After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


A Vague Idea of the Church

from Joanna's notepad

It has been said that a certain heresy could be arising among the fragments.  Or, maybe, it already has arisen, but is not yet articulated.  It goes something like this:
     The bishops are merely fulfilling a certain role that is necessary for the structure of a Church.  Any bishop will do for any given moment, as long as the people apply the canons according to their strict interpretations.

This is like the Protestants who run off with our Bible and use it as the foundation of their Church.  Instead, the super-correct, behaving like Protestants, run off with our canons and use them as the foundation of their Church.  For them, then, the Church is no longer the Body of Christ; instead it is just an organization of people who all think alike. 

Because of their "vague idea of the Church" the fragments have a need to have things strictly defined, especially that of the presence or absence of grace.  Because, being outside the Body of Christ, (being in schism), the only way they can attribute grace to themselves is by a definition; for, in actual fact they have lost connection to the source of grace, which is the Church.  They have lost the freedom that is given within the Body of Christ to trust God with such matters.  The only way they can feel on top of things again (regain some sense of stability) is to proclaim that ROCOR is the one who is in schism because ROCOR won't make the same declarations they do (about grace), and won't stand on their foundation with them.

I would appreciate having help in articulating this heresy or problem – whatever it is.  I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has also noticed this same disorder, and can help describe it.  Hopefully something I can publish to help others who are also concerned about this.

World-orthodox, being the flip-side of the super-correct, also have a vague idea of the Church.  Fr. Seraphim Rose wrote this in a letter to a catechumen who came from the Roman Church and who was concerned about ROCOR's seeming "intolerance" of other jurisdictions:

As for the "intolerant" attitude of our Synod to other Orthodox Churches: Several years ago a Catholic girl was received into our Church, and she told me that one of her earliest puzzlements concerned the seemingly great contrast between the frightful statements made about heretics, apostates, etc., and the universally kind and loving approach that she always found when talking to our clergy and faithful.  I see no conflict whatever.  To guard the truth one must speak straightforwardly about those who depart from it in order to protect the flock and, if possible, to enlighten those in error.  But to every soul the Church opens Her treasures – if only he will listen to the truth and accept what She teaches – which comes from the Holy Spirit – not from his "reinterpretation" of it.  With regard to those Orthodox Churches that are departing from truth, one should be if anything even more outspoken – for their leaders, having known Orthodoxy, are consciously departing from it and trying to lead the flock away with them.  But in all my contacts with the zealots for Orthodoxy within our Church, I can truthfully say that I haven't found one of them without true Christian love for those in error; they would be the very first to embrace Patriarch Athenagoras and others if they repented of their errors and returned to Orthodoxy.   The contrary impression, I believe, comes chiefly from the criticism of those whose idea of the Church is very vague and who therefore accuse our zealots of "lack of love" when they rightfully attack apostasy.
Letters, p. 11

All this is important to us because the fragments arose from within ROCOR (and we want them to return).  We are very susceptible to super-correct disease.  Unlike the renovationism disease which came from outside of us, (from world-orthodoxy), the super-correct disease came from within us.  This is all the more clear now since the GOC-union.  The GOC also, like us, has an innate tendency for super-correctness.

Well, then, what would be a clear idea of the Church?  So marvelous is it to ponder Her.  She is the "palace of the Master", as we say in our morning prayers where we sing of Her grace.  I don't believe it is possible to have a clear idea of the Church from without.  But outside the Church it surely is possible for someone to recognize that they are outside of it.  Also, even while incomprehensible to the "head" (intellect), the "heart" (spirit) can be touched very deeply.  Fr. Seraphim described his first visit to the Church before he was even a Christian:

… when I entered an Orthodox church for the first time (a Russian church in San Francisco) something happened to me that I had not experienced in any Buddhist or other Eastern temple; something in my heart said that this was "home", that all my search was over.  I didn't really know what this meant, because the service was strange to me, and in a foreign language... 
Not of This World, p. 81

This is how we know when we are in the true Church – by the experience of grace within Her.  And not by some logical intellectual declaration that takes up page after page to "prove".

Old Platina Catalogue

St. Herman Press Catalogue 1979

Epilogue to 3rd printing ORF

Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future 
Epilogue to the Third Printing
(1st Edition)

MAY 1976

IN THE BRIEF YEAR since this book was printed it has become something of a "best-seller" among Orthodox books; if one includes the original articles in The Orthodox Word from which it was compiled, there will now be close to 5000 copies in circulation — something rather rare for a serious and uncompromising Orthodox book in the English language.  It would seem that, despite the almost universal apostasy of our times, there are still many who are striving to understand and remain in genuine Orthodoxy.

In this year the "religious" phenomena described in this book have be come much more widespread.  The "Dialogue" of the World Council of Churches with non-Christian religions and with anti-religious Communism (as manifested at the 1975 World Assembly of the WCC in Nairobi, Kenya) has encountered so little opposition that it no longer needs to apologize for itself; the age of spiritual "detente" has arrived, in which, it would seem, no one any longer presumes to think that he possesses the truth, much less wishes to preach it to others.  Likewise, the activity of the "Temple of Understanding" (see above, pp. 5, 34) steadily expands and finds a welcome audience among the political and religious leaders of humanity, as attested by its activities in New York City in connection with the 30th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations in the spring of 1975.

In such a spiritually "neutralized" world, the various forms of meditation described in this book — and many other new ones— have become the "latest rage," especially in America, where its various cults receive nationwide publicity.  A recent article in U.S. News and World Report (Feb. 16, 1976, p. 40) describes them as "consciousness cults" and says of them: "Few of the mind-therapy groups espouse religious views. They have a wide middle-class, even middle-aged, following among lawyers, doctors, teachers and other ‘establishment' types."  Among these cults may be mentioned the "Erhard Seminars Training" established in 1971, "Rolling," "Silva Mind Control," and various forms of "encounter" and "biofeedback," all of which offer a "release of tensions" and "a "tapping of the hidden capabilities" of man, expressed in a more or less plausible "scientific" jargon.  By far the fastest-growing of these cult; is "Transcendental Meditation” (see above, p. 85), which now claims 600,000 followers in America and is being widely used in the Army, public schools, prisons, hospitals, and by church groups, including parishes of the Greek Archdiocese.  In a word, what is described in this book as a demonic initiation experience is now being accepted as a normal and harmless part of ordinary American life, as simply a form of "mental therapy."  Can we still be so bold as to say that this experience is demonic?

