After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Mother Juliana request for our signatures on her petition

Dear Mrs. Joanna, hello, my name is Ivan Koukharsky. I write to you
from Argentina.
I always read your blog and their interesting posts of Orthodoxy. I am
resending you these message from Chile (below). I can´t remember if
you already put it on your blog. It´s in english too if you want open
it. Maybe you can post it on your blog to help Mother Juliana. thanks
in advance for your help, regards, Ivan Koukharsky

Petition found here, scroll down for English

Chilean Government, an outrage has been committed!
“There cannot be mercy where there is neither judgement nor justice”  “Не может быть милости там где нет суда и правосудия”  (Bishop Ignatius Branchianinov)
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott)  
This is an appeal by Abbess Juliana to all people of good faith to sign her petition, in order to sensitize the Ministry of Justice in Chile to conduct a detailed investigation regarding the case described below.
In Santiago, Chile, Rev. Archimandrite Benjamin headed an organization which after much labor, finally acquired a piece of land in 1973 to build a Russian Orthodox Church. The organization was named “Cemetery Association for Russian Orthodox Residents in Chile,” whose original members constitute presently three generations of parishioners.  Bishop John (Berzins) of Caracas & South America and his group of people, using deceit and manipulation, in recent years has tricked the organization into accepting new members from post-Soviet Russia, who in turn seized the property from their righteous owners and expelled the 89-year old Rev. Benjamin [http://internetsobor.org/tcerkov-i-mir/tcerkov-i-mir/goneniia-na-veruiushchikh/moskovskaia-patriarkhiia-zakhvatila-troitckii-khram-v-chili].  This trickery also violated the original by-laws established by the founders of the organization.                 
On May 31, 2015, Bishop John, who serves the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad under the Moscow Patriarchate, managed to get the keys to the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church on 3576 Holanda Avenue, Santiago, Chile, and had the locks replaced. That Saturday morning, the bishop went to Rev. Benjamin’s residence in Arrayán, to inform him that he would celebrate Vespers in the church. Rev. Benjamin reminded him that this church didn’t belong to the bishop’s diocese and it would constitute usurpation of property. At 5 pm, Rev. Benjamin received a phone call informing him that the bishop was already celebrating Vespers; he immediately went to the church and saw the police already on the premises. During the service, Rev. Benjamin was left outside the church because the police officers supposedly couldn’t do anything since there was no forced entry into the property. Rev. Benjamin explained that he is not subordinated to the usurping bishop and that Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo & South America is also a ruling bishop for the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.  In addition, the new Law of Worship in Chile recognizes religious freedom, thus, a priest has the right to part from a bishop [http://news.adventist.org/all-news/news/go/2003-09-01/chile-worship-law-an-example-for-latin-america-attorney-says-at-irla-congress/].

Abbess  Juliana appeals to all people of good faith and sense of justice in the whole world to sign her petition, giving support to her 57 years of charitable work and Rev. Benjamin’s 73 years of service to the Church, in order to make the Chilean Ministry of Justice aware of this violation of human rights and alleged violation of civil laws.  Abbess  Juliana also seeks the signatories’ intercession to have the unity and tranquility of the Parish restored and Rev. Benjamin returned to ministering in his church until Our Lord calls him to His Heavenly Kingdom.

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