After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Book: New Martyrs of the Turkish Yoke part 2

New Martyrs of the Turkish Yoke
Finally arrived! 

Slain for Their Faith: Orthodox Christian Martyrs under Moslem Oppression
tr. Leo Papadopoulos
For more than six centuries, Orthodox Christians suffered under the yoke of the Moslem Ottoman Empire. With the lowest status in a Moslem society, they endured a perpetual condition of inferiority and humiliation. For the slighest offense, they could be confronted with a choice between conversion to Islam, or torture and death. Thousands, more likely tens of thousands, were firm in their faith, even unto death. In this volume (a successor to the long out of print New Martyrs under the Turkish Yoke), somewhat more than a hundred of their stories are told. A large number of iconographic drawings and icon prints, an extensive glossary, maps and an exhaustive index flesh out the volume. Published by Leonidas J. Papadopoulos; SJKP is the exclusive distributor.
Item# 3484. (DC: X) Hard-bound. $25.00.
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Table of Contents

Undated and Movable Commemorations
 Tuesday of Bright Week:  Holy Hieromartyrs Raphael and Nicholas 9
 Newmartyr Anastasios the Pilgrim 15
 Monday of St. Thomas Week:  Newmartyr Michael and Companions 15
 Newmartyr Angelis of Constantinople 19
 New Greatmartyr Polydoros of Cyprus 23
 Newmartyr Athanasios of Thessalonika 30
 Newmartyr Macarios 32
 Newmartyr John of Crete 33
 Newmartyr Hilarion of Crete 36
 Newmartyr Aquilina of Thessalonika 39
 Newmartyr Hatzi-George 42
 Newmartyr Macarios 44
 Newmartyr Zlata 48
 Gabriel and Kyrmidolis, Newmartyrs 51
 Newmartyr John 54
 Newmartyr Ioasaph, Monk of Mt. Athos 56
 New Venerable-Martyr Timothy of Esphigmenou 56
 New Hieromartyr Athanasios from Attaleia, Sparta 62
 Newmartyr Nicholas of Chios 63
 Newmartyr Helen of Sinope 71
 The Martyred Monk James and His Two Disciples 72
 Newmartyr George Neapolites 83
 The Holy Newmartyr Nicholas of Marmara 90
 Newmartyr Savvas Nigdelis the Samoladan 90
 Newmartyr Damaskinos of Constantinople 90
 Newmartyr Constantine of Hydra 94
 St. Anastasios of Epirus and Daniel, the Former Ishmaelite 100
 Newmartyr George of Chios 104
 Holy New Hieromartyr Seraphim 115
 Newmartyr Nicholas Karamanos 122
 New Hieromartyr Gabriel, Archbishop of Serbia 124
 Newmartyr Nicetas of Nyssa 125
 New Hieromartyrs Paisios the Abbot & Habakkuk the Deacon 125
 Newmartyr John the Tailor 126
 Holy Hieromartyr Constantius the Russian 127
 Newmartyr Gideon of Caracallou 129
 Newmartyr George (Zorzes — The Georgian) 131
 Newmartyr Romanos of Karpenision 132
 Newmartyr Romanos, Monk of Deminitza Lacedaemonia 135
 Newmartyr Athanasios of Attaleia 135
 Commemoration of the Miracle of Saint John the Baptist in Chios 136
 New Hieromartyr Damaskinos 139
 Newmartyr George of Ioannina 140
 Newmartyr Zacharias of Patrai on the Peleponnesus 148
 Newmartyr Auxentios 152
 Newmartyr Demetrios of Galata 155
 Newmartyr Hatzi-Theodore of Mytilene 157
 Newmartyr Elias Ardounes 158
 Newmartyr Anastasios of Nauplion 161
 New Venerable-Martyr Gabriel 162
 Newmartyr Jordan of Trapezus [Trebizond] 165
 Newmartyrs Stamatios and 166
 Newmartyr Joseph of Aleppo 172
 Newmartyr Anthony of Athens 173
 Newmartyr Christos the Gardener 176
 Holy Newmartyr Damian 177
 Newmartyr George Paizan 178
 Newmartyr Nicholas 179
 New Hieromartyr Nicetas the Hagiorite 181
 Saint Philothey Of Athens 181
 Newmartyr John the Cabinetmaker 191
 New Virgin-Martyr Kyranna of Thessalonika 192
 Newmartyr John the Bulgarian of Mt. Athos 196
 Newmartyr Manuel the Cretan 197
 Newmartyr Demetrios Tornaras 199
 Newmartyr Myron of Crete 200
 Venerable Newmartyr Luke 202
 New Hieromartyr Parthenios, Patriarch of Constantinople 224
 New Hieromartyr Zacharias, Bishop of Corinth 225
 Newmartyr Paul the Russian 227
 Holy Hieromartyr Nicetas 229
 Newmartyr John Koulikas 236
 Newmartyr John the Naukleros (the Ship-Owner) 237
 Newmartyr Demos 238
 Hieromartyr Gregory V, Patriarch of Constantinople 240
 Newmartyr Michael of Vourla 254
 Newmartyr George of Cyprus 255
 Newmartyr Doukas the Tailor from Mytilene 257
 Newmartyr Nicholas of Magnesia 259
 Newmartyr Argyre of Prousa 261
 Newmartyr Maria Methymopoula 263
 Newmartyr Ahmet the Calligrapher 264
 New Hieromartyr Ephraim the Newly-Revealed 266
 Newmartyr Pachomios 268
 Newmartyr John of Wallachia 271
 Newmartyr Mark of Crete 272
 Newmartyr Nicholas of Metsovon 273
 Holy Newmartyr Alexander the Former Dervish 275
 Newmartyr Demetrios of the Peleponnesus 280
 Newmartyr Andrew Argentes 282
 Newmartyr Constantine of the Hagarenes 287
 Newmartyr Demetrios of Philadelphia 298
 Newmartyr John of Asprocastron 301
 Newmartyr Theophanes 304
 New Greatmartyr Nicetas of Nisiros 304
 Newmartyr Panayiotes 314
 Newmartyr George of Attaleia 314
 Newmartyr Procopios 320
 Newmartyr David, Who Ended his Life in Thessalonika 324
 Newmartyr Michael the Gardener 326
 The Suffering of the Martyred Monk Cyprian the New 329
 New Hieromartyr Anastasios of Ioannina 335
 Newmartyr Nicodemos the Albanian 337
 Newmartyr Athanasios of Chios 339
 Newmartyr Theophilos of Zakinthos 340
 Newmartyr Christodoulos of Kassandra 343
 Newmartyr Anastasios of Macedonia 346
 Newmartyr Triandaphyllos, Seaman of Zagora 349
 Newmartyr Symeon, the Goldsmith of Trebizond 349
 Hieromonk Christos of Ioannina 351
 Newmartyr Stamatios of Volos in Thessaly 352
 Newmartyr Nicodemos of Meteora 354
Glossary 355
Index 358
Bibliography & Attributions 364
Maps 365

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sample page

ISBN 978-1-928920-77-9
Leonidas J. Papadopoulos, publisher
Exclusive distributor: The St. John of Kronstadt Press, Liberty, Tennessee

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