After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


The world is mad

Thank you Vladimir Djambov for this greatly improved translation.

The world is mad
"The time will come when people will behave like madmen, and to him who does not, they will say: you behave like a madman because you're not like us."

So says one of the very ancient predictions about what will happen on the earth shortly before the end of the world.

Many ancient prophecies have come true, and continue to come true before our eyes.  Isn't this prophesy already coming true, as well?

After all, what is happening now in the world may not be explained otherwise than with an indiscriminate, mass insanity, of which only very few are free.  And that is in all areas of modern life, which has gone far astray from common sense, with a full violation of the reason given by God to man, unlike the speechless, irrational beings. 

It is like this in personal life, – family, social, political, public and even in religious life and church life.

Everything has been turned upside down.  Black is called white, white - black, light is called darkness, and the darkness - light, the truth is called a lie, and the lie - the truth, good is called evil, and evil - good ... And this is not being done only by the explicit and open atheist- theomachists who call themselves communists, in whom many naive people tend to see the main and almost the only evil of modern life.  No! not inferior to them in their true madness are other people, as if the opposite camp, the opposite sentiment and ideology - the people who left and right all the pathos told that they - "anti-Communists" and even though fighting against communism, wishing to be saved from being absorbed by this world.

Hypocrisy, falseness, deception and manipulation have become an epidemic, which has now infected great masses of crazed people; and believe in their honesty and sincerity, in most cases, is impossible, because they say one thing and do quite another, often the exact opposite.

In saying this, we deliberately avoid mentioning certain innumerable facts, because these facts are more or less known to all, but they often stir up different to the opposite evaluation, precisely because today most people are in a frenzy, lost their minds and lost common sense, and become incapable fair assessment of what is happening, and judge everything with bias, seeing from their own point of view totally dependent on their spiritually morbid disposition.

But life, which every day becomes more and more ominously gloomy, witnesses itself to the correctness of our statements, as well as the fact that all the ancient prophecies are now  coming true with amazing precision, in the fullest sense of the word, before our eyes, for those who are still able to see it, who are not yet mad, – not yet foaming at the mouth with some frantic ferocity – not trying to insist everything in the world is doing fine, everything is going quite normally and naturally, as usual, on the path of undeniable "progress ".

And indeed, many of those truly blinded madmen try to convince us that we are the madmen, not they!

Today's youth...  An amazing unheard of before, the moral laxity, lack of manners, impudence, rudeness, boorishness, a total disregard for the authority of elders...  Parents are deprived of the right to punish their obstinate, disobedient children...

Let's start with the future of humanity - with young people.  After all, what indeed has today's youth come to – deprived by orders "from above" of religious or even moral upbringing and education!  An amazing, unheard of before moral laxity, lack of manners, impudence, rudeness, boorishness, a total disregard for the authority of elders (seniors in age) and superiors, drug addiction, shameless debauchery, committing crimes in the earliest years of childhood, participation in all kinds of rebelliousness, hooliganism, arson, rape, looting and murders, even against their own relatives.  At the same time, nothing is done to stop this or to repress it –  no curbs, no punishments - as if all this is perfectly lawful, a matter of course in the natural order of things.  They even convince themselves that "young people should not be harassed" – all this can be endured and tolerated the name of "freedom" and "constitution".  Parents are deprived of the right to punish their obstinate, disobedient children, and parents themselves can be punished for exerting their natural parental authority over their children.

Has this mood of today's youth and attitude toward the "powers that be" ever occurred in the past, and can it be considered normal?

Aren't those who so lightly allow this acting crazy?

And what is happening now with family life, which has in fact almost ceased to exist, for it has been ousted and replaced by the so-called. "free love" that so many now openly praise and propagate?  Having children and taking special care to bring them up and educate them, now hardly anyone wants to do this, except if it is possible to receive state benefit allowances for each child they have.  Divorces are granted now quite easily and quickly.  Many repeatedly changing husbands and wives, burdened by monotony, or else they find their "entertainment" on the side.  God blessed and the Church blessed family life is being spontaneously replaced today by temporary purely bestial cohabitation, and officially legalized abortion has made it easier, eliminating the need to care for children.

Wherever and whenever were there such frightening dimensions as it is now?

And this is clearly under the auspices of the "higher up powers", by those who are in power!

And how often and easily it happens now that a husband kills his wife and children or a wife kills her husband and children or children kill their parents!

And very few people find this really embarrassing or shocking, because it has become somehow commonplace.