It is most important for Orthodox Christians to be precisely aware of‘ what demonic experience is.  It is by no means necessarily something black and overtly satanic; it is often something apparently light, attractive, and found in conjunction with some of the best ‘qualities of human nature.  All the gods of the pagans are demons (Ps. 95:5) — but this does not mean that all the pagan religions are degenerate and bloody (although some of them, indeed, are).  Some of the pagan religions are comparatively light and noble and are capable of inspiring a relatively moral and refined life, but the power of the prince of this world, the devil, is such that he makes all the pagans his children, destined for hell — unless they find the grace of God, which alone can save them from perdition.  The Church of Christ saves men from the world — not merely from the dark, overtly evil side of the world, but even from its highest qualities and aspirations.  All merely human devices are powerless to effect our salvation.  Not logic, not good intentions, not a tenderly-loving heart — can save one if he finds not the grace of God which lifts one above this world.

The demonic religion described in this book is a striving of the human mind and soul deprived of the grace of God; all its good qualifies — and who will deny that it has them? — only serve to entice men into a religious experience that cannot save their souls, and by its apparent success prevents them from finding the true path to salvation.

Over a century ago Bishop Ignatius Brianchaninov recorded with awe and foreboding the vision of a simple Russian blacksmith in a village near Petersburg at the dawn of our present age of revolution (1817).  In the middle of the day he suddenly saw a multitude of demons in human form, sitting in the branches of the forest trees, in strange garments and pointed caps, and singing, to the accompaniment of unbelievably weird musical instruments, an eerie and frightful song: "Our years have come, our will be done!" (S. Nilus, Svyatynya pod Spudom, Sergiev Posad, 1911, p. 122.) 

We live near the end of this fearful age of demonic triumph and rejoicing when, as our recent Fathers have warned us, grace itself will seem to be departing from the earth.  The religion of the devil, the religion of Antichrist takes possession of men's souls in direct proportion to the departure of grace; it is the participation of apostate humanity in the general rejoicing of the demons at the end of time to see the virtual disappearance of true Orthodoxy from the face of the earth.

Orthodox Christians!  Hold fast to the grace which you have; never let it become a matter of habit; never measure it by merely human standards or expect it to be logical or comprehensible to those who understand nothing higher than what is human or who think to obtain the grace of the Holy Spirit in some other way than that which the one Church of Christ has handed down to us.  True Orthodoxy by its very nature must seem totally out of place in these demonic times, a dwindling minority of the despised and "foolish," in the midst of a religious "revival" inspired by another kind of spirit.  But let us take comfort from the certain words of our Lord Jesus Christ: Fear not, little flock, for it it your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom (Luke 12:32).

Occult in world-orthodoxy

In 2009 an Antiochian priest, Fr. Elias Yelovich, was dismissed for proclaiming a charismatic layman to be a prophet.  A year later this priest was accepted into the vigante Milan synod, (as a priest).  

November  17, 2009
Orthodox Christians for Accountability

Suspended for Internet Comment, Priest Is Dismissed From Antiochian Archdiocese

In a letter to Fr. Elias Yelovich, dated November 9th, Bishop Thomas of Charleston has informed the suspended priest that “it has been decided that you should be ...removed from the roster of clergy of this Archdiocese. This action is being taken with the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Philip, and is effective immediately.”

In the two page letter Bishop Thomas continued:
“The reasons for these actions are numerous. To name a few:

1. Your continued disobedience to directives passed on to you by my office, specifically those dealing with your own spiritual care, namely continuing against my direction to have a layman as your confessor.

2. Secondly, maintaining a parish council president who is not in good canonical standing with this Archdiocese. You have been sent a number of times a copy of the Priest’s Guide containing the model constitution for parishes, which indicates that council members must be in good canonical standing.

3. Proclaiming throughout your deanery that one of your parishioners is a “prophet” and accounting and proclaiming “miracles” without consulting the hierarchs of this Archdiocese.

Your recent postings to the website ocanews.org led us to interview you and investigate your activities. The investigation revealed that you had not changed any of the behaviors about which you had been warned. In addition to the serious items listed above, the disparaging remarks you posted about the Metropolitan on the Internet have contributed to our taking this action. Likening our Archbishop to a father who beats his children will never be tolerated. There are proper ways that we can disagree as brother clergy, and there are inappropriate ways. This one certainly was inappropriate. 

As you know we have repeatedly asked you to conform to the practices of our Archdiocese and specifically to repudiate the remarks you posted on the Internet. Sadly, you have refused to work with us. This being the case we have no other recourse but to take this action.
We pray that you will come to repentance.

Yours in Christ,
+Bishop Thomas (signed)
Rt. Rev. Bishop THOMAS (Joseph)
Auxiliary Bishop
Diocese of Charleston, Oakland and the Mid-Atlantic
cc: Most Rev. Metropolitan PHILIP

November 25, 2010
Former Antiochian priest joins Old Calendarist group

The charismatic layman, we believe, also joined the vigante Milan synod.

Vladyka Agafangel on facebook

ROCA: Page Metropolitan Agafangel to facebook

The page address in the Metropolitan Agafangel facebook:


cut & paste link
The Russian site lets you translate posts individually.  So far everything posted is pastoral.

Feeding Haiti School Children

Annual Fundraiser
Haiti Mission

Our Haiti Mission has received a donation again this year from Feed My Starving Children.

Food for the kids (12 tons of it) is on the way again, and should be available for pickup in Florida late this month.  While the food is free, the transport from Florida and within Haiti and preparation (the latter provides a bit of paid employment for poor parents) is not.  This costs about $6,000/yr. -- and puts a decent meal in the mouths of close to 500 kids 5 days a week during the school year.  Do the math!  It's a bargain, but only if we do our part.  Scrape your pockets!

The most good a dollar can accomplish is with a donation to the Haiti Mission, the poorest of the poor.
St. Nicholas School
Thank You!


