After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Food Subsidy for our ROCA Haiti Mission

Monday Sept. 28, 2015
The not-quite-hurricane a few weeks ago wrought terrible damage at Jacmel/Cyvadier... nearly all crops destroyed.  I had to dispense some emergency aid, as many people in the area are heavily dependent on their gardens.  It was bad enough to destroy even banane trees, which are pretty sturdy.

The FMSC food aid is in PaP, expected to be ready for trucking to LaPlaine and Cyvadier today or tomorrow... but the situation with the former is unclear; when I was there I was unable to visit St. Dorothy's because of massive demonstrations and barricades on Blvd. Marin... so there may be some delay.

I had hoped to make some further website updates, and might still be able to do so from here... but computer connections here are very troublesome, so might not be able to do anything till I return home 10/10.  Notably, some major repairs/ reconstruction at St. Augustine's, both church & school.

Please keep me in your prayers... a badly needed period of R&R before plunging back into the cyclone of calendar work!

Haiti Food Subsidy UPDATE 
from Fr. Gregory 8/30/2105

The food shipment for our children in Haiti is on its way, but unlikely to arrive until after my return from Haiti on the 18th.

Haiti website is in process of being updated and renovated.  The top post on the HOME page reveals the gross exaggerations ROCOR-MP makes about its presence in Haiti.

Haiti Food Subsidy UPDATE 
from Fr. Gregory 8/26/2105

The Haiti Mission website has been neglected, and is in need of major rebuilding and updating... now in progress.  I hope to have something up and running by the end of the week, and to be able to keep it reasonably updated in the future.   This is of course not without its costs... I'm not a website designer and have needed to enlist the support of professionals for this purpose, but I think in the long run this will have been a wise move.

The container of food for our school children is expected to be en route the first week of Sept., with probable release from Haitian customs late in the month, just in time for availability for the opening of school session.  While the freight costs from IL to Haiti have been covered, there yet remain the in-country trucking costs and food-preparation costs.  Anything you can do to help much appreciated!

For the first time ever, it appears likely I may actually be in Haiti for the arrival & distribution of the food... should be interesting!


from Fr. Gregory:

Blessings!  No startling news to report in the past months, obviously -- your continued support and prayers are deeply appreciated.

Good news department:  Once again, FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN is donating tons of balanced meal packets to help feed our school-children in Haiti.  No cost whatever for the food, but...

Bad news department:  The Florida loading option is not available this year, which greatly increases the shipping cost (from suburban Chicago) to Haiti.  Once again we're partnering with help for haiti, which will handle all the shipping and customs details, up to the point where the shipment arrives at their facility in Santo (not far from where I live in Haiti).  Our portion of that cost will be $5374, payable by the end of next month.  Current balance in the Mission account:  $7 & change.

Beyond that, of course, there are transport costs in Haiti (not very great to LaPlaine, much more to Cyvadier), and the costs of additives (spices, oil, etc.) and preparation (charcoal, cooks, etc.) at the two schools.

Please bear in mind that this provides a solid nutritious meal every school day from early Oct. till mid June for about 400 school-kids (and their teachers).  Do the math!  A great bargain... you couldn't even buy a candy bar a day for that price here!

Please be as generous as you can.  Make checks to Haitian Orthodox Mission.  Credit card donations (via www.sjkp.org) also welcome of course.

I'll need to pay the freight cost before the shipment loads 8/24.  Please think ahead!

In Christ Jesus,
Fr. Gregory Williams

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