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Tree of Terror

PHOTO: Palestinian Christmas Tree Of Terror Displays ‘'Ornaments' Of Jew Killers
Palestinian Christmas Tree of Terror
by Breitbart Jerusalem8 Dec 2015

TEL AVIV – A Christmas tree erected on the campus of a West Bank university is decorated with pictures of Palestinian terrorists in lieu of traditional ornaments.  The tree, placed on the grounds of Al Quds University, has come under fire for portraying jihadist 'martyrs,' including terrorists involved in the recent wave of Palestinian violence against Israelis. This is in line with the Palestinian Authority’s continued glorification of such 'martyrs', which includes naming sports tournaments and roads after terrorists.

The tree also displays a picture of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. A photo of the tree has been making the rounds on Twitter. Pictured standing alongside the tree is Palestinian bishop Atallah Hanna.

The pro-Israel group StandWithUs commented, “This is especially ironic considering many of these terrorists would have had no problem whatsoever with killing Jesus himself today, as he was a Jew in the land of Israel.”

A shot of the tree originally posted by the university’s Instagram account was shared by Twitter user Rachel Steinmetz, who commented, “Faces of dead #Palestinian terrorists used as ornaments on #Christmas tree in #Gaza, where #Terrorists grow on trees.”

"Using Christmas to glorify Islamic terrorists is insane,” StandWithUs noted.