• Met. Cyprian of Oropos and Fili, visits Georgia
English language report with photos,  from the GOC-SIR website: 

• Philokalia – Impurity of intellect consists first in having false knowledge
 Impurity of intellect consists first in having false knowledge; secondly in being ignorant of the universals (I refer to the human intellect, for it is a property of the angelic intellect not to be ignorant even of particulars); thirdly in having impassioned thoughts; and fourthly in assenting to sins.
Philokalia, volume II, page 88-89

• ROAC's Maklakov treated inhumanely by Russian border guard system

• On Mt. Athos Karoulia monks anathematize Putin

• How to help Abbess Juliana

• Patronal Monastery Feast in Egorovka, Ukraine, of The Nativity of the Theotokos
             PHOTO REPORT  (44 photos)

• Joanna's book review of Letters by Fr. Seraphim

Patronal Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos

Feast Day Photos
Holy Nativity of the Theotokos
Portland, Oregon
Sunday September 8/21, 2014

New Catechumen photos

Nativity of the Theotokos Cathedral (GOC)
parish feast day
Portland, Oregon
New Catechumen, Luke.
May he be united to the One Holy Apostolic Church...

Luke is studying philosophy and ancient Greek and is the assistant editor for Wiseblood Books


• The Church in the Bloodlands
article by Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church–Moscow Patriarchate
recommended reading

Occult infecting world-orthodoxy

– from Joanna's notepad

World Orthodoxy is taking serious steps further into the occult.   Mystagogy website has just released a new satellite website to help promote the occult in Orthodoxy.  

website of John Sanidopoulos

The person who found this new website sent it to me with this note:

"Hi Joanna, thought you might want to check out the Mystagogy site.  He has just launched a new website titled "diamonologia", which apparently focuses on the dark side.  For an Orthodox Christian this is so weird to write about and show interest in – especially to his degree (this is stuff people shouldn't mess with in any way, let alone study).  Seems more to me that he wants to merge the occult with Christianity, really, or get viewers familiar with that kind of stuff, like soften it all up a bit... why else focus on it in this depth?  Fr. Seraphim's books should be enough info on these topics, I would think." 

This diamonologia website is right up there with John Granger's "Looking for God in Harry Potter".  John Sanidopoulos, like John Granger, is educated, respected, and his works are also widely published.
When the true spirit of Orthodoxy is lost, then it leaves a void inviting in spiritual revivals and academic pretensions.  So far it is only the left that is guilty of the spiritual revivals.  But both the left and the right are susceptible to academic pretensions.

We can't stop what is happening in world-orthodoxy.  But please, I hope, that if anyone of us sees the occult, or any hint of it, threatening to infect our Sister Churches (royal path), please, let us nip it off at the bud.  Our clergy and the bishops are not always able to see trouble brewing on the local level or individual level.  If we see a brother in a fault, we should go to him privately.  If he will not hear, then we take one or more witnesses.  If he still will not hear then we go to the Church.   If the Church does nothing, we still must persist.  This kind of thing can not be permitted to remain in our Church.

Occult infects world-orthodoxy

check it out

• Harry Potter infects world-orthodoxy
John Granger is a member of the SIR.  He has the support of the Etna bishops.
Dr. Kate Behr is on the faculty of St. Vladimir's OCA seminary

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Perfect description of charismatics from the 2nd century

In the second century, the errors of the Montanists appeared.

A certain Montanus, who applied to himself the prophecy of the Savior concerning the sending down of the Comforter (Jn. 15:26; 16:l2-l3), declared that he had been sent by God to restore the Church.  The distinguishing characteristics of the Montanist sect were an excessive arousal of the senses and self-exaltation, an attempt to restore in the Church the discipline and life of the first Christians, a propensity towards false inspirations and extreme fanaticism in mortification of the flesh.  Infected with pride, they considered only themselves to be spiritual Christians, and called the rest men of spirit and flesh.

–  History of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, (a seminary textbook) translated from Russian by Isaac Lambertson for SJKP
page 59 (print on demand)


GOC Bishops Visited St. Edward's Brotherhood, Brookwood, UK
  For the Feast of the Beheading of St, John the Baptist.  PHOTO REPORT

Sermon on the Beheading St. Justin Popovich

Personnel of the Russian FSB are putting psychological pressure on clergymen of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev patriarchate (UPTsKP) in annexed Crimea. This was reported by Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea Kliment, Religiia v Ukraine reports with reference to Pomisna and "Krym. Realii."
   "I know that several priests were forced to sign papers regarding cooperation with the FSB. We are returning to the distant communist times when the KGB influenced priests," he said.

Ukraine Church overtaken by MP, Aleksei Gordeev, who investigated this subject, reports that in the morning of 8 September church attendants prepared a charity dinner. At 11:00 a.m. two automobiles drove up to the house of worship with armed persons. According to a source, they "requested" rudely that the premises be evacuated within 20 minutes, noting that they did not now belong to the church and were being transferred to ownership by the Orthodox Church for conducting services. At the same time they demanded not only the evacuation of the building but also surrender of church documents (right of ownership) and the seal.
  The militants explained that they were acting with a priest's blessing. All this time, the "holy father" from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow patriarchate (there are no other Orthodox churches in the city) was sitting in a car, observing what was happening.
  Then the militants drove out the parishioners who had been in the church without even letting them collect their things. An eyewitness to these events said that the supporters of the LPR answered the question "Why?" by saying your confession supported the war ("against the wishes of residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics"—A.G.) and now there will be an Orthodox Sunday school here or something else.

Some repercussions of the current Ukraine/Putin mess: "Putin's cheese"..and how Finns on the Russian border feel, whose local business depends on the Russians coming and buying their goods, etc.
  Some of the many un-expected economic and social side-effects, on local people, common Russians and neighboring nations, because of this bloody and destructive invasion and warfare in Ukraine, being directed and run by Vladimir Putin, and his proxy, 'pro-separatist' terrorists, for his own political aims. We see now, the gradual unraveling of former peaceful economic and mutually  beneficial relations, between the common Russian people, and neighboring European people.
  Former people-to-people, goodwill, peaceful friendly borders, is being step by step,  tragically lost. Instead, western and eastern European governments are being forced to prepare for...a defensive war, and against whom? ...Putin's military machine, and his economic threats against them.
How tragic, and how really unnecessary, except for the facts of what Mr. Putin's government is doing and threatening. And Ukraine is the prime example in front of everyone's eyes, -proof of what Putin desires, and what he is capable of doing to...neighbors.
  Rd. Daniel

Sbn. Konstantin Preobrahensky email hacked

Don't click on anything inside the email.  Why is it always Yahoo that gets hacked?

