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ROCOR-V Bishop Anastasius joins our ROCA

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Bp. Anastasius serves at St. John's Convent in Odessa

By God's mercy the number of Orthodox Bishops is being replenished in the Russian Orthodox Church (under the omophorion of Metropolitan Agafangel).

October 8-9, 2015 in a survey of bishops and according to his petition, our church accepted Bishop Anastasius of Vladivostok and the Far East Anastasius (Surzhik), who had previously resided in the ROCOR(V).

October 9 in the afternoon His Grace Bishop Anastasius was met with great joy met by the nuns of Odessa Monastery of St. John (ROCOR).  At the gates of the monastery of His Eminence was warmly received by the nuns with the ringing of bells and church singing.  Lord taught all his episcopal blessing, after which the Abbess and her sisters accompanied him to the monastery church.  Then, His Eminence examined the icon-painting, where the sisters introduced him to the attention of ikonopisitsy new icons on which they are now working, and then Bishop carried out in the refectory.

This evening at the monastery will worship, headed by Bishop Anastasius.  The next morning, Bishop served in the monastery church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Divine Liturgy.

Bp. Anastasius serving together with Vladyka Agafangel Photos

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