After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Milan-Metr. John LoBue

Suddenly Milan-Metr. John has come out with the claim that:

"...Thirty-six years ago I asked Metropolitan Saint Philaret of New York to bless the title “Holy Name” for my monastery, and he gave me his blessing, but he made me promise him that I would always teach about this title in accordance with the Synods of Moscow and Constantinople in 1912 and 1913.  This promise I gave to him, and I cannot now break this promise..."  This is an excerpt taken from a letter he recently sent to another vigante bishop that is being published on the many websites and forums that have been either created by or usurped by the vigante Milan synod representatives.

This abbey, Holy Name, in New Jersey, was originally a Roman Catholic monastery.  If anything else, it is an example of an incomplete conversion.  Histories on the internet that have not been written by the Milan representatives themselves are impossible to find.

RRb blog commentator Minas notes:

"It makes no sense that in 36 yrs. he has never mentioned that St Philaret blessed that Abbey's name or whatever he's saying.   Another thing I noticed today in the history on that Abbey of the Holy Name website is it says this:  'Many ecclesiastical dignitaries have visited the abbey during its existence, including (now RocorMP Met.)-Archbishop Hilarion of Australia (ROCOR) and Bishop Germaine of Paris (ECOF). The Blessed Elder (Schema-Bishop) Theodore (Irtel) of Old Valaam lived the last 7 years of his life at the abbey and reposed there on November 21, 1997.'  

This guy  Bishop Theodore Irtel, aka George Irtel, aka Sergius Irtel, has been around the vagante circles.  When I was at Blanco they had made a color icon of him using the photo with a bright light shining on him and Greene claimed he was a living saint."


Checking the Pokrov site we find that the vigante-Bishop Theodore was also once under the vigante-Metr. Pangratios who was also, as he was, a sex pervert.

What is the Milan synod up to?  
MWoerl puts it quite succinctly.  Michael Woerl is a freelance writer for the RocorMP.   He does have a way with words.  Here is an excellent observation of the Milan synods, that he gives informally on a (world-orthodox) forum.   Year 2011.

scroll way down to 2011

I find it more than bold, and also pretty embarrassing – that a group who was once in communion with the Ukrainian Church under "Patriarch" Filaret (Denisenko), [a defrocked KGB agent, code name "Antonov"], can now, undoubtedly with a straight face, call the Moscow Patriarchate an "abomination," and everyone in legitimate Orthodox Churches who do not share the viewpoint of their tiny group, "representatives of Satan."

Saints preserve us!  Now the Milan..uh – remnant of the former Milan Synod in the US, apparently currently known as the 'American Metropolia' (a name used before guys, and not exactly a sterling one in the annals of traditional Orthodoxy ...) are attempting to grab the reins of the True Orthodox/Old Calendar movement in North America, rehabilitate the name "American Metropolia" for the Traditionalists, and show the world they can no longer abide Abundius!  ... beat it, Boston! Go away Agafangel! Take off, Tikhon! push off, Pavlos! shove off, Symeon!  Mila ... er, the American Metropolia had arrived! Abundius? are you kiddin??

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minas said...

If this claim that St. Philaret gave his blessing were true why was it not included in the long established website for Abbey of the Holy Name? Well, at least it hasn't been included in it's history there up to this point. It makes no sense this claim was never mentioned anywhere even once in 36 yrs. until now, does it ? This sounds like nothing more than a bogus name dropping claim to fame using the blessed St. Philaret of New York.

Joanna said...

There's no mention of it in Church News 1978. That was the year their leader died, Nikodim (agent Adamant) of Leningrad.

Joanna said...

It could conceivably be possible that St. Philaret blessed the naming of that monastery – I need some proof before I'll believe it.  Surely St. Philaret would never bless anything any of the Milan synods are doing now.

Joanna said...

