After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Two good videos about Islam

Reader Daniel shares

(A non-boring VIDEO), A Powerful Christian Expose of Islam from Sam Solomon: Ex-Muslim-with Arabic exact quotes from the Koran, and the English explanations-
   Comment: This strong stirring lecture, focuses on the written Koranic scriptures, and thus, the basic fundamental teachings of Muhammad's Islam, and which hate filled and dark anti-human teachings.... motivate Moslem believers around the world, for centuries since Muhammad walked this earth, to think, and to do what all they do.
   To the degree, at this present time, that any individual Moslem, knows these teachings and tries to implement them in his daily life, is the end measure of his hatred for his fellow mankind, both fellow Moslems and especially Christians and Jews, and others, all, 'enemies of Allah', etc.
   This Koran, with its accompanying 'Hadiths' (explanations/commentaries), is the text book source, for all Moslem bloody & murderous terrorism in our present world, as it has been for many long past centuries.
   The most truly peaceful [weak] Moslems, are those (many) who do not know or practice these teachings, or at least, in full.  Muhammad says, that they, with us Christians and Jews, will go to eternal hell.
   In the Koran, the sole way for a Moslem to get into Heaven, is to... die for Allah, and no other way, and better yet, if they take Infidels with them...i.e., Christians and Jews and other non-Moslems.
   Hence, suicide bombing is a fast ticket straight to Moslem Heaven!
Rd. Daniel

41 minutes

For those who know little or nothing about Islam, and what all is so wrong with it-
   Comment: Though this video lecture is presented via a Protestant (scholarly/truth seeking/Biblical) viewpoint, yet because it focuses on the basic PROVEN faults of both Muhammed himself, and is quoting from his [ridiculous] Koran and also from the [equally absurd and confusing] Islamic 'Hadiths'- the official illogical mishmash of Islamic commentaries on his illogical teachings, ...as compared also, with fundamental & universal common sense and as also with basic central Christian belief, especially about the God/Man divine person of Jesus Christ; this enlightening video lecture is of great value to us.
   What more we Orthodox Christians should know, beyond what any western Protestant could know, is from our own Orthodox people's many centuries of Moslem oppression, sacrilege and murder done to us, by the deranged followers of this satanic religion, which is so insane and so hate-filled, that it mainly murders its own adherents, even more than any others.
   The written Koran, & the accompanying written Hadiths, thus, ridicule themselves and the false-Prophet and False Messiah Muhammad.  Those two recorded foundational compositions (plus other explanatory commentaries through the centuries by other Moslem 'holy men'), are the guidebooks of an anti-human and anti-True God,  false religion of many glaring absurd contradictions, and of many just plain, blasphemous LIES, which has visited many many dark tragedies upon the human race, for long centuries now, and which still does.
Rd. Daniel

1 hr. 20 min.

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