Blood on their hands

November 2004

  Note: This was true when that terrible 'declaration of loyalty to the soviet authorities'  was signed by Sergius Stragorodsky, and the other betrayers, as it is now.  Except now we have the hindsight of what all those long years of Sergianist captivity of  Orthodox religion in Russia has cost... and still costs.
  And this 'church' created by these traitors, is the organization that in 2007, a  LARGE PART OF THE OLD FREE Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, ...signed their loyalty to, lead then by Lavr Shkurla, and now Hilarion Kapral.
Rd. Daniel


    In the widely known pernicious Declaration of 16/29 July 1927, Metropolitan Sergy Stragorodsky, Alexis Simansky, and eight other hierarchs signed a document expressing loyalty to the authority of the Soviet State and then they also called for such loyalty from Church hierarchs abroad  “in all the Church’s public activities”.

     By signing this document, Metropolitan Sergy and members of His “Synod”, put themselves in the service of the Soviet State, which conducted bloody executions in Russia of clergy, intellectuals, military leadership and peasants. By joining the ranks of these people who persecuted the Church, these hierarchs, for their own security, became Christ-sellers and Judases. Having broken the Church canons, regulations and traditions they became servants of the anti-religious government, helping to persecute clergy and believers faithful to Christ, and assisting the atheists in closing churches and monasteries.

     With this Declaration, Metropolitan Sergy in a way gave the blessing of the Russian Church to the godless Soviet government for such crimes, stating that  “your joys are our joys, your misfortunes are our misfortunes” and morally he united not only himself, but also all hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchy to the Soviet government and its crimes.

     Defending the atheistic government before the entire world, he began to lie outrageously, saying that there is no persecution of the Church in the USSR, (but) that the Church is in a better situation than before, and that the government only persecutes criminals.

     The successors of Metropolitan Sergy (later by wish of Stalin - the  “red patriarch” in a “church” established by the will of the dictator) and the successive hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchy, did not denounce this pernicious Declaration, but on the contrary even now they persuade others, that the Declaration has been the only salvation of the Russian Church, forgetting the fact that it is written that the gates of hell shall not overcome the Church. Their lack of repentance and their inherited guilt (called sergianism) is at the present time one of the main obstacles to the unity of the Church in Russia and the Church Abroad.

     Therefore, since the contemporary hierarchs of the Moscow Patriarchy, appointed to their positions by the past communistic governments, do not admit their inherited guilt for participation in such criminal activities, how can it be conceived possible to conduct with such “clerical personalities” negotiations about the future of the Russian Orthodox Church? How is it possible to trust such clergy, that confirm that black is white? How is it possible for the commissions that represent ROCOR to sit down at the same table with those who morally participated in Soviet crimes?     

Prof. G.M. Soldatow

So-called 'Name-Worshippers'

• about this complicated subject and heresy from: Wikipedia and ROCA counsel
• a good and concise rebuttal of this heresy quite sufficient for us

A pre-revolution Russian Synod, urged on by Metropolitan Antonii (Khrapovitsky), condemned it.

A pre-new calendar Constantinopolitan Synod condemned it..

"In October 1918 the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church cancelled the previous decision, and no longer allowed imiaslavtsy to participate in church services unless they repented. The decision was signed by Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow.”  This seems to me to be a rather authoritative position taken by the Russian Church. 

"Among the theologians who spoke out for imiaslavie were Pavel Florensky and Sergey Bulgakov.”  The support of these supposed “theologians” is quite sufficient for us Russians to discredit the whole imiaslavie movement. 

In general, I see no good coming from any revival of this movement.  Already, it has revitalized a controversy that had long been considered a dead issue, and once again it has become highly divisive.  The people promoting it are all in fringe groups that tend toward sectarianism.  Not a good sign.

It seems to be an intellectual argument over the distinction between essence and energy.   Such arguments are better understood in the Greek language.  

R-splits were deliberate

from Joanna's notepad

Minutes from our synod meeting January 2010

I want to emphasize this excerpt from the the 2010 Meeting Minutes:

4.  [The] Bishop offered his opinion that the division of the faithful into the so-calledfragmentswas deliberate and that it is very important that all efforts be made to heal this painful wounding. Everyone agreed that we must find what unites us, rather than what divides us. Everyone hopes that the upcoming meeting of our representative with representatives of the other jurisdictions will have a satisfactory outcome.

"Deliberate" means that the R-splits were caused by the KGB.  For the purpose of 'Divide and Conquer" and also for infiltrating.   Notice the fear.  The bishop is not named.  What he says is recorded as  "opinion".

Remnant Rocor blog will publish anything that exposes the truth about the origin of the R-splits. Truth is not an opinion.  Suspicion is not an opinion.   Thank God we have a bishop who dares to speak.

from the service for the Beheading

sent around on a ROCA emailing list

The following prayer from the service for the Beheading of St. John the Baptist (Aug. 29/Sept. 11) is amazingly appropriate for 9/11:
"Bend Thy bow and proceed prosperously, and be king, O Son of the Mother of God; subjugate the Ishmaelite people making war upon us, granting victories to our rulers* over barbaric enemies, through the intercessions of her who bare Thee, O Word of God."
*The original Greek service has “to the Orthodox emperor”

This prayer, which was composed many centuries ago, is still quite actual today as current events continue to reveal on a daily basis.

Descent of St. John the Baptist into Hell

Russian, late 18th–early 19th century
Descent of St. John the Baptist into Hell
Ink and color on paper
Gift of Frederick Binkerd Artz, 1958.32H 

Fr. Makary Memorial

reposed August 3
Day #40
Thursday 9/11
(Beheading of St. John the Baptist)

  ❦  ❧

LoBue and Nikodim

This post is in reference to:

LoBue and Nikodim
...more about the Milan Synod.  Selected posts from Of Mice And Moles blog:

• In what sense is LoBue a "descendant" of Nikodim?  Introduction by Joanna
• Misc. Code Names
• Met. Evlogios (new) of Milan
• Is Met. Evlogios of Milan a freemason or not?