Looking again at Milan-Metr. John's letter, where he says, "but he made me promise ... I cannot now break this promise..." What an incredibly odd thing to say. Have any of our true hierarchs ever refused to go into heresy because of a promise they made to a man?

minas said...


minas said...

Good thing for him that St. Philaret didn't make him promise to follow the canons when ordaining clergy

Crozier Press said...

Congratulations! Judgment awaits.

Joanna said...

For the record:

– from World Orthodox forum: topic: "All Things Milan"
– poster Loony Goony Mooney (aka Irish Hermit) , KGB agent, player on the stage, assignment: continual internet antagonist of Milan
– It does not matter whether people join the MP (or RocorMP) or the Milan... either one will do. MP and Milan only pretend to be enemies.


The following applications were made by the bishops of the Milan Synod to major Patriarchates and Local Churches of Orthodoxy in the years after 1997 and up to about 2002 or 2003.

1. Church of Constantinople
Milan's application to Constantinople occurred some years ago now. Constantinople did a check on all of Milan's financial holdings, properties, value of properties, and so forth. One bishop within that jurisdiction said that the EP found insufficient "collateral" to make Milan of any interest to them. During the negotiations one bishop, named Nektarios, went over to the EP unilaterally. I don't know what became of him after that. If I recall, the Vatican was very keen in protesting to the Phanar not to receive the Milan Synod, but I don't think this protest was pivotal in the Phanar's decision. After the negotiations fell through, Milan issued a strong denunciation of the EP.

2. Church of Russia
Milan's application to the Moscow Patriarchate occurred before that to Constantinople since Milan preferred old-calendar jurisdictions. Many in the MP were favourable but also many were unfavourable. Moscow finally offered to receive the Milan bishops in rank, but not as ruling bishops. This was found unacceptable to the Milan bishops. After these negotiations fell through, one Milan bishop, Marco of Genoa, published a derisive denunciation of the MP.

3. Church of Bulgaria
These negotiations were among the most promising. The reception of the Milan Synod as an autonomous or semi-autonomous metropolia under Sofia was actually put on the agenda of the great sobor of the Bulgarian Church. The Bulgarians were somewhat bewildered by the number of bishops Milan had per capita, since the Bulgarian Church has extremely few bishops per capita. However, the agenda item was placed at about item #100 (if I recall), near the end of items, and so it was never brought up at that sobor, time failing. Thus things fell through and Milan turned to other jurisdictions.

4. Church of Romania
These negotiations seemed fairly promising, and friendly "on-the-ground" contacts were established with actual bishops and their faithful in Romania. As a result, a Romanian convent sewed some very beautiful vestments for Metr. Evloghios, and the presence of many Romanians in Milan Synod parishes must have been something of interest to the Romanian Patriarchate. Friendships were made. However, in the end nothing came of these negotiations. Some of their bishops were very much in favour, some were very much not in favour. I can't recall exactly why these ones failed. I know the calendar issue was discussed, Milan people being very keen to keep the old calendar, and I think this hurdle was cleared. I don't remember what was the chief sticking point, prob. autonomy.

Joanna said...

For the record, continued:

5. Church of Serbia
These were very promising negotiations. There was a Bp. Luke [Serbian Bishop of France] who was keenly interested in making a deal whereby, in one stroke, both the Milan people and the people who were ECOF and were without sponsorship, could together be received under the Serbian patriarchate, and the more traditional Western rite people of Milan could have some oversight over the WR people of France whose liturgical customs were more problematic. Some of the Serbian bishops were enthusiastic about this, incl. the nephew of St. Nikolai Velimirovich, a bishop John Velimirovitch. The other Serbian bishops weren't as keen to make a bold move in France and in Milan, and the Milan WR people actually begged off being joined in any relationship to the ECOF people, since their approaches to liturgy were so very different (also the calendar was a big issue for the Milan people). In the end everything fell through entirely, prob. over autonomy.

