After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


St. Xenia's Reception

4 May 2014– Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women

In honour of the women of our parish
the parish Brotherhood invites all to a 

in the Parish Hall at 12:00 p.m., 
immediately after the Divine Liturgy and Moleben.  

Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women falls on the third Sunday of Pascha. The myrrh-bearers brought funeral spices and ointments to finish committing Christ’s body to the grave. They were the first to see the empty tomb and were instructed by an angel to bring the joyful news of our Lord’s Resurrection to the apostles.

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The Trip

from Joanna's notepad

Interesting note from a ROCA parishioner who visited the pre-union Rocor parish (now GOC) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over Pascha.  The priest of that parish, Fr. Mark, talked about "The Trip": how all the people who were offered the trip to Putinland before the submission came back brainwashed and all gung ho on Moscow.  Fr. Mark was offered "The Trip" but turned it down.

It wasn't until after the union that I started to notice that many of the "flip-flops" were priests who had made at least one trip to Russia during the years just prior to the union in May 2007.  To name two:
• Fr. John Whiteford, who ended up on the famous internet goon team of Lebedeff/Whiteford/Shaw
• Archimandrite Luke Murianka, who made a slow step-by-step transformation, states he was "deeply moved".

I point out that Archimandrite Luke mentioned he was "deeply moved" during his visit, because I think it is significant.  There was a definite emotional factor at play.  The focus on the main issues of sergianism and ecumenism was blurred by the hearts of the Americans "going out" to the Russian people.   One young (American) Reader returned from Russia saying how terribly he desired now to unite with these Russian people after meeting them.  Honestly, it reminded me of a "love spell", an infatuation...  reason was out the window because emotion was so overwhelming.  And separation was painful.  For many of the Russians abroad who submitted to the union there was also an emotional factor – homeland, mother, etc.

The first case I witnessed was in 2001 in the spring.  Fr. Maximos, Resaca, Georgia, a recently ordained hieromonk, whose ordination I had attended and had declared with the others, "Axios!"  It was after a service that Fr. Maximos was talking to a group of monks about his recent trip.  I can't remember what he said, but I remember being quite disturbed.  He was talking about how we are going to have to set aside some of our stubborn ideas and start to see things from MP's point of view.  It was surprising to hear Fr. Maximos talk like that, the opposite of how he used to talk.

Another case:
After the signing on May 17 there was one older woman (immigrant) from my parish who stopped coming to Church.  Her husband, was  a semi-retired deacon attached to another nearby RocorMP parish.  The deacon could not accept it that Matushka did not agree to the union.  The deacon would visit Russia every summer at his own expense.  It was either his 2006 visit or his 2007 visit that he came back a changed person.  He became impossible to live with.  Nuts.  One thing he did was go around the house and put labels on things in Russian: bathroom ванная комната, telephone телефон, garage гараж, refrigerator холодильник, etc.  Matushka said she thought that when the deacon was in Russia, that somebody had "slipped him a mickey".

When I visited Etna (2009?) the nuns told me a story about a Russian atheist convert who worked for the KGB.  He had been sent to Bulgaria to do experiments using evil spirits to control people.  He did not believe in evil spirits, but in doing the experiments, he found out they are real.  He then reasoned that if there were evil spirits, there also had to be good ones, and he converted to the Orthodox faith.  The KGB killed his family in revenge.  He remarried and the KGB killed his 2nd family, too.  The man visited Etna and told his conversion story to an audience there.  Since then, the man has "disappeared".

Another ROCA parishioner adds this:
People who went to Russia (and became pro-MP)
• Fr. Christopher Stade, his Matushka; daughter Catherine and husband, Peter Shawki; Kolya's parents -Vlassenkos.
• Dr. Gennady Barabtarlo is a strange case.  Supposedly, he was anti-Moscow but when he made trips to England, he went to visit an MP monastery, not to St. Edwards.  In the end, he said that 'we had to go under Moscow.'  I really wonder about him.
• One person I know thinks that it was a combination of drugs and hypnosis that brainwashed people.
• I know that  people who attended the choir conferences at Jordanville became ecumenist and pro-pope's calendar, like Carol Surgant and Photoni Mills daughter, Juliana.
• But most of the parishioners just suddenly became pro-MP without going to Moscow.

Oleg Kalugin Interview - Excerpt

Human English
Thank you, Dimitri Gontscharow

From an interview with former KGB General Oleg Kalugin, published in "Society" on 26 APR 14:

Is it true that a powerful department has been created within Russian intelligence agencies, tasked with the creation of a pro-Russian lobby overseas?
Putin proposed just such an idea a long time ago, and now, under the name of "The Russian World," it is taking form in various social and cultural organizations.  The Orthodox Church is helping the Russian administration greatly in this regard, as it has always been harnessed together in one team with the security services.  During  the Soviet era, power rested on the CPSU, the security services and the military industrial complex.  Now the RF is ruled by the security services, the Orthodox Church, of which it is the essential part, and local businesses, which are directed in large part by these agencies.  Large businesses and businessmen of Russia have understood quite well; if they are not friends with representatives of the former, they may lose their contracts, they may be accused of graft or simply be killed.  Another aspect is passing money along from the businessmen to government officials.  They give them the opportunity, to put it lightly, to live a cushy life, and since they receive extra funds, they do not have to live off of their salary.
One of the primary targets of Russian intelligence agencies is the emigrants from Russia, because their number and quality has increased considerably.  Working with them under Putin has substantially increased, and I believe, it is by now no less than during the time of the USSR.  It is one of the easiest ways to play on ones patriotic feelings and also exploit whatever failures the ex-Russian citizens may encounter in their new careers and in their new lives.
I would like to make another point about the ROC, which has decisively taken over the niche which belonged to the CPSU in the Soviet era.  One must remember that the Russian Orthodox Church and the establishment of "The Russian World" are covers currently used by the Russian intelligence agencies.  In all their parishes all over the world, they consciously manipulate the believers, pretending to provide spiritual and moral support, while actually implanting that which is orchestrated by the security services of the Russian Federation.