Social life, and with it the political and public life, of people is almost devoid of ideology, integrity and honesty - traits which were characteristic aspects of life until recently.  Honest and ideologically-minded people in power and decision-making positions are now not allowed, because it does not suit those who want to "catch fish in troubled waters."  The power and leadership positions in our time are the lot ambitious men and power-seekers and even mercenaries (where there can be a good profit!), who did not disdain any means, even the most dishonest to achieve their goals by resorting to false slogans and false promises, and bribery, and in certain cases - and the elimination by killing people they do not want standing in their way.  Clean-moral principles in the social, political and public life are now in the overwhelming majority of today's "leaders" non-existent, they are recognized as "obsolete", "do not meet the spirit of the time", and therefore "unsuitable for Business Success", "impractical" and even "harmful".  Certainly deep thought reveals truly that the so fashionable "democracy" is devoid of ethical foundations, not to mention the "socialism" and "communism", completely rejecting all morality and humans are seen just as one of the species of animals.

"Public charity" is for many just a way to indulge their vanity, to gain popularity, and sometimes simply to feed themselves off the "public trough."

"Politics", too is just a means to advance oneself, to become famous, to "make a career" for oneself.  "Service to the Fatherland", "the ministry of the good neighbor" and "sacrifice" - all this is now only beautiful words, needed for propaganda, but in actual fact expressing nothing.  Senior positions and public office are seen by many only as easy ways for material gain.

There are, of course, happy exceptions, but these are fewer and fewer.

In particular, our Russian policy, which has always been closely connected with the belief in God, with the Church of Christ, with our ancient traditional Orthodoxy.  After all, this is nothing left of traditional Orthodoxy not only in the homeland, where reigns the power of the godless, but also neither in exile, where the speeches of Orthodoxy, even if they are still being spoken, are just some nice words, not binding anyone to anything!

Some want to make the Russian inter-confessional country with a complete separation of church and state, and others have convinced themselves of the absurdity that "the Church is to be a servant of the monarchy" and even sing our old hymn with the words "King of the Orthodox," but they imagine the future king to be some non-confessional creature to whom all confessions are of the same value whether Orthodox, Latinism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, paganism or atheism.

Is this not genuine madness?  Is it not rather the politicians who are in an explosive frenzy who would want to plunge our unfortunate homeland into yet another disaster?

Can they fail to realize that if we are Christians nad, moreover, Orthodox Christians, then in our politics, too, the Christina morality must stand above all else – or else without such moral politics there will only be a dishonest play satisfying someone's selfish sinful passions, and nothing more than that.

And check out the article in today's so-called "free Russian press" on political issues, it's like for a few moments plunging into the atmosphere of a madhouse: sheer madness!  Every morality is possible, lies and innuendo most vile slander brazenly posing as truth.  And the Russian people get brainwashed by this abomination, this spiritual poison poisons their souls and they begin to act more like madmen.  Someone apparently has set himself a special task to produce this poison and poison the souls of unfortunate Russian people entangled in the nets of the evil one!

It is scary for the future, because if things go on any further, it is, of course, unregenerate.  What can we wait for good, if rather than being guided by the saints who shone the Russian Land, we will be guided by the writings of such overt and covert enemies of our holy faith and fatherland – Holy Russia – slyly and craftily spitting on and denouncing our ancient shrines?

But the worst thing is, of course, what happens in the religious and ecclesiastical life of modern people.  First of all, we see a wholesale apostasy – a natural retreat from Christ and at the same time - a malicious crusade against Christianity, and not only in the homeland, where they set up the "Union of Militant Atheists" and originated the so-called. "Anti-Divine Front", but also everywhere in the rest of world.  In Russia today as in the first centuries of Christianity, the persecutions are resurrected: abundant streams of blood of martyrs flowed for Christ, monasteries and temples were destroyed and desecrated, historical relics of all sorts were brazenly flouted, faith in God and His Christ was by all means eradicated in the hearts of the people.  But we see in the seemingly "free" West, in fact all the same – but not in such terrible in appearance, rather in milder forms, without the manifestation, at least, of the shedding of blood and physical torture and suffering.  However, it is the same maliciousness towards Christ, intransigence and persecution of all who fearlessly stay faithful to Him, all sincere believers and those seeking to live by the faith of the people.  For now there is no such place on earth.  At best, Christians are tolerated and given only the option of an existence of extreme oppression, deprivations, restrictions,  an anguishing existence, with all kinds of hardships and restrictions.

Instead, in full flower blooms the overt and covert worship of Satan, even before it has official recognition, the politicians support the temples of Satan and Satan's ministers, often in open of worship Satan, and they even promote it through the press and all the means of modern technology.  There is an intensive preparation for the unification of all religions and all nations and world governments, of course, with a purpose of all this [world association] globalization is heading towards the enemy of Christ - the Antichrist – about which there are many predictions given to us by the ancient Fathers of the Church.  All modern world policy is precisely leading to Antichrist; it is not noticed by the spiritually blinded, and it is denied by those who themselves are involved in this work, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, living from day to day, and turning a blind eye to the consequences of their participation in Satan's doing.