Posted by Joanna  7/25 /2014

The American Milan (LoBue) broke away from Metr. Evlogios (new) Milan a few
years ago over something heretical  – he published some embarrassing
encyclical which revealed the true colors of Milan.  I don't remember
or know if I even knew what it was, but I think it was that the
encyclical somehow showed Milan's ties to MP and/or world-orthodoxy too
clearly for the Milan deacon Joseph Suaiden, et. al., to explain away.

Rapidly scrambling the American Milan separated from Metr.Evlogios
(new) and and emerged with easily obtain instant autonomy (graciously
granted by Metr. Evlogios).  I never believed they actually separated.
[This is not even mentioning that Milan is uncanonical even before
this split.]  It appears more like how the MP has to blow hot & cold,
as it did during communism/bolsheviks in reality closing churches but
needing to leave open just enough churches for appearances sake.

Same with this new American Milan.  It is just for appearances, to be
able to continue to instill a new kind of ecumenism into the "true"
churches (fragments) which has the main purpose of getting ROCA to
join in as an equal fragment.  Fr. Victor Dobroff sees this clearly,
we can tell, even through the machine translations about the
jurisdictional ecumenism (Fr. Victor has never mentioned Milan – the
jurisdictional movement in the Milan synods is directed against
Americans and Europeans).

So now there are 2 opposing Milan's, one world-orthodox and one
super-correct, both with the same goal: ECUMENISM.  They remain
united in purpose and only separated on the surface.  The American
Milan uses the old calendar as its criteria for membership in the
old calendar club – which is a super-correct version of SCOBA.

With that as a backdrop, see how LoBue is tied to Metr. Evlogios
(new); and it is HE who is the direct descendant of Nikodim.  The
next few posts will show that Nikodim (a secret Catholic bishop) was
a KGB agent, part of a network of agents, and that Nikodim's
successor was a freemason despite his denials of this fact.

The following OrthodoxWiki entry is dated January 2011.  I did not get a
screen shot, just a cut&paste.  Suaiden continually monitors* * * 
the internet Wiki entries about Milan synod.  He is forever reporting
changes he says are errors to the administrators.  So, very likely
the entry does not appear the same way today:

Metropolitan Evloghios aka Eulogius was born Klaus Hessler.  He had
been a priest in the Moscow Patriarchate under Metropolitan Nikodim of
Leningrad.  He was consecrated a bishop on Sept. 9, 1984 by bishops
Gabriel and James Tiago.  In 1997, the Lisbon Synod split up and he
briefly join the Cyprianites before joining the Orthodox Church of
Poland.  In 1990, he formed the Milan Synod with Gregory of Turin and
Vigile of Paris.  He was elected Metropolitan on Sept. 27, 1990.  He
is accused of being a freemason.


* * *continually monitors:                  

Joseph's name appears 19 times on this page.  Here you can get a really good "feel" for what is happening.  Suaiden is revealed as a cyber-stalker by one of his opposers and given a warning by the Wiki moderator.


Posted 6/16/2010

Metropolia Met. Nikodim was also "Adamant"
Metr. Juvenal of Krutitsa “Adamant” 
Metr. Pitirim of Volokolamsk “Abbat” 
Metr. Philaret of Kiev “Antonov” 
Metr. Philaret of Minsk “Ostrovsky” 
Pat. Alexy II "Drozdov" [Blackbird] 
Cyril Gundiaev "Mikhailov" 


In the early 1960s the relationship between the Vatican and Russia began to change. The Second Vatican Council introduced ecumenism into the Roman Catholic bloodstream, and the Orthodox were now “separated brethren” rather than schismatics and heretics. So the Popes were now willing to enter into friendly relations with the Orthodox – although whether this was simply the wolf putting on sheep’s clothing remained to be seen... As for the official Russian Orthodox Church, it was now a complete slave of the Bolsheviks. In 1948, at Stalin’s bidding, it had condemned ecumenism and the Roman Catholics. But now, under orders from the same KGB, it entered the World Council of Churches and sent observers to the Vatican Council. The aim, undoubtedly, was not ecclesiastical, but political: to infiltrate western church life with Soviet agents, and to influence western church gatherings in a pro-Soviet direction…
 Soviet control of the Russian Orthodox Church, and its influence on the Vatican through the Russian hierarchs, was proved in January, 1992, when a Commission of the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Soviet investigating the causes and circumstances of the 1991 putsch, established that for several decades at least the leaders of the Moscow Patriarchate had been KGB agents. Members of the commission obtained access to the records of the fourth, Church department of the KGB’s Fifth Directorate, and revealed that Metropolitans Juvenal of Krutitsa, Pitirim of Volokolamsk, Philaret of Kiev and Philaret of Minsk were all KGB agents, with the codenames “Adamant”, “Abbat”, “Antonov” and “Ostrovsky”.
But it was the Commission’s report on March 6 that contained the most shocking revelations: “KGB agents, using such aliases as Sviatoslav, Adamant, Mikhailov, Nesterovich, Ognev and others, made trips abroad, organised by the Russian Orthodox Department of External Relations [which was headed by the present patriarch, Cyril (Gundiaev)], performing missions assigned to them by the leadership of the KGB. The nature of their missions shows that this department was inseparably linked with the state and that it had emerged as a covert centre of KGB agents among the faithful.” “The Commission draws the attention of the Russian Orthodox Church leadership to the fact that the Central Committee of the CPSU and KGB agencies have used a number of church bodies for their purposes by recruiting and planting KGB agents. Such deep infiltration by intelligence service agents into religious associations poses a serious threat to society and the State. Agencies that are called upon to ensure State security can thus exert uncontrolled impact on religious associations numbering millions of members, and through them on the situation at home and abroad.”[4]
The findings of the Commission included:- (i) the words of the head of the KGB Yury Andropov to the Central Committee sometime in the 1970s: “The organs of state security keep the contacts of the Vatican with the Russian Orthodox Church under control…”; (ii) “At the 6th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Vancouver, the religious delegation from the USSR contained 47 (!) agents of the KGB, including religious authorities, clergy and technical personnel” (July, 1983); (iii) “The most important were the journeys of agents ‘Antonov’, ‘Ostrovsky’ and ‘Adamant’ to Italy for conversations with the Pope of Rome on the question of further relations between the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church, and in particular regarding the problems of the uniates” (1989).[5]

At the 6th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Vancouver, the religious delegation from the USSR contained 47 (!) agents of the KGB, including religious authorities, clergy and technical personnel” (July, 1983)

∞ ∞ ∞ 

from The Sword & The Shield
Chapter 28
The Penetration and Persecution of the Soviet Churches

ADAMANT Metropolitan Nikodim
August 1969 these agents went to England to take part in the work of the WCC central committee.  Agents managed to avert hostile activities [public criticism of Soviet religious persecution]...

at the Canterbury conference, KGB agents also succeeded in "placing agent KUZNETSOV in a high post."  Alexei Sergeyevich Buyevsky, lay secretary of the MP's foreign relations department headed by Nikodim.