"a little truth in all the darkness"
Reader Daniel Comment: 
This is but one insider's testimony, [ amongst many others], about the direct connection of the 1943 Stalin founded pseudo-church organization, called 'The Moscow Patriarchy' and the Kremlin intelligence power structure. This subservient connection has not changed to this day, yet this 'MP' was the organization that a large part of our formerly free, ROCOR, submitted to in 2007, falsely seeing  it as, 'The Mother Russian Church'.

Joanna Comment:
I heard someone say just yesterday, "...how much changed in the ex-communist countries, where the majority of Orthodox used to live. And Russia is a miracle, I can't get tired in repeating it..."  And, now reading this sobering statement by Oleg Kalugin, I'm reminded of the Russian prophecy which says that in the days of Antichrist, "...They will point to the good estate of the Churches to justify their compromise..."

Thank you, mother Agapia, THANK YOU!

Retreat Rules

1. All participants are personally responsible and required to be at all scheduled activities, especially morning and evening prayers.
2. Participants may not leave the campgrounds at any time unless taking part in a scheduled group activity.
3. Participants may only run outside.
4. The kitchen area is off-limits to everyone except meal preparers and those assisting with meal set-up and clean-up. 
5.  Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain (Commandment #3).  This particularly applies to the “OMG” exclamation. 
6. Participants must always use appropriate language. The staff will not tolerate inappropriate language of any kind.
7. Participants may NOT swim in the lake at the campsite unless camp lake swimming is a scheduled activity and a lifeguard is present at all times.
8. Participants must remain in their own rooms from Lights Out until morning Wake Up (except to go to the bathroom).
9. Participants must dress appropriately at all times, as follows (THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED):
10.    Be kind, courteous and respectful to everyone at camp.

Summer Youth Retreat

Application Deadline June 15
DISCOUNT Application Deadline June 1

14 and older July 27–August 2
13 and under August 3–August 9

Summer Youth Retreat application packet
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Vigil & Liturgy at Mountain View

Overnight accommodations are ready

Father John will be serving in English: 
May 10/11 
All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy

Vladyka Andronik welcomes all to the Church of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia at Mountain View  
2781 State Route 145, Schoharie, New York 12157

There are a limited number of rooms available - most can accommodate two persons - there are a few with a single bed.  Most have a private bath.  Suggested donation is $25 per night per person.  Proceeds go to maintaining this very beautiful building.  So that a room can be held for you it is necessary for you to contact me at: 9143611485 or 9145885174 (c)  Sbn. Ilarion

Thank You for your very kind support of Mountain View!

Attached are some photos. 

Representative fotos of bedroom and bath


Fr. John Hinton
ROCA, Fairfax Virginia
24 March/6 April, 2014

Forefeast of the Annunciation

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

S’Prazdnikom, dear brothers and sisters.  Congratulations!

We have arrived at a most auspicious day on the calendar of our Church.  We have arrived at the Fifth Sunday of the Great Fast and, more importantly, we have arrived at the Forefeast of the Annunciation.  Ordinarily this Sunday would be devoted to St. Mary of Egypt but, because of the extraordinary importance of the Feast of the Annunciation, the Church moves the commemoration of St. Mary to a different service and today is devoted mostly to our most holy, most glorious, most blessed lady Theotokos and ever-virgin Mary.

Brothers and sisters, in the third chapter of the book of Genesis we read of the fall of our first ancestors, the fall of mankind – the success of the devil in tempting Eve and, through her, in beguiling Adam to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  We also read in that chapter the first mention of the Divine plan for our rescue from the disastrous consequences of the fall.  After Adam and Eve had partaken of the fruit that they had been commanded to avoid, the Lord had a confrontation in the Garden with the two of them and with Satan.  It is the Lord’s statement to Satan that should occupy our attention today.  The Lord informed Satan that He would create enmity between Eve and Satan, and between Eve’s seed and the seed of Satan.  The Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary is inseparable from the Lord’s statement to Satan in the Garden of Eden.  The “seed of Eve” refers to Jesus Christ and all who are faithful to Him – the righteous Jews of the Old Testament, and all of Christ’s Church.  The “seed of Satan” means Satan himself, all of his demons, and all who reject Christ. 

Four months ago, we celebrated the Feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple.  That Feast is very much intertwined with the Feast of the Annunciation.  The Archangel Gabriel did not just appear out of nowhere and announce this Divine plan – we refer to it as the Incarnation – to Mary Theotokos “out of the blue.”  No, brothers and sisters; she was prepared for the moment. 