Worst of all, of course, is that the Church and the life of modern "Christians" are not far behind this general epidemic of madness – the onrush towards the Antichrist; the madness is being hidden behind all sorts of specious pseudo-Christian slogans.  Here we often see the horrible picture, which has nothing to do with true Christianity, nothing to do with the serving God and Christ's Church.  A deceptive appearance - without content.  And here in the first place - there lies personal gain, greed, vanity, ambition and lust for power and vainglory – which pleases not God by any means but rather their own sinful passions, under the hypocritical guise of religiousness. 

We will not even speak of such a phenomenon, unprecedented in the history, militant atheism, as the ministry of the Church, in the person of its senior hierarchs, which in essence is nothing but some kind of mad self-destruction.  We will not dwell on all the fairly well-known facts pointing to many bishops belonging to secret anti-Christian organizations focused on the goal to destroy Christianity and to bring about the early enthronement of the enemy of all mankind and the enemy of Christ - the Antichrist.

Even if all this, and not in full, then missing also is the most necessary - a solid standing in the true Christian faith and confession, so important especially in these days of the growing apostasy from God.  There is no sincerity, no honesty, no strict ideology and principles, there is no one ready for self-sacrifice, and instead of all this - only the seeking of careers increasing of personal material benefits, cunning, Jesuitism, hypocrisy - all with the sole purpose of obtaining as much as possible all sorts of worldly goods, wealth and contentment here on earth, with complete disregard for the afterlife, the retribution, and the eternal life awaiting us all.

Here's how the grim picture of modern spiritual crisis in the Church is drawn by one of the candlesticks of our Russian Church at the end of the 19th century, watching as early as back then the already begun increase of the impoverishment of the genuine spiritual life in the bosoms of our Orthodox Church itself:

"In the higher shepherds of the Church there remains a weak, dark, confusion, misunderstanding as to the letter, which kills spiritual life in the Christian community, which destroys Christianity, which is a deed, and not a letter.  It is hard to see who has been entrusted with the sheep of Christ, who provides for their guidance and salvation! ... "

If it was like this back then, how many more times worse is it right now!  Indeed!  Few people think about or care about the spiritual life.  It all comes down only to the external decor, more or less decent and proper, and often even this is lacking because of the complete lack of principles and ideals – coupled with the open service to one's own passions, which manifests to all and is seen by those who have not yet lost their innocence.  This can be very painful for those who still have not lost the sensitivity of their conscience.

It is not surprising that many in our time, having essentially no spiritual guidance and seeing only temptations and bad examples, fall away from the Church and even lose faith in God.

And is not all this real madness?

And just try to strongly and openly talk about it, all at once, violently pounce on you and speak with us in the spirit of the above ancient prophecy.
      And try to only strongly and openly talk about this as all immediately bitterly aggro on you and will speak in the spirit of the above us the ancient prophecies.     А попробуй только решительно и откровенно заговорить об этом, как все тотчас же с ожесточением на тебя набросятся и станут говорить в духе вышеприведенного нами древнего пророчества.

"You are crazy, because you're not like us!"

Here is in what a truly terrible time we live!

The World is indeed mad, and they do not even notice or would not notice!

What do we do?

The only thing we can do in such a situation is with all our heart to pray to God to preserve us unshaken our own faith and to preserve the faith of the people close to us and to grant us patience in the midst of this already almost universal epidemic of madness, reaching sometimes to violent lunacy, reminding ourselves of the meaningful call that has come down to us from time immemorial:

"Save yourself, to save your soul!"
"Saving, but saves his soul!"
  «Спасаяй, да спасет свою душу!»

"May you [while] being saved, have your soul saved!" - 
      St Ignatius Bryanchaninov comes out with these words 
       /explaining the words by the Holy Spirit to the handful of believers left.../

Vladimir Djambov, Eng
00359.885.455.189 - M/cell


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Joanna said...

"And just try to strongly and openly talk about it, all at once, violently pounce on you and speak with us in the spirit of the above ancient prophecy."

I think what Archbishop Averky is trying to say here is that if you try to point out the true condition of humanity you will be considered a fanatic or silenced somehow. Today, you will be rebuked as a "negative" person, for being too "negative". Like the false slogans Archbishop Averky mentions in an earlier paragraph: Positivism is the new Christianity, and a new spirituality common to all religions. New-agers even blame the ills of the world on people's negative thoughts. (Orthodox blame the ills of the world on man's misuse of his God-given free will.)

And as Archbishop Averky noticed, even Orthodox are not far behind the heterodox in adopting the pseudo-Christian ideas.

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