6. Church of Georgia
These were the most promising negotiations of all. Georgia had had internal problems with Greek Old Calendarist entry into their geographic boundaries. Some Georgian negotiators felt that by declaring Milan to be the authentic descendant of Auxentios, while taking it under their wing, they could prevent further 'poaching' by other GOC-ists. The more traditional-minded Milan bishops were very pleased that Georgia had withdrawn from the WCC, an organisation they abhorred, and negotiations went so far that the Milan bishops actually had plane tickets to travel to Tbilisi and be received under the Patriarchate. At the last minute the Phanar discovered these plans, they made rather severe threats of censure against Georgia should it receive Milan, and as a result the Georgian Church suddenly withdrew its offer.

7. Church of Antioch
We should also not forget the Milan Synod's exploration of being received by the Antiochian Patriarchate. The patriarchal representative who spoke to Metr. Evloghios said that he knew the Milan Synod were pious Orthodox Christians, but due to the fact that the Patriarchates counted Milan in the number of "Slavic" or "Russian" churches culturally, and because the Antiochian Patriarchate had a delicate role in stabilising problematic relations between the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchates, it would not be possible for the Antiochian Patriarchate to assist the Milan Synod by receiving them into their communion.

8. Syriac Orthodox Church
This is a Monophysite Church and so an application from the Synod of Milan is quite extraordinary.  It is no small thing for trhe Milan bishops to be willing to jettison 4 of the Holy Ecumenical Councils.

Joanna said...

political satire


Joanna said...

Part I


Title: Re: Merged discussion of all things Milan Synod
Post by: Fr. Aidan (RocorMP) on September 23, 2011

Since no one has stated what they mean by "canonical," I cannot pontificate  ;) on whether the Milan Synod does or does not meet a specific definition.

I can say that Milan Synod clergy have served, in rank, without any reordination whatsoever, in the ranks of Metropolitan, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, and Deacon, in churches of the EP, OCA, MP, Romanian Patriarchate, Polish Autocephalous Church, and Serbian Patriarchate, when leaving the Milan Synod behind them. I can say that clergy of the Milan Synod have concelebrated the Liturgy with clergy of the MP and Romanian Patriarchate.

That is different from the Milan Synod being recognized officially by any of those Local Orthodox Churches. It is not.

Here are the historical details, from a public post I made Feb. 6, 2008, on the Occidentalis group for discussion of the Western Rite in the Orthodox Church:

IN HIERARCHICAL RANK. Met. Gabriel of Lisbon and his vicar Bishops Iakovos and Theodoros were received in rank into the Polish Orthodox Church in 1989. Met. Gabriel, without intermission, simply began serving as a Metropolitan of the Polish Church. When in Europe rumors began to circulate that they had undergone a fresh ordination, Warsaw confirmed, in a document dated Feb. 11, 1991, that no reordination had occurred. An official letter from Met. Gabriel of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church, dated Mar 14, 1993, also confirms that no reconsecration of the Bishops occurred—they were received in their episcopal dignities.

Abp. Lazar of Ottawa (a defrocked former Deacon of the ROCOR who had been rehabilitated by the Free Serbian Church) and Bp. Varlaam of Vancouver Gabriel, both of whom were consecrated to the episcopate by Met. Evloghios of Milan, but later abandoned the Milan Synod in order to join the Kievan Patriarchate, were received as retired Hierarchs by the OCA on May 24, 2002. They are listed on the OCA's official website as Hierarchs together with Theodosius, former Metropolitan, Gregory, former Bishop of Sitka and Alaska, and other retired OCA Hierarchs. Met. Evloghios consecrated Abp. Lazar on Sept. 28, 1990, Bp. Varlaam on Apr. 1, 1994. (reference: http://www.oca.org/pages/ocaadmin/episcopacy/index.html#retired)

Joanna said...

Part II

Abp. Lazar and Bp. Varlaam concelebrated with Met. Herman of the OCA on July 23, 2004, during the triennial Assembly of the OCA's Archdiocese of Canada.