You might recall that Mary spent roughly nine years – from the time when she was three years old until she was twelve – living in the Temple, in the Holy of Holies, being fed by angels and communicating with God Almighty.  Our father among the saints, Archbishop Gregory Palamas, whom we commemorated on the second Sunday of the Great Fast, tells us that while Mary was in the Temple she was engaged in hesychastic prayer – deep, silent communication – with the Almighty.  But St. Gregory adds that Mary was doing other things as well during her life in and around the Temple.  She was listening to the most distinguished Bible scholars of her day and learning the history of mankind, from the fall of Adam and Eve forward.  With the benefit of such expert instruction, Mary learned the details of the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible.  And part of her hesychastic prayer in the Holy of Holies was a request that God rescue fallen man from slavery to the devil and from death.  The Feast that we will celebrate tomorrow is the crowning moment in the conversation between Mary and the Lord that began in the Temple.  Her prayer was answered:  “Yes, there will be a rescue.” 

The Archangel Gabriel did not provide Mary the details of the plan, which had been designed in the counsels of the Holy Trinity before time began.  The plan was already in place at the moment when the Creator announced, “Let there be light.”  God knew beforehand that man would fall; that Satan would beguile man and lead him into sin.  And God already had in His primordial Mind the plan for our salvation.  The Holy Trinity in counsel determined that the Second Person of the Trinity would come into His own creation.  He would slip quietly, silently, almost surreptitiously into the creation that was fallen and sunken, weighed down by sin and death.  He would accomplish this through the will of His Father, the operation of the Holy Spirit, and the cooperation of the most holy Theotokos.  God the Son would become incarnate.  He would come down from heaven and become the God-man.

And so Mary is greeted by the Archangel Gabriel.  She hears the Divine plan, and gives her assent.  Mary answers Gabriel with utterly characteristic humility:  “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord.  Be it unto me according to thy word.”  (Humility is a family trait that Mary and her Son, Jesus, share.  Not very long from today, we will commemorate the original Great and Holy Thursday and the agony of Jesus in another Garden – the Garden of Gethsemane.  His humble acceptance of the rescue plan will echo His Mother’s response to the Archangel Gabriel.  He will ask that the bitter cup of His suffering and death be taken from Him, if the rescue plan could accommodate such a request.  But He will end His prayer with explicit acquiescence to the will of His Father:  “. . . not My will, but Thy will be done.”)

And so Mary conceives God in her womb, and delivers a child, and He is named Jesus, and He will become for us a Prophet, Priest, and King, Who will do battle with Satan and his demons for us.

We all know that Jesus is a King.  He is descended from King David – He is of the Davidic line, and thus has royal blood lines.  King David was promised by Almighty God that the Messiah, the Chosen One of Israel, would be of David’s seed.  We know Jesus as the King of Kings, the King of Peace, the King of the Angels, the Lord of the Universe, the Lord of Life and Death. 

But what about Prophet and Priest?  In today’s reading from the Gospel according to Mark we see Him in both of these roles.  We hear His third and final prophecy to His disciples concerning His own passion and death.  Not long before His transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Jesus began prophesying to His disciples about His passion.  He began the process as gently as He could, because He did not want to overwhelm them with the horrifying details of what He would suffer.  He did not want to risk their sinking into despair.  Gradually, He added the specifics.  Today’s prophecy represents the most detailed of the three.  He announces that He is going to Jerusalem, where He will be betrayed, abandoned by those who love Him, and rejected by the self-anointed smart people of the Hebrews – the leaders of the nation of Israel, the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees.  He will be handed over to the Gentiles and put to death.  (The disciples respond to this news as only simple fishermen could – James and John, two of the pre-eminent three, quarrel about where they will get to sit in the Kingdom.  They want to sit on either side of Jesus Christ.  You should savor this little morsel of information, because it renders all the more remarkable the transition in these disciples after Pentecost.  Simple fishermen who quarreled right up to the bitter end about the most trivial matters – and suddenly, they become brilliant defenders of the Faith, and spread it throughout the world.  That is a miracle in itself.)

What about the role of Jesus Christ as Priest?  He is already engaged in His priestly role as He leads His disciples to Jerusalem, although they surely do not know it yet.  He is the Pascal Lamb, in much the same sense as were the lambs that were slain at the first Passover.  The blood of those lambs protected the Hebrews from the Angel of Death just before the Exodus.  The priests of the Temple slew Passover lambs every year to commemorate the original Passover, in accordance with the Mosaic Law.  Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, will accept death on the cross and offer His sacrifice to His Father in atonement for our sins – as protection from the death that we deserve.  He is willingly, voluntarily making His way to a humiliating and shameful instrument of capital punishment – the cross – to die upon it, on Passover no less, and thereby to take away and destroy the sin of the world.  What is more, He will arise from the dead after three days in the tomb, and forty days later He will ascend into the heavens as the Great High Priest, where He will enter the heavenly Jerusalem, proceed into the real Holy of Holies, sit at the right hand of His Father, and do what priests do – He will offer sacrifice (His own death) and intercede for repentant sinners, to reconcile them with God.   

