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Secrets of the Glastonbury Thorn

shared by Cristian in Romania

The Tree flowers twice a year, at Pascha and Nativity,

The belief that the Glastonbury Holy Thorn blossomed on Christmas Day created great stress in 1753, when the Gregorian Calendar was adopted to bring Britain into line with Europe and eleven days were dropped from the month of September:

...A vast concourse of people attended the noted thorn on Christmas-day, new style; but, to their great disappointment, there was no appearance of its flowering, which made them watch it narrowly the 5th of January, the Christmas-day, old style, when it flowered as usual...

– Evening Post, London January 1753

The Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury, widely thought to be 
on the site of St. Joseph's "original" thorn.  
Marion Bowman 2004

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I'm unable to find the quote in the Gentlemen's Magazine

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