IN PRIESTLY RANK. In France, in 1989, Archpriest Gerard de la Garde and Dcn Joseph Fouilleul, two clergy ordained by Met. Gabriel of Lisbon, were accepted into the MP, without reordination, by the Exarch Vladimir (Sobodan), presently Met. of Kiev of the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP).

When Met. Gabriel and his Bishops were received in rank into the Polish Orthodox Church in 1989, some 30 of their Priests were likewise received, in rank.

IN DIACONAL RANK. In Germany, the Exarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Lavrentije (now Bishop of Sabac-Valjevo), received Dcn Basil Manfred Danfeld, a resident of Berlin, ordained Nov. 28, 1989 by Met. Evloghios of Milan. At Bishop Lavrentije's request, Met. Evloghios signed an official letter of canonical release on Mar. 5, 1991. Fr. Dcn Basil was received as a Deacon without reordination.

There have also been cases when clergy of the Milan Synod were received into other Orthodox Churches WITH reordination. But the fact is, there would be no theological barrier to the EP's receiving a Milan Synod Bishop in rank. It is not likely given the politics of the situation, however.

When I applied to the ROCOR, in late 2004, I was initially told that I would most likely not need to be reordained. In the end, it was decided to receive me and the other nine or so Milan Synod priests who have left the Milan Synod for the ROCOR, by the process of a cheirothesia.

I have since concelebrated Liturgy with clergy of the Antiochian Archdiocese, Serbian Patriarchate, and EP.

Hieromonk Aidan+

Xenia Suaiden said...


Joanna said...

Crozier Press, (previous comment). is the Milan synod Joseph Suaiden of NFTU, jurisdictional ecumenist.

minas said...

Crozier Press said...

"Congratulations! Judgment awaits."
This comment by Mr. Suaiden is a real gem. Perhaps though,... I'm wondering,... was it given to him as a word of knowledge by his synod's newly ordained reader-prophet ?

minas said...

I also love the artistic use of capital letter, hyphen, small letter and underscore in Mrs. Suaiden's comment. Brilliant!

Crozier Press said...

It doesn't take a prophet to see when people are going headlong into hell. Judgment awaits. Stop slandering. Stop lying. Stop sending Minas to talk to people's wives under cover as he did before he told me. His guilt drives his evil. Just as it did with the parish in Florida.

Stop accusing, Joanna, my Bishop who spoke to St Philaret and Bp Gregory on multiple occasions (indeed-- it was the only reason he even went to the ROCOR-A glorification-- to kiss the icon). You are helping a heretic who will pretend St Philaret was a fellow heretic and will lie as much as you that he too was a heretic, when we know he wasn't. That will be on your soul. GOD WILL JUDGE YOU.

Stop. Don't publish my comment. I don't want your attention. But what you are doing is evil. STOP. EVIL.

Call me a vagante all day long, but don't do evil. Don't lie. Don't slander. God WILL judge you. Cease going to confession looking for validation. God has no desire for those who make excuse with excuses in sins. You don't need Rdr Nathan to tell you that. You should have figured that out on your own.


This is my last message. Continue on this path, and hell awaits. Maybe I will be there too. But it is my job to warn you. And I won't waste my time again.

It is your last warning. You are in prelest.

Joanna said...

(...those who say "well done, well done"...)

National Geographic documentary on psychopath Robert Black
see minute 40:00
Speaking about the psychopath, one of the doctors comments:
"When the guilty verdict came in, Black was reported to have looked across to the police officers, some 20+ of them, and said, 'well done boys' before he was led down. Now then, if that is true, that is pure form psychopathy, pure form psychopathic behavior..."

In looking at the characteristics of the obvious psychopaths, we see exaggerated the same characteristics that might get overlooked in the narcissist.

"well done" is the same as "congratulations"
I've seen where Suaiden has said that before, also...

Now I have to add "Narcissism" label to this post. Should have had it there all along...

Joanna said...

Lobue's Cemetery:



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