In last week’s apostolic reading from St. Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews, we heard that Jesus Christ is the Great High Priest, a Priest after the order of Melchizadek.  What does this mean?  It means that Christ’s priesthood is immeasurably grander and greater than the Old Testament priesthood that preceded it.  The Lord gave Moses explicit directions for the establishment of a priesthood.  That priesthood was to be permanent and hereditary – priests were to come exclusively from the tribe of Levi.  Levitical priests would intercede for the Hebrew people before God with conciliatory sacrificial offerings.  The most important of these was the blood offering that the high priest sprinkled in the Holy of Holies every year on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  Christ’s priesthood, which is not hereditary, is infinitely greater than the Levitical priesthood because in contrast with the human high priests, who were sinners like everyone else, Christ, the Great High Priest, is completely without sin.  Moreover, the high priest had to sprinkle blood in the Temple every year – the atonement ritual had to be repeated annually.  Christ’s priestly offering of His own precious and holy body and blood at Golgatha is a perfect sacrifice for the sins of the whole world, for all time.  Unlike the blood sacrifice on the Day of Atonement, His sacrifice never has to be repeated.   

Sinless Christ is both Sacrificial Lamb and Sacrificing Priest.  Both, at the same time?  Yes, and this is unsurprising.  Christ is many things at the same time.  He is the Head of His Church, and we are the Body.  It is true – Christians are members of the Body of Christ.  And as the Great High Priest of His Church, He regularly feeds us, the members of the Mystical Body of Christ, with His most pure Body and His own Precious Blood.  Does this sound astonishing?  Some things we must merely accept in simplicity, because our feeble powers of reasoning were never meant to penetrate every Divine mystery.  

Is it possible, though, to comprehend the awesome, transcendent nature of Christ’s High Priesthood?  Maybe we can catch a glimmer of it by reference to certain Old Testament springtime Feasts of the Lord.  Consider this:  the Levitical priesthood appeared long before the incarnation of Christ, about 1200 years before there existed Jesus the Son of Mary.  Along with that priesthood God, in direct communication with Moses, instituted a series of high, holy feasts that the Jews were required to observe.  The first of these was named the Feast of Passover.  The second was named the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  The third was named the Feast of First Fruits.  The timing of these feasts is set out with great precision in the Book of Leviticus, and there is a startling correspondence between the schedule for these feasts and the schedule of events during the original Holy Week.  There is likewise a very strong thematic connection between each one of these feasts and the activities of our Great High Priest as He accepted suffering and death, and then was resurrected.

The thematic connection between the Feast of Passover and the crucifixion of Jesus is familiar to us.  “Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us,” proclaims St. Paul to the Corinthians, with reference to the original Great and Holy Friday.  The date of Christ’s crucifixion coincided with the Feast of Passover.  According to the festal schedule in Leviticus, the Feast of Unleavened Bread would have been observed on the day following the crucifixion.  The theme of that Feast may be stated succinctly as “incorruption.”  The Jews were (and still are) required to remove every speck of leaven (a symbol of corruption) from their homes before the beginning of the Feast.  At the time of Christ’s passion the Feast would have been doubly important, because it fell on the Sabbath – the day of rest mandated by the Mosaic law.  “Incorruption” and “rest” – do they sound familiar, in the context of Holy Week?  We Christians refer to Great and Holy Saturday as “the day of great rest” – a day that the Mosaic Sabbath prefigured.  On the original Great and Holy Saturday, our Savior’s body lay at rest and incorrupt in the grave, while His Divine soul was in Hades, abolishing death.  On the very next day, in accordance with the Levitican festal schedule, the Jews would have observed the Feast of Firstfruits.  That Feast was an agricultural observance meant to secure God’s blessing on the spring barley crop.  The observance called for an early sheaf of barley, as a token for the entire crop that remained in the ground, to be given to the priest, who would take it into the Temple and wave it at the Lord for acceptance.  In the year of Christ’s passion and death, Firstfruits fell on the day of His resurrection.  As the barley crop was coming out of the ground, so was Christ.  Again addressing the Corinthians, St. Paul underscores the thematic connection between the Feast of Firstfruits and the Savior’s resurrection:  “Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of them that slept . . . Christ the firsfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming.”

Is this not amazing?  Right after leading His chosen people out of Egyptian bondage, the Lord ordains a priesthood and a system of festal observances that precisely foreshadow His own Great High Priesthood, and His own passion, death, and resurrection – events that take place more than a thousand years later.  And now, our Great High Priest is leading His Church, feeding the faithful with His sanctifying Body and Blood, interceding before His Father in the heavenly Holy of Holies in our behalf, and bringing us to eternal life.  This is the very essence of the enmity between Satan and Eve, between the seed of Satan and the seed of Eve, of which the lord speaks in the Book of Genesis.  O Lord, “Thy knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is mighty, and I cannot attain to it.” 

Mindful of the activities of our Great High Priest, St. John Chrysostom urges that, because God is so faithful and righteous in the fulfillment of His promises to us, we have it within our own hands, right now, to determine our eternal destiny.  Through hope those who are faithful to God are already in heaven.  Wow!  We can only shake our heads and marvel at these words.  And we should never cease giving thanks to the Mother of God for her role in this awesome plan of salvation.  We should ever say to her, “the door of compassion open unto us, O blessed Theotokos, for hoping in thee, let us not perish; through thee may we be delivered from adversities, for thou art the salvation of the Christian race.” Amen

Pascha 1926

Pascha 1926
Translated by Aida Zamilova
Edited by Hierodeacon Samuel (Nedelsky) and Isaac (Gerald) Herrin 

 From Priest Paul Chekhranov’s Memoirs 

The memoirs of Priest Paul Dmitrievich Chekhranov (1875-1961) cover a tragic period in Russian history. The author of these memoirs, an ordinary parish priest,  came to witness and participate in many extraordinary events. His recollections include his childhood, studies in a religious school and seminary, service as a priest, and picturesque scenes of simple provincial life. But at the same time the memoirs encompass the Revolution, the civil war with all its terrors, the executions and murders of the clergy, the strife of the °Living Church” followers against the canonical Church, arrests, prisons, and labor camps… 

The memoirs revive the images of outstanding hierarchs and clergymen–future New Martyrs of Russia–whom Fr. Paul happened to be close to and with whom he endured the adversities of life. 