YESAULENKO - Monk Iosif Pustoutov recruited 1970, age 26, used as agents of influence with western churches
VLADIMIR - Nikolai Lvovich Tserpitsky recruited 1971, Nikodim's private secretary and confidant
K - English-speaking, mentioned in book Religion Under Socialism
SIMONOV - Archbishop Kiprian MP of Moscow church "Consolation of All Who Sorrow"
GALKIN - unidentified agent in the Church in '70's
ABBAT -Archbishp Pitrim of Volokolamsk

Posted 1/16/2011

as it appeared 12/27/10
it has since been "updated" 

Metropolitan Evloghios aka Eulogius was born Klaus Hessler.  He had
been a priest in the Moscow Patriarchate under Metropolitan Nikodim of
Leningrad.  He was consecrated a bishop on Sept. 9, 1984 by bishops
Gabriel and James Tiago.  In 1997, the Lisbon Synod split up and he
briefly join the Cyprianites before joining the Orthodox Church of
Poland.  In 1990, he formed the Milan Synod with Gregory of Turin and
Vigile of Paris.  He was elected Metropolitan on Sept. 27, 1990.  He
is accused of being a freemason.
 See: http://kellion.org/blog1/

= = => here is something Loony Goony Mooney had posted on 10/2510

Re: [paradosis] Re: Did Milan bloggers really "not know"?

One has to wonder about the research which the historian of Milan put into his
History of Milan "Luz Veritatis." The first edition (and in great part the
second edition) has...

1) No mention of the Tomos of Autonomy granted to Milan by Patriarch Volodymir
of Kiev in 1994.

2) No mention of the great efforts made between 1997 and 2003 to join no less
than *seven* of the ancient Patriarchates (3 of them being New Calendar)

3) No mention of the attempt made to enter into a union with the (monophysite)
Syriac Orthodox Church

4) No mention of the 2005 Encyclical of Metropolitan Evloghios (Hessler) and
its "Branch Theory"

5) No mention of the Soviet ordination of Metropolitan Evloghios and his 13
years as a Soviet priest. 

(Mooney is a goon suspect who has been playing "Good Cop/Bad Cop" with the Milan deacon Joseph Suaiden of nftu for at least two years now on every forum where the Milan deacon posts.   They take turns permitting each other to be "the hero" for their respective "sides.")

Gregory of Turin was consecrated as bishop on Sept. 22, 1984 (n.s.?) by Bishops Gabriel and Tiago.  He, being referred to as Gregory of Aquileia, is accused of being a fervent supporter of Mussolini.  It is not known what happened to him after that.  Apparently he applied to join the Orthodox Church of Poland but was refused for fears of complicating relations with the Vatican.
 See:  http://kellion.org/blog1/

Vigil of Paris is apparently the same person as Msg. Michel Laroche, but until this is confirmed, he is listed separately.  The only things that are known about him is that he joined with Eulogius of Milan and Gregory of Turin in 1990 to found the Milan Synod, and then later broke communion with Eulogius, accusing him of being a freemason.
 See:  http://www.genuineorthodoxchurch.net/acaciansmilan.html

Michel Laroche is apparently a bishop, although the title "Mgr." (Monseigneur) is always used instead, formerly of the Milan Synod.  It is unknown who ordained him or when he was ordained or when he left the Milan Synod. He may be the same person as "Vigile of Paris", although this is not confirmed.  He has accused Evloghios of being a freemason on the page:       http://web.archive.org/web/20020314030536/http://geocities.com/Paris/8919/html/ortho/parasyn.htm
A current search on "Mgr. Michel Laroche" reveals the following: 
Orthodox Metropolis of France. Recognized by the patriarchate in Kiev. Métropolite: Mgr Michel Laroche, 35 allée des Haras, 92420 Vaucresson. Cathédrale St Michel St-Nectaire 85, avenue Michelet, 93400 St-Ouen. Monasteries: skits, chapels and monastic parishes (served by 41 clergy): 33.  --from  http://www.quid.fr/2007/Religions/Organisation_Actuelle/2

Here is a google translation of the accusation:

Release concerning the affiliation of the Metropolitan Évloghios an organization parasynagogale:

The "Brother" Évloghios (worldwide Klaus Hessler) sign itself in two documents which he claims membership of Masonic lodges. The synod's decisions are first taken in a box in which the bishops are present bricklayers and a number of people absolutely étreangères the Orthodox Church. The decisions of this lodge are then imposed on other bishops. Globalist doctrine of Masonry is actually impregnated into the new "Metropolis of Western Europe and all America (and soon the whole of Africa !...). It does not exist, except to the Popish doctrine, local church with authority over several continents. This Masonic ideology is absolutely foreign to Orthodoxy. Metropolitan Évloghios had yet signed in Portugal, during his episcopal consecration a commitment not to belong to Freemasonry, for in the Orthodox Church is anticanonical to be a member of the clergy and mason. This word was clearly broken. The Metropole is now Évloghios Koukouli in Masonic ceremonies and in the nick of chivalric orders which are composed of Masons in costume operetta.

Bishop also says Évloghios in various documents, it is in communion with the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. In reality it neither in communion with the Orthodox Metropolis of Ukraine's Foreign Member of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, nor with the Kiev Patriarchate headed by Patriarch Filaret SS (which was excluded end-September 1997) or with His Holiness Patriarch Dimitri recognizes that the exclusion of Bishop Évloghios by the Patriarchate led by the Holy Synod headed by Patriarch Filaret. Note that these three Ukrainian churches could be in communion with a bishop belonging to Freemasonry, which is absolutely the repeat anticanonical.

