After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Repulsive and Ugly Kids


The season has come - and now passes away - of naked bodies / souls made naked (like a movie, without any sweet fragrance).

The most expensive of our clothes – skin – is profaned!

"By the skin they meet one..." – is fit for a wise saying; does young skin really need the blackness – and the colors! – of hades?! Is nobody reminded of the deleted to fading (probably literally after painful deletion...) BLUE ANCHORS with female names, hearts pierced by arrows – and what-not other many more pieces of prison folklore...?!

Tattoos – the status of hardened souls that are unfamiliar with the beautiful, that are desperate for salvation – have flooded us as a sea turbed red with infection – a morbid development of tiny red algae – which are growing into suicidal blasts of the dead standstill ... But is the sea breathing – and is the earth standing us?

Some say that the beautiful is relative – i.e. it does not exist without the ugly. How about the normal and abnormal?

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Joanna said...

A modern vision from hell, 1993.
A young family interested in Orthodoxy with two daughters, ages 11 and 9.

One night when the husband was gone, 3 demons visited the mother in a dream in their home. One demon did all the talking. There was some kind of rock music playing, intensely sensual. It caused the walls to pulsate and even the pictures on the walls were "dancing". The mother hated the music and wanted it to stop, but at the same time she saw how "delicious" it was and thought, "Who ever discovers this will be rich."

The demon beckoned the mother to the window to look out on the front lawn. The demon showed her two visions. The first vision was groups of masses of people from different countries, spread out over the property, all dancing to his music. The demon said about the dancers, "These are all your delusions."

The mother questioned this, and pointing to a group of dancers she said, "Even those Spanish dancers over there are my delusion?"

"They are not Spanish, they are Greek."

"Well, if they are Greek, then how can they be my delusion?"

"Because they are not your delusion, they are mine!" And he laughed the typical hideous laugh you expect from a demon.

Next the demon pointed to the driveway, where coming up the driveway very fast was an old "hippy" bus. It came to a halt in front of the house, the sliding side doors sprung open, and a dirty old mattress came flying out onto the lawn. Next poured out from the van the two daughters, naked; they landed on either end of the mattress and immediately started dancing. A demon then came out from the van with a pallet of paints and crouched between the dancing daughters. As the daughters twirled around dancing, the demon used a brush to paint their bodies, first making a color on one daughter, then turning to the other daughter painting a color on her, then back to the first daughter, alternating back and forth between them as they danced. The faces of the daughters were not seen in the vision.

There was much more to this demonic visit, but this is the part that relates to the post.

Joanna said...

"..pieces of prison folklore..."

The "droopy drawers" are also from an image of a prisoner. The sagging-pants look started in prison where inmates couldn't wear belts.

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