After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Let there be no more doubt

Is there anyone who still thinks that Joseph Suaiden is our friend?
As much as he is trying, he is not able to hide his true reaction to the GOC+SIR union.  Here are just two of the recent revealing comments.  

March 20th Statement by Former SiR
 comment left by Joseph Suaiden
I'd hope that perhaps on both sides there was a realization that the other had something that was lacking; on the "Cyprianite" side, the realization that the ecumenist position was increasingly cemented-- and on the "Kallinikite" side a lack of moderation in their dealings had led them to a level of geographical isolation from other True Orthodox.
My fear is that we will return to the inconsistent and ever present language of domination which, while working to the advantage of the GOC-K in Romania, worked against them with both their dealings with RTOC and the True Orthodox Serbians.

Abp. Kallinikos (GOC-K) Serves Memorial for Departed Met. Cyprian of Oropos and Phyle
 post by Joseph Suaiden's assistant
As reported on March 20th, 2014 at the website of the GOC (K) Metropolis of Attica and Boeotia, a Synodal visit of the GOC (K) was made to the former SiR monastery of Sts. Cyprian and Justina. While there, Abp. Kallinikos, along with other GOC (K) clergy, chanted prayers for boththe repose and the forgiveness of the lateMet. Cyprian of Oropos and Phyle, the founder of the nowdefunct SiR. However, it seems unclear if this prayer were the standard prayer found for the forgiveness of the departed in the memorial service, or a special text composed to absolve the lateMet. Cyprian for offences against the GOC. ...

Reader Daniel shares his comment:
NFTU Trouble creating? ...what Joseph Suaiden has long been up to, to divide the anti-MP groups, and why?

HOW ABSURD A NEGATIVE SUGGESTION!  "...it seems unclear if this prayer were the standard prayer found for the forgiveness of the departed in the memorial service, or........ a special text composed to absolve the late Met. Cyprian for offenses against the GOC."  WHAT???


Joanna said...

In case somebody needs proof of these comments in the future, I have screen shots archived on OfMiceAndMoles.

minas said...

I think Mr. Suaiden is perturbed by the response he got to a letter written to the SIR a few month ago as to the canonical ecclesiastical status of his vagante group. http://orthodoxmetropolia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/SiR-Reply-1.pdf
Also afraid that the union with GOC-K will produce the same findings, as well it should and throw another monkey wrench into his agenda.
I must ask the question as to why he seems to be given so much respect and leeway by the moderators (J. Gress and Maria) of then Euphrosynos Cafe and why his NFTU is linked to it. I believe his vagante synod should be put under the same restrictions there as other non canonical groups banned (HOCNA,the Gregory Lorie name worshipers and Gregory of Colorado) by the ECafe. No matter how many words Mr. Suaiden spews out to confuse people in defending his groups status it still comes down to his synod not being a valid ecclesiastical body.

Joanna said...

Why does Reader Daniel say that Joseph Suaiden tries to divide the anti-MP groups? It seems the opposite is true, that he tries to unite them.

(just one answer) Yes, it does SEEM that way. But he tries to unite them IN THEIR SEPARATENESS. He wants them to go into communion with each other while remaining separate jurisdictions. This would confirm and solidify their separated condition, and condone it. It is a form of ecumenism, our Metropolitan has recognized this idea as a form of ecumenism.

The SIR and the GOC didn't just "go into communion with each other" – they formed one synod out of two, recognizing the GOC as the primary synod.

The R-fragments can now follow suit, right? They can now reunite with the ROCA. I mean, now that the main issues of Laurus and "cyprianism" no longer exist... right? Let's hope for the best and see what happens. IF the R-splits were not created for the purpose of separateness in the first place, as some believe they were, then they are now free to return to the ROCA.

But, if the R-splits were created by the KGB for the purpose of "divide-and-conquer", then I predict they will find another excuse to stay separated.

Anastasios Hudson said...

The post about the Memorial Service appears to have been made by Hieromonk Enoch, not Deacon Joseph Suaiden.

Joanna said...

Yes, I stand corrected.
The monk on the internet syndrome...

minas said...

But I was under the assumption that Mr Suaiden and Mr Enoch were joined at the hip Anastasios

minas said...

Anastasios, What I mean to say about the post about the Memorial Service and the despicable comment made (by Mr. Enoch) is this. Mr. Enoch and Mr Suaiden work together to further their agenda's. I've never seen anything said by either of them that the other didn't agree with. Everything Mr. Suaiden does whether it be posting opinions or making "friends" it is to promote his agenda's That's how he got you to agree with linking his NFTU to Ecafe's sidebar. He (they) is agood talker and overwhelms people with disinformation, that's why many actually believe his synod is canonical, He and Mr Enoch are spin doctors for their vagante synod. They are jurisdictional ecumenists. Mr. Suaiden and Mr Enoch also have a bone to pick with the SIR and ROCA , and now that the union has taken place and there's only the GOC-K it has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into his long range plans. I, unfortunately, was also helping him at first with his NFTU till I realized a lot of things about him which I won't go into right now. You are a guildless soul who seems to feel the need to be everyone's friend. Make no mistake, Mr.s Suaiden is no real friend of yours. I recommend that you do not permit him to use you anymore and if you still have pull with whatever is going on with Ecafe that you take steps to remove the link to NFTU and have him (them)banned from posting there further, just like HOCNA, the Lourie(ites) and the other vagante synods members are banned from promoting their agenda's there. There is no good that can come from this.

Joanna said...



Joanna said...

It came to my attention yesterday, April 12, that Mr. Suaiden has linked to this post via his wordpress blog. I found this out because I noticed suaiden.wordpress in my stats. Before yesterday, I was unaware that Mr. Suaiden has a wordpress blog. I want to point out a couple of things here:

My post, (this post dated March 22), contains no activated links to any of Mr. Suaiden's posts or blogs or forums. Therefore, Mr. Suaiden did not discover the existence of my post by viewing his stats. My post came to his attention some other way. And, it came to his attention within 2 days of its publication. Look at the timeline:

March 22 –My post is published.
March 24 – suaiden.worpress post is published
April 12 – I discover the suaiden.worpress post

It took Suaiden 2 days to find my post.

It took me 19 days to discover his post.

Facts speak for themselves. And the facts just keep adding up and adding up and adding up.

Xenia Suaiden said...


Have a blessed Holy week.

Joanna said...

Here is the letter that Minas refers to in a previous comment:

The letter from the SIR refers to an Appeal it made, which prompted Milan Dcn. Suaiden to feel free to write to Archbishop Chrysostom, who condescends to answers him graciously, but truthfully:

"...you do not meet the criteria for a valid ecclesiastical body."


GOC member said...

... I am very leery of anything that comes from NFTU. These men do not have valid bishops, and seem to enjoy acting as pot stirrers here in the US. What is the bigger problem, rogue parishes or rogue agents that act as spokesmen for churches they don't belong to.

ROCA is even affected by these rogue groups, such as RTOC. Sure, there are good people in them. But that does not add up to valid bishops. And then the agents who seem to speak for them are another thing entirely...

~ GOC member in USA
(15Aug13 gmail)

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