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MP Violates Metropolia Autocephaly

The MP violating the OCA's 1970-71 Tomos of Autocephaly, etc.
Reader Daniel sharing:
Some of the bad fruits of those who have foolishly submitted to the deceitful KGB controlled MP, 'Mother church': (When did atheist communists EVER keep their promises, in writing or verbally???) – A view from a Portal Credo.ru reporter in New York:


November 15, 2013

The Undetected Skete.  How the MP violates the US Constitution 

According to the Tomos of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate in North America extends over St. Nicholas Cathedral in Manhattan, Pine Bush real estate, and 43 parishes.  The number and names of the parishes can not be changed.  This was decided in 1970, and under this document, signed 15 ROC bishops, including Patriarch Alexy I.

To disregard [spit on] such a document, you must have either serious political ambitions, or a reduced IQ level.  So, the current Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA ROC Archbishop Justinian (Ovchinnikov) of Naro-Fominsk made a dashing attempt to expand the possessions of the Moscow Patriarchate in the United States and, apparently, has violated the Constitution of this country.

Coming from "third world" countries,  citizens prone to crime, at first it is very difficult to believe that there is a state in the world that lives strictly according to law.  The Constitution of the United States supports the statutory rules of their corporations, organizations and companies, and violations or ignoring those rules automatically violates state law to some extent.  The OCA  is a nonprofit organization recognized by the government and, therefore, those encroaching on its right are in conflict with the law.  In other words, a unilateral evil thought-out attempt to change the Tomos of the OCA autocephaly is an offense.

Apparently, not being able to realize this simple fact, the Archbishop of Naro-Fominsk last summer blessed the opening of a new ROC parish in the United States in the city of Spokane (Wash.).  But in order not to attract too much attention, they announced the opening of a skete at the monastery of St. Mary of Egypt.  There was a Soviet anecdote: "Do not worry, Leonid Ilyich [Brezhnev], we will fly to the moon during the night; the Americans won't notice."

Apparently, they calculated that people will not be interested in digging deeper.  But people asked - where is this monastery?  It turns out that it is located in upstate New York and is under the MP omophor.

Next read carefully: there was no monastery of St. Mary of Egypt in the OCA's Tomos of autocephaly!  It's something new, which miraculously joined the American ROC/MP parishes in 2008, with the outrageous connivance of the administrations of all the Russian Orthodox jurisdictions USA!  How this could have happened is absolutely incomprehensible.  If you do not believe it, it's on the monastery's website, where the canonical omophorion is indicated in large type: http://mercyhousenyc.org/communities/treadwell-abbey/

Meanwhile, the Orthodox citizens of Spockane (Wash.), hurrying events, posted on their website a touching ad about colleting funds for the construction of a temple instead of the teensy, onstricted skete.  And not just some kind of hypothetical temple, and but a specific one - Our Lady of Kazan in the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate, which, in their opinion, sounded good.

That's the appeal of this parish uncertain supplies of the monastery with a very real place of gathering funds,

Currently being collected funds for the construction of the first Russian Orthodox Church in the city of Spokane.  You can donate directly to the church after a divine service, online, by clicking the "Donate" in the upper right corner of this page, or send a check in the name of Russian Orthodox Church at:

Our Lady of Kazan
Russian Orthodox Church
PO Box 2911
Post Falls, ID 83877 

For those interested - the site of this absurdity : http://www.orthodoxspokane.org/index.php/ru/2012-11-15-18-58-58

Apparently, drawn into this adventure, parishioners and clergy, too, still were unconscious that, that their status is actually outside the law, and the skete is a "canonical undetectability" on the map of Orthodox America.  And in order to become a recognized parish, it will not be enough to raise funds to physically build a temple, because a 44th patriarchal parish is not provided for in the 1970 Tomos.

Now, in an orderly fashion, that is, from the end – a history of ROC/MP patriarchal parishes in the United States.  For many years, everyone  trying to get around this historical paradox - well, these thing are recorded in the Tomos of Autocephaly with the filing of such sages as Metropolitan Nikodim (Rotov), and Father Alexander Schmemann - and there is nothing to discuss!  Hence, it was necessary.  So, it was a mutually beneficial solution at the moment.  It remained in all official documents and in the national memory that 43 parishes of the American Metropolia did not want to join the jurisdiction of a self-governing Orthodox Church in America, and volunteered to join the lower echelons of a rigid vertical structure of the ROC/MP.  Logical?  Not quite.

For a few years I personally have been unable in any way to check the reality of this more than strange desire.  That is, facts and stories of parishes which broke with autocephaly the point to this decision, but the argument is simply sinks into irrationality.  And the argument is always the same - an overwhelming desire for Eucharistic connection with the natal and "grace-filled Russian Orthodox Church".  I do not argue: for Orthodox immigrants - this is a strong factor.  But by the 70s of the last century immigrants the illusions about their country of origin and the church structure created there were gone.  I insist on it - there were none!  And they obviously were offered something in exchange for loyalty and a desire Eucharistic unity.  Well, the same way as was done recently by uniting the ROC/MP with Metropolitan Laurus' Church Abroad.

Well, the same way as was done recently by uniting the ROC/MP with Metropolitan Laurus' Church Abroad.

The phenomenon of the appearance of Patriarchal parishes in America in the midst of the Cold War is the fact that their status explicitly allowed to work directly with the Soviet Union in many ways - for example, to welcome Soviet citizens under the pretext of religious cooperation, to receive funds in their accounts with which to finance some activities, etc.  In the same way the Soviets had over the years created fraternal communist parties around the world.  And then just 43 reference points in all American states and even with a residence in Manhattan and suburban dacha near New York.  By the way, it has always been assumed that the wiretaps in the historical study of the Most Holy [Patriarch] Tikhon within the walls of St. Nicholas Cathedral were more powerful than those in the consulate of the Russian Federation; therefore many delegations were invited to become familiar with this "hotbed of Russian Orthodoxy".

