doubt: whether to move. I doubt too much to make a confident step.
Your situation is somewhat different from mine, another reaction of parishioners. The bulk of my parishioners simply dispersed to other churches. They can be understood. From all of life's troubles and anxieties are looking for repose in the church, and here - there is no peace, too.
The Charter, as you know, is a formal document in which no one lives. We have a really valid statute - will bishop. New Charter of 2009, adopted by the Synod in October, has no canonical force, as the Council has not adopted, it is a formal party. On the content contains a violation of law and canons. It does not deserve a principled attitude towards him as church authority does not give him the basic value. The ROC is not acting right, and violence. It is not necessary because the Charter spears break. I am sending you a review of the Statute of the Parish of 2009. For comparison, sending Charter Sourozh. Mitr.Antony Bloom has managed to organize a diocesan life on the basis of the decisions of the Council 1917-18 year. I wish you health and God's help for. George.
Do not be discouraged. God is with us! With love in Christ, Fr. Paul.
September 10, 2010, 12:47 1 file
Father Paul, blessed. MEND is sent in another format, please prayer for us sinners, now likely to "take" the temple. RB Nikita
Attachments: 1
Dear Father Paul, I'm sorry it took so long he could not respond to your kind and comforting words to me. Tom had reasons: first, illness and then the events associated with the release of Ascension Parish MP from the jurisdiction of the ROCOR (A).Do not blame me, do not follow your advice - the circumstances I really different. At a meeting of the parish before my hospitalization people voted for it unanimously. Thank God, so far things are going. It was possible to contact the Archbishop of Sophronius, temporary administrator of Ishim and Siberia diocese, who blessed our actions, and the parish was accepted into the fellowship, as a few days later we received a certificate about it. Already at Assumption were new remembrance and litanies. Then I had to give a press conference organized by the Independent Public Chamber of the Altai Territory, the board of which included me. However, this is, as you know, one of the ways of protection. In general, all of the work is yet to come, because we hope with God's help to save the temple.
Let me once again thank you for your courage and public opposition to a model project of the parish statute, which explained a lot and helped us a lot to think about. May God give you patience and persistence in your educational endeavors. I ask your prayers and pray for you.
Sincerely Priest Georgy Titov
Sat, 11 Sep 2010 12:31:24 +0400 letter from Paul Adelgeim
Christ is among us, dear Father George!
With sympathy following the development of events in your parish. I pray to God to protect you and your church. You took the most radical solution possible, and I can only welcome your success. If we manage to defend the temple and keep the parish, your victory will inspire many. In 1994-1996, I was able to build a temple on the territory of the regional psycho-neurological hospital privately, without the participation of the diocese, but had not thought to arrange a temple in private ownership. This is hardly possible in those years. Bishop verbally without the Ordinance, chased me out of the temple, and I obeyed. Then I had two more temple, and service in the hospital for a thousand patients and staff required all of my attention. Soon Met. Eusebius, one by one taken away from me, both of the temple. I expect that I will soon drive out of the Patriarchate and will have to decide where to go. I do not have such support, which provides you a social movement, do not have a church. Most likely, you will have to follow, to seek connection with the Metropolitan Agafangel. Now the pages of his insolvency Learn reflect the ecclesiastical courts. If interested, look adelgeim.livejournal.com In May talks about the process, and now on the conclusions of the process. I was surprised that on my last post about the court had no comment.
May God grant you good health and success in your daring standing. I would be happy to serve you all in my power. With love in Christ, Fr. Paul.
Nikita, cordial greetings.
18. September. 2010 Dear oh. Paul!
I thank you heartily for your sympathy, prayers and kind words.
Secular authorities through a friend offered me a rector in the European part of a good parish. Clearly, if we give up the care of the Patriarchate. Good, apparently the money. Earlier, perhaps, and I thought, but now abandoned. Better will serve as a basement, houses, apartments, but not in MP. Sami methods by which the diocese and the Patriarchate of me fighting (now, for example, spread rumors about my mental illness) talk about what he is orthodox.