Information about Fr. Paul Chekhranov’s life after the Revolution is very scanty. During the civil war he was a priest of the St. Nicholas Church in Rostov-on-the-Don. In 1923, he was arrested for his active opposition to the “zhyvtsy”

The most difficult of the four Paschas between 1923 and June 1926 was the time I had to spend in prison confinement for the sake of the Great Russian Church. I celebrated the first Pascha in Butyrskaya prison, the next two Paschas on the Solovetski Islands, and another in a transit camp, or I’d rather say, a convict prison on Popov Island.

It was this last Pascha that made an ineffable impression on me. On the one hand, it was an externally sad impression, but on the other hand – joyful one. It seems especially so now, when I live in the far south – a part of land that differs greatly from the far north.

That Pascha was sad because it, Pascha, was quite unexpected for me. I was supposed to celebrate the fourth Pascha at home, with my family. But the Lord settled the matter differently. 

March 30 was to be the end of the confinement term for our whole group that had been convicted for the honor of our home church. This group had refused, for the sake of St. Nicholas parish’s honor, to recognize the existence of the Church Affairs Revolutionary Committee of Rostov. 

The morning, however, brought me the saddest news: Bishop Mitrophan and I were to stay here, for an unknown reason, for an unknown period. Maybe for one week, or maybe for ten. Oh, I thought , again I am hurt much more than the others. Either I am more sinful than the others or the Lord loves me more than them.

With envious eyes, I watched Father Alexei and six other priests leave while I stayed in the camp, longing for the day when that same Anfilov would send for me.

Everywhere there was ice, snow, barb wire, and tall posts with cabins in which the sentinels, dressed in sheepskin coats and cursing the island, guarded the lives of the most heinous “criminals”: bishops, priests, archdeacons. My heart was heavy with sorrow. But a thought kept haunting me – does anything happen by chance in our lives? Doesn’t the Lord govern the world and our lives? Could He really wish us evil? Just wait, and we shall be able to discern the good consequences of this temporary delay. About two weeks passed in this manner.

Yashveely, the labor force manager, a Georgian officer and prisoner like me, relieved my anguish unexpectedly. “You know,” he said, “today they have driven Hilarion here with a group of convicts!” “Is that possible?” “Yes, yes, he is being inspected in the disabled convicts company.”

Although it was about 10 p.m.,  I still decided to see the dear Archbishop. Nobody was allowed inside, however, until the inspection was over. Without a moment’s thought, I grabbed a roll of paper, blank inventory forms, and pencils and headed straight for the disabled convict’s quarters, pretending to be a special messenger. The military detachment that had escorted the convicts from Petrograd turned out to be rather decent and polite. They freely let me in, and I returned the favor by warning them: “Be careful, they have typhus here in the camp”

The company quarters were filled with yelling, racket, and noise – the inspection was underway. As I looked around carefully, I saw Archbishop Hilarion in a brown kaftan, sitting on a plank bed. The moment he saw me, he rushed to me: “Father Paul! Father Paul!” We kissed each other on the cheek several times. However, our friendly meeting did not go unnoticed. The company commander general Pepellevsky and camp sergeant-major’s assistant F. Polyvtsev insisted that I get out until after the inspection was over, even though I was trying to prove my official status by papers and pencils.

Pascha was drawing near. An large crowd of people herded into the transit camp. Because of the bad spring roads, the lumber cutting had been stopped. Over a thousand people were returned to the camp, although it had been designed only for 800. The club-house was closed and turned into living quarters with plank beds. In other barracks, the aisles were blocked up by plank beds, and double bunks were altered into triple (three-tier) ones. Even the privileged barrack that once used to serve as an office was transformed into a room with double plank beds and now housed 120 people instead of sixty.

Very often, boiling water would not be supplied because the boilers would be used for making lunch and dinner. Pascha was around the corner. Oh, how greatly did I desire to observe this rite of prayer, even in that difficult situation! “How is that?” I was thinking, “How can I not sing ‘Christ is risen!’ on a Paschal night, even though it was hard to squeeze through the crowd to talk.”

I decided to prepare my brothers. I engaged in conversation the very good-humored Archbishop Nektary (Trezvinksy), Bishop Mitrophan (Grishin), Bishop Raphael (Gumilev), and Bishop Gabriel (Albanikov). The latter could not even suspect what troubles awaited him.

Among other brothers, I notified Father Philonen, a chess-player, and Father Arkady Marakulin, Vladyka Hilarion’s constant companion.

The invited people, however, split into two groups. Only Archbishop Hilarion and Bishop Nektary agreed to hold the Paschal service in the bakery that was far from complete: it had neither doors nor windows, only openings in the walls. The rest of the bishops decided to have the service on the third tier of plank beds in their barrack, close to the ceiling and next to the company commanders’ quarters. But I made up my mind to risk singing the Paschal service outside the barracks, to avoid hearing foul language at least in those sacred moments. The three of us agreed to meet.