I have copied out the above from Wiki before that gets "updated" too.  What appears on Wiki now may or may not be the same.  But if the link still works, do check it out - there might be some supporting photos, which may have not been removed yet.

Posted 1/15/2011

Concerning Hessler's affiliation to the masonry we can say the follow: 

There are certain persons who have seen documents which proof the membership of Hessler in the masonry. His environnement is typical. The foundations of the so-called knightly pseudo-orders in Italy and Germany, the so-called "Konstantins order." His closest friend was a magician of the Sun-Templar-Order in France and Italy, Gregorio Baccolini, formerly a Roman Catholic Benedictin priest-monk, after being a Methodist, and after being a Benedictin, and after 1945 with the Sergianiste Moscow Patriarchate, after with Auxentios Pastras of Greece, with the false Church of Portugal (always together with Hessler, his friend), working in a esoteric bookshop in Torino  (with a violet Collar!)  
[This information is given by an eye-witness to the bookstore and the violet collar]

Is the Metropolitan Evloghios of the Milan Synod a Mason?

Apparently this question was brought up in the past.  For those who were not present on the internet, or were not paying attention for some reason or other to this particular subject, this report attempts to briefly reconstruct the accusation and the supporting evidence.  

In this report are basically two things:

1.  An undated written accusation levied against Metropolitan Evloghios by his former-fellow bishop Michel [aka Monsignor Michel].  It has never been translated from French into good English, as far as I know.  But we do have a summary of this paper in English, which is below in this report.  There is a Google translation of this paper in the previous post on this blog.

2.  A detailed summary in English of a letter that Met. Evloghios himself wrote in German introducing himself to the German masons in 1989.

The issue of Met. Evologhios being a mason seems to be mysteriously unresolved.    Most all evidences have been removed from the internet.  The supporting links are to pages that no longer exist.  No explanation.  No recanting, no corrections, no apologies - just silence. 

Does it matter, anyway, if Metropolitan Evologhios is a mason or not?  We at this blog think not.  The fact that Metropolitan Evloghios spent 17 years under Nikodim is already more than enough reason to distrust this Milan group.  Nikodim is now known to have been a secret Roman Catholic and a KGB agent code-named "Adamant."

Knowing about Met. Evloghios' history with Nikodim, is it any surprise that Met. Evloghios is a mason?  And further, is it any surprise that he denies being a mason?

Sept 5, 2001
Dear List, 

Here is the evidence that Evloghios of Milan, the primate of the so-called 
"Autonomous" Synod of Milan, is a Freemason. I am only providing the 
evidence. All can judge for themselves. 

The Tomos of "Autonomy" that the Milan Synod uses, was actually never given 
to the Synod of Milan. It was rather given to the Synod of Lisbon. All the 
bishops of the Synod of Lisbon eventually joined the Church of Poland 
(Evloghios is the one who sent the petition to Poland on behalf of his 
Synod!) But Evloghios changed his mind at the last minute, and joined the 
Cyprianites instead. He then left the Cyprianites after a while, and together 
with another bishop formed a new Synod, that of Milan, and used the Autonomy 
granted to Lisbon (another Synod!) as a means to declare themselves 
"Autonomous!" Simply put: the position of the Milan Synod doesn't make sense! 

But getting to the point, here is the evidence of why Evloghios of Milan is 

1. Mr. David Robert Wooten, a member of Evlgohios of Milan's Masonic Order,   
displays the following letter on his personal homepage: 

2. Bishop Michel, a former French bishop of the Milan Synod admits all of the 
secrets regarding his former ecclesiastical head, Evloghios of Milan. At the 
bottom of this page there is a photograph of Evloghios of Milan together with 
other members of his Masonic Order, at a meeting at their Masonic Lodge: 

The two articles on this page are in French and German. Patrick Barrett has 
attempted to give us the "gist" of whatever is written in French, whereas he 
has given a reasonably good translation whatever writing is originally in 
German. Patrick Barrett writes, helping us understand what is written in the 
foreign languages: 

Summary of the accusation made by Bp./Mnsgr. Michel
as of 1/15/11 one link still works in the web archives, but the photos have been removed

French is a very difficult language for me, and I won't attempt a 
translation, but the gist of it is: 

1) Metr. Evloghios is a freemason, and the decisions of the Milan 
Synod are made at Masonic lodge meetings, with Masonic bishops 
and others -- including non-Orthodox -- participating. 

2) Metr. Evloghios signed an agreement in Portugal not to participate 
in freemasonry, but has betrayed that promise. 

3) He wears his koukoul in Masonic ceremonies. 

4) Contrary to claims, the Milan Synod is not in communion with 
any of the Ukrainian jurisdictions. (Here Mnsgnr. Michel Laroche is 
obviously answering outdated claims.) 

This #4 I find amusing.  Apparently the Milan synod has a chronic habit of
 trying to make it appear they have connections to other jurisdictions 
that they do not have.  The very reason I have taken it upon myself to do 
this report, is because this Milan synod is today trying to appear "cozy" 
with our ROCA.  And before they go ahead any further with this agenda, 
I want us to back up and re-examine the history. -jh

Soon later:  

These charges have been denied at http://www.rusjournal.com/matthewites.html
Bishop Michel had been deposed by the Milan Synod and wrote the above in an attempt to defame Archbishop Eulogius.

This page is left up because of the following:
1. There were some allegations by the Matthewites that appear to be credible made at: http://www.genuineorthodoxchurch.net/acaciansmilan.html

2. A request was made to the Matthewites to remove the above page from their site. Their response was that they had previously investigated the claims of Freemasonry and found them to be valid, but in the interests of peace would remove the above article if the Milanites could produce a document signed by Archbishop Evloghios stating that he was not a Freemason.

3. The response by the Milanites was that it would do no good for the Metropolitan to officially deny his masonic involvement, and that it is easy to forge documents and thus the documents prove nothing.

All the Matthewites are asking for is an official statement from Evloghios stating that he is personally not a Freemason. This seems reasonable, and it would end this whole dispute.