All this resembles the organized resident network of KGB foreign intelligence.  Now it looks a bit naive, but at the time it was an unconditional victory of Soviet diplomacy on the territory of a "potential enemy".  It can be assumed that this was the condition of some more important agreement between the U.S. and the USSR.  The documents and transcripts of negotiations on the conditions of receiving the autocephalous status were seized from the main Russian archives, and are granted upon request of the ROC/MP Synod, which is already open for free access.  In the American archives everything is not on the surface.  Well, apparently, even the time has not yet come, and no one was really interested.

But, be that as it may, many years the quantitative presence status of the Moscow Patriarchate in North America remained in the form of a limited contingent stipulated in Tomos of the OCA.  No new parishes were opened.  But the idea always existed.  At the very least, it was born long ago.  I have often heard this, and even see how a nice lady approached the Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes with a real offer to help with organization.

And then, three years ago, the Moscow Patriarchate has made a strategic decision: why bother with just one parish - let's unite the whole OCA [to ourselves]!  And so, 3 yrs ago, the MP made a strategic decision: to realize this in the United States, they appointed a new manager of patriarchal operation – Archbishop Justinian of Naro-Fominsk.  The bishop came to New York directly from Transnistria with his team, which embodies deepest  "branch of Orthodoxy" and the success of the encoding Dovzhenko's method.  The clergy were heavily fortified by a representative of the World Russian People's Council at the United Nations, sent from Moscow.

When this "SWAT team" was officially introduced the American public at the Russian consulate, the hierarchy of the two other Russian Orthodox jurisdictions crouched in surprise.  The operation to bribe the retired OCA Metropolitan Jonah and further co-mingle the OCA into anenslaved cabal autonomy was defeated in no time - in a few short months.  Even the urgently flown in from Russia Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev), head of the DECR, burned the kerosene in private jet of the oligarch Plastinin for nothing.

Much has been written bout this enchanting attempt to breach Tomos OCA, and it is often remembered as a bright example of the failure of the Russian ecclesiastical diplomacy.  But the magical appearance in 2008 of the monastery of St. Mary of Egypt, in the bosom of the ROC/MP for some reason left in the shadows and does not cause these emotions but is against the law of the same order.

The history of the monastery and the numerous interviews given by its 'nastoyatel' are sought on the internet and read with fascination as the "Fan Fan Tulip" [rhymes in Russian].  The only things not found are the circumstances for obtaining the ROC omophorion and the moment the monastery was entered among the patriarchal parishes in the USA.  Perhaps we need to look deeper?  If you know, tell me how.

In short, the history of the monastery, sometimes called "Treadville Abbey" is closely linked to the personality of its 'nastoyatel', who is still alive, but is aged and ailing, Joachim (Parr).  Father Joachim, like many Americans, converted from Catholicism to Orthodoxy, lived on Mount Athos, and returned to New York, dedicated his later life to a noble cause providing help to drug addicts and alcoholics, of which New York always has an excess.

In 1994 he opened an Orthodox Mission in Manhattan, the House of Mercy, named for the Icon of the Theotokos "The Merciful" at 320 East 3rd Street.

Mystical stories of receiving big checks for the purchase and renovation of the building - that 172,000 dollars, 50,000 - father Joachim explains only help from the Mother of God.  And if the tax authorities of New York on this occasion did not raise questions, and we will not go back to that.

The community quickly grew to 75 people, and the chapel could not contain all those coming to the service.  Since 1995, the liturgy began to take place in a more spacious church premises of the Synod of the Church Abroad on 93rd Street and father Joachim joined the ROCOR clergy.  But then again, in the providence of the Virgin was received, to which it was decided to take the path of expansion and a monastery.  Well, I'm telling you - "Tulip Fan Fan".

Founded by Father Joachim, the Convent of St.  Mary of Egypt is located in Treadville, in upstate New York, which is a three hour drive from Manhattan.  The monastery owns 150 acres (62 hectares), and inherited an old (almost three hundred year old) barn that was renovated and became the monastery's property.  The Brotherhood has a dozen monks who spend all day in labor and prayers.

 And that the local police had a statement about a physical assault, so it does not happen to anyone?

The monastery was founded in 2008 under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate.  And, besides, father Joachim began to serve an early Sunday liturgy in English at St.  Nicholas Cathedral in Manhattan, starting three hours before the liturgy in Slavonic.  It should be noted that English-speaking people of the parish come at 7 a.m., and even then are drinking tea with bagels.

So where did the monastery get the omophorion ROC/MP?  Just at this time, the Orthodox Church in America was shaken by scandals -the departure of Metropolitan Herman, a financial scandal involving Chancellor Robert Kondratick, the magical appearance out of nowhere of a new Metropolitan, Jonah.  All of these unpleasant events apparently pushed to the second and even third agenda items a gross violation of the Tomos of Autocephay.  Or maybe it seemed unimportant, as mentioned among concepts such as "mission", "representation", "skete" - as smaller structures.  But as a result of the mission, a monastery grew; the skete develops into a temple with a parish.

Let us hope that the resolution of this issue will take place peacefully.  But also do not forget that the OCA's Tomos, being an ephemeral church document, written in not quite perfect legal language is supported in these realities by the U.S. Constitution.  Like it or not, but it is.

And here's another question from the same church-legal sphere: Did not the Church Abroad, by merging into the fold of the MP, accept all obligations of the mother church in relation to the OCA?  Did it not lose the right to open new parishes in the United States, according to the Tomos?  Perhaps not.  But it is possible that yes it did ...
Svetlana Vais
New York

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