Holy Saturday came. Workers arriving from lumber-cutting sites were packed into the prison yard and barracks like sardines. Now, a new trial befell us. The commandant ordered the company commanders not to allow even a hint of a church service and not to admit people from other companies starting at 8 p.m. Bishops Mitrophan and Gabriel sadly informed me of the order. Despite that, I was urging my “parish clergy” to try and hold the service in the bakery. Bishop Nektary agreed willingly, while Archbishop Hilarion did so reluctantly. However, he still asked me to wake him up at midnight.

A little after 11 p.m., I first headed for Vladyka Nektary’s barrack. The doors were wide open, and as I quickly entered, the guard on duty blocked my way. “No one from other companies is allowed here.” I stopped hesitantly. However, Vladyka Nektary was quick. “Coming, coming,” he told me. I headed for Vladyka Hilarion’s quarters. Swiftly entering the barrack, I walked past the guard on duty whom I knew a little and who was disposed in my favor.

“Please, do it quick and leave. That’s against the order.” I gave him a nod and walked up to Vladyka Hilarion, who was sleeping, his giant body sprawled. I pushed Vladyka’s boot and he raised himself a little. “It’s time,” I whispered to him. The whole barracks was asleep. I  went outside. Vladyka Nektary was waiting for us in the convict line-up area.

Vladyka Hilarion joined us. In single file, we headed quietly for the back of the barracks and then across the road. The unfinished bakery framework was there, its doorways and window openings gaping. Instead of going in together, we agreed to sneak in one by one. Once we were inside the building, we chose the wall that could best hide us from the eyes of people who might walk along the path. We were clinging close to the wall – Vladyka Nektary to the left, Vladyka Hilarion in the center, and I to the right. “Will you start?” asked Vladyka Nektary. “Matins?” asked Vladyka Hilarion. “No, everything in order, starting with the Midnight Office,” answered Vladyka Nektary. “Blessed is our God…,” whispered Vladyka Hilarion.

We began singing the Midnight Office. We sang: “Of old Thou didst bury…” And those words set to a gripping tune were strangely, strangely echoing in our hearts. “…the pursuing tyrant beneath the waves of the sea…” Our hearts felt the whole tragedy of the pursuing Pharaoh as keenly as never before, especially under those circumstances. There was the white sea covered with a white sheet of ice, the floor beams under our feet instead of a choir loft, and the fear of being spotted by the guards. But all the same, our hearts were breathing joyfully because, despite the commandant’s strict order, we were singing the Paschal service.

We finished singing the Midnight Office. Archbishop Hilarion blessed us to sing the Matins. “Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered…­,” whispered rather than said Vladyka Hilarion, peering ahead into the night gloom. We sang, “Christ is risen!” “Shall I cry or laugh with joy?” I thought. Oh, how did I long to strain my voice singing the marvelous irmoi!  But we had to be prudent. We finished singing Matins. “Christ is risen,” said Vladyka Hilarion, and the three of us kissed one another on the cheek. Vladyka Hilarion gave us a dismissal blessing and left for the barracks. Bishop Nektary, though, wished to serve the Hours and the Typika also. And so the two of us served those also. This time I led the service while Vladyka Nektary acted as reader. He himself chose to do so, for he knew all the hymns and the Epistle readings by heart.

On account of the feast day, I invited Vladyka Hilarion to my barracks for a cup of coffee. We had our coffee in the utility quarters office that was vacant on the holiday. Vladyka wondered at my boldness and resourcefulness. We had coffee with halva and several pieces of that Pascha cake that the Kem clergy had sent to us.

“Have you ever had cafй Vienne?” asked Vladyka and told me the recipe, laughing. The next day Vladyka Nektary and I served together while walking along a path. That day seemed as festive to me as the first day of our “divine services.”

That Paschal service was engraved on Vladyka Hilarion’s memory. His term was supposed to end that year, in December. As the navigation season was about to be over, he was conveyed from Solovki to the continent. But I got a letter from him later in December: “Fortune’s wheel has turned, and I am to be conveyed back to Solovki.”

Indeed, a notice prolonging his isolation for three more years had been sent from Moscow. “I am repeating the academic year,” Vladyka Hilarion would joke. In May 1927, he wrote to me, “I am remembering last year’s Pascha. How different it was from this year’s! How solemnly did we celebrate it back then!”

Yes, the circumstances of Pascha 1926 were extraordinary. While the three of us were celebrating Pascha in the unfinished bakery, the Rostov clergy, accompanied by I.F. Kovalev’s wonderful choir, led a solemn Paschal divine service in the electricity-lit cathedral.

But…­ It seems to us, that our Kem Pascha with Vladyka Hilarion, held in  the bakery that had neither doors nor windows, lit only with stars, and missing mitres and brocade vestments was dearer to the Lord than the  Rostov Pascha furnished with splendor.

See photos:
Source: http://www.pravmir.com/pascha-1926/
The source is a MP website, but this particular article is OK 'd by a qualified ROCA clergy-member.