Summary of the letter Met. Evloghios wrote to the German masons

The quality of the graphic images is very poor; we seem to be 
looking at scans of photocopies, and the size is much reduced. 
I couldn't even give you an accurate transcription of the English, 
much less an accurate translation of the German. But the letter 
appears to be from Metropolitan Evloghios to "The Most Enlighted 
National Great Master, Brother Manfred Chermann" in Berlin, and 
is dated 7 September 1989 at Milan. The gist of it is: 

1) I wanted to write and introduce myself to you. I'm Orthodox 
Archbishop of Milan, born in Westphalia. I've been in Milan for 
17 years, first as a pastor of the Russian Orthodox Church. Since 
1984 I've been Bishop, and since 1985 Archbishop, on the throne 
of St. Ambrose. 

2) I've been a freemason for a good 13 years. At first I was a member 
of the brotherhood of an irregularly-constituted Grand Lodge, and later, 
in the year [this looks like 1904 to me, but it must be 1984], I became 
a member of the regular French National Grand Lodge. After the affair 
of "Propaganda die" [I have no idea what this is. He says something 
about "this Schrist" or maybe "this publication" or maybe "this 
step", and something about Italian freemasonry being overshadowed.] 

3) In our French Grand Lodge we will soon be following the Scottish Rite 
in Italian, and I have spoken with [some kind of Brother] of the Italian 
Brotherhood, offering to work together. 

4) In my mission diocese there is a small parish in Berlin and another 
one in Stockholm, of which Brother Manfred [I can't make out the last 
name] of your lodge "Victor by the Golden Hammer" is the Ipodiakon 
[I don't know what that is] of my jurisdiction and will, if God wills, be 
ordained a deacon in October or November. My pastoral duties often 
take me to Germany, and I would like to visit your lodge in Berlin. I 
would be very pleased if it could be permitted that my second 
membership [or fellowship] could be proposed in your august [or 
reverend] Lodge; naturally, only if you approve of this move. 

5) In this post I am sending you two brochures about our Church, which 
is united to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. [Something about a pleasure 
to meet the addressee] and greet you, giving you a threefold brotherly kiss. 

6) [Signed] Brother Evloghios Klauss Hessler, Archbishop of Milan. 

The above is just a rough approximation of the letter. There follows a 
copy of a membership card in English, a certificate in French and 
English, and a photo of what appears to be Metropolitan Evloghios 
at a lodge meeting. 


In Christ, 


It all comes down to whom you believe. Bishop
Michel probably has an axe to grind, but I don't
think Mr. Wooten does.

To be frank about it, I do believe that Metropolitan
Evloghios is a crank and most likely a freemason,
but I'm willing to accept the fact that there may
be a reasonable doubt about his freemasonry. Given
the canonical position of the Milan Synod, or rather
the lack of any canonical position, there's not
really any need to go into the question of freemasonry.

More to the point is Stavros' note about the
fact that the Tomos of Autonomy was not in fact
given to the Synod of Milan but to the Synod
of Lisbon. (That had completely slipped my mind;
I wish I had Stavros' power of recall.)

I maintain that Archbishop Auxentios [who gave the Milan synod its first Tomos -jh] was never in fact the canonical Archbishop of Athens or the canonical president of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece and that none of his official acts have any canonical force

Even if Archbishop Auxentios had been the canonical
Archbishop of Athens, it is at best questionable
whether this tomos, issued independently of the
Auxentian synod, would have any canonical force.

And finally, as Stavros points out, there is the
fact that the tomos was given not to Metropolitan
Evloghios and the Synod of Milan, but to Metropolitan
Gabriel Rosha and the Synod of Lisbon. Thus, the
Synod of Milan must make a rather questionable claim
to being the heir of a jurisdiction that was highly
questionable in the first place.

Even if there were a canonical basis for the tomos,
and even if the tomos had been granted to the Synod
of Milan, the fact remains that the Synod of Milan
has not fulfilled the conditions of the tomos. The
tomos requires the bishops of the Metropolia to
attend the meetings of the Greek synod and to remain
subject to the Greek synod. The only Greek synod
with which Milan has any relations is the parasynagogue
of Maximos, and it is manifestly not subject to that

All we have here is a worthless tomos that is not
applicable to Milan in any case. One hopes that in
due time the unquestionably fine Milanese bishops
and clergy in the U.S. will find their way to a better

Patrick Barrett


Re: Metr. Evloghios and his koukoul agian

Hi Patrick,

I checked the link below and I found out that there are two errors in
the typed text (syntaxe).

My French is excellent !

Now, even if these errors are an omission, or typographical errors,
nonetheless, the typed text leaves questions as to the source.

(i think it's a non- French speaking person and why would they
choose to write in the French language).

Any other information as to the site, or the scanned texts ?


--- In orthodox-tradition@egroups.com, pwrbarrett@a... wrote:

Dear ones,
A post on the Indiana list has drawn my attention to the following web page:

It has a very brief article by "Mgr. Michel Laroche", who as far as I have been able to find out is the "Archbishop of France, recognized by the Kiev Patriarchate." Whether that means "Patriarch Filaret" or "Patriarch Dmitri," or whether that information (such as it is) is even current, I couldn't tell you.

[French is a very difficult language for me, and I won't attempt a translation, but the gist of it is: 
... same text as above ...
a copy of a membership card in English, a certificate in French and English, and a photo of what appears to be Metropolitan Evloghios at a lodge meeting.]

This page appears on a website entitled "Episcopi Vagantes"; it's
not clear to me who the webmaster is.

If the information presented is correct, it means that Metr.
Evloghios and some of his bishops and clergy are Masons, that he was a Mason before his consecration and agreed to leave the Masons, but lied about it, and as late as 1989 was pursuing further involvement with a lodge in Germany. Not a very pretty picture.

Does anyone have any further information about this?

Patrick Barrett


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> January 1, 2000
> A Most Happy & Blessed New Year to all List Members!
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 Here is a Link to some interesting pictures of Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan and his flock in England. (Signs of Ecumenism & Western
> Sincerely & Prayerfully
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> and Much Love in Christ,
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> Now THAT is interesting! A hybrid of east and west: a western-rite mitred archpriest wearing a western episcopal mitre, a western chasuble, a jewelled pectoral cross of the sort awarded to Russian clergy, standing in front of the beautiful gates of an iconstasis!
> AA in O
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