After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


In Cannes a solemn event

Interesting report from Vladyka Agafangel IN GOOD ENGLISH:

August 15 - The memory is celebrated every year on this date,  of a parishioner of our Archangel Michael Church in Cannes, Helena Vagliyano, who is a French national symbol of resistance to fascism in France. Some local Greek Orthodox, as Helena and her family, before the war had attended the Cannes Russian church of  St. Michael with their parents, and then [after the German-Nazi invasion and occupation of France],  Helena joined the ranks of the French Resistance of General de Gaulle in the south of France, where Helena held a relatively high position. In late July 1944, she was arrested and within 17 days of her arrest, she received  Gestapo torture and interrogation. The interrogations took place in the presence of her parents, but she did not betray  any of her colleagues and did not provide information of interest to the fascists. August 15, 1944 she was shot, when the Allies had  landed.  She was 35 years old.  In Cannes, a street is named after her.
According to tradition, since she was buried in the crypt of our church, every August 15 a ceremony is held in the presence of the mayor or his representative, the deputies of various eminent personalities and, of course, ex-combatants who have all come to honor her memory.  Former combatants come with banners, solemnly standing in the their ranks  with banners.  We serve the memorial service, The President of the Union of Ex-combatants say a word, and then all go to the crypt where the banner is given a solemn salute, and then in the church garden all are invited to a small reception hosted by the mayor's office.
So it was this year -  solemn, exciting, crowded.  A pannichida was served by Fr. Hristo Petkov, together  with, from Lyon, Protodeacon Gemain. Our excitement was all the more so, because it was our first [ROCA] service in the temple after seven years. [since it had been captured by the ROCOR/MP schismatics and Sergianists]. Later in the day,  the chairman of the ex-combatants thanked us warmly, noting especially the spiritual and prayerful atmosphere.
The temple remains closed until the resumption of worship in it at the beginning of September. It is closed due to necessary not only cleaning and cleansing of the temple, but also because it is necessary to make a thorough inventory, to establish all that was stolen, and... 'replaced' with ..[what?].  We  can not believe our eyes when we see how people who are pretending to be Orthodox Christians, [the ROCOR/MP crowd with 'bishop' Barnabas] could behave in this way. But more on that will be discussed later.
At the reception there were very pleasant conversations, particularly with neighbors of the temple, who had  followed the [tumultuous] events surrounding the church, in the newspapers, and many said that they were pleased that the temple is now back in the hands of the White Russians!
Archdeacon German Ivanov-Thirteenth

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