Articles selected for Remnant Rocor readers

Reader Daniel sharing
Valuable testimonies of two former KGB operatives plus an analysis as to what is going on in Putin's head and with his rule of his Russian Federation now-
But, why should anyone read this?
     Because it lays out, the [insider's, Oleg Kalugin's, knowledge of] the basic problems of what is still so corrupt and so wrong with this current Putin neo-soviet hangover regime, post Yeltzin, in Russia, a regime which is still terrorizing the Russian people, and robbing them blind of their national resources and of their basic freedoms, etc.  It is truly a fearful, police-state, pure and simple.
     And the MP, the 'ROC' is very much a part of this state machinery, at home and abroad, that so-called, 'Mother Russian Church' [founded by Joseph Stalin in 1943],  that in 2007, a sizable  part of our old free ROCOR bowed to and so blindly and so foolishly joined, led then by Lavr Shkurla, and now headed by Hilarion Kapral and his 'bishops'.
     And above  this   Oleg Kalugin's  Russian language article, I also include another interview testimony [in good English] of what Putin is really up to, long term, also written by another ex-KGB agent.
     BOTH of these interview testimonial expose articles are quite enlightening.... though neither article is the whole complicated story of what all is going on in Putin's mind or in his Russian Federation.
Rd. Daniel

Oleg Kalugin: Putin – a temporary twist in the story
original Russian:
machine English:
WT: What, in your opinion, the difference between Putin and Soviet systems? Stalin and Putin's methods of governance?
- The Soviet system in a heap dump can not. Was Stalin, Khrushchev had been Brezhnev, Andropov had been Gorbachev.  And each had its own peculiarities. Putin returned to the same kind of Stalinist methods.  The only difference is that under Stalin were mass repressions.  He put behind bars and executed hundreds of thousands, millions of people.  And Putin is selective.  Again created a Russian authoritarian state: his regime is not as bloody but no less is criminal than Stalin.

Vladimir Putin Cæsar
and Our Great Geo-Political Turning Point

     Yet it isn’t just that Putin is restarting the Cold War.  Nor is he just an old-line KGB Bolshevik, as some stuck in commentary amber have suggested.  He’s smart enough to realize that Marxism, as the kids today would say, is just so “played.”
     He more likely wants to be the next czar.
     What’s my theory? Try this on for size: It isn’t just that Putin wants to restore lost Russian glory. He sees a chance to be a historic figure.

Soviet Deception:
Demoralization of the West

Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector explains to Edward Griffin, in an interview of 1984 (!) the process of demoralization, de-estabilization of US society by the use of the "active measures" by the soviet intelligence. A must see video do understand the world of today.


Viktor Yanukovich's art collection on display in Kiev

Is a Russian Invasion of Eastern Ukraine inevitable?

Prayer Request for Vladimir in Sofia who has so kindly provided us with many translations and now suffers from undiagnosed dizzy spells

Putin announces new military exercizes after Ukraine moves on separatists

Putin in the Ukraine – Against the Jews
"I am not afraid of Pravy Sektor.  I am afraid of Russia," says Asya Kreimer, who like most Jews here, is also a Russian-speaker.

15 Haunting Photos Of The Romanov Family
A friend of the imperial family saved six albums of snapshots, now housed in Yale’s Beinecke Library.

Pray because Putin is about to invade

Reader Daniel

Alarm & URGENT Prayer Request Sharing: My comment about the very close Putin full scale, & further, military invasion of Ukraine: "Today is Bright Wednesday"


and, "O Lord, save the God-fearing, and hear us, when we cry unto Thee!"
"Deliver us from the hands of the wicked, those who fear not Thee, O God!"
"In my distress, I called upon the Lord......., and He answered me!"
Rd. Daniel Everiss

# Today is Bright Wednesday, and just before  Putin's Further Invasion of Ukraine — Rd. Daniel 23.04.2014 19:31


Today, we hear of the newest threats coming from Mr. Lavrov, that if 'Russian citizens', living in Ukraine, are attacked or harmed by the Ukrainian government, then 'Russia will defend its citizens', etc.

What does this mean?... that Ukraine dare not even defend itself? from these foreign criminal gangster provocatuers and RF disguised military infiltrators?

Putin is about to make a full scale & massive military invasion and attack on the nation of Ukraine, while the west just makes empty threats, and does NOTHING. Putin laughs at Obama.

And the Ukrainian government is having its hands tied, in even trying to, police or defend its own territory and its own freedoms...or its own citizens.

Putin's bandits and organized agents, have seized many eastern Ukrainian local government buildings ..[ the same ongoing deceitful pattern as they did in Crimea].

What is most interesting to myself, are the varied foreign journalists's reports, from their talking, person to person,  to many local average inhabitants in eastern Ukraine., (and not to the extreme minority of pro-Putin organized violent mobs in the city centers): THE VAST MAJORITY OF THESE LOCAL UKRAINIAN CITIZENS, BOTH OF RUSSIAN IDENTITY or NOT, they say that THEY DO NOT! WANT TO BE PART OF Putin's RUSSIAN FEDERATION, [they are loyal to the country of UKRAINE!] and for the world to not believe all of the false propaganda coming from Moscow,  which propaganda is all lies, lies, and more LIES!

Russians in eastern or other parts of Ukraine, are NOT persecuted.

These local masses of the common people in eastern Ukraine say: "Putin is a liar!". (and these people greatly outnumber those few Putin imported agents making all the noise and violent threats).