Recently, we had our suffragan bishop of the ROCOR Bishop Nikon. Perhaps the truth is that I just do not have to meet such a man in patriarchy and therefore the comparison in favor of the ROCA is not entirely objective. But, nevertheless, his speech to the parishioners, personal communication with him finally convinced me of the correctness of the choice made. He is a man of the spirit, not the flesh, how to meet me until now the bishops of the MP.
I would be very happy for you and ROCA, if you take the same decision as we have.
Yours in Christ, Fr. Georgy Titov
Dear 19.sen.2010 about. George!
It seems to me, you did quite right. MP can not believe, in any agreement with them does not make sense to enter. They deceived. If you agreed with their proposal, you could appoint worthy parish, but after six months zashtat dismiss or deny, or to send to the village. There would be no glory, that you betrayed your Barnaul parish for their own well-being. Out of the ROC can only be final. By doing this step, you can not hesitate.
I had one day to meet with Bishop Anastasi (ROCA) in Moscow. He has made ​​me a very good impression. Bright man.Unfortunately, the condition of transition put a complete rupture of communion with all those who have contact with the Russian Orthodox Church, all churches and individuals.
But I have all my friends in the ROC. Regardless of the ROC, I just do not know anyone. Therefore, adherence leads to complete isolation. It is difficult to find people who will go with me. People have so many problems with family, work, children, that take on additional problems with the Temple of Concordia few. It is much easier to go to the temple, where the walk. I can not imagine where I can serve, can not afford to equip the church. Prospects seem unreal to me yet. There is a danger of marginal circle instead of the Church. I continue to serve until I was expelled. When the ban, willy-nilly will have to find a bishop who would give me Antimins. Of course, it will face the problem of premises necessary interior, and most importantly, the people, the creation of community.
Heard rumors that last week in the city of Pskov region Dedovichi ROCOR Synod was held, attended by bishops 8-10.Dedovichi a hundred kilometers from Pskov, and most importantly, I was there last week, but did not know anything.
May God give you to defend the temple and continue to the priesthood.
With love in Christ, Fr. Paul
19. September. 2010. Dear Father Paul!
I blamed himself much that is not written to you earlier. I do something about this Synod I knew very well. They, by the way, I sent a special message to parishioners and with words of support. I think that they all are not yet departed. In any case, the ruling in your local bishop, Archbishop Sophronius constantly be there will be there before you leave me, that is, number until the 25th. I think they will try to support you with full force.
This power is, of course, small, but something they have even, as I understand it in terms of material.
Bishop Anastasius - from another group of former full ROCA not even remember the name. I spoke several times in writing, ow.Agafangel, and Skype with ow. Sophronius, and waking with ow. Nikon. No conditions of breaking all ties I do not put. We took communion even before confession. So, of course, and you will.
Very I wish you made ​​the right decision for you. But, in my opinion, be in the MP it is dangerous for the soul, and they will eat you.
Yours in Christ, Priest George.
20.09. 2010
Dear Father Georges!
I have the opportunity to go to Dedovichi and meet with Archbishop Sophronius, but I do not know how to find him there. Maybe you can tell me his address and I on September 22 after the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dedovichi go and meet him.
If it is possible to reach him by phone, then tell me the number and I pre-agreement with him about the exact time of the meeting, on which day, how many hours to the meeting was not a surprise for him. Support is required not so much in material terms as organizational. For them it's not the first time, and I do not even know where to start. When there is no church or community, it is difficult to decide where to start.
With love in Christ, Fr. Paul
20.09. 2010.Dorogoy father about. Paul!
Happy holiday of the Nativity of the Mother of God!
Phones lord Sophronia: Tel. +7 921 115 49 93; tel. +7 921 507 83 06
Sincerely, Fr. Georgy Titov
21.09.2010. Dear Father Georges!
Mutually I congratulate you on the occasion of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thank you for your phones. With love in Christ, Fr. Paul.
22.09.2010 Father! Whether contacted?
22 (New) 23 (received) 09. 2010 Dear Father Georges!
Before the Lords Sophronia phoned, but he said he is now in St. Petersburg, then go to Barnaul. I SFI conference in Moscow from 29 to October 2. Perhaps, September 5, if it is in place, go to Dedovichi met. My second book posted on the Internet for two addresses:
Slyubovyu in Christ, Fr. Paul

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