Whatever all is wrong in Ukraine, [especially with the bad economy & soviet era political corruption] are the results of those long dreary soviet years, [which Putin has declared he wants to restore?], and the soviet hangover regime of corrupt Putin's puppet, Mr. Yanukovych.... thank God he was thrown out!]

*BUT, Putin SHALL invade, that is clear, and soon....any day now...perhaps even before Radonitza?
V. Putin is thus, celebrating Christ's Holy Resurrection?

In the end of this KGB criminal organized Kremlin military adventure, many young Russian and Ukrainian boys, in their respective armies,  and local average people will shed their blood. They will murder each other, and whole cities will be leveled. The entire world will be plunged into the beginning stage  of WW III.

Children and old people will die.....AND FOR WHAT????....FOR WHAT GOOD END???

God save a free Ukraine, all her inhabitants,  and all the good people there! and MAY GOD FREE ALL now living in the soviet-hangover gangster ruled, 'Russian Federation'!


"In Thee O Lord have we hoped, let us not be put to shame in the age to come!"

Putin plans to build, 'gambling casinos', in his illegally captured Crimea (!)... as billions of rubles & dollars & euros, of investment in the RF are being quickly sucked out of Russia, withdrawn, and as the economy & banking & financial system of the RF does rapidly downhill.

But, that is not stopping Putin, the worshipper and successor of Joe Stalin.
CHRIST IS RISEN!.... regardless.......
Rd. Daniel

P.S. And, KGB-Extraordinary Agent Mikhailov, 'Patriarch' Kyrill-Gundaev's official prayer [also officially shared around by his dupes in ROCOR/MP]  'for Ukraine', states: For God to "PACIFY " Ukraine. i.e., meaning ..to make loyal patriotic Ukrainians just quietly lay down their weapons, and simply pacifly submit themselves and their families and their cities and homes, to KGB gangster criminal, V. Putin?... TO JUST SURRENDER! (and if they don't, they will suffer the same fate as did Georgia, when Putin invaded and seized S. Ossetia, and the west did nothing then.)
     But, ROCOR/MP met. Hilarion-Kapral tells us that: "In Russia today, the church and the government are ENTIRELY SEPERATE!".....REALLY??? (the mountains of evidence says otherwise, many times over).
And, US President Obama (to silence domestic US critics, for political reasons), is now, 'sending 600 American soldiers to Poland and several other former satellite eastern European nations', all members of NATO.
     This is supposed to frighten and stop Putin? [what a sad joke!].
     May our 600 American soldiers [if they not be able  to frighten Putin into behaving] at least get to eat some tasty local Polish sausages [kolbasa] and good home-made fresh Polish pierogis, & to drink some quality Polish or Russian Vodka, while they are there!... as that is about the only possible good to come of such weak looking & pathetic laughable grandstanding by our pro-Marxist, pro-Islamicist, confused & weak, and not too bright US current President Barack Hussein Obama, – a shame on our country, [he is destroying our economy and jobs, & our former American Constitutional personal freedoms, at home] and worse yet, abroad, where around the world, he has caused our friends to doubt us or our promised  help, and our enemies to be emboldened, as Putin is proving].  Obama is a friend of all  our inter-national American foes, world-wide.  Obama actually wants very much to please Putin, not confront him. Putin knows this.  Who is thus, superior, and has the upper hand?
     Let us hope, that this mess in Ukraine, does not force Mr. Obama to cancel his golf-games or his many frequent vacations to Hawaii.

Read More

Putin takes over Facebook in Russia

Putin takes over Russian 'social networking site'.
Russian ties to Facebook.

Mr Durov had previously refused requests from the Russian government to censor posts on his site.

In a statement Mr Durov said that he only found out about the loss of his job from press reports: "Today I was fired as general director of VKontakte. It's interesting that the shareholders didn't have the bravery to do this directly, and that I learned about my firing from the press.

"Today VKontakte goes under the complete control of Igor Sechin and Alisher Usmanov. Probably, in the Russian context, something like this was inevitable, but I'm happy we lasted seven and a half years. We did a lot. And part of what's been done can't be turned back."

Mr Sechin is the chief executive of state-owned oil company Rosneft and was President Putin's former deputy chief of staff.

Mr Usmanov, who is the richest man in Russia according to Forbes, made his money in iron ore and steel and until recently held a stake in Facebook. He has a large shareholding in VKontakte via his internet company Mail.ru.

Putin allies take over Russia’s Facebook; founder ousted by Kremlin

Philokalia on Love

Four Hundred Texts on Love: Second Century, 9
9. Men love another, commendably or reprehensibly, for the following five reasons: either for the sake of God, as the virtuous man love everyone and as the man not yet virtuous loves the virtuous; or by nature, as parents love their children and children their parents; or because of self-esteem, as he who is praised loves the man who praises him; or because of avarice, as with one who loves a rich man for what he can get out of him; or because of self-indulgence, as with the man who serves his belly and his genitals. The first of these is commendable, the second is of an intermediate kind, the rest are dominated by passion.

He is not here.

Paschal Greetings from St. Nicholas Convent

Christ is risen! Christos Aneste! Christos Voskrese! Al-massih Qam!
Warmest greetings to all on this glorious Bright Week!  May the joy and blessedness of our Lord's victory over death be with you throughout the coming year!

But he said to them, "Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him. (Mark 16:6)

mother Agapia
St Nicholas Convent